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IBM1IBM is a leader in enabling organizations to accelerate, innovate and collaborate across all aspects of High Performance/Technical Computing, Big Data and Complex Analytics. IBM Technical Computing Solutions deliver powerful, innovative HPC Cloud, Big Data, workload management, Elastic Storage (GPFS), Flash, Tape and POWER8 system capabilities to address your organization's most challenging and complex business, product, research or science challenges. IBM Platform Computing software accelerates time-to-results while reducing costs with powerful workload, resource and HPC cloud management.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #bigdata #analytics #systems #cloud #storage #datamanagement #servers #tools
Cisco2Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking, providing the broadest line of solutions for transporting data, voice, and video within buildings, across campuses, or globally. Cisco specializes in solutions supporting the high performance research and educational environments. Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of the Internet and most corporate, education, and government networks worldwide. The tradition of innovation continues as Cisco creates leading products and key technologies to make the Internet more useful and dynamic in the years ahead.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #servers #communication
GitHub3GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Over eight million people use GitHub to build amazing things together. With the collaborative features of GitHub.com, our desktop apps, and GitHub Enterprise, it has never been easier for individuals and teams to write better code, faster. Originally founded by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, and PJ Hyett to simplify sharing code, GitHub has grown into the world's largest code host.#vendor #software #usa
Oracle4As the volume and value of data grows beyond online resources and backup windows, Oracle’s proven StorageTek tape and library solutions help you manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service-level agreements. With the world’s highest capacity and highest performance drives, including the world’s first exabyte storage system, enterprise tape libraries that provide 24x7 availability, and the most scalable, integrated tiered storage environment, StorageTek systems enable you to reduce backup windows, maximize archive access, and lower your total cost of ownership.#vendor #software #hardware #usa #storage
IEEE5IEEE, pronounced "Eye-triple-E," stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE, the world's leading technical professional association, is dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities, IEEE is the trusted voice on a wide variety of areas ranging from computing and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power and consumer electronics. With a membership of more than 400,000 engineers and technical professionals across 160 countries, IEEE publishes 30 percent of the world's literature in the electrical and electronics engineering and computer science fields, and has developed over 1,200 active industry standards.#vendor #resource #conference #publications #usa
Red Hat6Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux, and middleware technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. Red Hat is an S&P 500 company with more than 80 offices spanning the globe, empowering its customers' businesses.#vendor #software #usa #cloud #virtualization #storage
Elsevier7Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make groundbreaking discoveries that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier is a leading publisher with imprint Morgan Kaufmann, and is proud to display new enhancements to our content, including EPUB3 widgets and MOOC integration in books and Executable Papers for journal content. Elsevier also publishes several journals in the field of supercomputing including Parallel Computing, the Journal of Computational Science, Sustainable Computing, Big Data Research, and others.#vendor #academia #books #journals #netherlands #resource
NIST8The National Institute of Standards and Technology is a non-regulatory federal agency that promotes U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology to enhance economic security and our quality of life. NIST laboratories conduct research in many physical science and engineering fields, including information technology and mathematics. Recent high end computing focuses on enabling scientific discovery, virtual measurement systems, and quantum computing.#user #government #usa #research
ACM - Association of Computing Machinery9ACM, the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources.#resource #collaboration
Symantec10Protect your small, medium or enterprise business with the latest security solutions from Symantec. Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world.#vendor #software #usa #security
IEEE Computer Society11The IEEE Computer Society is the world's leading membership organization dedicated to computer science and technology. Serving more than 60,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the trusted information, networking, and career-development source for a global community of technology leaders that includes researchers, educators, software engineers, IT professionals, employers, and students.#resource #organization #consortium #collaboration #usa
Vmware12VMware virtualizes computing, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices, to help our customers be more agile, responsive, and profitable.#vendor #software #usa #virtualization #cloud #datacenter #datamanagement
Gartner13Gartner, Inc. is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. We deliver the technology-related insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions, every day. From CIOs and senior IT leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, to technology investors, we are the valuable partner to clients in over 9,100 distinct enterprises worldwide. Through the resources of Gartner Research, Gartner Executive Programs, Gartner Consulting and Gartner Events, we work with every client to research, analyze and interpret the business of IT within the context of their individual role.#vendor #services #usa #consulting
McAfee14McAfee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation and is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. McAfee delivers proactive and proven solutions and services that help secure systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world. Backed by its unrivaled global threat intelligence, McAfee creates innovative products that empower home users, businesses, the public sector, and service providers by enabling them to prove compliance with regulations, protect data, prevent disruptions, identify vulnerabilities, and continuously monitor and improve their security. McAfee offers the most complete and advanced Internet security solutions for the enterprise.#vendor #software #usa #security
EMC15EMC is a leading provider of IT storage hardware solutions to promote data backup and recovery and accelerate the journey to cloud computing. EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset - information - in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #cloud #bigdata #security #backup #analytics
Microsoft Azure16Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Windows Azure is a powerful public cloud-computing platform that offers on-demand, pay-as-you-go access to massively scalable compute and storage resources for both Windows and Linux applications. Microsoft HPC Pack and Windows Azure provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that delivers high performance while providing a unified solution for running compute and data intensive HPC applications - whether on premises or in the cloud.#vendor #services #usa #cloud
Microsoft Research17Established in 1991, Microsoft Research has become one of the largest, most respected software research organizations in the world. More than 1,000 researchers and engineers push the boundaries of computing in multiple research areas in research labs around the world.#user #commercial #usa #research
MIT CSAIL18The CSAIL Alliance Program offers companies a unique opportunity to collaborate with MIT faculty, students, and researchers working at the forefront of computer science and artificial intelligence research. The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory – known as CSAIL ­– is the largest research laboratory at MIT and one of the world’s most important centers of information technology research. CSAIL and its members have played a key role in the computer revolution. The Lab’s researchers have been key movers in developments like time-sharing, massively parallel computers, public key encryption, the mass commercialization of robots, and much of the technology underlying the ARPANet, Internet and the World Wide Web.#user #academia #collaboration #consortium #usa #research
Network World19Network World is the premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for Network and IT Executives.#resource #news
Internet220Internet2 is an exceptional community of U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government who create and collaborate via innovative technologies. Together, we accelerate research discovery, advance national and global education, and improve the delivery of public services. Our community touches nearly every major innovation that defines our modern digital lives—and continues to define “what’s next.” The Internet2 Network is the first 100GE open, national-scale Software-Defined Network (SDN) employing OpenFlow standards and providing the cornerstone of the Internet2 Innovation Platform. Internet2 members demonstrate how we are poised to deliver a new breed of tailored services that transform possibilities for data-intensive global science and how collaborative, high-bandwidth research is done.#vendor #collaboration #resource #software #hardware #usa #research #networking #cloud #analytics
Lenovo21Lenovo is a US$39 billion personal and enterprise technology company - the largest PC and systems company in the world-serving customers in more than 160 countries. Dedicated to building exceptionally engineered PCs, mobile internet devices, and servers spanning entry through supercomputers. Lenovo has built its business on product innovation, a highly efficient global supply chain, and strong strategic execution. The company develops, manufactures, and markets reliable, high-quality, secure, and easy-to-use technology products and services.#vendor #hardware #usa #analytics #cloud #datamanagement #servers #storage #visualization #workstations #solutions
Samsung Green Memory22Samsung Green Memory meets HPC needs while adding energy efficiency. A key component of Samsung’s 5th Generation Green Memory Solution is DRAM (DDR4), which offers excellent performance, while enabling high-speed operations, low energy consumption and greater reliability. In addition to DDR4, another key element of the Samsung Solution is SSD technology.#vendor #hardware #southkorea #memory #ssds #storage
CentOS Project23The CentOS Project is a community-driven free software effort focused around the goal of providing a rich base platform for open source communities to build upon. We will provide a development framework for cloud providers, the hosting community, and scientific data processing, as a few examples. We work with several ‘upstream’ communities to help them layer and distribute their software more effectively on a platform they can rely on.#resource #software #opensource
Schneider Electric24Between energy generation and its consumption, Schneider Electric provides technology and integrated solutions to optimise energy usage in markets like Data Centers, Industry, Buildings and Residential. With a unique portfolio in physical infrastructure, critical power & cooling, industrial automation, building management and security, Schneider Electric is the only global specialist in energy management and a world leader in energy efficiency.#vendor #hardware #unitedkingdom #europe #datacenters #cooling
Novell25With 25 years of experience, Novell delivers the best-engineered, most interoperable Linux platform in the industry, as well as a wide portfolio of integrated IT management solutions. Novell’s products, such as Novell GroupWise®, Novell ZENworks®, and Novell Open Enterprise Server, will allow your customers to reach new levels of productivity while minimizing cost, complexity, and risk.#vendor #software #usa #datamanagement #security #virtualization
Texas Instruments26Texas Instruments offers HPC developers the industry’s highest performing multicore DSPs at the lowest power levels, based on its TMS320C66x DSP generation. TI’s multicore DSPs are well suited for computing applications in oil and gas exploration, financial modeling and molecular dynamics, where ultra- high performance, low power and easy programmability are critical requirements. TI provides free optimized libraries for HPC that make it easier to achieve maximum performance without spending time optimizing code, and supports standard programming languages such as C and OpenMP so developers can easily migrate their applications to take advantage of the power savings and performance.#vendor #hardware #usa #processors #storage #switches
IBM Research27For more than sixty years, IBM Research has been the innovation engine of the IBM corporation. From helping the Apollo space missions land on the moon to the discovery of fractals; from the technology behind laser eye surgery to a question answering computer called Watson now being applied to health care, IBM Research continues to define the future of technology.#user #commercial #usa #research
IDC - International Data Corporation28International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. IDC helps IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategy. More than 1,100 IDC analysts provide global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries worldwide. For 50 years, IDC has provided strategic insights to help our clients achieve their key business objectives. IDC is a subsidiary of IDG, the world's leading technology media, research, and events company.#vendor #services #usa
Lockheed Martin29Lockheed Martin’s deep experience in processing streaming sensor data and the same engineering capabilities that deployed solutions for space situational awareness and missile defense allowed for a seamless transition to employing data analytics in the areas of forecasting, quantum computing and healthcare. Additionally, our proactive cyber security approach enables the delivery of integrated solutions and resilient systems for seamless, end-to-end defense. We provide reliable and trusted solutions for securing an organization’s information, systems and networks to ensure confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation and availability. Lockheed Martin is proud to bring decades of relevant experience and the innovating minds of our people to help solve the challenges of tomorrow, today through game-changing innovation and breakthrough performance in energy and climate, healthcare, advanced materials, and nanotechnology solutions.#user #vendor #government #usa #research #cloud #analytics #cybersecurity
The Linux Foundation30The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development. Founded in 2000, the organization provides a neutral forum for collaboration and education by hosting Collaborative Projects, Linux conferences including LinuxCon, and generating original research and content that advances the understanding of Linux and collaborative software development.#resource #consortium
Juniper Networks31Juniper Networks high performance routing and switching products provide the perfect platform for state, regional and national R&E networks (NRENs). We offer a high-performance network infrastructure built on simplicity, security, openness and scale. R&E Networks must deliver fast, reliable, flexible network bandwidth and services to members ranging from universities, supercomputing centers, healthcare facilities, to remote learning centers. At Juniper, we are leading the charge to architect the new network in super computing.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #security #sdn #switches
Mathworks32MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs over 3000 people in 15 countries, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Over one million people around the world use MATLAB for technical computing. They rely on MATLAB to help them develop cancer therapies, search for new sources of energy, make our cars safer and more fuel-efficient, and explore outer space. By combining a powerful numeric engine and technical programming environment with interactive exploration and visualization tools, MATLAB has become the language of technical computing. Engineers and scientists using MATLAB can take advantage of high-performance environments to solve computationally and data intensive problems. Simulink® is a block diagram environment for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design. It supports simulation, automatic code generation, and continuous test and verification of embedded systems. Simulink provides a graphical editor, customizable block libraries, and solvers for modeling and simulating dynamic systems. It is integrated with MATLAB®, enabling you to incorporate MATLAB algorithms into models and export simulation results to MATLAB for further analysis.#vendor #software #usa #analytics #cloud #grid #networking #visualization
Inria33Inria is the French public research establishment entirely dedicated to information and communication sciences. For over 40 years, it has supported the economic and social transformations linked with the dissemination of digital technologies. As such, together with its academic and industrial partners, it conducts at the highest international level an increasingly influential activity in fundamental research and technology development. The knowledge produced at Inria has become essential in medicine, biology and many other sciences.#user #academia #france #europe #research
Alcatel-Lucent34Alcatel-Lucent is the leading IP networking, ultra-broadband access, and cloud technology specialist. We believe that networks are the foundation of our ultra-connected world. They need to be built to achieve the potential of every customer with flexibility, speed, and trust. Our mission is to invent and deliver trusted networks to help our customers unleash their value. We apply our expertise and passion to build dynamic networks that adapt to your needs and scale as you grow. Our networks provide seemingly infinite bandwidth, helping you deliver maximum value any place, any time, any cloud.#vendor #hardware #france #europe #analytics #cloud #networking #datacenters #datamanagement #virtualization
SUSE35SUSE, a pioneer in open source software, provides reliable, interoperable Linux and cloud-based solutions that help enterprises increase agility, manage complexity, and reduce cost. Decades of engineering excellence and lasting relationships with our customers allow us to adapt and deliver the smarter innovation they need to succeed—today and tomorrow.#vendor #software #germany #europe #cloud #datamanagement #server #visualization
Western Digital36WD® a long-time leader in hard drive technology designs and manufactures the #1 selling internal and external hard drives and award-winning media players and network drives.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #ssds #nas #backup
ARM37ARM is a leader in microprocessor Intellectual Property. We design scalable, energy-efficient processors and related technologies to deliver the intelligence in applications ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tablets, enterprise infrastructure, HPC and the Internet of Things.#vendor #hardware #usa #processors #bigdata #iot
NSA-CSS38The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) leads the U.S. Government in cryptology that encompasses both Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Information Assurance (IA) products and services, and enables Computer Network Operations (CNO) in order to gain a decision advantage for the Nation and our allies under all circumstances.#user #government #usa
ExxonMobil39At the core of our business are several key research organizations that work collaboratively on new technologies. ExxonMobil is an industry leader in the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) technology, and has been listed in the “Top 500 Supercomputing Sites.”#user #commercial #usa #research
Hitachi Global40Hitachi Ltd. ,headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company. The company offers a wide range of systems, products and services in the market sectors, including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products, materials, and financing.#vendor #hardware #software #japan #datamanagement #storage #solutions #cloud #analytics
SGI41SGI is a global leader in High Performance Solutions for Compute, Data Analytics, and Data Management that enable our customers to accelerate time to discovery, innovation, and profitability. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering and focused on delivering market leading solutions in Technical Computing, Big Data Analytics, and Petascale Storage. Our solutions provide unmatched performance, scalability and efficiency for a broad range of customers.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #servers #storage #cloud #datamanagement #analytics
NXP Semiconductors42NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better and safer. The NXP High Performance Computing Platform II (HPC II) is a high-performance server reference design which is optimized for high speed throughput between the processor and the memory, disk drive and Ethernet port subsystems.#vendor #hardware #netherlands #europe #processors #servers
ActiveState43ActiveState believes that enterprises gain a competitive advantage when they are able to quickly create, deploy, and efficiently manage software solutions that immediately create business value, but they face many challenges that prevent them from doing so. The Company is uniquely positioned to help address these challenges through our experience with enterprises, people and technology. Founded in 1997, ActiveState is a global leader providing software application development and management solutions. The Company’s products include: Stackato, a commercially supported Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that harnesses open source technologies such as Cloud Foundry and Docker; dynamic language distributions ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl; and developer tools such as the popular Komodo Edit and Komodo IDE.#vendor #software #canada #cloud
Check Point Software44Check Point has been dedicated to providing customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reducing security complexity and lowering total cost of ownership. We are committed to staying focused on customer needs and developing solutions that redefine the security landscape today and in the future. Check Point secures the future with industry leading security products for Threat Prevention, Mobility, Firewalls, Security Management and more.#vendor #software #services #usa #security
National Science Foundation CISE45The Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering has four goals: 1) To enable the U.S. to uphold a position of world leadership in computing, communications, and information science and engineering. 2) To promote understanding of the principles and uses of advanced computing, communications and information systems in service to society. 3) To support and provide advanced cyberinfrastructure to enable and accelerate discovery and innovation across all disciplines. 4) To contribute to universal, transparent and affordable participation in an information-based society. To achieve these, CISE supports investigator initiated research in all areas of computer and information science and engineering, fosters broad interdisciplinary collaboration, helps develop and maintain cutting-edge national computing and information infrastructure for research and education, and contributes to the development of a computer and information technology workforce with skills essential for success in the increasingly competitive global market.#resource #government #usa
Trend Micro46Trend Micro content-security and threat-management enterprise solutions are designed as high-performance solutions that securely protect the exchange of digital information in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. Its integrated, centrally managed security suite is in high demand among IT managers. Trend Micro offers Office Scan, Deep Security and Deep Discovery solutions for solution providers to support their customers’ needs. The solutions provide consistent security across complex virtualized environments.#vendor #software #usa #security
Fortinet47Fortinet is a global leader and innovator in Network Security. Our mission is to deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security platform to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure. We are a provider of network security appliances and security subscription services for carriers, data centers, enterprises, distributed offices and MSSPs. Because of constant innovation of our custom ASICs, hardware systems, network software, management capabilities and security research, we have a large, rapidly growing and highly satisfied customer base, including the majority of the Fortune Global 100, and we continue to set the pace in the Network Security market.#vendor #software #hardware #usa #networking #security
Fermilab - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory48Fermilab is America's premier particle physics laboratory. Collaborating with scientists from around the world, we perform pioneering research, operate world-leading particle accelerators and experiments, and develop technologies for science in support of U.S. industry. Fermilab is a pioneer in managing "big data" and counts scientific computing as one of its core competencies. For scientists to understand the huge amounts of raw information coming from particle physics experiments, they must process, analyze and compare the information to simulations. To accomplish these feats, Fermilab hosts high-performance computing, high-throughput (grid) computing, and storage and networking systems.#user #government #usa #research
LANL - Los Alamos National Laboratory49Government agencies everywhere look to us to solve difficult issues in areas like biothreats, physics, green technology, and nuclear stockpile stewardship. LANL provides world-class high performance computing capability that enables unsurpassed solutions to complex problems of strategic national interest. The High Performance Computing (HPC) Division supports the Laboratory mission by managing world-class Supercomputing Centers. This includes specifying, operating, and assisting in the use of both open and secure high performance computing, storage, and emerging data-intensive information science production systems for multiple programs.#user #government #usa #research
SanDisk50SanDisk Corporation, a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, is a global leader in data storage solutions. For more than 25 years, SanDisk’s ideas and innovative products have transformed the electronics industry. Today, SanDisk’s state-of-the-art solutions are at the heart of many of the world's largest data centers, and embedded in advanced smart phones, tablets and PCs. SanDisk’s consumer products are available at hundreds of thousands of retail stores worldwide.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #ssds
NetApp51Explore NetApp network data storage and management solutions that enable virtualization, cloud computing and big data storage efficiency. Leading organizations worldwide count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. Customers value our teamwork, expertise and passion for helping them succeed now and into the future.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #bigdata #virtualization #networking #cloud #security #solutions
CDW52CDW is a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions in the U.S. and Canada. We help our 250,000 small, medium and large business, government, education and healthcare customers by delivering critical solutions to their increasingly complex IT needs. A Fortune 500 company, CDW was founded in 1984 and employs more than 7,200 coworkers. In 2014, the company generated net sales of more than $12.0 billion. Our broad array of offerings range from discrete hardware and software products to integrated IT solutions such as mobility, security, data center optimization, cloud computing, virtualization and collaboration.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #cabling #storage #switches #ssds #networking #security #servers #virtualization #cloud
Avaya53Avaya is a leading global provider of next-generation business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact center, networking and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #switches
Kingston54Reliable SD cards, SSD drives, memory modules and USB flash drives for consumers, businesses, enterprises and system builders offered by Kingston Technology.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory #ssds
Brocade55Brocade networking solutions help the world's leading organizations transition smoothly to a world where applications and information reside anywhere. These solutions deliver the unique capabilities for a more flexible IT infrastructure with unmatched simplicity, non-stop networking, application optimization, and investment protection. Brocade leads the industry with its pioneering solutions for Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and robust Ethernet fabrics. Brocade VDX® switches and VCS® Fabric technology are the foundation for Ethernet fabrics that meet the unprecedented challenges of virtualization and the cloud. In addition, OpenFlow-enabled Brocade MLXe routers provide the network analytics and optimization required for SDN.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #cloud #storage #switches #routers #backbones #bigdata
Tohoku University56Tohoku University is a research-intensive university that owns and operates three supercomputer systems which are located at the Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), the Institute for Materials Research(IMR), and the Cyberscience Center. Our exhibit consists of the introduction of these systems and their applications. Tohoku University is internationally recognized for its outstanding standards in education and research. It is located in Sendai, Japan.#user #academia #japan #research
CRC Press57CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group is a premier publisher of professional reference books, textbooks, journals, and electronic databases in the field of computer science. Our mission is to serve the needs of scientists and the community at large by working with capable researchers and professionals from across the world to produce the most accurate and up to date scientific, technical, and medical resources.#vendor #books #usa
NCSA58The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, provides powerful computers and expert support that help scientists, engineers, and scholars better understand our world. Major projects include developing data pipelines for the Dark Energy Survey and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, creating new tools to manage and derive meaning from unstructured data, operating the petascale Blue Waters supercomputer, leading the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment; and partnerships with industry.#user #academia #usa #research #networking #visualization
National Instruments59NI leverages commercial technologies, such as industry-standard computers and the Internet, to deliver customer-defined automation, test and measurement hardware and software solutions for engineers and scientists. NI provides powerful, flexible technology solutions that accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation. From daily tasks to grand challenges, NI helps engineers and scientists overcome complexity to exceed even their own expectations. Customers in nearly every industry—from healthcare and automotive to consumer electronics and particle physics—use NI’s integrated hardware and software platform to improve our world. For nearly 40 years, NI has worked with engineers and scientists to provide answers to the most challenging questions. Through these pursuits, NI customers have brought hundreds of thousands of products to market, overcome innumerable technological roadblocks, and engineered a better life for us all. If you can turn it on, connect it, drive it, or launch it, chances are NI technology helped make it happen.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #switches #fpga
NVIDIA High Performance Computing60GPU-accelerated computing is the use of a graphics processing unit (GPU) together with a CPU to accelerate scientific, analytics, engineering, consumer, and enterprise applications. Pioneered in 2007 by NVIDIA, GPU accelerators now power energy-efficient datacenters in government labs, universities, enterprises, and small-and-medium businesses around the world. GPUs are accelerating applications in platforms ranging from cars, to mobile phones and tablets, to drones and robots.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #gpu #solutions
USENIX61The USENIX Association has brought together the community of engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world. The USENIX conferences have become the essential meeting grounds for the presentation and discussion of the most advanced information on the developments of all aspects of computing systems.#resource #collaboration #usa #conference
OpenStack62The OpenStack project is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the open standard cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds. Backed by a vibrant community of developers and some of the biggest names in the industry.#resource #software #cloud
Dell63Support even the most massive computing requirements with High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions from Dell. Dell HPC solutions combine multiple systems to perform complex calculations, so you can achieve a supercomputer's performance level - without the cost. Collaborate with Dell to integrate new high performance computing (HPC) capabilities that complement or replace existing capacity. We can help you with all aspects of HPC technology — from workstations to large clusters. We make it simpler to select, deploy and manage clusters through a highly flexible framework of scalable, open-standards-based HPC technology and services. When it comes to high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, our approach is simple: Provide building blocks and turnkey solutions to enable organizations of every size to harness the power of HPC.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #servers #storage #workstations #clusters
SIAM64The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is an international community of over 13,000 individual members. Almost 500 academic, manufacturing, research and development, service and consulting organizations, government, and military organizations worldwide are institutional members. SIAM fosters the development of applied mathematical and computational methodologies needed in these various application areas. Applied mathematics in partnership with computational science is essential in solving many real-world problems. Through publications, research, and community, the mission of SIAM is to build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of science and technology. SIAM was incorporated in 1952 as a nonprofit organization to convey useful mathematical knowledge to other professionals who could implement mathematical theory for practical, industrial, or scientific use.#resource #collaboration #usa #journals #publication
F5 Networks65F5 Networks hardware and software ensures application delivery and security in data centers, hybrid cloud environments, and future software-defined networks.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #datacenters #cloud #security #networking
DSSD66Based in Menlo Park, California, DSSD designs and builds innovative rack-scale flash storage. DSSD’s architecture complements EMC’s industry-leading flash storage portfolio and delivers game-changing performance for I/O-intensive in-memory database and Big Data applications such as SAP HANA and Hadoop.#vendor #services #usa #storage #bigdata
Proofpoint67Proofpoint is a pioneering security-as-a-service provider that focuses on cloud-based solutions for threat protection, compliance, archiving & governance and secure communications. Organizations around the world depend on Proofpoint's expertise, patented technologies and on-demand delivery system to protect against phishing, malware and spam, safeguard privacy, encrypt sensitive information, and archive and govern messages and critical enterprise information.#vendor #software #usa #security #cloud #email
dblp - Computer Science Bibliography68The dblp computer science bibliography is an on-line reference for bibliographic information on major computer science publications. It has evolved from an early small experimental web server to a popular open-data service for the computer science community. Our mission at dblp is to support computer science researchers in their daily efforts by providing free access to high-quality bibliographic meta-data and links to the electronic editions of publications. dblp currently indexes over 2.6 million publications, published by more than 1.4 million authors. To this end, dblp indexes about than 25 000 journal volumes, more than 24 000 conferences or workshops, and more than 17 000 monographs.#resource #germany #europe
Veeam69Veeam recognizes the new challenges companies across the globe face in enabling the Always-On Business, a business that must operate 24/7/365. To address this, Veeam has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Modern Data Center by helping organizations meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data, through a fundamentally new kind of solution that delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility. Veeam Availability Suite, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication, leverages virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies that enable the modern data center to help organizations save time, mitigate risks, and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs.#vendor #software #switzerland #virtualization #storage #cloud #datacenters
The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute70The Sanger Institute is a genome research institute primarily funded by the Wellcome Trust. We use large-scale sequencing, informatics and analysis of genetic variation to further our understanding of gene function in health and disease and to generate data and resources of lasting value to biomedical research.#user #academia #england #research
STMicroelectronics71STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies. Offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #transceivers #processors #storage #asics #socs
Top500 Supercomputer Sites72To provide this new statistical foundation, we have decided in 1993 to assemble and maintain a list of the 500 most powerful computer systems. Our list has been compiled twice a year since June 1993 with the help of high-performance computer experts, computational scientists, manufacturers, and the Internet community in general who responded to a questionnaire we sent out; we thank all the contributors for their cooperation. In the present list (which we call the TOP500), we list computers ranked by their performance on the LINPACK Benchmark.#resource #benchmarks
ANSYS73ANSYS has pioneered the development and application of simulation methods to solve the most challenging product engineering problems. Applied to design concept, final-stage testing, validation and trouble-shooting existing designs, software from ANSYS can significantly speed design and development times, reduce costs, and provide insight and understanding into product and process performance.#vendor #software #usa
San Diego Supercomputer Center - SDSC74San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), an Organized Research Unit at UC San Diego, provides resources, services, and expertise to harness ‘Big Data’ for science and society. SDSC’s data-intensive supercomputers include Gordon, the first HPC system to use massive amounts of flash-based memory, and Comet, new petascale system to debut in early 2015. SDSC also is home to SDSC Cloud, one of the largest academic-based cloud storage systems in the U.S., specifically designed for researchers, academics, and industry users who require stable, secure, and cost-effective storage and sharing of digital information including extremely large data sets. The mission of SDSC is to extend the reach of scientific accomplishments by providing tools such as high-performance hardware technologies, integrative software technologies, and deep interdisciplinary expertise to these communities.#user #academia #usa #research
Palo Alto Networks75Palo Alto Networks provides a wide suite of enterprise-level next generation firewalls, with a diverse range of security features for your network. Learn more today!#vendor #hardware #software #usa #firewall #security #networking
Science & Technology Facilities Council - STFC76We provide organisations in academia and industry with world-class expertise and support in computational science. Specifically, we enable all types of organisation to develop software, tame data mountains, discern patterns in complex datasets and harness computing to improve prediction and forecasting. Our Scientific Computing Department provides academia and industry with large-scale high performance computing (HPC) facilities, as well as computing data services and infrastructure. The Hartree Centre offers industry access to world-class HPC capabilities and complementary software skills. For example, the Centre is home to Blue Joule, the UK’s number-one supercomputer and the largest in the world dedicated to software development, capable of completing a thousand trillion calculations a second.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
Splunk77Splunk provides the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence. Splunk software and cloud services enable organizations to search, monitor, analyze and visualize machine-generated big data coming from websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors and mobile devices. More than 9,000 enterprises, government agencies, universities and service providers in more than 100 countries use Splunk software to deepen business and customer understanding, mitigate cybersecurity risk, prevent fraud, improve service performance and reduce cost. Splunk products include Splunk® Enterprise, Splunk Cloud™, Hunk®, Splunk Light™, Splunk MINT Express™ and premium Splunk Apps.#vendor #software #services #usa #cloud
Apache Spark78Apache Spark is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing.#resource #software
National Institute of AIST79The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is Japan's largest public research organization. We undertakes “full research: from basic research to application”, focusing on innovative middleware technologies through enhanced IT platform technology, improving energy efficiency and simplifying manageability through virtualization and integration of IT resources and services. We introduce some of our recent research projects focusing on infrastructure for big data and Green IT utilizing advanced programming tools, high-speed networking, data servicing platform, real-time data analytics platform, and HPC cloud technologies.#user #academia #japan #research
NETGEAR80Whether you’re a small business with big dreams or a mid-size business ready to take the next step, you need to share access and ideas safely, connect remote locations securely and give your people the tools to perform. At NETGEAR, we provide networking, storage and security solutions without the cost and complexity of big IT. Our advanced range of reliable, affordable networking products are easy to install and maintain. We deliver solutions you can count on, so you can spend more time on what matters most – growing your business.#vendor #hardware #usa #switches #networking #storage #security
Japan Science and Technology Agency - JST81The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) is one of the core institutions responsible for the implementation of science and technology policy in Japan, including the government’s Science and Technology Basic Plan. From knowledge creation—the wellspring of innovation—to ensuring that the fruits of research are shared with society and Japan’s citizens, JST undertakes its mission in a comprehensive manner. JST also works to provide a sound infrastructure of science and technology information and raise awareness and understanding of science and technology-related issues in Japan.#user #government #japan #research
TE Connectivity82TE Connectivity designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor solutions for a variety of industries including automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, consumer electronics, energy and subsea communications. The company serves customers in more than 150 countries.#vendor #hardware #switzerland #connectors
Mentor Graphics83Mentor Graphics® (The EDA Technology Leader) is a leader in electronic design automation. We enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. Our innovative products and solutions help engineers conquer design challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #boards #chips #soc #fpga #asic #memory
NCEP - National Centers for Environmental Prediction84On December 30, 2014, an undefinitized contract award was made to IBM for NOAA's Weather and Climate Operational Supercomputing System (WCOSS). The award of task Order 004 on the WCOSS contract enabled NCEP to obligate the $33.33M Sandy Supplemental funding. NCEP Central Operations (NCO) and NOAA's Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) are working with IBM to definitize the award by Feb 13, 2015 and obligate the remaining funding to the contract. Task Order 004 will deliver 1.7 petaflops of computing capacity. Combined with the existing WCOSS computing resources NCEP will have a total of 2.5 petaflops of computing capacity and just over 8 PetaBytes of storage per system to support the NCEP production suite and development work. This major increase in supercomputer capacity will provide the vehicle for NOAA's Numerical Weather Predication model and observational suite to advance leading to more accurate and consistent forecasts required to build a Weather Ready Nation. The WCOSS System will be an IBM/Cray XC40 Integrated Platform.#user #government #usa #research
ECMWF85The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is an independent intergovernmental organisation supported by 34 states. We manage a supercomputing facility for our Member and Co-operating States, providing vital resources for computer modelling of the global atmosphere and ocean and for weather forecasting research. Here you can find out about the specification and set-up of our facilities, how to get access to them, and where to go for support and guidance. ECMWF's multi-petaflops supercomputer facility is designed for operational resiliency featuring two Cray XC30 systems and independent Cray Sonexion storage systems.#user #government #unitedkingdom #europe
Information Week Network Computing86IT professionals count on Network Computing and its affiliated conference, Interop, to show them the how and why behind next-generation networks, data centers, storage systems, communications, and cloud architectures. Network Computing provides community members with in-depth analysis on new and emerging infrastructure technologies, real-world advice on implementation and operations, and practical strategies for improving their skills and advancing their careers. #resource #news #networking
Micron87Micron Technology is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Through our worldwide operations, we manufacture and market a full range of DRAM components and modules, NAND and NOR Flash memory, as well as other innovative memory technologies, packaging solutions, and semiconductor systems.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory #dram #storage #ssds
Acronis88Acronis is a leading backup software, disaster recovery, and secure data access provider to consumers, small-medium businesses, and enterprises. Acronis solutions include physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing, and system deployment. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis products provide easy, complete, and safe solutions for data in local, remote, cloud, and mobile devices.#vendor #software #hardware #usa #backup #security #cloud
SoftLayer89SoftLayer, an IBM Company, provides cloud infrastructure as a service from a growing number of data centers and network points of presence around the world. Products and services include bare metal and virtual servers, networking, turnkey big data solutions, private cloud solutions, and more. Our unique advantages include the industry's first Network-Within-a-Network topology for true out-of-band access, and an easy-to-use customer portal and robust API for full remote-access of all product and service management options.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers #storage #networking #security #datacenters
Dreamworks Animation90DreamWorks Animation SKG produces all its animated movies using HPC graphic technology.#user #commercial #usa
Aruba Networks91Aruba Networks is a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise. The company’s Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture unifies wired and wireless network infrastructures into one seamless access solution for corporate headquarters, mobile business professionals, remote workers and guests. This unified approach to access networks enables IT organizations and users to securely address the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, dramatically improving productivity and lowering capital and operational costs.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #switches #security
Hitachi Data Systems92Make your business thrive with digital transformation by HDS. Monetize more, innovate faster and manage risk with data-driven insights that matter.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #backup #bigdata #servers #security #solutions #cloud
Pivotal93Pivotal is a trusted partner for IT innovation, enabling enterprises to provide modern software-driven experiences for their customers and workforces. The combination of leading agile development services, an open cloud platform and open suite of big data products accelerate innovation cycles for our customers across every industry.#vendor #software #usa #cloud #bigdata
Research at Google94Research at Google is unique. Because so much of what we do hasn't been done before, the lines between research and development are often very blurred. This hybrid approach allows our discoveries to affect the world, both through improving Google products and services, and through the broader advancement of scientific knowledge. Research areas include algorithms and theory, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data management, data mining, distributed systems and parallel computing, hardware and architecture, visualization, networking, cryptography, etc..#user #commercial #usa #research
NSCI - National Strategic Computing Initiative95The NSCI, created by executive order on July 29th, defines a multi-agency framework for furthering U.S. “economic competitiveness and scientific discovery” through orchestrated advances in high performance computing (HPC). Pursuing the objectives outlined by the NSCI will - over the next several years -- have important consequences for HPC users, HPC vendors, and citizens at large.#resource
Altera96Altera Corporation is the pioneer of programmable logic solutions, enabling system and semiconductor companies to rapidly and cost effectively innovate, differentiate, and win in their markets. Altera offers FPGAs, SoCs with embedded processor systems, CPLDs in combination with software tools, intellectual property, embedded processors and customer support to provide high-value programmable solutions to over 12,000 customers worldwide. Forging the next evolution in electronic design, Altera® reprogrammable solutions deliver fast time to market and an advantage over costly, high-risk ASIC development and inflexible ASSPs and digital signal processors. Altera offers value to a much broader market than was previously addressed by programmable logic products.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #fpga #cpld #soc #processors #asic
NRAO97The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) enables forefront research into the Universe at radio wavelengths and operates a complementary, state-of-the-art suite of four radio telescope facilities for use by the scientific community, regardless of institutional or national affiliation. The NRAO also provides operational computing support to its user community, including access to high performance computing, high throughput computing, and the multi-wavelength Observatory data archives. The NRAO is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.#user #academia #government #usa #research
Puppet Labs98Puppet Labs is the leader in IT automation. Our software helps sysadmins automate configuration and management of machines and the software running on them. With our software, businesses can make rapid, repeatable changes and automatically enforce the consistency of systems and devices, across physical and virtual machines, on prem or in the cloud.#vendor #software #usa #cloud #datamanagement #networking
SolarWinds99SolarWinds Inc. develops enterprise information technology (IT) infrastructure management software for IT professionals. Since our founding in 1999, SolarWinds' mission has been to provide purpose-built products that are designed to make IT professionals’ jobs easier. We offer value-driven products and tools that solve a broad range of IT management challenges – whether those challenges are related to networks, servers, applications, storage or virtualization.#vendor #software #usa #networking #servers #virtualization #storage #security
Synopsys100Synopsys provides products and services that accelerate innovation in the global electronics market. As a leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor intellectual property (IP), Synopsys' comprehensive, integrated portfolio of system-level, IP, implementation, verification, manufacturing, optical and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) solutions help address the key challenges designers face such as power and yield management, system-to-silicon verification and time-to-results.#vendor #services #software #usa #fpga #consulting #socs #asics #training
Xilinx101Xilinx is the world’s leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs. These industry-leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs, from programmable logic to programmable systems integration. With over 3,500 patents and 60 industry firsts, Xilinx is known for its historic achievements including the introduction of the first FPGA and the inception of the fabless model. Recent innovations have transformed Xilinx from its programmable logic heritage to an ‘All Programmable’ company, creating and integrating ‘All’ forms of hardware, software, digital, and analog programmable technologies into its All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs. These devices combine the value of programmable systems integration with embedded intelligence and flexibility, enabling the rapid development of highly programmable and smarter systems.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #fpga #socs
Teradata102Teradata is a leading provider of powerful, enterprise big data analytics and services that include Data Warehousing, Data Driven Marketing, BI and CRM.#vendor #software #services #usa #analytics
globus103Globus is software-as-a-service for research data management. Our cloud-hosted service makes is easy for researchers to move, share, and publish big data. Campus computing center managers and HPC cluster administrators worldwide use Globus to to deliver robust data management solutions for their institutions. We provide a secure, reliable, high-performance file transfer service, the ability to share files with collaborators directly from your own storage systems, and flexible workflows for identifying, describing, curating, and publishing data sets. Globus is an initiative of the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory.#vendor ##software #usa #research #datamanagement #cloud #services #GRID
Supermicro104Supermicro, a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation is a premier provider of green computing solutions for Enterprise IT, Data Center, Cloud Computing, HPC and Embedded Systems worldwide. Supermicro's advanced server Building Block Solutions® offers a vast array of modular, energy-efficient, application-optimized, computing solutions. Products include servers, blades, GPU systems, workstations, motherboards, chassis, power supplies, storage technologies, networking solutions and SuperRack® cabinets/accessories. The Company's latest architecture innovations include FatTwin™ and MicroCloud.#vendor #hardware #usa #motherboards #accessories #servers #blades #gpu #workstations #chassis #powersupplies #storage #networking
CEA105CEA is a French government-funded technological research organisation. A prominent player in the European Research Area, it is involved in setting up collaborative projects with many partners around the world. It intervenes mainly in energy, information, health technologies and defence. Face the diversity of its programs the CEA takes advantages of exceptional installations (super-computer, large physics instruments). It participates in international programs on the nuclear reactors of the future and in a pan-European HPC service.#user #government #france #research
Nutanix106Nutanix simplifies datacenter infrastructure by integrating server and storage resources into a turnkey appliance that is deployed in just 30 to 60 minutes, and runs any application at any scale.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #security #analytics #cloud #virtualization #bigdata
Riverbed107Headquartered in San Francisco California, Riverbed specializes in WAN optimization, performance management, application delivery, and storage acceleration products, enabling IT organization to both manage and accelerate performance.#vendor #software #usa #networking #virtualization #storage
Quantum108Quantum provides a unique combination of specialized storage solutions and unmatched value for traditional, virtual and cloud environments. Be Certain you're protecting and preserving data over its entire lifecycle, regardless of environment or scale. Quantum StorNext is the leading choice wherever users collaboratively solve some of the world’s most complex data challenges. High Performance Computing, geospatial intelligence, life sciences, energy, government, defense and cutting edge movie and television production users rely on the rock-solid StorNext platform to manage, preserve and protect their work for decades to come.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #security #cloud
HPCwire109HPCwire is the long-time leader in world-class journalism for HPC. With a legacy dating back to 1986, HPCwire is the recognized resource for in-depth, breakthrough coverage of the fastest computers in the world and the people who run them. HPCwire has enjoyed a legacy of world-class editorial and journalism, making it the news source of choice selected by science, technology and business professionals interested in following the developments in high performance and data-intensive computing.#resource #news #usa
ASUS USA110ASUS, the world’s top 3 consumer notebook vendor and the maker of the world’s best selling and most award winning motherboards, is a leading enterprise in the new digital era. ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today's digital home, office and person, with a broad portfolio that includes motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, displays, desktops, Eee Box and all-in-one PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablet devices, servers, multimedia and wireless solutions, networking devices, and mobile phones.#vendor #commercial #hardware #taiwan #motherboards #gpus #networking
Baker Hughes111A top-tier oilfield service company with a century-long track record, Baker Hughes delivers solutions that help oil and gas operators make the most of their reservoirs. Collaboration is the foundation on which we build our business. We listen to our clients to understand their unique challenges and then develop solutions designed to help manage operating expenses, maximize reserve recovery, and boost overall return on investment throughout the life of an oil or gas asset.#user #commercial #usa
Riken112RIKEN is Japan's largest comprehensive research institution renowned for high-quality research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines. Founded in 1917 as a private research foundation in Tokyo, RIKEN has grown rapidly in size and scope, today encompassing a network of world-class research centers and institutes across Japan. Today, RIKEN encompasses a network of world-class research centers across Japan, with main campuses in Wako, Tsukuba, Yokohama, Kobe and Harima offering state-of-the-art facilities that rank among the best in the world. This high-quality, high-performance research environment, combined with a uniquely bottom-up approach to scientific innovation, has enabled RIKEN to foster an environment in which researchers are able to thrive.#user #academia #japan #research
HGST - a Western Digital company113HGST is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of Western Digital Corporation. HGST sets the pace for storage innovation and is helping the world harness the power of data. Building on its reputation for producing reliable HDDs, SSDs, and developing tighter integration with software, HGST is optimizing storage efficiency and reliability for today’s data-centric economy. Founded by the creators of the hard drive, HGST serves a broad range of market segments, including enterprise, cloud, OEM, mobile, consumer electronics and personal storage. HGST was established in 2003 and maintains its U.S. headquarters in San Jose, California.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #harddrives #ssds #storage
Microsemi114Microsemi Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for communications, defense & security, aerospace and industrial markets. Products include high-performance, radiation-hardened and highly reliable analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs; power management products; timing and voice processing devices; RF solutions; discrete components; security technologies and scalable anti-tamper products; Power-over-Ethernet ICs and midspans; as well as custom design capabilities and services. Microsemi is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., and has approximately 3,000 employees globally.#vendor #hardware #software #services #usa #asic #fpga #socs #memory #processors #storage
Cadence Design Systems115Cadence is a leading provider of EDA and semiconductor IP. Our custom/analog tools help engineers design the transistors, standard cells, and IP blocks that make up SoCs. Our digital tools automate the design and verification of giga-scale, giga-hertz SoCs at the latest semiconductor processing nodes. Our IC packaging and PCB tools permit the design of complete boards and subsystems. Cadence also offers a growing portfolio of design IP and verification IP for memories, interface protocols, analog/mixed-signal components, and specialized processors. And reaching up to the systems level, Cadence offers an integrated suite of hardware/software co-development platforms. In short, Cadence® technology helps customers build great products that connect the world.#vendor #software #usa #soc #boards #systems
National Institute of Informatics116As Japan's only general academic research institution seeking to create future value in the new discipline of informatics, the National Institute of Informatics (NII) seeks to advance integrated research and development activities in information-related fields, including networking, software, and content. These activities range from theoretical and methodological work to applications.#user #academia #japan #research
Marvell Technology117Marvell’s expertise in microprocessor architecture and digital signal processing, drives multiple platforms including high volume storage solutions, mobile and wireless, networking, consumer and green products. World class engineering and mixed-signal design expertise helps Marvell deliver critical building blocks to its customers, giving them the competitive edge to succeed in today’s dynamic market.#vendor #hardware #usa #processors #storage #ssds #switches
Data Center Knowledge118Your Source for Data Center news and analysis. DCK has everything you need to know about datacenter companies, data centres white papers, infrastructure, jobs and important industry perspectives. Data Center Knowledge is a leading online source of daily news and analysis about the data center industry. We cover a wide scope. Areas of coverage include advancements in power and cooling technology, processor and server architecture, networks, storage, the colocation industry, managed services and cloud, as well as developments in the modern web-scale data center space.#resource #news #usa
SafeNet119SafeNet is a leading global provider of data protection. For over 25 years, Fortune 500 global corporations and government agencies have turned to SafeNet to secure and protect their most valuable data assets and intellectual property.#vendor #software #usa #cloud #virtualization #security
INFN120A community of researchers who want to discover the mechanisms of the universe, an explanation for everything. They invent and develop innovative technologies, make the most accurate measurements humanly possible.#user #academia #government #italy #europe #research
CRA - Computing Research Association121The Computing Research Association website is a premier resource for information related to Computer science, Computer Scientists and Computing Researchers. CRA’s mission is to enhance innovation by joining with industry, government and academia to strengthen research and advanced education in computing. CRA executes this mission by leading the computing research community, informing policymakers and the public, and facilitating the development of strong, diverse talent in the field.#resource #collaboration
Mellanox Technologies122Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage. Mellanox interconnect solutions increase data center efficiency by providing the highest throughput and lowest latency, delivering data faster to applications and unlocking system performance capability. Mellanox offers a choice of fast interconnect products: adapters, switches, software, cables and silicon that accelerate application runtime and maximize business results for a wide range of markets including high performance computing, enterprise data centers, Web 2.0, cloud, storage and financial services.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #adapters #switches #interconnects #virtualization #bigdata #cloud
DOE ASCR123The mission of the Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program is to discover, develop, and deploy computational and networking capabilities to analyze, model, simulate, and predict complex phenomena important to the Department of Energy (DOE). A particular challenge of this program is fulfilling the science potential of emerging computing systems and other novel computing architectures, which will require numerous significant modifications to today's tools and techniques to deliver on the promise of exascale science.#user #government #usa #research
OpenCL124The Khronos Group is a not for profit industry consortium creating open standards for the authoring and acceleration of parallel computing, graphics, dynamic media, computer vision and sensor processing. OpenCL 2.0 is the latest significant evolution of the OpenCL standard, designed to further simplify cross-platform programming, while enabling a rich range of algorithms and programming patterns to be easily accelerated. OpenCL™ is the first open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of modern processors found in personal computers, servers and handheld/embedded devices. Open Computing Language (OpenCL) is a framework for writing programs that execute across heterogeneous platforms consisting of central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs), digital signal processors (DSPs), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and other processors.#resource #consortium #software #usa
Ames Laboratory125The Ames Laboratory is a government-owned, contractor-operated national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), operated by and located on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. For over 65 years, the Ames Laboratory has successfully partnered with Iowa State University, and is unique among the DOE laboratories in that it is physically located on the campus of a major research university.#user #government #usa #research
CommVault126CommVault provides data management software for enterprise business needs. Seventeen years ago, CommVault was launched to give companies a better way to protect, manage, and gain business value from their data. Today, CommVault is liberating companies worldwide from chaos, excessive costs and complexity. We appeal to companies that are forward thinking, unafraid, and willing to make a change in order to get where they want to be. Officially, CommVault is a publicly traded data and information management software company headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. We've made our mark with the industry's leading backup product, Simpana software. Our customers choose us because of our unique Solving Forward® philosophy and ability to deliver complete solutions with infinite scalability and unprecedented control over data and costs.#vendor #software #usa #datamanagement
Crucial by Micron127Find compatible memory and SSD upgrades with our Crucial Advisor tool and our Crucial System Scanner.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory #ssds #storage
OCZ Storage Solutions128OCZ Storage Solutions - a Toshiba Group Company is a leading provider of high performance client and enterprise solid-state storage products and enables customers to tackle storage challenges head on while delivering intelligent and optimized approaches to how data is captured, stored, accessed, analyzed and leveraged in today's data-driven era.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #ssds
Matrix Market129A visual repository of test data for use in comparative studies of algorithms for numerical linear algebra, featuring nearly 500 sparse matrices from a variety of applications, as well as matrix generation tools and services. #resource
IEEE Spectrum Computing News130News and Analysis on Computing and IT projects - software and systems failures, successes, security threats, and more.#resource #news #usa
Cray131As a global leader in supercomputing, Cray delivers highly advanced computing solutions for the world’s most complex science, engineering and analytics challenges. For over 40 years, Cray has been working with users to understand the problems they’re trying to solve and developing complete supercomputing solutions that help address otherwise unanswerable questions. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of supercomputers, storage and data management systems, and data analytics solutions delivering extreme performance, scalability and efficiency for a range of needs and budgets.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #analytics #datamanagement #servers #systems #storage
Molex132Molex is a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect components. As a leading provider of electronic components and solutions, Molex views innovation as a tool for solving complex customer challenges. This philosophy has helped us not only create many pioneering electronic solutions, but also build a globally recognized company. Through standard-setting products, high-performance people and a globally collaborative process, we are committed to anticipating tomorrow's needs and helping our customers engineer breakthroughs that make the world better.#vendor #hardware #usa #connectors #switches #cabling #antennas #pcbs #networking #storage
Emerson Network Power133Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, protects and optimizes critical infrastructure for data centers, communication networks, healthcare, and industrial facilities.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling #datacenters #networking #ups #racks
A10 Networks134A10 Networks was founded in 2004 with a mission to create a new class of affordable, identity-aware network solutions, including the industry's first "Smart" identity management system.A10's solutions help businesses and government increase efficiency and agility, address regulatory compliance and security risks while reducing the complexity and costs of managing global networks.A10's products unify critical identity and access management functions with networking and security to offer network administrators centralized management and unparalleled visibility into network activity. High-performance Application Delivery Controllers, DDoS protection, DoS attack mitigation, and network load balancing solutions by A10 Networks.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #security
Open Compute Project135The Open Compute Project Foundation is a rapidly growing community of engineers around the world whose mission is to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs for scalable computing. We believe that openly sharing ideas, specifications and other intellectual property is the key to maximizing innovation and reducing operational complexity in the scalable computing space. The Open Compute Project Foundation provides a structure in which individuals and organizations can share their intellectual property with Open Compute Projects.#resource #collaboration #consortium #usa
Bull136Bull is the trusted partner for enterprise data. The Group, which is firmly established in the Cloud and in Big Data, integrates and manages high-performance systems and end-to-end security solutions. Bull operates in high added-value markets including computer simulation, Cloud computing and 'computing power plants', outsourcing and security. Today, Bull is one of the world leaders in Extreme Computing thanks to its strategic focus on, and expertise in, delivering very high levels of processing power. Bull leverages its flagship bullx supercomputers, a range of innovative systems designed for uncompromised performance, which has gained worldwide recognition.#vendor #hardware #france #datacenters #security #bigdata #cloud #visualization #solutions #consulting #networking #servers #storage #enterprise
Netlib137Netlib is a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases. #resource
SHODOR138Established in Durham, NC in 1994, Shodor is a nonprofit organization serving students and educators by providing materials and instruction relating to computational science (scientific, interactive computing). #resource #academia #usa #training
Ciena139The Network Specialist - Network Solutions for Optical Transport and Switching, Carrier Ethernet, Data and Broadband Networks. Ciena products and solutions form the foundation of many of the largest, most reliable and sophisticated networks across the globe. Our leading network infrastructure, intelligent software, and comprehensive services help operators, enterprises, and governments exploit the full potential of their networks and fundamentally change the way they perform and compete.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking
The Human Brain Project140Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges facing 21st century science. If we can rise to the challenge, we can gain profound insights into what makes us human, develop new treatments for brain disease and build revolutionary new computing technologies. Today, for the first time, modern ICT has brought these goals within sight. The Human Brain Project is a European Commission Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship that aims to achieve a multi-level, integrated understanding of brain structure and function through the development and use of information and communication technologies (ICT). These technologies will enable large-scale collaboration and data sharing, reconstruction of the brain at different biological scales, federated analysis of clinical data to map diseases of the brain, and the development of brain-inspired computing systems.#resource #collaboration #consortium #europe
JAMSTEC141Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has the main objective to contribute to the advancement of academic research in addition to the improvement of marine science and technology by proceeding the fundamental research and development on marine, and the cooperative activities on the academic research related to the Ocean for the benefit of the peace and human welfare.#user #academia #japan #research
Extreme Networks142Extreme Networks, Inc. delivers high-performance switching and routing products for data center and core-to-edge networks, wired/wireless LAN access, unified network management and control. Our award-winning solutions include software-defined networking (SDN), cloud and high-density Wi-Fi, BYOD, enterprise mobility, identity access management and security.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #cloud #communication #switches #router #security
PPPL - Princeton Plasma Physics Lab143The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is a world-class fusion energy research laboratory dedicated to developing the scientific and technological knowledge base for fusion energy as a safe, economical and environmentally attractive energy source for the world’s long-term energy requirements. Through its efforts to build and operate magnetic fusion devices, PPPL has gained extensive capabilities in a host of disciplines including advanced computational simulations, vacuum technology, mechanics, materials science, electronics, computer technology, and high-voltage power systems.#user #government #academia #usa #research
AMD Developer Central144If you want faster apps, you'll want to use heterogeneous computing technologies. We're here to make that happen with plenty of tools and resources. And if you're thinking about architecture, HSA is going to rock your world.#resource #usa #tools
Disney Research145Disney Research provides a research foundation for the many business units within the Walt Disney Company including Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering, Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Disney Interactive Media Group, ESPN, and Pixar Animation Studios. It is a network of research facilities offering the best attributes of academia and the industry with labs located in Pittsburgh, Zurich, Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco. Research areas include: Computer Graphics, Video Processing, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction, Behavioral Sciences, Materials Research and Machine Learning and Optimization. Research scientists at Walt Disney leverage High Performance Computing including large scale clusters and many-core accelerators to identify and innovate novel ways to create more entertaining stories for an audience of millions.#user #commercial #usa #research
INL - Idaho National Laboratory146INL is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s complex of national laboratories. The laboratory performs work in each of the strategic goal areas of DOE: energy, national security, science and environment. INL is the nation’s leading center for nuclear energy research and development. INL’s high-performance computing center provides general use scientific computing capabilities to support the lab’s efforts in advanced modeling and simulation. The center supports a wide range of research activities, including performance of materials in harsh environments (including the effects of irradiation and high temperatures), modeling of geomechanical changes in subsurface flow, performance of advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactors, and multiscale analysis of nuclear fuel performance.#user #government #usa #research
University of Texas at Austin TACC147The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) designs and deploys the world’s most powerful advanced computing technologies and innovative software solutions to enable researchers to answer complex scientific questions. Every day, researchers rely on TACC’s computing experts and resources to help them power discoveries that change the world. TACC's ecosystem includes leading-edge resources in HPC, visualization, data analysis, storage, software, and portal interfaces.#user #academia #usa #research
Science Daily Computers and Math148ScienceDaily is one of the Internet’s most popular science news web sites. Since starting in 1995, the award-winning site has earned the loyalty of students, researchers, healthcare professionals, government agencies, educators and the general public around the world.#resource #news
Lattice Semiconductor149Lattice Semiconductor is the source for innovative FPGA, PLD, programmable Power Management and Clock Management solutions. The LatticeECP3 family defines a new mid-range, value-based class of FPGAs, not only by further reducing costs, but also by reducing static power consumption by up to 80% and total power consumption by over 50% for typical designs, compared to competitive SERDES-capable FPGAs.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #fpga #asic
Arista150Arista Networks was founded to deliver software defined cloud networking solutions for large data center and computing environments. Arista’s award-winning best-of-breed 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches redefine scalability, robustness, and price–performance. At the core of Arista's platform is EOS, the world’s most advanced network operating system. Arista Networks products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #cloud #datacenter #switch #virtualization #bigdata #hft #solutions #storage #visualization #cabling #transceivers
Avago Technologies151Avago Technologies provides an extensive range of analog, mixed-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems to more than 40,000 end customers.#vendor #hardware #usa
JAXA152The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is the national center for the research and development on aerospace engineering and science of Japan. Besides the R&D of launch systems, satellites and aircrafts, JAXA works on the information and numerical simulation technology concerning aerospace and also operates its own supercomputer system.#user #government #japan #research
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory153SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science laboratory operated by Stanford University. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, SLAC researchers are contributing significantly to enhancing the scientific value of computing. SLAC scientific computing innovations fall into the areas of “big data” or “scientific simulation.” SLAC plays a leading role in managing and analyzing this data, as well as developing special tools and software for handling data and presenting them to the public. Several SLAC/Stanford research groups use and develop innovative computer simulation techniques to better understand the fundamentals of important energy-related materials.#user #government #academia #usa #research
451 Research154451 Research analyzes the technologies, services and companies that disrupt and evolve information technology. Utilizing a proven research methodology and a team of 100+ analysts, we create actionable data and insight to help you implement, invent and invest in digital infrastructure - from edge to core. Our online Research Dashboard is organized into fourteen ‘research channels’ that align to the prevailing issues driving IT innovation. The 451 Group, through its two operating divisions, 451 Research and Uptime Institute, provides thought leadership, syndicated research and professional services that address the dynamic nature of an expanding datacenter ecosystem – from facilities to the hardware and software stacks to ‘IT as a service’ – and its profound implications for the way enterprises plan, build and manage their IT environments.#vendor #resource #tools #research
The Register HPC News155The Register is the one of the world's biggest online tech publications, with more than nine million unique users worldwide. Starting out in London in 1994 as an occasional email newsletter, The Register began publishing online daily in 1998. Today The Register is headquartered in London, Sydney and San Francisco. Most Register readers are IT professionals - software engineers, database administrators, sysadmins, networking managers and so on, all the way up to CIOs. The Register covers the issues they face at work every day – in software, hardware, networking and IT security. The Register is also known for its "off-duty" articles, on science, tech culture, and cult columnists such as BOFH and Verity Stob, which reflect our readers' many personal interests. The Register has specialist communities of focussed technology groups, including an HPC community. This delivers various activities, including specialist HPC news, HPC Blog, HPC Webcasts and annual HPC research.#resource #news
Barcelona Supercomputing Center156The BSC manages the supercomputer MareNostrum. Its mission is to research, develop and manage information technology towards the scientific progress. There are four scientific areas: Computer Sciences, Computer Applications in Science & Engineering, Life and Earth Sciences. The initiative of creating this National Supercomputing Facility was taken by the Spanish and Catalan Governments, and the Technical University of Catalonia in 2004.#user #academia #government #spain #research
Advantech157Advantech, with its Trusted ePlatform Services, provides solutions in the e-world computing and web-based automation fields. It has 450 plus products ranging from industrial I/O and software, computing platforms, board computers and peripherals. Its applications include factory and machine automation, environment and facility monitoring, healthcare/medical and e-home management, wireless applications and network communication.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #boards #systems #automation #solutions
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center158Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center provides academic, government and industrial researchers with access to powerful systems for Big Data analytics in the physical sciences, genomics, humanities and public health. Blacklight is the largest cache-coherent memory system available. Sherlock offers massively threaded processors and added GPUs for graph analytics and other applications. Anton specializes in molecular dynamics simulations at the microsecond level. The DataSupercell provides archive-quality storage with the capacity and performance needed for petabyte-scale analytics.#user #academia #usa #research
Nimble Storage159Nimble Storage is the leading provider of flash-optimized data storage solutions. Nimble's Flash-Based storage systems combine high-performance flash-drives with high-capacity disk drives to provide affordable enterprise cloud computing with scalable performance and capacity for all mainstream business applications.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage
IDT - Integrated Device Technology160IDT develops a broad range of low-power, high-performance mixed-signal semiconductor solutions that optimize our customers’ applications in key markets. In addition to its market-leading timing products, IDT offers semiconductors targeting communications infrastructure – both wired and wireless – high-performance computing and power management. These products are used for next-generation development in areas such as 4G infrastructure, network communications, cloud datacenters and power management for computing and mobile devices.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory #switches
XSEDE161The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is the most advanced, powerful, and robust collection of integrated advanced digital resources and services in the world. It is a single virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data, and expertise. Scientists and engineers around the world use these resources and services—things like supercomputers, collections of data, and new tools—to make our lives healthier, safer, and better. XSEDE, and the experts who lead the program, will make these resources easier to use and help more people use them. The five-year, $121-million project is supported by the National Science Foundation. It replaces and expands on the NSF TeraGrid project. Initially, XSEDE supports 16 supercomputers and high-end visualization and data analysis resources across the country. It also includes other specialized digital resources and services to complement these computers. These resources will be expanded throughout the lifetime of the project.#resource #collaboration #consortium #usa #services #tools
NERSC162The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) is the primary scientific computing facility for the Office of Science in the U.S. Department of Energy. As one of the largest facilities in the world devoted to providing computational resources and expertise for basic scientific research, NERSC is a world leader in accelerating scientific discovery through computation. NERSC is a division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, located in Berkeley, California and is one of three divisions in the Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences area. More than 5,000 scientists use NERSC to perform basic scientific research across a wide range of disciplines, including climate modeling, research into new materials, simulations of the early universe, analysis of data from high energy physics experiments, investigations of protein structure, and a host of other scientific endeavors.#user #academia #government #usa #research
FORTH-ICS163The Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) is Greece’s top-ranking Research Centre: with its 1200 people, it is internationally acknowledged in basic and applied research, in developing applications and products, and in providing services; it has excelled in all three national evaluations so far (2000 – 2014). The Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of FORTH, with its 3-decade history, has 350 people in 8 Laboratories. ETP4HPC membership is through the Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems (CARV) Laboratory, with its 60 people; CARV has made fundamental contributions in computer architecture, hardware design, systems software, and parallel programming for scalable multiprocessor systems.#user #academia #greece #europe #research
GFDL164The Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) is engaged in comprehensive long lead-time research fundamental to NOAA's mission. Scientists at GFDL develop and use mathematical models and computer simulations to improve our understanding and prediction of the behavior of the atmosphere, the oceans, and climate.#user #government #usa #research
Continuum Analytics165Continuum Analytics provides software, training, and consulting for high performance computing and data visualization using Python.#vendor #software #usa #consulting #training #analytics #cloud #datamanagement #visualization
GTC - GPU Technology Conference166GTC is the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers. This year's event is a showcase of the most vital work in the computing industry today – including artificial intelligence and deep learning, virtual reality, and self-driving cars. #resource #conference
Acer Professional Solutions167The AR380 is a high-performance, dual-socket server delivering excellent availability, expansion and flexibility in a space-saving design. This 2U modular rack server is optimized for mid-sized businesses as well as enterprise business operations, including departments and branch offices.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers
Pure Storage168Pure Storage Flash Array - 10x faster, smaller and more power efficient. Find out more about the first all-flash enterprise array. We made all-flash storage affordable enough to use broadly across any enterprise. We believe every company should enjoy the performance, space and efficiency advantages of flash as well as the lower maintenance, power, cooling, rack space and management costs. With Pure Storage, your business can achieve things that weren’t even imaginable with disk.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #ssds
Altair169Our vision is to radically change the way organizations design products and make decisions. Altair’s PBS Works is the trusted leader in HPC workload management. Proven for 25 years at thousands of sites, the suite’s flagship PBS Professional delivers powerful policy-based job scheduling and management to handle the most complex user requirements. With portals for submission, analytics and remote visualization – plus industry-leading support -- PBS Works is a comprehensive solution for improving ROI on HPC investments. Altair knows HPC: Only Altair produces both HPC infrastructure software and end user applications, and employs a consultancy of experts working daily with 5000+ clients. Altair operates 48 offices with 2000+ employees in 20 countries worldwide.#vendor #software #usa #applications #analytics #visualization #cloud #grid
Adaptec by PMC170For nearly three decades, Adaptec by PMC storage products have set the standard in storage solutions that protect data, maximize system performance, improve energy-efficiency, and reduce capital and operating expenses in today’s most demanding storage environments. Recognized globally as a leader in storage technology and solution innovation, Adaptec by PMC storage products are used in IT environments such as: Cloud Computing, Data Centers, Green IT, Networking, Storage, Video and Virtualization. Adaptec’s Data Conditioning Platform is at the core of every Adaptec by PMC storage product to protect, accelerate, optimize and condition data as it moves through the I/O path. Adaptec by PMC software and hardware-based solutions are delivered through leading resellers, system builders and integrators worldwide to provide storage connectivity, data protection, and networked storage to enterprises, government organizations, medium and small businesses worldwide.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage
APC by Schneider Electric171APC by Schneider Electric, formerly known as American Power Conversion Corporation, is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and data center products.#vendor #hardware #usa #datacenters #cabling #networking #cooling #security #racks #services
GE Global Research172Making aircraft engines more efficient. Powering the world with flexible gas turbines. Crunching big data. Pioneering the Industrial Internet. Creating greener ground transportation. Refining medical imaging for the future. GE Global Research has served as the cornerstone of GE innovation for more than a century. Currently, more than 3,000 of the world’s brightest scientists, engineers and researchers are working together to deliver technical breakthroughs for GE customers.#user #commercial #usa #research
Comsol173COMSOL is the developer of COMSOL Multiphysics software, an interactive environment for modeling and simulating scientific and engineering problems. COMSOL Multiphysics is a software environment for the modeling and simulation of any physics-based system. A particular strength is its ability to account for multiphysics phenomena. Optional modules add discipline-specific tools for mechanical, fluid, electromagnetics, and chemical simulations, as well as CAD interoperability.#vendor #software #usa
EPFL Bluebrain Project174Reconstructing the brain piece by piece and building a virtual brain in a supercomputer—these are some of the goals of the Blue Brain Project located at Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. The virtual brain will be an exceptional tool giving neuroscientists a new understanding of the brain and a better understanding of neurological diseases. The Blue Brain project began in 2005 with an agreement between the EPFL and IBM, which supplied the BlueGene/L supercomputer acquired by EPFL to build the virtual brain. The computing power needed is considerable. Each simulated neuron requires the equivalent of a laptop computer. A model of the whole brain would have billions. Supercomputing technology is rapidly approaching a level where simulating the whole brain becomes a concrete possibility.#user #academia #switzerland #research
SNIA175The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is a not–for–profit global organization of over 400 member companies spanning virtually the entire storage industry. SNIA’s mission is to lead the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting standards, technologies, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of information. To this end, SNIA is uniquely committed to delivering standards, education, and services that will propel open storage networking solutions into the broader market.#resource #consortium #association #usa
Aerohive Networks176Aerohive is a innovative enterprise mobility company. Our solutions enable enterprises to leverage the power of mobility to increase productivity, engage customers and grow their business. Our proprietary mobility platform utilizes the cloud and a distributed, controller-less architecture to deliver unified, intelligent, simplified networks that can be cost-effectively deployed. The scalability and flexibility of our platform makes enterprise mobility available to organizations regardless of their level of IT resources and enables a consistent network architecture to be deployed across enterprises of all sizes.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #switches #cloud #networking
Kitware177Kitware is one of the primary contributors to the open-source Visualization Toolkit (VTK), ParaView, and CMake. A leader in the creation and support of open-source software and state-of-the-art technology, we work closely with customers and collaborators in various national labs, government institutions, corporations, and universities throughout the world to build open-source, end-user applications and software development tools in support of distributed data processing and visualization. Kitware’s leading-edge solutions are focused in scientific and high-performance computing, data management, software process, computer vision, medical imaging, and informatics.#vendor #software #usa #visualization #analytics #datamanagement #consulting #informatics
Biovia178Accelrys becomes BIOVIA. BIOVIA develops scientific business intelligence software and solutions for the life sciences, energy, chemicals, aerospace and consumer products industries. Its customers include many Fortune 500 companies and other commercial entities, as well as academic and government entities. Accelrys has a vast portfolio of computer-aided design modeling and simulation offerings that help customers conduct scientific experiments ”in silico” in order to reduce the duration and cost of discovering and developing new drugs and materials.#vendor #software #usa
TensorFlow179TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the graph edges represent the multidimensional data arrays (tensors) communicated between them. The flexible architecture allows you to deploy computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device with a single API.#resource #software #opensource
Information Builders180WebFOCUS Express, an innovative, robust, leading-edge analytics solution from Information Builders, enables organizations of any size to tap into the vast amount of raw data contained in their back-end systems, and leverage it for strategic advantage. Powerful, intuitive dashboards enable users to transform data into actionable information and distribute reports across departments or entire organizations, ensuring improved decision making.#vendor #software #usa #analytics #cloud #datamanagement
Palantir181Palantir Technologies builds software platforms that help human experts perform powerful, collaborative analysis of data at scale. Palantir's software is deployed at public institutions, private enterprises, and in the non-profit sector to address the challenges of responsibly making sense of complex, diverse data.#vendor #software #usa
NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division - NAS182The NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division is enabling advances in high-end computing technologies and in modeling and simulations methods to tackle some of the toughest science and engineering challenges facing NASA today. The name "NAS" has long been associated with leadership and innovation throughout the high-end computing (HEC) community. We play a significant role in shaping HEC standards and paradigms, and provide leadership in the areas of large-scale InfiniBand fabrics, Lustre open-source filesystems, and hyperwall technologies. We provide an integrated high-end computing environment to accelerate NASA missions and make revolutionary advances in science. Pleiades, a petaflop-scale supercomputer, is used by scientists throughout the U.S. to support NASA missions, and is ranked among the most powerful systems in the world. One of our key focus areas is in modeling and simulation to support NASA's real-world engineering applications and make fundamental advances in modeling and simulations methods. NAS mission is to deliver a world-class, high-end computing environment and modeling and simulation capabilities that enable NASA to improve aerospace technology, safely conduct human and robotic space exploration, and advance our knowledge of Earth and the universe beyond.#user #government #usa #research #datamanagement #networking #storage #visualization
Qlogic183QLogic is a leading provider of data center networking and storage networking infrastructure solutions.#vendor #hardware #usa storage #networking #adapters #switches #asics
Journal of Computational Science184The Journal of Computational Science aims to be an international platform to exchange novel research results in simulation based science across all scientific disciplines. It publishes advanced innovative, interdisciplinary research where complex multi-scale, multi-domain problems in science and engineering are solved, integrating sophisticated numerical methods, computation, data, networks, and novel devices. The journal welcomes original, unpublished high quality contributions in the field of computational science at large, addressing one or more of the aforementioned elements.#resource #journal
Imagination Technologies185Imagination Technologies is a global technology leader whose products touch the lives of billions of people throughout the world. The company's broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property) includes the key multimedia, communications and general purpose processors needed to create the SoCs (Systems on Chips) that power all mobile, consumer, automotive, enterprise, infrastructure, IoT and embedded electronics. These are complemented by its unique software and cloud IP and system solution focus, enabling its licensees and partners get to market quickly by creating and leveraging highly differentiated SoC platforms. Imagination's licensees include many of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and OEMs/ODMs who are creating some of the world's most iconic and disruptive products.#vendor #hardware #unitedkingdom #europe #processor #tools #networking #soc
TYAN186TYAN designs, manufactures and markets advanced x86 server/workstation platforms. Products from TYAN feature design enhancements specifically developed for enterprise computer room and data center environments. TYAN enables its customers to be technology leaders by providing scalable, highly-integrated, reliable platforms for a wide range of applications such as high-end server and workstation usage in markets such as CAD, DCC, E&P and HPC. These highly stable, space-efficient products are very attractive to OEMs and System Integrators designing next generation rackmount server solutions for a wide array of applications.#vendor #hardware #usa #cloud #storage #motherboards #adapters #servers #gpu
Princeton University Research Computing187Research computing at Princeton University engages academic departments and disciplines across the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities. The Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (PICSciE) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) work together to provide the computational and digital data infrastructure and support that meet the research needs and priorities of Princeton's faculty, researchers, and students. The resources and services we provide centrally include computational and visualization hardware, software, system administration, programming, and visualization support.#user #academia #usa #research
Aspera188Aspera, an IBM Company, is the creator of next-generation transport technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. At the heart of our solutions is our patented FASP™ transport technology - a breakthrough transfer protocol that leverages existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware to achieve speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP, and delivers end-to-end security, 100% reliability and exceptional bandwidth control. Aspera’s core technology delivers unprecedented control over bandwidth, complete security and uncompromising reliability. Organizations across a variety of industries on six continents rely on Aspera software for the business-critical transport of their digital assets.#vendor #software #usa
MSC Software Corporation189MSC Software is the worldwide leader in multidiscipline simulation. MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time and reduce costs associated with design and testing of manufactured products. Leading manufacturers use its engineering simulation technology for linear and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA), acoustics, CFD, multi-physics, optimization, fatigue and durability, multi-body dynamics and control systems simulation. The company’s products accurately and reliably predict how products will behave in the real world to help engineers design more innovative products, quickly and cost-effectively.#vendor #software #usa
Stratus Technologies190Stratus Technologies is the leading provider of infrastructure based solutions that keep applications running continuously in today’s always-on world. Stratus enables rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures, from enterprise servers to clouds, without any changes to applications. Stratus everRun® Enterprise is the next generation fault-tolerant and high-availability software solution that leverages the open source Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor and delivers mainframe-like reliability to virtualized workloads. And, this software solution is included in the IBM System x Reliability Solution for Stratus everRun® Enterprise Edition that keeps your Windows® and Linux™ applications up and running, ensuring business continuity – easily and affordably on proven System x servers. Stratus’ flexible solutions – software, platform and services – prevent downtime before it occurs and ensure uninterrupted performance of essential business operations.#vendor #software #usa #cloud
Datanami191Datanami is a news portal dedicated to providing insight, analysis and up-to-the-minute information about emerging trends and solutions in big data. The portal sheds light on all cutting edge technologies including networking, storage and applications, and their effect upon business, industry, government, and research. The publication examines the avalanche of unprecedented amounts of data and the impact the high-end data explosion is having across the IT, enterprise, and commercial markets.#resource #news
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society192From its institution as the Neural Networks Council in the early 1990s, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society has rapidly grown into a robust community with a vision for addressing real-world issues with biologically-motivated computational paradigms. The Society offers leading research in nature-inspired problem solving, including neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy systems, and hybrid intelligent systems. Members contribute to the theory, design, application, and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms, emphasizing neural networks, connectionist systems, genetic algorithms, evolutionary programming, fuzzy systems, and hybrid intelligent systems in which these paradigms are contained.#resource #organization #consortium #collaboration #usa
TPC193The TPC is a non-profit corporation focused on developing data-centric benchmark standards and disseminating objective, verifiable performance data to the industry.#resource #benchmarks
D Wave Systems194D-Wave is the world's first commercial quantum computing company. Our mission is to integrate new discoveries in physics, engineering, manufacturing, and computer science into breakthrough approaches to computation to solve some of the most challenging technical, commercial, scientific, and national defense problems.#vendor #hardware #software #canada #training #systems
PRACE195The mission of PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) is to enable high impact scientific discovery and engineering research and development across all disciplines to enhance European competitiveness for the benefit of society. PRACE seeks to realize this mission by offering world class computing and data management resources and services through a peer review process. PRACE also seeks to strengthen the European users of HPC in industry through various initiatives. PRACE has a strong interest in improving energy efficiency of computing systems and reducing their environmental impact.#resource #europe #research
CD-adapco196CD-adapco is the leading global provider of full-spectrum engineering simulation solutions for fluid flow, heat transfer and stress, including CFD software, CAD-embedded CFD, CAE consulting services and training. STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+ provide the world’s most comprehensive CFD solutions. Their integrated CAE process allows engineers to focus more on product design by giving them a single easy-to-use interface to automatically handle complex models through the complete analysis cycle: preprocessing, meshing, solution, post-processing. CD-adapco’s solutions are used across many industries, including automotive, aerospace, appliances, buildings, chemical process, electronics, environmental, marine, offshore structures, pharmaceuticals, power generation, rail, turbomachinery and specialized mechanical engineering applications.#vendor #software #usa
Numerical Algorithms Group - NAG197The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) delivers trusted, high quality numerical computing software and high performance computing (HPC) services. For four decades NAG experts have worked closely with world-leading researchers in academia and industry to create powerful, accurate and flexible software which today is relied upon by tens of thousands of users, companies, and learning institutions as well as numerous independent software vendors.#vendor #software #unitedkingdom #europe #services #training #algorithms #consulting
ZIH TUD198The Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) at TU Dresden (TUD), in Dresden, Germany, is an established competence center for high performance computing and software tools with a focus on energy efficiency and performance evaluation and optimization of parallel applications. It is the home of the well known and widely used Vampir performance analysis tool. ZIH also creates advanced tracing technologies as well as scalable solutions for energy efficiency monitoring and optimization with very fine temporal and spatial granularities. ZIH provides unique compute and storage facilities for data-intensive scientific computing for scientists in the Free State of Saxony.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
PSNC - Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center199Since 1993 integrating and developing the information infrastructure for science has been the mission of Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) affiliated with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry at the Polish Academy of Sciences. PSNC is the leader in implementing innovative technologies for the national scientific network POL-34/155/622, at present in the network PIONIER – Polish Optical Internet. High Performance Computing centre within PSNC provides computing power, disc space and archiving systems for science, business and public institutions. The computing capacity includes systems with distributed and shared memory of varied architectures (parallel vector, multi-processor SMPs and clusters) connected with fast local networks (InfiniBand, Gigabit Ethernet and FastEthernet), total computing power 304 TFlops, RAM 27,3 TB, disc space 157 TB, mass storage 1,2 PB.#user #government #poland #europe #research
Bio-IT World200Bio-ITWorld.com, Weekly Update newsletter and News Bulletins cover the application of informatics, IT and computer science in biomedical research and drug discovery. As the life sciences become an increasingly quantitative discipline, Bio-IT World provides topical news coverage and analysis of cutting-edge technologies to handle the data deluge in petascale computing and the tools to deliver individualized medicine. From systems biology and in silico modeling to cheminformatics and electronic data capture, Bio-IT World shows how predictive information is the key to improving the efficiency of drug discovery, all the way through clinical trials.#resource #news #usa
Datadog201Datadog is a monitoring service for IT, Operations and Development teams who write and run applications at scale, and want to turn the massive amounts of data produced by their apps, tools and services into actionable insight. Datadog works with the software, platforms, and languages you already use. Capture metrics and events, then graph, filter, and search to see what's happening and how systems interact.#vendor #software #usa #tools
iXsystems202iXsystems builds and supports Open-Source-friendly enterprise servers and storage solutions, including the ZFS based Unified Storage Appliance, TrueNAS. All of our products are assembled, tested, and shipped from company headquarters in Silicon Valley, and technical support is provided in-house by the same engineers that build the systems. Thousands of companies, universities, and U.S. Government departments have come to rely on iXsystems' customer-first commitment to excellence.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #servers #storage #services
Nationwide Childrens Hospital Research Institute203One of the fastest growing pediatric research centers in the United States. Located on the campus of Nationwide Children's Hospital in downtown Columbus, Ohio, The Research Institute pioneers innovative solutions for improving child health and is ranked among the top 10 in national research funding. Research Data and Computing (RDC) is newly formed division of The Research Institute, created to address the increasing needs of IT support on research data pipeline, bioinformatics, and high performance computing. RDC provides IT assistance to researchers on data processing from acquisition, curation, management, analysis, to visualization, including both clinical and non-clinical basic research data. RDC also serves in the role of bridging collaboration between internal and external researchers, researchers across centers and cores especially in the areas of biostatistics, bioinformatics, mathematical and computational modeling.#user #government #usa #research
Nexenta204NexentaStor delivers unified file and block storage services, runs on industry standard hardware, scales from tens of terabytes to petabyte configurations, and includes all data management functionality by default. NexentaConnect is a complete suite of software solutions to combine Software-Defined Storage with cloud, enterprise, and desktop deployments. NexentaEdge delivers Cinder Block and Swift/S3 object storage services, and integrates through a Horizon management plug-in, which simplifies storage management and capacity planning. With NexentaFusion, Nexenta builds on its vision of the Software-defined Data center by delivering Analytics and Orchestration Software that automates arrangement, coordination, and management of complex compute systems, data stores, and services without the need for administrators to pre-define the nature and placement of data.#vendor #software #usa #bigdata #cloud #virtualization #security
UC Berkeley AMPLab205The AMPLab is a five-year collaborative effort at UC Berkeley, involving students, researchers and faculty from a wide swath of computer science and data-intensive application domains to address the Big Data analytics problem. AMP stands for “Algorithms, Machines, and People”. AMPLab envisions a world where massive data, cloud computing, communication and people resources can be continually, flexibly and dynamically be brought to bear on a range of hard problems by people connected to the cloud via devices of increasing power and sophistication.#resource #collaboration #usa
InsideHPC206Founded on December 28, 2006, insideHPC is a blog that distills news and events in the world of HPC and presents them in bite-sized nuggets of helpfulness as a resource for supercomputing professionals. As one reader said, we’re sifting through all the news so you don’t have to! By Rich Brueckner.#resource #news #usa
Intel207Intel is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. The Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family is designed for the high performance computing solutions that enterprise IT services demand.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #analytics #cloud #networking #servers #storage #tools #visualization #processors #boards #chipsets #ssds #workstations
Nvidia Research208NVIDIA Research explores challenging topics on the frontiers of visual, parallel, and mobile computing. Our current work spans many domains including computer graphics, physical simulation, scientific computing, computational photography, programming languages, circuit design, and computer architecture. We support advances in these fields through collaboration with academic and industrial research institutions, and disseminate results in technical conferences, journals, and other academic venues.#vendor #commercial #hardware #software #usa #gpu #research #architecture
SC15209HPC is transforming the world. The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis will return to Austin, Texas for its 27th annual conference. SC15 aims to attract new and diverse groups of HPC professionals and students to the conference with the goal of sparking new conversations, new connections and new ideas. SC15 has a new Student Program geared towards ensuring new attendees have the resources they need to be fully immersed in the community and the programs offered at SC. Conference: Nov. 15-20, 2015. Exhibition: Nov. 16th-19th, 2015.#SC15 #hpctransforms #conference
In-Q-Tel210Launched in 1999 as an independent, not-for-profit organization, In-Q-Tel (IQT) was created to bridge the gap between the technology needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and emerging commercial innovation. We identify and invest in venture-backed startups developing technologies that will provide “ready-soon innovation” (within 36 months) vital to the IC mission. These technology startups are traditionally outside the reach of the IC; in fact, more than 70 percent of the companies that IQT invests in have never before done business with the government.#resource #government
Penguin Computing211Penguin Computing is a global leader in high-performance computing (HPC), delivering complete, integrated HPC solutions, from the workstation to the cloud. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use and exceptional customer service, Penguin cost-effectively meets the needs of the world’s most demanding HPC users. Today, Penguin delivers a range of solutions, from massive Linux clusters to cluster management solutions based on Penguin’s Scyld ClusterWare to “Penguin Computing on Demand” (POD), a new service that provides a complete HPC cloud solutions.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #servers #switches #workstations #storage #cloud
SolidFire212High performance all-flash array designed for public and private clouds. Deliver new applications and capabilities faster with SolidFire. SolidFire is born out of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world and purpose built around the problem of delivering high performance applications from a multi-tenant infrastructure. We get cloud computing better than any storage company - whether you are building them for public or private access.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #cloud #security #ssds
The Data Center Journal213The Data Center Journal is the only magazine portal for the data center industry that provides information and resources for the three groups that help make a data center successful; Information Technology, Facilities and Design.#resource #news #datacenters
Pythian214Pythian is a global leader in data consulting and managed services. Since 1997, we have specialized in planning, deploying, and managing business-critical data systems for large and mid-market enterprises. From staff augmentation to full enterprise data management, our small, dedicated teams of highly trained and experienced data experts help companies increase responsiveness, services levels, and innovation to deliver advanced, secure data capabilities. We combine the world’s top data talent with mature methodologies and flexible, month-to-month contracts to ensure our clients receive a level of service that cannot be found anywhere else.#vendor #software #services #consulting #usa #bigdata
Institute of Statistical Mathematics215Statistical Science is becoming increasingly important as a tool for responding to the changes affecting our society. The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) is pursuing new theories and methods to address the difficult problems we face living in the so-called “Information Society” or “Risk Society” as well as conducting research on prediction, knowledge discovery, modeling uncertainty, and risk analysis by solving concrete cases. The ISM aims to combine basic research topics, built around the original ideas of each researcher, with strategically planned topics of immediate worth to society.#user #academia #japan #research
Rogue Wave Software216Rogue Wave Software provides software development tools for mission-critical applications. Our trusted solutions address the growing complexity of building great software and accelerates the value gained from code across the enterprise. Rogue Wave’s portfolio of complementary, cross-platform tools helps developers quickly build applications for strategic software initiatives. With Rogue Wave, customers improve software quality and ensure code integrity, while shortening development cycle times. Rogue Wave tools span 40 years, offering everything from cloud-based-services to native platform applications to portable software libraries.#vendor #software #usa #visualization #algorithms #security #tools
NAIST217Official site of Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), a national corporation university located in NARA, Japan. Founded in 1991, NAIST consists solely of graduate schools in three integrated areas: information science, biological sciences, and materials science. The university's objectives are to conduct cutting-edge research in frontier areas and to train students to become tomorrow's leaders in science and technology.#user #academia #japan #research #datamanagement #cloud #networking
The Journal of Supercomputing218The Journal of Supercomputing publishes papers on the technology, architecture and systems, algorithms, languages and programs, performance measures and methods, and applications of all aspects of Supercomputing.#resource #journal
ACLF Argonne National Laboratory219The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) is one of two leadership computing facilities supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The ALCF provides the computational science community with a world-class computing capability dedicated to breakthrough science and engineering. It began operation in 2006 with its team providing expertise and assistance to support user projects to achieve top performance of applications and to maximize benefits from the use of ALCF resources.The ALCF's mission is to accelerate major scientific discoveries and engineering breakthroughs for humanity by designing and providing world-leading computing facilities in partnership with the computational science community.#user #government #usa #research
Kontron220Kontron is a global leader in embedded computing technology. With more than 30% of its employees in R&D, Kontron creates many of the standards that drive the world’s embedded computing platforms. Kontron’s product longevity, local engineering, support, and value-added services helps to create a sustainable and viable embedded solution for OEMs and system integrators. Kontron works closely with its customers on their embedded application ready platforms and customer solutions, enabling them to focus on their core competencies. As a global leader in embedded computing technology solutions, we help our customers reduce their time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #boards #systems
NOAA OCIO221The NOAA Office of the Chief Information Officer and High Performance Computing and Communications (OCIO/HPCC) is responsible for all NOAA information and information technology (IT) resources. NOAA has a $1.3B annual IT Portfolio Investment budget, larger than all but four other non-defense bureaus. #user #government #usa #research
Gigabyte222GIGABYTE is dedicated to products for professionals, from server and workstation motherboards to datacenter solutions and systems for the Internet of Things.#vendor #hardware #taiwan #china #motherboards #servers #datacenters #storage
Open-E223Data storage software for customized storage solutions with 60-day fully functional trial available. Support for NAS, iSCSI, InfiniBand, private cloud, FibreChannel SAN.#vendor #software #usa #storage
HLRS - HPC Center Stuttgart224The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) of the University of Stuttgart supports researchers from Germany and Europe as well as industry with leading edge supercomputing technology. In European, national, state-funded and industrial projects HLRS conducts basic and applied research in HPC together with partners from research and industry.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory225The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) tests networking and data communications products. Since 1988, the laboratory has fostered multi-vendor interoperability while preparing students for careers in the industry. The laboratory has grown steadily into one of the industry's premier independent proving grounds for new technologies. The UNH-IOL maintains a strong reputation for independent, vendor-neutral testing with a focus on quality assurance rather than marketing or promotional goals. The confidential test reports the UNH-IOL provides to its members are recognized throughout the data communications industry as evidence of interoperability and conformance to technical standards.#resource #academia #networking #communications
Teledyne LeCroy226Teledyne LeCroy is a leading provider of oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers and related test and measurement solutions that enable companies across a wide range of industries to design and test electronic devices of all types. Teledyne LeCroy Corporation is a worldwide leader in test solutions, creating advanced instruments that drive product innovation by quickly measuring, analyzing, and verifying complex electronic signals. These instrument’s features include wave form analysis at the physical layer and analysis at the protocol level from the packet to the transfer layer.#vendor #hardware #usa
DataDirect Networks227The leading provider of high performance, high capacity big data storage systems and processing solutions and services. As the storage powering over 2/3 of the world’s fastest supercomputers, DDN is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions for the emerging data-centric computing era. Whether you need to accelerate your data-intensive applications and workflow or scale in performance and capacity for your requirements, DataDirect Networks (DDN) can help you unlock the value of your data by delivering systems with the highest performance, scalability, efficiency and simplicity.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #bigdata
Gaussian228Gaussian, Inc. develops, licenses and supports the Gaussian series of computational chemistry software and related products. Gaussian's products supply state-of-the-art software for the accurate modeling of complex chemical reactions and substances. They are used by chemists, chemical engineers, materials scientists and other researchers worldwide. Gaussian's products are compatible with a wide variety of computer hardware and operating system environments.#vendor #software #usa
SIGACT229SIGACT (Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory)is an international organization that fosters and promotes the discovery and dissemination of high quality research in theoretical computer science (TCS), the formal analysis of efficient computation and computational processes.#resource #group
ATTO230ATTO is a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions that help store, manage and deliver data. ATTO provides a wide range of solutions to help customers better store, manage and deliver their data. Focused on high performance applications, ATTO manufactures host bus adapters, RAID adapters, network adapters, RAID storage controllers, ThunderboltTM-enabled DesklinkTM devices, bridges, switches and software. ATTO solutions connect to all storage interfaces including Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, 10GbE, FCoE and Thunderbolt. ATTO products are available worldwide through OEMs, systems integrators, VARs, and distributors.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #raid #adapters #ethernet #storage #networking #controllers #bridges #switches
Exar Corporation231Exar Corporation designs, develops and markets high performance analog mixed-signal integrated circuits and advanced sub-system solutions for data communication, networking, storage, consumer and industrial applications. Exar’s product portfolio includes power management and connectivity components, communications products, network security and storage optimization solutions.#vendor #hardware #usa #communication #networking #storage #security
CISE - Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine232Each issue of Computing in Science & Engineering magazine features an in-depth look at an important topic in high-performance computing and computational science. Physics, medicine, astronomy—these and other hard sciences share a common need for efficient algorithms, system software, and computer architecture to address large computational problems. And yet, useful advances in computational techniques that could benefit many researchers are rarely shared. To meet that need, Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE) presents scientific and computational contributions in a clear and accessible format.#resource #news #usa
Texaco233Texaco uses HPC technology to process vast amounts of seismic data, enabling deposits of oil and natural gas to be identified in sand layers.#user #commercial #usa
OIST234The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University is Japan's first international Graduate School. Its purpose is to conduct world-class research and education in science and technology, and to contribute to the self-sustaining development of Okinawa and to the advancement of science and technology worldwide. OIST currently has 35 research units (more than 190 researchers, of whom approximately 75 are international) carrying out multi-disciplinary research in neuroscience, molecular sciences, mathematical and computational biology, and environmental science.#user #academia #japan #research
Spectra Logic235Spectra Logic develops deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long term storage for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for more than 35 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the largest information users in multiple vertical markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing information in all forms of deep storage—including archive, backup, cold storage, cloud and private cloud.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage
University of Edinburgh - EPCC236EPCC is a leading European centre of expertise in advanced computing research, high performance computing, and technology transfer. We host the UK's national high-end computing system, ARCHER, and other advanced computer systems. We provide applications support, HPC, and Data expertise to world-class academic research and industry. Our facilities and expertise underpin our long-standing research visitor programmes and allows us to play a major role in European projects such as PRACE and CRESTA. We are also a leading provider of HPC training in Europe, including through our popular Masters courses in HPC and HPC with Data Science.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #research #training
Gigamon237Gigamon provides an intelligent Visibility Fabric™ architecture for enterprises, data centers and service providers around the globe. Our technology empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with pervasive and dynamic intelligent visibility of traffic across both physical and virtual environments without affecting the performance or stability of the production network. Through patented technologies and centralized management, the Gigamon GigaVUE portfolio of high availability and high density products intelligently delivers the appropriate network traffic to management, analysis, compliance and security tools. With over eight years’ experience designing and building traffic.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #analytics #datamanagement #networking #datacenters #cloud
CNRS238The CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) is the largest fundamental research organization in Europe. It carries out research in all fields of knowledge. The analysis and storage of the scientific data are managed by two complementary computing centers. IDRIS is a center of excellence in HPC with expertise on large scale numerical simulations, computing infrastructures, and resolution methods. CC-IN2P3 provides computing and storage resources for researchers in corpuscular physics with expertise on storage, processing, and transfer of large data volumes.#user #academia #france #research
DataCore Software239DataCore Software is a leader in software-defined storage. The company’s storage virtualization software empowers organizations to seamlessly manage and scale their data storage architectures, delivering massive performance gains at a fraction of the cost of solutions offered by legacy storage hardware vendors. Backed by 10,000 customer sites around the world, DataCore’s adaptive and self-learning and healing technology takes the pain out of manual processes and helps deliver on the promise of the new software defined data center through its hardware agnostic architecture.#vendor #software #usa #storage #virtualization #networking #datamanagement
University of Utah SCI Institute240The Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI) at the University of Utah is an internationally recognized leader in visualization, scientific computing, and image analysis. Our overarching research objective is to create new scientific computing techniques, tools, and systems that enable solutions to problems affecting various aspects of human life.#user #academia #usa #research
Overland Storage241Overland's vision of effortless data means eliminating complexity by putting the expertise into the storage system so that it is intuitive for administrators. Our entire line of data management and data protection solutions provide the benefits of simple yet fully featured online, nearline, offline, and archival storage to meet business needs across the data lifecycle, without the typical drawbacks or high cost of ownership. Companies can focus on building their business instead of worrying about data growth, data loss or data management with SnapScale clustered NAS, SnapSAN, SnapServer NAS, NEO Series tape libraries, and REO Series VTL product lines combined with dedicated global service and support from Overland Storage.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #virtualization
Vormetric242Vormetric is the industry leader in data security and cloud security solutions. Enabling many of the world's most security-conscious organizations, to meet compliance requirements and protect what matters - their sensitive data - from both internal and advanced persistent threats. The company’s scalable solution protects any file, any database and any application — within enterprise data center, cloud, big data environments — with a high performance, market-leading Vormetric Data Security Platform that incorporates application transparent encryption, access controls and security intelligence. Vormetric – because data can’t defend itself.#vendor #software #usa #security
AWS HPC243Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), expedite your high performance computing (HPC) workloads & save money by choosing from low-cost pricing models that match utilization needs. AWS allows you to increase the speed of research by running high performance computing in the cloud and to reduce costs by providing Cluster Compute or Cluster GPU servers on-demand without large capital investments. You have access to a full-bisection, high bandwidth network for tightly-coupled, IO-intensive workloads, which enables you to scale out across thousands of cores for throughput-oriented applications.#vendor #services #usa #cloud #servers
Silver Peak244Silver Peak's WAN optimization and replication acceleration solutions accelerate data mobility over distance for optimal application performance.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #cloud #networking
Science Node245The Science Node is a free online publication, jointly funded by organizations in the US and Europe. Our team writes for experts and non-experts alike, exploring the real-world impact of advanced computing and networks.#resource #news #usa #europe
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society246The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society is the leading organization that promotes the advancement of the theory, analysis, design, tools, and implementation of circuits and systems. The field spans their theoretical foundations, applications, and architectures, as well as circuits and systems implementation of algorithms for signal and information processing. The Society brings engineers, researchers, scientists and others involved in circuits and systems applications access to the industry’s most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools and many other exclusive benefits.#resource #organization #consortium #collaboration #usa
Scientific Computing247Scientific Computing is a leading resource delivering focused editorial on HPC products and technologies.#resource #news #usa
Allot Communications248Allot Communications Ltd is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions for fixed and mobile broadband operators and large enterprises. Allot's rich portfolio of solutions create smart networks that can rapidly and efficiently deploy value added Internet services. Allot's scalable, carrier-grade solutions provide the visibility, topology awareness, security, application control and subscriber management that are vital to managing Internet service delivery, enhancing user experience, containing operating costs, and maximizing revenue in broadband networks.#vendor #hardware #software #isreal #cloud #security #networking #analytics #virtualization
SiliconANGLE Big Data News249SiliconANGLE is an independent media company – 100%. We provide up to the minute technology news and analysis as it’s happening. Our content is in no way influenced by any company or sponsorship.#resource #news
NITRD250The Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program is the Nation's primary source of Federally funded revolutionary breakthroughs in advanced information technologies such as computing, networking, and software. A unique collaboration of Federal research and development agencies, the NITRD Program seeks to: Provide research and development foundations for assuring continued U.S. technological leadership in advanced networking, computing systems, software, and associated information technologies and accelerate development and deployment of these technologies in order to maintain world leadership in science and engineering; enhance national defense and national and homeland security; improve U.S. productivity and competitiveness and promote long-term economic growth; improve the health of the U.S. citizenry; protect the environment; improve education, training, and lifelong learning; and improve the quality of life.#resource #government #consortium #collaboration #usa
The Platform251The Platform is a publication that covers the key elements of the modern system, from processors, main memory, storage, and networking up through operating systems, middleware, and other key systems software such as databases and data stores, systems management tools, and cluster and cloud controllers. The Platform goes behind the headlines to provide analysis that helps IT Pros understand what technologies are used to solve particular problems, how they are integrated with other systems and applications and why organisations choose particular technologies to solve their problems.#resource #news #usa
Caltech CACR252Caltech's Center for Advanced Computing Research provides research expertise and facilities for cultivating multidisciplinary collaborations in computational science and engineering. The mission of the Center for Advanced Computing Research (CACR) is to ensure that Caltech is at the forefront of computational science and engineering (CSE). CACR provides an environment that cultivates multidisciplinary collaborations. CACR researchers take an applications-driven approach and currently work with Caltech research groups in aeronautics, applied mathematics, astronomy, biology, engineering, geophysics, materials science, and physics. Center staff have expertise in data-intensive scientific discovery, physics-based simulation, scientific software engineering, visualization techniques, novel computer architectures, and the design and operation of large-scale computing facilities.#user #academia #usa #research
IJHPCN253International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking addresses the most innovative developments in high-performance computing and networking such as information and system architectures, grid- and web-based information management and infrastructures, data storage, management, analysis and visualisation, advanced networking with applications, scalable parallel computing, cluster and grid computing, distributed systems, and high performance scientific and engineering computing with applications.#resource #journal
Swiss National Supercomputing Center254CSCS (Swiss National Supercomputing Center) develops and provides the key supercomputing capabilities required to solve important problems to science and/or society. The centre enables world-class research with a scientific user lab that is available to domestic and international researchers through a transparent, peer-reviewed allocation process. The centre is operated by ETH Zurich and is located in Lugano.#user #academia #switzerland #research
Adaptive Computing255Adaptive Computing powers many of the world's largest private/hybrid cloud, and technical computing environments with Moab, its award-winning optimization and scheduling middleware software. Moab enables large enterprises, academic institutions and governments to perform simulations and analyze data faster, more accurately and most cost effectively with its Technical Computing, Cloud and Big Data solutions for Big Workflow applications.#vendor #software #usa #bigdata #cloud #analytics #datamanagement #GRID #visualization
Ohio Supercomputing Center256At the Ohio Supercomputer Center, our duty is to empower our clients, partner strategically to develop new research and business opportunities, and lead Ohio's knowledge economy. The Ohio Supercomputer Center empowers a wide array of groundbreaking innovation and economic development activities in the fields of bioscience, advanced materials, data exploitation and other areas of state focus by providing a powerful high performance computing, research and educational cyberinfrastructure for a diverse statewide/regional constituency. The Ohio Supercomputer Center leads strategic research activities of vital interest to the State of Ohio, the nation and the world community, leveraging the exceptional skills and knowledge of an in-house research staff specializing in the fields of supercomputing, computational science, data management, biomedical applications and a host of emerging disciplines. The Center is currently running three mid-sized High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters: the just-launched HP/Intel Xeon Phi Ruby Cluster, the HP/Intel Xeon Oakley Cluster and the IBM/AMD Opteron Glenn Cluster, as well as a storage environment with several petabytes of total capacity across a variety of file systems.#user #academia #usa #research
Samtec257Samtec, Inc. is recognized as the connector industry service leader. Besides featuring our Active Optical Cables including the new FireFly™ Micro Flyover System, Board Mountand IC co-packaged Miniature Optical Engines, custom Optical Interconnects and PCIe® over FiberSystems, Samtec offers a range of High Speed Mezzanine Strips, High Speed Coax and Twin-ax Cable Assemblies as well as Rugged, Power, RF, and Board-to-Board Interconnect Systems.#vendor #hardware #usa #cabling #connectors #interconnect #optics
Arrow ECS258Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions - North America, a division of Arrow Electronics Inc. is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions, with 2014 sales of $22.8 billion. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for over 100,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and commercial customers through a global network of more than 460 locations in 56 countries.#vendor #hardware #software #usa
Hot Chips259Since it started in 1989, HOT CHIPS has been known as one of the semiconductor industry’s leading conferences on high-performance microprocessors and related integrated circuits. The conference is held once a year in August in the center of the world’s capital of electronics activity, Silicon Valley. The HOT CHIPS conference typically attracts more than 500 attendees from all over the world. It provides an opportunity for chip designers, computer architects, system engineers, press and analysts, as well as attendees from national laboratories and academia to mix, mingle and see presentations on the latest technologies and products.#resource #conference #processors #usa
Eurotech Group260Eurotech manufactures supercomputers and integrates hardware, software, services to deliver HPC solutions that offer cutting-edge performance and outstanding TCO. Now at the 4th generation of hot liquid cooled supercomputers, Eurotech Aurora product line of HPC systems excels in energy efficiency, space optimization and reliability building on the concepts of green, petascale computing to enable ultra fast processing and big data management. Eurotech aims to let HPC user get more with less: more performance, more results, more speed, more reliability with less energy, space and total cost. Eurotech is also a global leading provider of embedded computing platforms.#vendor #hardware #software #italy #europe #services #solutions #systems #bigdata #consulting #servers #boards #blades #gpu
Cumulus Networks261Cumulus Networks is a system software company founded with the principle of enabling high capacity networks that are easy to deploy and affordable. Led by networking experts and innovators from Cisco and VMware, we provide great networking for layer 2, layer 3 and overlay architectures supported by improved economics and a robust ecosystem -- a modern alternative to proprietary vendor-locked stacks that constrain IT innovation.#vendor #software #usa #networking
DesignCon262Now in its 20th year, DesignCon is the premier educational conference and technology exhibition for electronic design engineers in the high speed communications and semiconductor communities. Taking place annually in Silicon Valley, DesignCon was created by engineers for engineers and remains the largest gathering of chip, board and systems designers in the country. Combining technical paper sessions, tutorials, industry panels, product demos and exhibits, DesignCon brings engineers the latest theories, methodologies, techniques, applications and demonstrations on PCB design tools, power and signal integrity, jitter and crosstalk, high-speed serial design, test and measurement tools, parallel and memory interface design, ICs, semiconductor components and more.#resource #conference #usa
OpenPOWER Foundation263The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open technical community based on the POWER architecture, enabling collaborative development and opportunity for member differentiation and industry growth.The goal of the OpenPOWER Foundation is to create an open ecosystem, using the POWER Architecture to share expertise, investment, and server-class intellectual property to serve the evolving needs of customers and industry.#resource #collaboration #group
University of Delaware264The University of Delaware is a leading research university in the Philadelphia Region. Our booth highlights high-performance computing research from leading research groups at the College of Engineering. A long-term research goal of the groups is to apply high-performance computing technology to bioinformatics and biomedical sciences. Particular emphasis is put on alternative approaches of processor architectures for parallel and distributed computing, as well as potentially revolutionary protocols and paradigms for HPC programming, grid computing, cloud computing, GPU programming and multi-core platforms.#user #academia #software #usa #research #analytics #cloud #datamanagement #grid
HPC Challenge Benchmark265The HPC Challenge benchmark consists at this time of 7 benchmarks: HPL, STREAM, RandomAccess, PTRANS, FFTE, DGEMM and b_eff Latency/Bandwidth. HPL is the Linpack TPP benchmark. The test stresses the floating point performance of a system. STREAM is a benchmark that measures sustainable memory bandwidth (in GB/s), RandomAccess measures the rate of random updates of memory. PTRANS measures the rate of transfer for larges arrays of data from multiprocessor’s memory. Latency/Bandwidth measures (as the name suggests) latency and bandwidth of communication patterns of increasing complexity between as many nodes as is time-wise feasible.#resource #usa #benchmarks
GE Intelligent Platforms266GE Intelligent Platforms is an experienced high-performance technology company and a global provider of software, hardware and services with expertise in automation and embedded computing. They offer a unique foundation of agile and reliable technology providing customers a sustainable advantage in the industries they serve, including energy, water, consumer packaged goods, military and aerospace, and telecommunications.#vendor #software #hardware #services #usa #analytics #switches #networking #storage
Enthought267Enthought Scientific Computing Solutions is a global leader in scientific and analytic computing software, training, and consulting, with particular expertise in the Python programming language. Enthought's mission is to significantly improve the way scientific computing is accomplished by providing powerful tools for quantitative data analysis and visualization.#vendor #software #services #usa #consulting #training
SaltStack268SaltStack systems and configuration management software is used to manage all the data center things including compute, storage and network resources. Data centers aren’t built like they were even five years ago, and today's infrastructure requirements require more scale, security, flexibility and open standards. SaltStack is the software defining the software-defined data center. For example, SaltStack automates the management of HPC environments at LSU, Harvard, Argonne National Labs and dozens of others while being used for Web-scale infrastructure automation and configuration at LinkedIn, Salesforce.com, Hulu and Wikimedia to name a few.#vendor #software #usa #cloud #communication #datamanagement #networking #storage #server #tools
Engility269Speed. Agility. Innovation. Driving the new model for government services. Our ability to rapidly deploy the resources and specialized services needed is unparalleled. Our efficient and effective approach focuses on providing precisely the services needed at the best possible cost. Our subject matter experts power a portfolio of capabilities aligned with the changing priorities of the U.S.. Engility’s state-of-the-art computing services help Government customers solve difficult and complex scientific and advanced computing challenges. Our computational scientists are at the forefront of high performance scientific computing and high-end physical modeling, bridging the gap between basic research and applied R&D. They apply a combination of domain science knowledge and experience with the latest computing architectures to the optimization and scaling of our customers’ scientific applications. Engility scientists work across a wide spectrum of domains, ranging from climate research, to nanotechnology, to material modeling.#vendor #services #usa #consulting #training
ESI Group270ESI is a pioneer and world-leading provider in virtual prototyping that takes into account the physics of materials. ESI has developed an extensive suite of coherent, industry-oriented applications to realistically simulate a product's behavior during testing, to fine-tune manufacturing processes in accordance with desired product performance, and to evaluate the environment's impact on performance. ESI's solutions fit into a single collaborative and open environment for end-to-end virtual prototyping, thus eliminating the need for physical prototypes during product development.#vendor #software #france #europe
Dell Force10 Networks271Force10 Networks is the global technology leader that data center, service provider and enterprise customers rely on when the network is their business. The company's high-performance solutions are designed to deliver new economics by virtualizing and automating Ethernet networks.#vendor #hardware #usa #switches #networking #interconnects
PGI272The Portland Group (a.k.a. PGI) is a premier supplier of software compilers and tools for parallel computing, known as PGI® products. The Portland Group offers optimizing parallel FORTRAN 2003, C99 and C++ compilers and tools for workstations, servers and clusters running Linux, MacOS or Windows operating systems. The focus of the Portland Group is to provide the highest performance, production quality cross-platform compilers and software development tools to the High Performance Computing (HPC) market. The Portland Group delivers high-performance, portable and cost-effective production-quality compilers and software development tools that play an essential role in the use of HPC systems. PGI engages with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA to support and optimize for their latest processor designs as they become available.#vendor #software #usa #compiler #tools
AMNH Computational Sciences273The American Museum of Natual History (AMNH) Science Computer Cluster Facility is a major resource used to advance and support our research and educational initiatives. The science clusters are used by museum research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students whose work relies heavily on high-end capability computing in areas of biology, genomics, astrophysics, and anthropology. Further, as part of the core mission of the Museum, to educate, train and disseminate information, the clusters are leveraged to promote the significance of high-performance computing within today's society for science and engineering through our educational programs.#user #academia #usa #research #training
Cavium274Cavium is a provider of highly integrated semiconductor processors that enable intelligent networking, communications, storage, video and security applications. Cavium offers a broad portfolio of integrated, software compatible processors ranging in performance from 1Gbps to 100Gbps that enable secure, intelligent functionality in Enterprise, Data-Center, Broadband/Consumer and Access and Service Provider equipment. Cavium’ processors are supported by ecosystem partners that provide operating systems, tools and application support, hardware reference designs and other services.#vendor #hardware #usa #processors #cloud #networking #adapters
Verne Global275Verne Global owns and operates a 44-acre data center campus in Keflavik, Iceland. As a strategic location between the world’s two largest data center markets, Europe and North America, Verne Global is addressing two key issues facing today’s data revolution - power pricing and availability. We offer data center decision makers an affordable 100% carbon neutral power solution that has unparalleled pricing predictability; a range of server density options; and efficiency without extra expense by using natural cooling. We enable our clients to meet their corporate objectives by providing a scalable solution that addresses both their immediate and future power requirements. Our ability to listen to our clients results in superior custom service, agility, and a unique solution for their data center operations.#vendor #hardware #iceland #europe #datacenters
Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions276Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a business segment of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, is an industry-leading supplier of highly engineered commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) module and system-level products designed for deployment in the harsh environments typical of aerospace, defense and industrial applications. We are recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of rugged solutions, built from the ground up, that deliver optimal and reliable performance at sea, on the ground, in the air and in space. Our expansive range of industry-leading products includes boards & subsystems, flight test & avionics, aiming & stabilization, shipboard helicopter handling, and instrumentation & control systems.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #memory #storage
Digilent277Digilent Inc. is a leading electrical engineering products company serving students, universities, and OEM's worldwide with technology-based educational design tools. Based in Pullman Washington USA, Digilent designs, manufactures, and distributes its electronic design tools on a worldwide basis. Since its founding in 2000, Digilent products can now be found in over 2000 universities in more than 70 countries throughout the world. As a multinational company with offices in the US, Taiwan, China and Romania, Digilent is able to provide low-cost, expert quality solutions for a variety of customer needs. Digilent is a provider of FPGA-based development boards, including boards based on the Xilinx Spartan and Virtex families of FPGA devices.#vendor #hardware #software #services #usa #fpga #boards
Syncsort278Syncsort provides fast, secure, enterprise-grade software spanning Hadoop solutions to mainframe applications. We help customers around the world collect, process and distribute more data in less time, with fewer resources and lower costs. A majority of Fortune 100 companies are Syncsort customers, and Syncsort's products are used in more than 85 countries to offload expensive and inefficient legacy data workloads, speed data warehouse and mainframe processing, and optimize cloud data integration.#vendor #software #usa #bigdata #hadoop #cloud
Scientific Computing World279Scientific Computing World is the multi-platform resource covering software, computing and information technology for the scientific, technology, engineering, and medical industries. Readers have access to the latest computing trends to underpin scientific and engineering research; independent, in-depth editorial content; informed commentary and analysis; and industry features on laboratory informatics, statistical science, high-performance computing, and modelling and engineering. Scientific Computing World is published six times a year in print and digital editions, and alongside three monthly newsletters (HPC Newsline, Informatics Newsline, Modelling & Engineering Newsline) is available at no cost to readers in the fields of science and engineering.#resource #news #usa
IBM HPC Solutions280Realize faster time to insight with IBM Technical and High Performance Computing (HPC)— data-centric systems and software-defined infrastructure solutions that are optimized for compute- and data-intensive and big data applications.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #bigdata #analytics #systems #cloud #storage #datamanagement #servers #tools
Enterprise Tech281EnterpriseTech will provides leading insight and analysis into how leading global companies are meshing high performance computing (HPC) technologies with the broader pool of hardware and software solutions that are feeding large-scale enterprise performance, productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Aimed at decision-makers, technologists and thought leaders across the technology spectrum, EnterpriseTech is set to provide stories and analysis about how the world’s top companies understand, implement and refine the technologies that define the competitive edge.#resource #news #usa
NCHC282National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), founded in 1991, is Taiwan’s only national-level supercomputing center. The NCHC possesses a large computing and networking platform facilities for use by domestic academia and the general public.The NCHC plays a leading role in Taiwan’s cloud technology services by integrating high performance computing (HPC), storage, and networking to provide cloud services in storage, big data analysis, and scientific and engineering simulation. The goal of the NCHC is to become an internationally renowned HPC center that promotes scientific discovery and technological innovation. Since its inception, the NCHC has been dedicated to strengthening Taiwan’s HPC and networking infrastructure. The NCHC has planned and implemented pilot research programs in HPC, cloud computing, as well as big data processing methods and applications.The NCHC provides professional technologies and platform services to academia, government, and industry, and helps to cultivate domestic talent in HPC-related fields.#user #academia #government #taiwan #research #cloud #storage #networking #bigdata #simulation
BOXX Technologies283BOXX Technologies, Inc. manufactures workstations and rendering systems for VFX, animation, film & television, game development, architecture, engineering, product design, simulation, higher education, government & defense, science & medical, and general business industries. We specialize in configuring custom workstations that remove bottlenecks and accelerate workflows.#vendor #hardware #usa #virtualization #workstations
Open Science Grid284The Open Science Grid enables scientific research by bringing multidisciplinary collaborations together with the latest advances in distributed computing technologies. The OSG, a U.S. grid computing project with international partners, is used for scientific research in many fields, including bioinformatics, nanotechnology and physics. The OSG provides common service and support for resource providers and scientific institutions using a distributed fabric of high throughput computational services. The OSG does not own resources but provides software and services to users and resource providers alike to enable the opportunistic usage and sharing of resources. The OSG is primarily used as a high-throughput grid where scientific problems are solved by breaking them down into a very large number of individual jobs that can run independently. The OSG is jointly funded by the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation.#collaboration #services #software #usa #grid
University of Warwick CSC285The Centre for Scientific Computing raises the research profile of the University of Warwick by creating and nurturing internationally competitive research groups which employ state-of-the-art high performance computing tools to achieve their research goals. The Centre manages substantial large-scale high performance computing facilities, run by the Research Technology Platform for Scientific Computing. Current capabilities include: A ~6000 core high bandwidth, low latency Linux cluster of Intel cores based on 2 sockets and 12 cores per node, QLogic TrueScale InfiniBand interconnect, multi-terabyte General Parallel File System (GPFS) and a number of GPU nodes. A Cluster of Workstations (COW) with 3500+ cores running Linux available for task-farming.#user #academia #england #research
IPDPS286IPDPS (International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium) is an international forum for engineers and scientists from around the world to present their latest research findings in all aspects of parallel computation. In addition to technical sessions of submitted paper presentations, the meeting offers workshops, tutorials, and commercial presentations & exhibits.#resource #conference
Linux Magazine287Linux Pro Magazine keeps the emphasis on real-life, practical techniques, which has helped make it one of the fastest growing Linux magazines worldwide.#resource #news
SK hynix288Through our tireless focus on R&D and quality control, SK Hynix manufactures highest quality and highest performance DRAM products. Our principal products include dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) for PCs, laptops and servers, low-power mobile DRAMs, high-speed graphic DRAMs for graphic data processing and consumer DRAMs for the full spectrum of digital devices. Our products support wide array of interfaces, including DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 interfaces, to meet our customer needs. While we at SK Hynix strives to meet all of our customers’ needs through innovative R&D and leading edge technology, we are particularly focused on high-capacity, high-performance, low-power premium products to drive our future growth.#vendor #hardware #japan #memory
KAUST289King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an international graduate-level research university located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. In 2015, KAUST will introduce a new supercomputer that promises to be one of the most capable university-based resources in the world. Now in its 6th year of operation, KAUST is an ascending star of academic excellence. The Supercomputing Laboratory is one of eight Core Labs at KAUST, each of which delivers an astounding array of leading-edge resources, supported by a diverse and highly qualified staff. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has a three-part Mission. KAUST integrates research and education, leveraging the interconnectedness of science and engineering, and works to catalyze the diversification of the Saudi economy through economic and technology development. Four thrust areas of strategic importance to the Kingdom – Water, Food, Energy, and Environment – provide focus and bring together KAUST’s core missions of research, education and economic development.#user #academia #saudiarabia #research
University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute290The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute for advanced computational research seeks to provide researchers at the University of Minnesota access to high-performance computing resources and user support to facilitate successful and cutting-edge research in all disciplines, help researchers attract funding, contribute to undergraduate and graduate education, and benefit the broader community. MSI provides access to a variety of high-performance computing systems.#user #academia #usa #research
Finisar291Finisar Corporation is the world's largest supplier of fiber optic subsystems and components for high-speed data communication networks. For over 25 years, Finisar has provided critical optics technologies to system manufacturers to meet the ever increasing demands for network bandwidth. Finisar’s family of Active Optical Cables accelerates data connectivity for storage, networking and high performance computing (HPC) applications. For applications where embedded optical modules can be used, the 25G Board-mounted Optical Assembly (BOA) provides exceptionally low power and highest density optical interface.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #cabling
FalconStor Software292FalconStor takes a unified platform approach to providing four core solutions centered on key IT and business needs: Data Migration, Business Continuity, Data Protection + Recovery, and Optimized Backup & Deduplication.#vendor #software #usa #datamanagement #security #backup #storage
Raritan293Raritan is a leading provider of power management solutions, DCIM software, and KVM-over-IP for data centers of all sizes.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #consulting
ExtraHop294ExtraHop enables IT organizations to harness the massive amounts of wire data flowing through their environments for real-time operational intelligence. The ExtraHop Operational Intelligence platform analyzes all L2-L7 communications, including full bidirectional transactional payloads. This innovative approach provides the correlated, cross-tier visibility essential for application performance, availability, and security in today’s complex and dynamic IT environments. The winner of numerous awards from Interop and others, the ExtraHop platform scales up to 40 Gbps, deploys without agents, and delivers tangible value in less than 15 minutes.#vendor #software #usa #analytics
Open Fabrics Alliance295The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) is an open source-based organization that develops, tests, licenses, supports and distributes OpenFabrics Software (OFS). The Alliance’s mission is to develop and promote software that enables maximum application efficiency by delivering wire-speed messaging, ultra-low latencies and maximum bandwidth directly to applications with minimal CPU overhead. #resource #conference #workshop
Cardiff University ARCCA296ARCCA is a division within Cardiff University which provides, co-ordinates, supports and develops advanced research computing services for University researchers. ARCCA also works with clients and partners outside the University through a range of outreach activities.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
HPE Apollo Systems297The HPE Apollo high-density server family is built for the highest levels of performance and efficiency. They are rack-scale compute, storage, networking, power and cooling—massively scale-up and scale-out—solutions for your big data analytics, object storage, and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. From water-cooling that’s 1,000x more efficient than air to “right-sized scaling” with 2X the compute density for workgroup and private cloud workloads, the HPE Apollo line is a dense, high-performance, tiered approach for organizations of all sizes.#vendor #hardware#usa #servers
IBM Platform Computing298IBM Platform Computing is a pioneer and the global leader in high performance computing (HPC) management software. The company delivers integrated software solutions that enable organizations to improve time-to-results and reduce computing costs. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on Platform to accelerate compute- or data-intensive applications and manage cluster and grid systems.#vendor #software #usa
Cloudian299Cloudian, A leading US s3 cloud Storage Company which offers object storage software, s3 object storage solutions. We are providing massive scalable cloud storage solutions. The main product is Cloudian, an Amazon S3-compliant cloud object storage platform, the bedrock of cloud computing systems, that enables cloud service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable cloud storage solutions. In addition, Cloudian is actively partnering with the leading cloud computing environments including Citrix Cloud Platform and OpenStack, cloud on-ramp providers, and the vast ecosystem of tools and applications that is afforded through true S3 compatibility.#vendor #software #usa #cloud #storage
Puget Systems300Puget Systems has over 16 years experience designing and building high quality and high performance PCs. Our emphasis has always been on reliability, high performance, and quiet operation. We take this experience to the HPC sector with our Peak family of workstations and servers.#vendor #hardware #usa #workstations #servers
HiPEAC301The HiPEAC network is an FP7 project which gathers about 1500 researchers in computing systems in Europe. It is the biggest such network in the world, offering training, mobility support, dissemination services, and abundant networking facilities to its members. The yearly budget of the network is about 1 M Euro. The third edition of HiPEAC started on January 2012, and will run until December 2015. It is run by a consortium of six universities, one research institute and five companies. It is coordinated by Ghent University.#user #academia #industry #consortium #collaboration #group #europe
OpenMP302The OpenMP® API supports shared-memory parallel programming in C/C++ and Fortran on a range of platforms including Unix, Linux, and Windows. Defined by the OpenMP ARB, a group of major computer hardware and software vendors, the OpenMP API gives shared-memory parallel programmers a simple, flexible interface for developing parallel applications.#resource #consortium #software #usa
Violin Memory303Violin Memory transforms the speed of business with high performance, always available, low cost management of critical business information and applications. Violin’s All-Flash optimized solutions accelerate breakthrough CAPEX and OPEX savings for building the next generation data center. Violin’s Flash Fabric Architecture (FFA) speeds data delivery with chip-to-chassis performance optimization that achieves lower consistent latency and cost per transaction for Cloud, Enterprise and Virtualized mission-critical applications. Violin’s All-Flash Arrays and Appliances, and enterprise data management software solutions enhance agility and mobility while revolutionizing datacenter economics.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage
LRZ304The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) is the computer centre for Munich's universities and for the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. It is also a national centre for High Performance Computing.#user #academia #germany #research
Fujitsu305Demand for supercomputing capabilities is rising the world over, driven primarily by the need for effective, reliable solutions to increasingly complex social, environmental and business challenges. This is also pushing high-end computational modeling and simulation capabilities beyond the R&D labs and into the commercial and manufacturing world. Positioned as the partner of choice for high-performance computing (HPC) systems, we have developed and delivered state-of-the-art solutions across the widest range of applications. Building on a successful track recordspanning the past 30 years, we complement our expansive product lineup with a full service and support portfolio covering everything from the development of bespoke solutions to operations and maintenance. With core skills in all HPC design layers – including interconnects, operating system software, middleware and compilers – we are ideally positioned to help you maximize the return on your HPC investment. Fujitsu has been leading the HPC market for over 30 years and offers a comprehensive portfolio of computing products - SPARC64-based supercomputer PRIMEHPC series, x86-based PRIMERGY clusters, software and solutions - to meet wide-ranging HPC requirements.#vendor #hardware #software #japan #systems #servers #interconnects #compilers
PDC Center for High Performance Computing306The PDC Center for High-Performance Computing at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the leading provider of HPC services for academic research in Sweden. PDC is located centrally in Stockholm under the auspices of the KTH CSC School of Computer Science and Communication. PDC’s services are made available to Swedish and European researchers, respectively via the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and PRACE. PDC also provides its services to the commercial sector via collaborative projects. The main HPC system currently running at PDC is Lindgren, a 305 teraflop Cray XE6, however planning is underway to replace this with a new system with a capacity in the petaflops range within the next year.#user #academia #sweden #europe #research
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship307The Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) provides outstanding benefits and opportunities to students pursuing doctoral degrees in fields that use high-performance computing to solve complex science and engineering problems.#resource #academia #usa
Staubli308Staubli provides mechatronics solutions with its 3 divisions Connectors, Robotics and Textile machinery. Staubli Corporation is a world leader in coupling technology, providing technically superior quick disconnect components for a wide range of critical systems within industries such as railway, defense, manufacturing, energy exploration, aerospace, motorsports and other demanding applications where safety and reliability cannot be compromised. Stäubli's North American headquarters is located in Duncan, South Carolina.#vendor #hardware #france #europe #connectors
Nexsan by Imation309Imation is a global data storage and information security company. Imation’s Nexsan portfolio features solid-state optimized unified hybrid storage systems, secure automated archive solutions and high-density enterprise storage arrays. Nexsan solutions are ideal for mission-critical IT applications such as virtualization, cloud, databases, and collaboration; and energy efficient, high-density storage for backup and archiving. There are more than 11,000 customers of Nexsan solutions worldwide with more than 33,000 systems deployed since 1999.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #security
Evertz Microsystems310Evertz is a global leader in professional video/data network innovation. The Company’s SDVN solutions help their customers run automated workflows comprised of fast dynamic network and processing function changes and updates; reducing per channel opex and build-out capex through more efficient signal routing, distribution, monitoring and content management. Evertz is leading the SDN movement and unlocking the true value of SDVN/10GE in the broadcast space with the introduction of their 46Tb/s EXE Video Service Routing Platform.#vendor #hardware #canada #networking
Eaton Rack Infrastructure311Eaton's enclosure systems are the most flexible platforms available. Featuring a unique building-block design they can easily be reconfigured - keeping pace with your changing needs. And, given that the technology refresh rate for IT (server and networking) equipment is typically 12-18 months, this underscores the importance of choosing an open and scalable enclosure platform.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling #racks #enclosures
Applied Micro312AppliedMicro Circuits Corporation is a global leader in computing and connectivity solutions for next-generation cloud infrastructure and data centers. AppliedMicro delivers silicon solutions that dramatically lower total cost of ownership. Corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California.#vendor #hardware #usa #datacenter #cloud #enterprise #networking #router #processors #systems #soc
Scality313Scality is the industry leader in petabyte-scale, software defined storage. Founded in 2009, Scality has deployed software-based storage solutions that deliver billions of files to more than one hundred million users daily with 100% availability. The Scality RING software runs on any standard x86 server hardware and makes it scale to hundreds of petabytes and billions of objects. The RING’s robust architecture provides unsurpassed performance, the ability for mixed workloads and mixed application support, and parallel data loading for very large objects while providing high data durability and low overhead through erasure coding. One of Scality’s customers, Los Alamos National Laboratory, is deploying a 500 petabyte Scality RING environment.#vendor #software #usa #storage
Cleversafe314Cleversafe's breakthrough technology provides data storage for the hyperscale world. Cleversafe delivers limitless data storage and enables organizations to easily store and manage large scale digital content today.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #bigdata #security #cloud
Azul Systems315Azul Systems is a leading provider of Java applications for real time business; designed specifically for business-critical applications to increase performance, consistency & efficiency. Azul Systems, the industry’s only company exclusively focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), builds fully supported, standards-compliant Java runtime solutions that help enable the real time business. Zing® is a JVM designed for enterprise Java applications and workloads that require any combination of low latency, high transaction rates, large working memory, and/or consistent response times.#vendor #software #hardware #usa #bigdata #cloud
nanoHUB316nanoHUB.org is the premier place for computational nanotechnology research, education, and collaboration. Our site hosts a rapidly growing collection of Simulation Programs for nanoscale phenomena that run in the cloud and are accessible through a web browser. In addition to simulation devices, nanoHUB provides Online Presentations, Courses, Learning Modules, Podcasts, Animations, Teaching Materials, and more. These resources help users learn about our simulation programs and about nanotechnology in general.#resource #usa
M+W Group317M+W Group is a leader in the design and construction of advanced technology facilities for government, education, and industry clients. Our expertise includes design in high performance computing, science, and research facilities. This synergy of expertise in both research and computing facilities means M+W can deliver a unique best in class solution for your project. M+W Group is a leading global engineering and construction partner for technology-based clients in the segments Electronics, Photovoltaics, Battery Cells, Life Sciences, Chemicals, Science & Research, Energy & Environment Technologies, Automotive, IT & Telecoms, Space & Security.#vendor #services #germany #europe
Pluribus Networks318Pluribus Networks was founded in April 2010 by Sunay Tripathi, Robert Drost, and C.K. Ken Yang to deliver server economics, innovation, and programmability to top of the rack switching. With over 50 years of experience and more than 200 patents collectively, the founders brought hard-core expertise in network operating systems, virtualization, and high-performance hardware-software integration. Using Sunay's background in network virtualization and kernel development, Robert's background in proximity communication, and Ken's authority on high speed serial links, the founding team had all the ingredients needed to tightly integrate a server and switch running a bare metal, distributed network hypervisor (Netvisor®).#vendor #hardware #software #usa #virtualization #networking #servers #switches
Tegile Systems319Every business has unique data storage needs. Don't be forced into choosing between all-flash or hybrid storage. Tegile Systems design our products so that you can build a solution with both. Let us help you identify the optimal configuration for your needs. Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of enterprise IT by changing the performance and economics of enterprise storage. Our flash storage arrays, with patented IntelliFlash™ architecture, deliver high I/O and low latency for business applications such as databases, server virtualization and virtual desktops. Our customers achieve business acceleration and unmatched storage capacity reduction.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage
Aerospike320Aerospike was founded to push the limits of modern processors, storage technologies and distributed systems. Aerospike founders wanted to make scaling easy for all developers, not just the few who worked at companies with deep enough pockets to build their own. They did what they set out to do. They built the fastest, most reliable database in the world. The first database optimized for flash (patent pending) with a hybrid RAM/flash storage architecture. The first NoSQL database to combine transactions with hot analytics (patent for indexed map reduce) and the first in-memory NoSQL ACID database with strong consistency (ACID Compliant). Aerospike has Open Sourced its revolutionary in-memory NoSQL database and key-value store technology.#vendor #software #usa #datamanagement #analytics #bigdata
SolarFlare Communications321Solarflare is the leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O products that bridge the gap between applications and the network, delivering improved performance, increased scalability and higher return on investment. The company's solutions are widely used in scale-out server environments such as high performance computing, cloud, virtualization and big data. Solarflare recently introduced a new class of application accelerator – ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE) – which moves application processing into the network adapter for remarkably fast, on-the-fly processing of network data. Solarflare also offers two series of high-performance, low-latency 10GbE server adapters.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking
Panasas322Panasas is the premier provider of high performance parallel storage for technical applications and big data workloads, delivering superior performance, data protection, scalability, and manageability.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #storage #bigdata #security #ssds
Actifio323Actifio lets users manage the data protection, availability, and management of applications typically handled by point tools like backup, snapshot, disaster recovery, business continuity, replication, de-duplication, and even WAN optimization. Actifio Copy Data Storage (CDS) is based on patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP) technology, delivering dramatically enhanced business availability by eliminating backup and restore windows, and by creating virtual point-in-time copies of data on-demand for use by any business application. Actifio provides an efficient way to manage data growth while solving IT challenges around information protection and availability.#vendor #software #usa #virtualization #cloud #storage #datamanagement
OVH HPC324OVH makes high performance computing accessible with its HPC products and services. From simple GPU servers to fully functional HPC clusters, our infrastructures allow you to use high performance computing to win new projects.#vendor #hardware #usa #gpu #clusters #systems
CIMNE325The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) is a research organization created in 1987 at the heart of the prestigious Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) as a partnership between the Government of Catalonia and UPC. The aim of CIMNE is the development of numerical methods and computational techniques for advancing knowledge and technology in engineering in applied sciences.#user #academia #spain #europe #research
Myricom326Founded in 1994 as a Caltech spin-off, Myricom pioneered High Performance Computing (HPC) interconnect technology that helped fuel the growth of cluster computing. With its fourth generation of networking products, Myri-10G, Myricom achieved convergence between mainstream 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and HPC technology - 10-Gigabit Ethernet with a supercomputing heritage. Myri-10G delivers wire-speed UDP and TCP/IP throughput, with optional firmware-accelerated offloads for financial trading, packet capture and injection, video streaming and IPTV, HPC, and for other performance-sensitive vertical markets.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #transceivers #cabling
Clemson University - Research Computing327A well-established, highly successful group of faculty and technical staff with an international reputation for leading research in areas such as high performance computing applications, high throughput computing, high performance networking, data access and interpretation, including visualization, and software environments for cyber-communities. Clemson University is one of the most selective public research universities in the U.S. and serves a uniquely driven and highly accomplished science- and engineering-oriented student body. The research, outreach and entrepreneurial projects led by our faculty and students are driving economic development and improving quality of life in South Carolina and far beyond. A major thrust area for nearly all research domains at Clemson is advanced computing. This pervasive emphasis is evidenced by the rapid growth and heavy utilization of Clemson’s primary advanced computing system, the Palmetto cluster. Clemson University IS advanced computing.#user #academia #usa #research
LSTC - Livermore Software Technology Corp328Livermore Software Technology Corporation develops LS-DYNA® and related engineering software products. LS-DYNA is a general-purpose transient dynamic finite element program that simulates complex real-world problems. It includes a Pre/Post Processor, LS-PrePost®, and a tightly integrated optimization code, LS-OPT®. LS-DYNA, LS-PrePost and LS-OPT are used in various industries, including automobile design, aerospace, manufacturing and bioengineering. LS-DYNA development is focused on one code methodology that includes implicit, explicit, SMP and MPP solvers. It is optimized on all platforms including clusters running Unix, Linux and Windows.#vendor #software #usa
LSU Center for Computation and Technology329The Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT, is an interdisciplinary research center located on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. CCT advances LSU’s Flagship Agenda and promotes economic development for the state by using computational applications to aid research and develop solutions that benefit academia and industry. CCT is an innovative research environment, advancing computational sciences, technologies and the disciplines they touch. Researchers at CCT use the advanced cyberinfrastructure –high-speed networks, high-performance computing, advanced data storage and analysis and hardware and software development – available on campus to enable research in many different fields. By uniting researchers from diverse disciplines, ideas and expertise are disseminated across LSU departments to foster knowledge and invention.#user #academia #usa #research
AWE330AWE plays a crucial role in national defence. We have some of the most advanced and powerful supercomputing facilities in the world, especially in the UK. Since the end of actual testing, our ability to understand the performance of a warhead and underwrite its safety now depends crucially on numerical simulations for modelling both physics and engineering aspects. All of the information from the hydrodynamics and laser experiments and data from materials ageing studies and previous nuclear test results are used in the mathematical modelling.#user #government #unitedkingdom #europe #research
StarNet Communications331Millions of users connect to remote Unix and Linux desktops with our X-Win32 PC X Server, including NASA, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, Bloomberg, CERN and Citibank. Rated the industry's best PC X Server, X-Win32 offers the most features and the fastest X11 emulation on 32 and 64-bit Windows PCs when on a LAN.#vendor #software #usa #communication
Enterprise Storage Forum332News and analysis for storage administrators and IT managers who purchase and deploy storage technology: Backup and recovery, archiving, storage hardware, storage networking, storage management, and storage services.#resource #news #storage
ETRI333ETRI makes contribution to the nation’s economic and social development through research, development and distribution of industrial core technologies in the field of Information, Communications, Electronics, Broadcasting and Convergence technologies. ETRI MAHA supercomputing system is aimed to be developed 300 TeraFLOPS system for bio-informatics applications like human genome analysis and protein-protein docking. It is consists of four major parts – computing hardware, file system, system software and bio-applications and designed to utilize heterogeneous computing accelerators (co-processors like GPGPUs and MICs) to get more performance/$, performance/area, and performance/power. To provide high speed data movement and large capacity, file system has asymmetric cluster architecture, and consists of SSD and MAID storage servers. MAHA system software provides user-friendliness and easy-to-use based on integrated system management.#user #southkorea #research
Dot Hill Systems334Managing and protecting data since 1984 with highly reliable, scalable SAN systems and virtualization software. Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN™ storage arrays are designed with to provide accelerated performance for sequential workloads, making them ideal solutions for high performance computing, oil and gas seismic analysis, and other data analytics applications. Our hybrid SSD/HDD solutions combine SSD performance with HDD affordability and RealStor™ software to create a truly responsive system that responds in real time to user demands.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #virtualization
Aldec335Aldec, Inc. is an industry-leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company delivering innovative FPGA Design and Creation, Simulation and Functional Verification solutions to assist in the development of complex FPGA, ASIC, SoC and embedded system designs. With an active user community of over 35,000, 50+ global partners, offices worldwide and a global sales distribution network in over 43 countries, the company has established itself as a proven leader within the verification design community.#vendor #services #usa #fpga #asics #socs
University of Buffalo CCR336The Center for Computational Research (CCR), a leading academic supercomputing facility, maintains a high-performance computing environment, high-end visualization laboratories, and support staff with expertise in computing, visualization, and networking. A leading academic supercomputing facility, CCR has more than 170 Tflops of peak performance compute capacity and 3 PB of high-performance storage. The Center’s extensive computing facilities, which are housed in a state-of-the-art 4000 sq ft machine room, include a generally accessible (to all UB researchers) Linux cluster with more than 8000 processor cores and QDR Infiniband, a subset (32) of which contain (64) NVidia Tesla M2050 “Fermi” graphics processing units (GPUs).#user #academia #usa #research
Quanta Cloud Technology337Quanta Cloud Technology is a subsidiary of Quanta Computer, Inc., a Fortune Global 500 company based in Taiwan. QCT provides advanced hardware systems to cloud datacenters worldwide. Product lines include servers, storage, network switches, and integrated rack systems. QCT customers want the same innovative cloud hardware technology in use by hyperscale cloud datacenter operators, but in off-the-shelf SKUs with global services. QCT sells cloud hardware that delivers hyperscale performance, efficiency and advanced engineering, with flexible product configuration, rack integration, performance tuning and engineering consulting services to help customers deploy optimized cloud solutions for their unique cloud workloads. As a result, QCT products measurably outperform conventional designs in energy efficiency, cooling efficiency, acquisition cost (CAPEX) and operational expense (OPEX).#vendor #hardware #taiwan #cloud #servers #storage #networking #switches
RZG - Rechenzentrum Garching338The Rechenzentrum Garching (RZG) originated as the computing centre of the Max Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics (IPP) which was founded in 1960 by Werner Heisenberg and the Max Planck Society. Already in 1962 an IBM 7090 system was operated, the most powerful data processing system those days, designed for "large-scale scientific and technological applications". RZG provides high-level support for the development, optimization, analysis and visualization of high-performance-computing applications to Max-Planck Institutes with high-end computing needs, e.g. in astrophysics, fusion research, materials and bio sciences, polymer research, and theoretical chemistry.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
UK Meteorological Office Computers339The Met Office embraced the computer age in 1959, when a Ferranti Mercury, nicknamed Meteor, was purchased. Capable of doing 30,000 calculations a second, it was a major step forward in the evolution of making weather forecasts. We are now using an IBM supercomputer which can do more than 1000 trillion calculations a second. Its power allows it to take in hundreds of thousands of weather observations from all over the world which it then takes as a starting point for running an atmospheric model containing more than a million lines of code. In October 2014 the Government confirmed its investment of £97 million in a new high performance computing facility for the Met Office. Because of improved science and increased computing power, today's four-day forecasts are as accurate as one-day forecasts were 30 years ago.#user #government #unitedkingdom #europe #research
CyrusOne340CyrusOne is a global enterprise data center and colocation provider delivering highly reliable, scalable, and innovative solutions with exceptional service. Let CyrusOne focus on building and operating your data center, so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers. Selected by nearly half of the Fortune 20 companies for data center services, shouldn’t CyrusOne be your choice as well?#vendor #hardware #services #usa #datacenters
VMTurbo341VMTurbo’s Demand-Driven Control platform enables customers to manage cloud and enterprise virtualization environments to assure application performance while maximizing resource utilization. VMTurbo’s patented decision-engine technology dynamically analyzes demand from applications, containers, network and VDI and adjusts configuration, resource allocation and workload placement to meet service levels and business goals. With this unique understanding into the dynamic interaction of demand and supply, VMTurbo is the only technology capable of closing the loop in IT operation by automating the decision-making process to maintain an environment in a healthy state.#vendor #software #usa #virtualization #cloud #datacenter
Gladstone Institutes342Gladstone Institutes uses big data and high-performance computing to study the human microbiome and learn how it influences health and disease.#user #commercial #usa #research
Absoft343Fortran Compilers Debuggers and Software Development Tools for Windows Mac and Linux Programmers. The compilers are source code compatible across platforms. Pro Fortran 2015 is a significant advancement in Fortran development. Not only does it generate faster code faster on both AMD and Intel processors and include a comprehensive toolset, it is the only Fortran solution which includes Fast Data Visualization capabilities.#vendor #software #usa
Viking Technology344Viking Technology is a global supplier of Non-Volatile Memory (NVDIMM), Solid State Drive (SSD), DRAM Module and High Density Stacking Solutions. Innovating memory technologies with advanced sub-system & packing IP, Viking Technology has over two decades of engineering DRAM Module, SSD, advanced packing & complex Sub-System expertise. We continue to deliver high technology solutions that optimize the value and performance of our customers' applications. Viking Technology serves OEM customers in the Enterprise, Network Infrastructure, Embedded and Defense & Aerospace markets.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory #storage #ssds #dram
ACM Computing Reviews345Computing Reviews is the leading online review service for books and articles across all disciplines of computing. This collaboration between Reviews.com and the ACM is centered on an international community of over 1,000 reviewers, who provide timely commentaries and authoritative critiques of current computing literature.#resource #news
Magma346Magma develops and manufactures PCI & PCI Express Expansion Systems for servers, desktops and portable platforms. Magma’s patented expansion products extend PCI and PCI Express signals outside the computer over cable to a chassis containing multiple card slots.#vendor #hardware #usa
SMART Modular Technologies347SMART services the HPC Market globally with only the highest quality Intel compliant DRAM available today. Because SMART manufactures memory modules for Tier-1 OEMS and even the DRAM suppliers themselves, we are intimately aware of the system-level, PCB-level, IC-level and Thermal issues that effect system stability, data throughput and ultimately overall system performance. SMART ensures our products compatibility with Intel-based and AMD-based servers from concept to production. Ask about our low power consumption solutions.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #memory #ssds
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems348For more than 35 years, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems has been solving our customer’s most challenging problems through the design, development and deployment of High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. With our unmatched domain experience and our Big Data Analytics (BDA) insight, we are evolving HPC systems to be more flexible, leveraging their power to meet dynamic mission needs. By powering BDA with HPC systems, we are able to address more critical mission requirements. The combination of our customer understanding and proven innovative BDA approaches creates an unprecedented game-changing solution that advances the High Performance Data Analytics mission.#vendor #hardware #software #government #usa #systems #cybersecurity #networking #storage #analytics #cloud #services #visualization #solutions
NSC - National Supercomputer Centre in Sweden349The National Supercomputer Centre in Sweden (NSC) provides leading edge high performance computing resources and support to users throughout Sweden. NSC is an independent center within Linköping University. NSC is funded by the Swedish Research Council via SNIC (Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing). NSC also has two partner collaborations with SAAB (the aerospace and defense company) and SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute).#user #government #sweden #europe #research
National Computing Infrastructure - NCI350The National Computational Infrastructure is Australia's national research computing facility, providing world-class services to Australian researchers, industry and government. NCI is home to the Southern Hemisphere's fastest supercomputer and filesystems, Australia's highest performance research cloud, and one of the nation's largest data catalogues-all supported by an expert team.#user #government #australia #research #services
Cambridge Semantics351Cambridge Semantics provides semantic middleware and application development tools that provide simplicity and clarity, minimizing the complexity of the underlying technology. User-friendly interfaces are supported by a semantic fabric under the covers that enables users to do things that have never been possible before. Cambridge Semantics provides a single, universal layer for representing, accessing and combining enterprise data on the fly, wherever it exists and whenever it is needed.#vendor #software #usa #analytics #datamanagement #solutions
Avere Systems352Avere Systems delivers cloud enabled enterprise NAS solutions through its FXT Edge filer high performance appliance. Avere Systems provides a solution to your most challenging HPC storage problems. With Edge-Core filer architecture achieve unlimited performance scaling and eliminate latency while cutting storage costs by more than half. Ensure “hot” data is stored on RAM and SSD media to deliver the highest performance possible in traditional, virtual or cloud environments. Global namespace simplifies management of NAS environments.#vendor #hardware #usa #cloud #storage
Plexus353We are a leader in providing electronics design, manufacturing and aftermarket services to companies with mid-to-low volume, higher complexity products. We have been delivering these comprehensive Product Realization solutions to our customers for more than 35 years. We tailor innovative solutions that integrate product conceptualization, design, commercialization, manufacturing, fulfillment and sustaining services.#vendor #hardware #software #services #usa
Chelsio354Chelsio is a leading technology company focused on solving high performance networking and storage challenges for virtualized enterprise data centers, cloud service installations, and cluster computing environments. Now shipping its fourth generation protocol acceleration technology, Chelsio is delivering hardware and software solutions including Unified Wire Ethernet network adapter cards, unified storage software, high performance storage gateways, unified management software, bypass cards, and other solutions focused on specialized applications.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #networking #datacenters #adapters #routers #asic
Big Switch Networks355Big Switch Networks is the leader in Software-Defined Networking and is committed to an Open SDN platform that embraces industry standards, open APIs and Open Source. Maker of Big Network Controller, Big Virtual Switch and Big Tap. Big Switch is taking key hyperscale networking design principles and applying them to fit-for-purpose products for enterprises, cloud providers and service providers. The company’s Big Tap Monitoring Fabric is an entry level solution to monitor existing networks, and the flagship Big Cloud Fabric is the industry’s most advanced bare metal SDN switching fabric intended for new data center pods such as private cloud, big data and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).#vendor #software #usa #networking
NTNU356Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway, is Norway's premier Engineering School with 20,000 students, of which more than 10,000 are in engineering and science. The HPC-Lab at the Dept. of Computer & Information Science (IDI) at NTNU is led by Dr. Anne C. Elster. Her research group focuses on heterogenous & parallel computing, including adapting new technologies such as GPUs and mobile devices to HPC.#user #academia #norway #research
Imperial College London HPC357The HPC facility at Imperial supports hundreds of professors, senior researchers and PhD and Masters students in making important advances in areas from aeronautics to clinical science. The facility is also used by many of College's multidisciplinary centres for research, including the Applied Modelling and Computation Group, Centre for Computation Methods in Science and Engineering, The Thomas Young Centre and the London Centre for Nanotechnology. To grow the capability of this valuable research and teaching supercomputing resource, Imperial has committed significant capital investment over coming years to continuously develop HPC hardware, in addition to funding for support, running costs and training. The vision for substantial expansion of Imperial's supercomputing facilities is to achieve a Tier 2 capability, normally considered a regional scale one level higher than what is expected of local institutional facilities.#user #academia #england #unitedkingdom #europe
CRU358Founded in 1986, CRU® is a pioneer in devices for data mobility, data security, encryption, and digital investigation. The company’s flagship DataPort®, along with the Data Express®, DataHarbor®, CRU RTX®, RAX®, ToughTech® and WiebeTech® product lines of removable and external hard drive enclosures are the de facto global standard for physical data security and safe data transporting in government, education, audio/video production, digital cinema, and business markets.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #security
AMAX359AMAX offers enterprises and organizations world-class server and cluster computing solutions for Big Data, Cloud, Data Center, HPC, OCP & Storage. AMAX provides best-in-class engineering, architectural design, manufacturing, global logistics & professional services to tailor solutions towards specific customer and project needs, delivering technology without compromise.#vendor #hardware #usa #clusters #bigdata #cloud #datacenter #ocp #manufacturing #servers #networking
Advania360Advania is a leading Nordic IT company which offers diverse services and solutions which include software, ERP systems, consulting, hardware, IT operations, hosting and data centre services. Advania commissioned two advanced new datacentres in Iceland that are specialized for High Performance Computing (HPC). These are jointly known as Mjolnir which is an addition to Advania´s Thor datacentre. Advania has extensive experience of successful HPC hosting, one of which is the NHPC project that provides computing services to several Nordic universities.#vendor #hardware #software #iceland #datacenters
PMC361PMC is the semiconductor and software solutions innovator transforming networks that connect, move and store Big Data. Building on a track record of technology leadership, the company is driving innovation across storage, optical and mobile networks. PMC’s highly integrated solutions increase performance and enable next-generation services to accelerate the network transformation.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #networking #processors
HPC Guru362Tweets on all things related to High Performance Computing -- systems, interconnects, storage#resource #news #hpcguru
Leoni363Our high-quality cables and connection technologies constitute high-performance components for your worldwide transmission channels. In partnership-like collaboration we will develop and produce the right cable or cable system for your application in landline, radio link or mobile telephony. For data center wiring we offer high-speed cables with transfer rates of currently up to 25 GB/s per pair via copper. Optical engines provide the solution to requirements involving longer distances. Our high-speed cables and connector systems) are perfectly matched and linked to one another.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #cabling #networking #communication
Go Parallel364Welcome to Go Parallel – a site and community, sponsored by Intel and developed in partnership with Geeknet, devoted to learning, practicing, and advancing the disciplines of parallel programming.#resource #news #usa
Renci365RENCI (The Renaissance Computing Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), develops and deploys advanced cyberinfrastructure to enable research collaborations and practical innovations. RENCI was formed in 2004 to bring together the talents and resources of North Carolina's Research Triangle area, including UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, North Carolina State University, and businesses and research centers in Research Triangle Park. RENCI today focuses on software tools and technologies for analyzing, managing, sharing, and archiving big data used in research.#resource #collaboration #software #usa #research
University of Tennessee Knoxville NICS366The National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville is one of the leading high performance computing centers for excellence in the United States. NICS is co-located on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus as well as in the Secret City of Oak Ridge, on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Campus (ORNL), the world’s most powerful computing complex. The center’s missions is to expand the boundaries of human understanding while ensuring the United States' continued leadership in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.#user #academia #government #usa #research #analytics #visualization
Data Foundry367Since 1994, Data Foundry has provided wholesale and retail data center outsourcing, colocation, disaster recovery and managed services. Data Foundry owns and operates two carrier-neutral data centers in Austin, Texas and one in Houston, Texas. Data Foundry also offers a suite of Data Center Services at its carrier-neutral Global Data Centers located in Ashburn, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Hong Kong for companies that require a global reach and 24x7x365 management of their IT infrastructure.#vendor #hardware #services #usa #datacenters
XMOS - Multicore Microcontrollers368XMOS is a company that has developed a multicore architecture that uses “software defined silicon” to combine some of the best attributes of ASICs and FPGAs. XMOS is a young, privately held, fabless semiconductor company. We set out to make it easier for you to design your complex embedded systems and developed xCORETM which is different from other microcontrollers. xCORE is a multicore microcontroller that delivers scalable, parallel multitasking compute. It can be configured to support a wide range of interfaces and peripherals, and responds much faster than conventional microcontrollers to deliver precise real-time performance. Our xCORE processor is suitable for a wide range of demanding embedded applications and is being used today by a rapidly expanding set of customers in consumer, audio, industrial and automotive applications.#vendor #hardware #software #unitedkingdom #europe #fpga #asics #microcontroller #processor
General Atomics Nirvana369Metadata Centric Intelligent Storage: the Next Big Wave in Big Data Key benefits Access and manage data on any storage device, anywhere in the world Orchestrate global data intensive workflows, achieving faster time to results Extract insight and value from data Maintain data provenance, audit, security and access control Reduce storage costs Confronting exponential data growth Increased sensor resolutions of all types are driving a deluge in data. The Nirvana group of General Atomics, based in San Diego, CA offers the Nirvana SRB data management software and services for scientific workflows and digital product factories in areas such as HPC, Geospatial, Government, and Entertainment industry – anywhere metadata-rich digital objects must be created, transformed, and delivered to customers. GA won the Department of Defense’s High Performance Computing Modernization Program’s storage lifecycle management initiative and Nirvana SRB is installed in major DoD research facilities meeting stringent cyber-security requirements.#vendor #software #usa #storage #datamanagement #bigdata
Integration Developer News370Integration Developer News is a leading source of information on business-critical integration technologies, including application infrastructure, ESB, SOA, SOA Governance, Cloud Computing, Business Process Management [BPM]. Mainframe Modernization, and Business Intelligence [BI]. IDN's audience includes business and IT professionals, vendors, and industry analysts looking for product news, analysis and case studies on business-critical integration.#resource #news
Cornell University - Center for Advanced Computing371The Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) is a leader in high-performance computing systems, applications, and data solutions that enable research success. CAC computing and consulting services help researchers accelerate discovery and broaden impact. Located on the Ithaca, NY campus of Cornel University, CAC serves the computational and data analysis needs of the Cornell community and their collaborators from science and engineering and the humanities. Examples are astronomers searching for pulsars, biologists analyzing gene sequences, cardiothoracic surgeons reporting and researching treatment outcomes, physicists analyzing high energy collisions, social scientists mining census data, and psychologists studying language acquisition in children.#user #academia #usa #research
Seneca - An Arrow Company372Seneca is a leading custom computer manufacturer, remanufacturer, and value-added distributor with over 30 years of industry experience. Seneca, a cutting-edge pioneer in the use of commodity off the shelf hardware, forces traditional big iron companies to change the way they address the HPC market space. For over 30 years, Seneca has met evolving customer needs in diverse industries with original and partnered technology solutions. As a leading U.S.-based custom computer manufacturer, Seneca creates solutions to simplify technology for business, education, healthcare, digital signage, digital security and surveillance, and digital broadcast customers nationwide. Take advantage of over 40 years of combined HPC experience.#vendor #hardware #usa #systems #servers #storage #security #virtualization
HP High Performance Computing373HPC meets the insatiable demand for more performance, which requires constant innovation for the development of new solutions to meet that growing, insatiable demand. HP and its technology partners lead the industry with innovative technologies that support increasing levels of HPC performance, as well as increasing affordability and ease-of-use, making them available to an expanding HPC market and driving innovation and economic development.#vendor #hardware #usa #clusters #servers #storage #datacenters #consulting
VictorOps374VictorOps is the world’s first collaborative platform designed especially for DevOps teams that combines the power of people and data to solve IT problems as they arise. The VictorOps platform seamlessly orchestrates team situational awareness, incident creation, escalation, notification, and remediation with team members regardless of physical location or time of day.#vendor #software #usa #tools
Midokura375Midokura’s vision is to provide a more flexible, customizable and adaptable network infrastructure for companies worldwide through network virtualization. But, realistically, exploring if network virtualization fits your needs will start with research and questions. Your computing environment and your company’s needs are unique. To solve this problem, Midokura developed MidoNet, a network virtualization platform that provides a software layer directly within existing physical network hardware, making the once costly and burdensome physical machine a virtual platform that can scale to hundreds of thousands of virtual ports.#vendor #software #usa #networking #visualization
AMD376AMD Opteron processors provide outstanding power and performance for demanding HPC workloads. We’re proud to be recognized as a leader in high performance computing (HPC), through our ongoing commitment to enabling indispensable supercomputing technology with competitive high-end performance made available at lower cost. We design and integrate technology that powers millions of intelligent devices, including personal computers, tablets, game consoles and cloud servers that define the new era of surround computing#vendor #hardware #usa #processor #cloud #virtualization
ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory377Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate conducts state-of-the-art research and development in computer and computational sciences in support of DOE's missions and programs. We develop and deploy leading-edge computing and information technology capabilities to keep computational sciences at a level comparable to experimental sciences in the pursuit of scientific discovery and technical innovation.#user #government #usa #research
Dr. Dobbs378Dr. Dobbs Parallel news and resources. Good stuff for serious developers: Programming Tools, Code, C++, Java, HTML5, Cloud, Mobile, Testing.#resource #news
University of Illinois PPL379The University of Illinois Parallel Programming Laboratory goal is to develop technology that improves performance of parallel applications while also improving programmer productivity. We aim to reach a point where, with our freely distributed software base, complex irregular and dynamic applications can (a) be developed quickly and (b) perform scalably on machines with thousands of processors.#user #academia #usa #research
HiPC380HiPC is an international meeting on high performance computing. It serves as a forum to present current work by researchers from around the world as well as highlight activities in Asia in the high performance computing area. The meeting focuses on all aspects of high performance computing systems and their scientific, engineering, and commercial applications.#conference
PGS - Petroleum Geo-Services381Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with regional centers in London, Singapore and Houston, PGS creates high-resolution seismic maps and 3-dimensional (3D) models of the earth’s sub-surface, which oil and gas companies use to explore and produce offshore reserves worldwide. The new Cray XC40 supercomputer and Sonexion storage system will provide PGS with the advanced computational capabilities necessary to run highly-complex seismic processing and imaging applications.#user #commercial #norway
Fraunhofer SCAI382Fraunhofer SCAI develops innovative methods in Computational Science and actively supports their take-up in industrial practice. The Institute combines mathematical and computational knowledge with a focus on algorithms – bringing benefits to customers and partners. In the area of High Performance Computing we develop algorithms, adapt software to different hardware architectures - from multicore PCs to high performance computers - and take care for an optimal implementation and high efficiency of the application. In summary, we develop methods and software in the areas of High Performance Computing and Distributed Computing.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
Ensight383CEI Ensight delivers the world's most advanced visualization technology for large, complex data. CEI's EnSight family of products provides a comprehensive visualization and post-processing suite to help understand scientific and engineering simulation data. EnSight reads data from many different engineering simulation programs and breathes life into it. EnSight makes that data interactive, plottable, searchable, and exportable. EnSight has a rich variable calculator you can use to extract features of the physics that even the original simulation program did not find. The simulation programs create alternative universes of your design, EnSight helps tell you which of those universes is worth exploring further. And finally, EnSight helps you share your data, either as plots, images, movies, 3D scenes, or even reformatted versions of your data destined to archives or other simulation packages.#vendor #software #usa #visualization
Krell Institute384Since its inception in 1997, the Krell Institute, a 501(c)(3) corporation, has provided technical resources, knowledge and experience in managing technology-based education and information programs, including two of the most successful fellowships offered by a U.S. science agency.#resource #usa
Alabama Supercomputing Authority385CSC is a leading global consulting, systems integration and outsourcing company. Its High Performance Computing Center of Excellence exists to serve the HPC communities within government/industry sectors. The Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA) operates the Alabama Supercomputer Center and the Alabama Research and Education Network. ASA provides HPC, networking, Internet and hosting services.#user #academia #usa #research
ATP Electronics386ATP Electronics is a leading solutions provider of high performance, high quality and durable NAND flash and DRAM memory modules.#vendor #hardware #taiwan #memory #ssds #storage
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions387Dolphin Interconnect Solutions products are used to connect multiple computers and IO systems together to create high performance computing platforms for demanding applications. Application clusters created using Dolphin’s interconnect products provide significant improvements in response time and transaction throughput than using alternative interconnect technologies.#vendor #commercial #software #hardware #norway #interconnect #networking
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory388Berkeley Lab's Computing Sciences organization researches, develops, and deploys new tools and technologies to meet these needs and to advance research in such areas as global climate change, new energy sources, increased energy efficiency, new materials, biology and astrophysics. The Computing Sciences organization advances computational science throughout the Department of Energy's Office of Science research programs. Our greatest strength is our experienced staff. They specialize in solving scientific problems using their wide ranging expertise in computer hardware and software, computational science, applied mathematics, networking and middleware services. The Computing Sciences Area is comprised of three divisions that operate two national facilities. The Computational Research Division is home to mathematicians, computer scientists (who study and innovate in computing architectures, software and alogorithms) and computational scientists (who specialize in using computational methods to study non-computer science subjects, such as climate or physics). The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) is DOE national user facility that serves researchers across the nation. It is housed within the epynomous NERSC Division. The Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) is also a national facility operated by the Scientific Networking Division.#user #government #academia #usa #research
Arctur Universe389At Arctur, we offer HPC services and solutions to technical and scientific users in various technologically intensive industries, ranging from astrophysics and molecular biology to energetics and 3D animations, projecting them to new performance and productivity heights.#vendor #services #slovenia #europe #solutions
SeaMicro by AMD390AMD acquired SeaMicro, inventor of the microserver category and the only company with a second generation fabric server with over 1.28 Tbps bandwidth. AMD’s SeaMicro technology innovation addresses the dramatic changes in the demand for compute, storage, and the economics of operation driven by the sea changes in devices, applications, and the growth in users and cloud computing. With its patented SeaMicro Freedom™ Fabric, SeaMicro technology supports both x86 and ARM servers and processor options from both AMD and Intel.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers #storage #virtualization #cloud #bigdata #networking
Toshiba Storage391Toshiba is a leading total storage provider offering the industry's most comprehensive range of storage technologies, from hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) to NAND flash memories.#vendor #hardware #japan #storage
Expert System392Expert System, established in 1989, is the world’s leading provider of semantic software that searches, discovers, classifies and interprets unstructured text information. The company's patented semantic technology enables the management of complex issues and bypasses the "search" with all its limitations to move directly to "find, organize, select and correlate." Similar to what business intelligence is in the world of structured data, the best solution for managing unstructured data is semantic intelligence. This is where the Expert System semantic platform excels.#vendor #software #usa
PNY Technologies393PNY Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of memory modules, flash memory cards, USB drives, solid state drives, graphics cards and mobile accessories.#vendor #hardware #france #europe #storage #ssds #gpu
JLESC - Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing394In June 2014, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, INRIA, the French national computer science institute, Argonne National Laboratory, Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Jülich Supercomputing Centre formed the Joint Laboratory on Extreme Scale Computing, a follow-up of the Inria-Illinois Joint Laboratory for Petascale Computing. It focused on software challenges found in complex high-performance computers.#user #consortium #collaboration #usa #research
INFINIDAT395Infinidat provides next generation enterprise class storage at a disruptive price point. Through the use of its patented Infinidat Continuum Architecture™ (ICA), Infinidat employs commodity hardware to deliver highly efficient multi-petabyte capacity in a single rack. The InfiniBox™ solution also delivers mainframe-class reliability with an unprecedented 99.99999% availability, and over 750K IOPS of performance. Automated provisioning, management, and application integration provide a system that is incredibly efficient and easy to use. Infinidat is changing the paradigm of enterprise storage while reducing operational overhead, complexity and cost.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #cloud #datamanagement #storage
Innodisk396Innodisk is a service-driven provider of industrial Flash and DRAM storage products and technologies, with a focus on the enterprise, industrial, aerospace, and defense industries. Innodisk is dedicated to designing Server products with high performance and high capacities in multiple form factors such as SATADOM, SATA Slim, M.2, 2.5” SSD. With in-house engineering support, our partners receive customized products designed especially for their system. The latest Cloud Computing Solution from Innodisk is the FlexiArray™ storage appliance, powered by Innodisk FlexiRemap™ technology. This appliance delivers sustained high IOPS to business-critical applications.#vendor #hardware #taiwan #storage #ssds #cloud #dram
SHARCNET397SHARCNET is a consortium of 18 Canadian academic institutions who share a network of high performance computers. With this infrastructure we enable world-class academic research. SHARCNET is a partner organization of Compute Ontario and the Compute/Calcul Canada national advanced research computing platform.#user #academic #consortium #collaboration #canada #research
SciDAC398Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC): Scientific computing, including modeling and simulation, has become crucial for research problems that are insoluble by traditional theoretical and experimental approaches, hazardous to study in the laboratory, or time-consuming or expensive to solve by traditional means.#user #government #usa #research
Data Centre Solutions Europe399DataCentre Solutions (DCS): The latest datacentre technology and management news and resources including cloud computing, virtualisation, applications, design & facilities management, green technologies, hosting & colocation, networks, telco, power & cooling, security, servers & OS, storage, data backup, business continuity and disaster recovery for CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, Datacentre Managers and IT decision makers#resource #magazine #news #datacenters #europe
Computation Institute400The Computation Institute (CI) was established in 2000 as a joint initiative between The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory to advance science through innovative computational approaches. Scholarship in the sciences, arts, and medicine depends increasingly on collection and analysis of large quantities of data and detailed numerical simulations of complex phenomena. Progress is gated by researchers’ ability to construct complex software systems, to harness large-scale computing, and to federate distributed resources. The CI is both an intellectual nexus and resource center for those building and applying such computational platforms for science. Our research has increasingly broad impact as advanced computational and informatics approaches are becoming critical to future research breakthroughs in almost every scientific discipline. Current research is targeted at solving complex system-level problems in bioinformatics, biomedicine, neuroscience, genomics, metagenomics, energy and climate, astronomy and astrophysics, computational economics, and molecular engineering.#user #government #academia #usa #research
Centre for High Performance Computing - CHPC401The mission of the Centre for High Performance Computing is to provide world-class HPC that enables cutting-edge research with high impact on the South African Economy. The main objectives of the centre are to enable South Africa to become globally competitive and to accelerate Africa's socio-economic upliftment through the effective application of high-end Cyberinfrastructure. In its vision, the centre wants to become an accomplished and preferred partner for High Performance Computing solutions.#user #academia #africa #research
Cluster Vision402ClusterVision specialises in the design, build and management of high performance compute (HPC) clusters. By combining cutting-edge hardware and software components with a range of customised professional services, ClusterVision helps its customers create top-quality, efficient and reliable HPC solutions.#vendor #hardware #software #services #netherlands #europe #clusters
ISC - International Supercomputing Conference403The International Supercomputing conference is the event for high performance computing, networking and storage. ISC Events has been organizing IT conferences in the leading-edge area of high performance computing for over 30 years. With over 2,600 international attendees from the HPC and scientific computing communities, 160 exhibitors and a unique conference program, there is no other HPC forum larger or more suitable than ISC High Performance to learn about the latest developments, exchange knowledge and make valuable connections.#conference
Linux Journal HPC404Started in 1994, Linux Journal has become well-known as the Linux community's most trusted-source of information. Inside every issue of Linux Journal you'll find tips and tricks, in-depth tutorials, concise product reviews, insights from leading Linux personalities and much more.#resource #news
ATEN405ATEN has developed a broad range of solutions to meet the needs of key markets, including small – and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise organizations through its ALTUSEN line of KVM products. Leveraging its leading-edge ASIC technology and VSE patents, ATEN’s KVM and remote connectivity solutions offer the most comprehensive features and functionality than the competition. The ASIC chip is one of the company’s unique differentiators, as it drives the product line’s capabilities, and ensures reliability and quality.#vendor #hardware #usa #asics #cabling #switches
Compute Canada406Compute Canada is Canada’s national platform for advanced research computing. Compute Canada manages and promotes the shared use of advanced research computing resources to ensure that Canadian researchers and their international and industrial partners have the computational facilities and expert services and support necessary to advance scientific knowledge and innovation for the socio-economic benefit of Canada. Compute Canada integrates high-performance computers, data resources and tools, and academic research facilities around the country. These integrated resources represent close to a petaflop of computing capability and online and long term storage with rapid access and retrieval over Canada's national, provincial and territorial high-performance networks.#user #academia #canada #research
Ethernet Alliance407For Ethernet standards-based technologies, we provide an industry-based source of information, ensure interoperability and help support Ethernet standards with the objective of simplifying IT decision making. The Ethernet Alliance is a global, non-profit, industry consortium of member organizations that are dedicated to the continued success and advancement of Ethernet technologies.#resource #networking
Storage Newsletter408In November 2007, Micro-Journal opened a free Web site, StorageNewsletter.com, publishing daily news, once more on the worldwide storage industry. One of the strengths of this Web site is the international scope, based on a wide range of information sources worldwide. All the news are written in English, but local German and French news are published in their own language. Editor and publisher, Jean-Jacques Maleval, is a well-known veteran data storage expert with over 20 years of activity in computer journalism.#resource #news
LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory409We’re making the world safer by shaping the frontiers of HPC, data sciences, and computer science. Our programs are meeting our mission to sustain leading-edge discipline research, develop and maintain strong partnerships, and deliver creative technologies and software solutions. We design, develop, and deploy HPC capabilities not only in support of Livermore’s mission and program goals, such as the nation’s Stockpile Stewardship Program, but to improve national security and advance U.S. economic competitiveness. We partner with industry, foreign governments, and nontraditional government sponsors to drive technology advancements, speed development of new applications, and help cultivate other collaborations. HPC powers scientific discovery. We’re advancing the most complex modeling, simulation, and analysis as a peer to theory and experiment.#user #government #usa #research
Univa410Univa, the Data Center Automation Company, is the leading provider of automation and management software for computational and big data infrastructures. Our products and global enterprise support give our customers the power to manage all of their compute resources, no matter how big or where deployed. Many of the leading brands in the world depend on Univa’s unsurpassed expertise, and premier services and support.#vendor #software #usa #datamanagement #cloud #grid
Silicon Mechanics411Silicon Mechanics is a leading manufacturer of rackmount servers, storage and HPC solutions with one of the industry's most comprehensive product offerings. Deploying the latest innovations in hardware and software technology, we work in collaboration with our customers to design and build the most efficient, cost-effective technology solution for their needs. Our guiding principle, "Expert included," is our promise that reflects our passion for complete customer satisfaction, from server and component selection to superior installation and ongoing technical support.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #servers #storage #workstations
Inspur412As a subsidiary company of INSPUR group, INSPUR HPC concentrates attention on the High Performance Computing (HPC) related hardware, software, and heterogeneous computing services. INSPUR HPC has complete and self-owned patent product line. The hardware includes but not limited to rack server, blade server, GPU server, and the INTEL latest MIC server. The functions of the software are job management, cluster monitor, and system deployment. The milestones we achieved recently are Tianhe-1A, which was ranked #1 worldwide (TOP500, 2010) and Tianhe-2 (TOP500, 2013).#vendor #hardware #software #china #servers #storage #cloud #bigdata #blades #gpu
SIGHPC413SIGHPC is the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing. SIGHPC is one of a number of SIGs sponsored by the ACM to keep members up-to-date with the latest technical developments, provide an opportunity to network with colleagues outside the workplace, and deliver the latest information, resources, and forums for discussion in a particular area of focus. It is the first international group within a major professional society that is devoted exclusively to the needs of students, faculty, and practitioners in high performance computing. SIGHPC's mission is to help spread the use of HPC, help raise the standards of the profession, and help ensure a rich and rewarding career for people involved in the field.#resource #collaboration #usa
Microway414In 1982, Microway created software that enabled scientists to utilize the Intel 8087 coprocessor in the IBM PC. Over the years, Microway has earned a wide-reaching influence over the international HPC marketplace based on its reputation for expertise in design and manufacture of high quality hardware and software. Products have included NDP compilers, HPC cluster management software, high-density Alpha and x86 Linux clusters, large memory SMP servers, GPU-accelerated systems, WhisperStations and InfiniBand network solutions. The company has earned an excellent reputation over 30 years for innovative product design, excellent service, and superior open source software integration for HPC. Our state-of-the-art, scientific clusters are deployed by the most prestigious public and private institutions in the world. Our client list includes organizations from one-man engineering shops to Fortune 500 enterprises and government research laboratories; and from small colleges to the largest academic institutions.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #clusters #servers #storage #workstations #systems
Scientific Computing & Modelling415Scientific Computing & Modelling (SCM) NV corporation is an international molecular modeling company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Originating in the 1970s, what was once a small software development group in the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam is now a thriving private company collaborating with academic development groups around the world. Our customers range from academic research groups to government laboratories to private businesses with an interest in research and development.#vendor #software #netherlands
Edge-Core Networks416Edge-Core Networks Corporation is a professional networking solution provider offering a complete range of enterprise-level, service provider/carrier Ethernet, LAN/connectivity, and home security networking equipment and services to partners around the world. From SOHO, SMB, and MSO, to data centers, service providers, and medium-to-large enterprises, Edge-Core has the scalable, converged networking solution to best fit our customer needs.#vendor #hardware #software #taiwan #switches #networking #transceivers
Parallella417The Parallella computer is a high performance, credit card sized computer based on the Epiphany multi-core chips from Adapteva. The Parallella can be used as a standalone computer, an embedded device or as a component in a scaled out parallel server cluster. Parallella is an open source project with one fundamental goal: to help speed up the transition from serial to parallel computing. The goal of the Parallella project is to democratize access to parallel computing through providing an affordable open hardware platform and open source tools, and supporting learning and the development of software which is able to harness the power of parallel systems.#vendor #hardware #software #board
Server Technology418Server Technology's experts produce the highest quality rackmount power distribution units (PDUs) and monitoring solutions. Server Technology’s experts produce the highest quality rackmount power distribution and monitoring solutions that help manage power capacity, reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency. Our extensive selection of Sentry CDUs are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and are 100% performance tested for reliability and accuracy. Server Tech eliminates single points of failure, reducing downtime and costs. Our PDUs are designed to be adaptable and enable quick delivery of solutions that meet customer-specific requirements. Server Technology gives IT and infrastructure professionals the control to make accurate capacity planning decisions, reduce risks and meet energy efficiency goals.#vendor #hardware #usa
Hot Interconnects419The IEEE HOT INTERCONNECTS Conference features state-of-the-art hardware and software architectures and implementations for interconnection networks of all scales, ranging from multi-core on-chip networks to those within systems, clusters, data centers, and clouds.#resource #conference #networking #interconnect
iVEC420iVEC is an unincorporated joint venture between CSIRO, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and the University of Western Australia and is supported by the Western Australian Government. Application areas include nanotechnology, radioastronomy, high energy physics, medical research, mining and petroleum, architecture and construction, multimedia, and urban planning, amongst others.#user #government #academia #australia #research #services #visualization #training
ViON421Founded in 1980, we’ve grown from a small product reseller into a leading systems integrator delivering customized solutions and best of breed offerings from the world’s premier OEMs to large public and private organizations. Known for our engineering expertise and exacting standards, ViON ensures that only those with the highest level of training, experience and industry certifications design, install, maintain and support our breadth of solutions. We focus on data management, so you can focus on your organization’s success. We’re on the leading edge of Big Data and Cyber Analytics, Cloud, Video Surveillance and Storage. ViON’s cloud-based “as a Service” Program Management Office delivers direct access to the technology you need for today and tomorrow.#vendor #services #usa #integrator #datamanagement #bigdata #analytics #cloud #storage
Asetek422Asetek specializes in CPU and GPU liquid cooling for data centers, servers, workstations, gaming and high performance PCs. Asetek is an OEM provider of hot water, direct-to-chip liquid cooling systems for data centers and servers. With over two million liquid coolers in the field, Asetek invented and is the world’s leading provider of sealed loop liquid cooling systems for thermal, acoustic and energy management of computers.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling #datacenter #servers #workstations #processor #gpu
Scientific Computing Mount Sinai School of Medicine423Our mission is to accelerate scientific discovery at Mount Sinai by providing researchers with high performance computational and data services along with the human expertise for efficient and effective use of these resources. We collaborate with both internal and external scientists on innovative research to pursue new scientific opportunities and program growth. The Icahn School of Medicine is proud to introduce Minerva, a new supercomputer dedicated to improving scientific discovery for researchers at Sinai. The supercomputer is named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and medicine, and consists of 7,680 AMD compute cores, 30,000 gigabytes of memory, and 1,500,000 gigabytes of high speed parallel storage. It has a peak speed of 70,000 gigaflops, and will provide 64 million hours of computation per year. This division includes High Performance Computing, the Mount Sinai Data Warehouse, Research Data Services and the WTC Data Center departments. We offer a wide array of services including electronic data capture for clinical trials, data coordinating center services, electronic medical record queries, archival storage, web services, visualization and other services.#user #academia #usa #research
Crossroads Systems424Crossroads Systems, Inc. is a global provider of data storage and protection solutions. Through the innovative use of new technologies, Crossroads delivers customer-driven solutions that enable proactive data security, advanced data archiving, optimized performance and significant cost-savings. The Crossroads StrongBox is a network-attached storage (NAS) solution built to lower the costs of long-term data preservation.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #security #nas #bigdata #backup
Groundwork425GroundWork provides monitoring and analytics for your entire enterprise stack. It monitors everything physical or virtual in your cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environment. When performance and availability rely on having all of the right information, GroundWork delivers.#vendor #software #usa
Great Plains Network426Great Plains Network The Great Plains Network is a consortium of universities in the Midwest, partnering to connect our members to the National Research & Education infrastructure, including Internet2, and to facilitate the use of advanced cyberinfrastructure across the network. With over 20 leading universities in seven states as founding members, the Great Plains Network Consortium continues to lead in support of research collaboration, education and advanced networking for member institutions. Members trust and rely on the expertise, support, and collaboration of one another. GPN staff actively seek out and help members pool their skills and knowledge across universities and across disciplines. In a host of technical and research areas, GPN participants are recognized leaders in their fields. By partnering with one another, their mutual efforts have attained national and international recognition.#resource #academia #group #usa #research
IJHPCA427The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications (IJHPCA) provides original peer reviewed research papers and review articles on the use of supercomputers to solve complex modeling problems in a spectrum of disciplines. Topics include: artificial intelligence, climate modeling, cryptographic analysis, geophysics, molecular biology, molecular dynamics, nuclear physics, physical oceanography, plasma physics, quantum chemistry, solid state physics, structural dynamics.#resource #journal
Colfax International428Colfax International is a leading provider of innovative and expertly engineered workstations, servers, clusters, storage, and personal supercomputing solutions. Colfax International is uniquely positioned to offer the broadest spectrum of high performance computing solutions, all of them completely customizable to meet your needs - far beyond anything you can get from any other solution provider. Ready-to-go Colfax HPC solutions deliver significant price/performance advantages, and increased IT agility, that accelerates your business and research outcomes. Colfax International's extensive customer base includes Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.#vendor #hardware #usa #workstations #servers #clusters #hadoop #bigdata #datacenter #storage
Fixstars429Fixstars Solutions is an innovator in flash storage solutions devoted to “Speed up your Business”. Combining expertise in multi-core processors programming and the use of next generation memory technology, Fixstars provides the best performance and the highest capacity storage solutions.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage
NVM Express430The NVM Express specification, developed cooperatively by more than 80 companies from across the industry, was released on March 1, 2011, by the NVMHCI Work Group (commonly referred to as the NVM Express Work Group). The NVM Express 1.0 specification defines an optimized register interface, command set and feature set for PCI Express® (PCIe®) Solid-State Drives (SSDs). The NVM Express 1.1 specification was released on October 11, 2012 and the NVM Express 1.2 specification was released November 3, 2014. Both of these specifications added additional Enterprise and Client capabilities. The goal of NVM Express, Inc. is to deliver the full performance capabilities of current and next generation non-volatile memory, supporting at least a 10 year life of the interface, while standardizing the PCIe SSD interface to enable broad ecosystem support.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #ssds
NorduGrid431NorduGrid is an international R&D collaboration that coordinates development, maintenance and support of the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC). ARC offers a software solution for creating distributed computing infrastructures with emphasis on data-intensive tasks. In addition to providing unified interface to different computing systems, ARC optimises resource usage through built-in data handling services for file-based data. ARC is deployed by several large scale distributed computing infrastructures, including Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC), the European Grid Infrastucture (EGI) and the LHC computing Grid. ARC has contributed to the discovery of the Higgs particle at CERN.#user #collaboration #software #europe #research #grid
ARL DSRC432The Army Research Laboratory, Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Center (ARL DSRC) is a computational science facility that supports Department of Defense (DoD) research, development, test, and evaluation for the user communities with high performance computing resources and technology. The ARL DSRC has maintained and upgraded new computational facilities continuously over many years. With these new resources, the quality of modeling and simulations will increase to provide support to various complex computational science and engineering applications. The ARL DSRC provides cutting edge computational solutions for the DoD research, development, test, and evaluation community. This is accomplished by partnering with the High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) to make available the most powerful HPC systems, provide advanced software packages, allow access through high speed secure networks, provide accessible mass storage for data, and expert staff to assist users with the complexities of these systems.#user #government #usa #research
SwiftStack433At SwiftStack, we’re building software to help people easily create large scale object storage infrastructure in their own data center. With OpenStack Swift at the core, we provide an enterprise-grade object storage system that is used by some of the most well known brands in the Fortune 500 and on the web.#vendor #software #usa #cloud #storage
Atipa Technologies434Atipa, the trusted HPC solution provider offers clusters on various levels with performance tuning to meet or exceed your requirements. From robustness to protect against hardware faults, optimization in network bandwidth and latency, and customization to fit in your budget, Atipa HPC solution delivers longevity and reliability in all aspects.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #servers #clusters #storage #workstations #analytics #cloud #solutions #communication #datamanagement #visualization
StackIQ435StackIQ is a leading provider of software that automates the deployment and management of Big Infrastructure. Based on open-source Rocks cluster management software, StackIQ’s Rocks+ product simplifies the installation and management of the hardware and software that provides the infrastructure for large scale environments having hundreds or thousands of servers supporting Big Data, Analytics, or High Performance Computing.#vendor #software #usa #bigdata #analytics
NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center - NWSC436Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the University of Wyoming (UW), working with colleagues around the country, will use the NWSC to study Earth system processes that are of critical importance to society. These include severe weather, climate change, oceanography, air quality, space weather, computational science, energy production, and carbon sequestration. By gaining a better understanding of Earth systems, scientists can provide vital information to decision makers and emergency managers to reduce vulnerability to major storms, air pollution, changes in climate, and geomagnetic storms in the upper atmosphere that can disrupt communications and other technological systems.#user #academia #government #usa #research
DE Shaw Research437D. E. Shaw Research ("DESRES") is engaged in scientific research in the field of computational biochemistry. Members of the lab include computational chemists and biologists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians, and computer architects and engineers, all working collaboratively under the scientific leadership of its Chief Scientist, David Shaw.#user #academia #usa
Queens University Belfast HPDC438The discipline of High Performance and Distributed Computing (HPDC) historically attempts to solve computational problems that cannot be solved with the processing power and memory of a single computing system. The parallel and distributed processing capacity offered by multiprocessors, clusters and grids over the past decades has been instrumental in tackling computational challenges in science and engineering. The mission of the HPDC Research Cluster, part of the School of EEECS at Queen's University of Belfast, is to develop the theoretical foundations, algorithms, hardware and software that will make future computing systems faster, more resilient, energy efficient and thus friendlier to the environment, sustainable, and less expensive to operate.#user #academia #ireland #europe #research
University of Vienna439The Research Groups "Scientific Computing" and "Theory and Applications of Algorithms" at the University of Vienna, Austria, pursue research in the areas of parallel and distributed computing, Cloud and Grid computing, decentralized algorithms, resilience at the algorithmic level and scientific applications. Projects include the Vienna Cloud Environment, the European Union projects VPH-Share and AutoTune, the RETIDA project on real-time data analytics in the mobility domain, fault tolerant fully distributed all-to-all reduction algorithms, and performance studies of MPI implementations of gossip-based algorithms.#user #academia #austria #europe #research
GridPP440GridPP is a collaboration of particle physicists and computer scientists from the UK and CERN. They have built a distributed computing grid across the UK for particle physicists. At the moment there is a working grid across 17 UK institutions, helping to process the data from the world's largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider.#collaboration #services #unitedkingdom #europe #grid
University of Utah CHPC441The Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) provides research computing support for University of Utah researchers. In addition to deploying and operating high performance computational resources and providing advanced user support and training, CHPC serves as an expert team to broadly support the increasingly diverse research computing needs on campus. These needs include support for big data, big data movement, data analytics, security, virtual machines, Windows science application servers, protected environments for data mining and analysis of protected health information, and advanced networking. Currently in the University of Utah Downtown Data Center, CHPC manages over 12,000 cores and over 7 PB of RAID configured spinning disks.#user #academia #usa #research
CoolIT Systems442CoolIT’s Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC™) technology delivers industry leading cooling performance for the HPC, Cloud and Enterprise server markets. The CoolIT product line is scalable from a single server through to data center wide deployments that succeed even the most aggressive density, efficiency and performance requirements. With 12 years of product innovation, 44 issued patents and over 1.75 million CPU’s being chilled by our technology, CoolIT offers the most advanced direct contact liquid cooling solutions in the world.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling
Open Cloud Consortium443The Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) is a not for profit that manages and operates cloud computing infrastructure to support scientific, medical, health care and environmental research. OCC members span the globe and include over 10 universities, over 15 companies, and over 5 government agencies and national laboratories. The OCC is designed to serve medium to large size research projects by managing and operating a cloud computing infrastructure that can be shared across these projects. We are primarily supported by the products, services and infrastructure of our members and by donations from foundations. We also have some support from the U.S. National Science Foundation.#resource #consortium #usa #cloud
Tandberg Data444Tandberg Data, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Overland Storage, is a leading global supplier of data storage and data protection solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s wide selection of business-grade storage solutions includes disk-based appliances, tape-based solutions, including drives, autoloaders, libraries and media, removable disk and software for backup, archiving, and deduplication.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #security
Mississippi State University HPC2445The Mississippi State University High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HPC2), an evolution of the MSU NSF Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Computational Field Simulation, is a coalition of member centers and institutes that share a common core objective of advancing the state-of-the-art in computation science and engineering using high performance computing; a common approach to research that embraces a multi-disciplinary, team-oriented concept, and a commitment to a full partnership between education, research, and service. The mission of the HPC² is to serve the University, State, and Nation through excellence in computational science and engineering.#user #academia #usa #research
Opengear446Opengear is a leading provider of enterprise grade console servers, cellular routers and remote management solutions that enable our customers to easily tame IT complexity. Our commitment to simplify remote infrastructure management enables our products to deliver what IT professionals really need and want with unquestionable security and value.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers
Bright Computing447Bright Computing provides comprehensive software solutions for provisioning and managing HPC clusters, Hadoop clusters, and OpenStack private clouds in your data center or in the cloud. In addition to our software, we provide a range of services including support, training & certification, and consulting. Our software and services are sold around the world, both directly and through our extensive network of reseller partners.#vendor #software #usa #clusters #hadoop #openstack #cloud #training #certification #consulting
UNLV National Supercomputing Center448The UNLV National Supercomputing Center (formally the National Supercomputing Center For Energy and the Environment) is a full-service supercomputing facility with on-site and off-site user training, national network accessibility and a mission for excellence in education and research in supercomputing and its applications. NSC provides supercomputing training and services to academic and research institutions, government and private industry for research and development related to energy, the environment, medical informatics, and health care delivery.#user #academia #usa #research
Caringo449Caringo develops object storage software that gives you control over any volume, velocity or variability of unstructured information; radically reducing complexity and costs while extracting the maximum value and performance from your hardware. Caringo develops Software-Defined-Storage solutions for the post-RAID era. Caringo Swarm, unified object storage software, seamlessly scales to hundreds of petabytes on standard hardware, enabling organizations to eliminate legacy storage complexities while ensuring data is accessible from any application or device.#vendor #software #usa #storage
Ultrium LTO450Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology was developed jointly by Certance (now Quantum), HP, and IBM in 1998 to provide a clear and viable choice in an increasingly complex array of tape storage options. The three companies set out to develop an “open format” technology so that users would have multiple sources of product and media. Each offered expert knowledge of customer needs and complementary technology that provided for delivery of a best-of-breed technology and promotes a strong foundation for data interchange. The collaboration ensured that other companies can could participate in the tape industry opportunity through the open licensing process. The result was Linear Tape-Open Technology. Linear Tape-Open Technology is a powerful open tape specification. The technology is the backbone of a generation of super tape storage products that feature high capacity and performance while maintaining high data integrity. The LTO Technology combines the advantages of a linear multi-channel, bi-directional format with enhancements in servo technology, data compression, track layout and error correction code to maximize capacity, performance and reliability.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage
ETP4HPC451The European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC) is an industry-led forum. It provides a framework for stakeholders to define European HPC technology research priorities and action plans in order to achieve EU growth, competitiveness and sustainability through major research and technological advances in the medium to long term.#resource #collaboration #consortium #group #europe #research
allinea452Allinea Software is the trusted leader in development tools and application performance analytics software for high performance computing (HPC) - and one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. Leading users of HPC turn to Allinea for extremely scalable, capable and intuitive tools that improve the efficiency and value of HPC investment by reducing development time and increasing application performance. Allinea’s integrated profiling and debugging tools are relied on in fields ranging from climate modeling to astrophysics, and from computational finance to engine design. Its performance analytics software improves the performance and throughput of HPC systems by analyzing the applications that are run.#vendor #software #unitedkingdom #analytics #debugging
Isola Group453Isola Group, headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, is a global material sciences company focused on designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards. The company's high-performance materials are used in sophisticated electronic applications in the communications infrastructure, computing/networking, military, medical, aerospace and automotive industries.#vendor #hardware #usa #pcbs
University of Tsukuba - CCS454The Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba is a dedicated center for research in computational sciences and high performance computing. The mission of the CCS is to promote scientific discovery by computational science through the application of advanced computing technologies, and to support researches of computational science in Japanese universities and institutes by operating leading-edge computing systems. The CCS aims to carry out research on critical issues in fundamental science, material science, life science and environmental science through performing large-scale simulations and large-scale data analyses. To realize this goal, the Center performs research and development of high-performance computing systems and networks, and advanced studies in computer and information science.#user #academia #japan #research
Pogo Linux455Pogo is an open-source systems integrator based in Redmond, WA. Offering a wide range of servers, workstations, and network storage solutions, Pogo helps organizations of all sizes solve their technological challenges.#vendor #hardware #storage #servers #workstations #networking #gpu #virtualization #cloud
Blazegraph456Blazegraph (formerly SYSTAP, LLC) was founded with a vision of building high quality, highly scalable software solutions for big graphs. While graph problems may look similar to other big data challenges from the outside, they have very different computational workloads and scaling requirements. Techniques that work on a small scale will often fail to deliver on larger graphs. SYSTAP’s solutions fill the gap created by this “big graph anti-pattern”. We believe the only way to get scaling and high throughput for graph traversal and graph mining is to get the architecture, the software, and the hardware right. Helping customers achieve their business objectives with graph data is our vision, mission, and the essence of our software solutions.#resource #software #bigdata
Pointwise457Pointwise, Inc. creates software used for grid generation and preprocessing for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our software product Pointwise® (and before that, our legacy product Gridgen®) is developed for and delivered to engineers and scientists in manufacturing and research organizations worldwide.#vendor #software #usa #cfd
HPCC Systems458HPCC Systems offers an enterprise ready, open source supercomputing platform to solve big data problems. As compared to Hadoop, the platform offers analysis of big data using less code and less nodes for greater efficiencies and offers a single programming language, a single platform and a single architecture for efficient processing.#vendor #software #hardware #usa #clusters #storage #bigdata #systems #services #cloud #consulting #training
HPC Advisory Council459The HPC Advisory Council's mission is to bridge the gap between high-performance computing (HPC) use and its potential, bring the beneficial capabilities of HPC to new users for better research, education, innovation and product manufacturing, bring users the expertise needed to operate HPC systems, provide application designers with the tools needed to enable parallel computing, and to strengthen the qualification and integration of HPC system products.#user #resource #academia #group #usa
Lustre460The Lustre® file system is an open-source, parallel file system that supports many requirements of leadership class HPC simulation environments. Born from a research project at Carnegie Mellon University, the Lustre file system has grown into a file system supporting some of the Earth’s most powerful supercomputers. The Lustre file system provides a POSIX compliant file system interface, can scale to thousands of clients, petabytes of storage and hundreds of gigabytes per second of I/O bandwidth. The key components of the Lustre file system are the Metadata Servers (MDS), the Metadata Targets (MDT), Object Storage Servers (OSS), Object Server Targets (OST) and the Lustre clients.#resource #software #usa
slurm461Slurm is an open-source workload manager designed for Linux clusters of all sizes. It provides three key functions. First it allocates exclusive and/or non-exclusive access to resources (computer nodes) to users for some duration of time so they can perform work.#tools #software #linux
SIGAPP462SIGAPP's mission is to further the interests of the computing professional engaged in the development of new computing applications and application areas and the transfer of computing technology to new problem domains. Over the past years, the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), the primary SIGAPP Annual Conference, has become a primary forum for applied computer scientists, computer engineers, software engineers, and application developers from around the world to interact and present their work. Each year the event is organized as a number of specialist tracks on various areas of computer applications.#resource #organization #collaboration #usa
Corsa463Corsa Technology is a networking hardware company focused on delivering fully programmable data planes for Software Defined Networking (SDN). Currently, SDN network designers find themselves constrained by the limitations of networks that do not easily scale for size or speed, are difficult to configure and are tied to specific vendors’ proprietary implementations. Corsa’s dedicated native OpenFlow data planes remove these constraints and offer programmability, scalability, and agility for OpenFlow Software Defined Networks.#vendor #hardware #canada #networking
Adata Technology464ADATA is a world leading memory brand, with global marketing and distribution of a complete line of memory modules. ADATA offers award winning USB flash drives, external hard drives, SD & microSD memory cards, solid state drives, as well as industrial & cloud memory solutions.#vendor #hardware #taiwan #memory #ssd #harddrives #cloud
Seasonic USA465Seasonic USA was established in 2002 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. in Taiwan to develop retail channels and to grow Seasonic as a premier retail brand in the US and Canada. Both marketing and technical support are provided by Seasonic USA. Sea Sonic Electronics is a cutting edge power conversion technology company with a powerful, experienced engineering research and development team. Sea Sonic has provided timely and professional solutions to meet many of the IT industry's requirements since 1975. Sea Sonic Electronics successfully entered the telecommunication and networking power conversion market in the year 2000.#vendor #hardware #usa #powersupplies
Omnibond466Omnibond is an infrastructure software engineering and support company, experienced in merging synergies from the academic, open source, and business communities. Omnibond focuses on three product areas, which include OrangeFS, a scalable Parallel Virtual File System designed for High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Intensive and Video Applications. OrangeFS embraces these high-end computing needs while addressing new directions in stability, diverse access methods, and Cloud Storage. Omnibond's additional products include Identity Management and TrafficVision Technologies.#vendor #software #usa #storage #cloud
Nallatech467Nallatech is a leading supplier of FPGA accelerated computing solutions. For over 20 years, Nallatech has provided hardware, software and design services to enable customer’s success in applications including high performance computing, network processing, and real-time embedded computing. Today Nallatech utilizes latest-generation FPGAs to dramatically increase performance-per-watt over traditional computing architectures, while leveraging high level design tools to reduce time-to-market.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #fpga #analytics #communication #datamanagement #networking #servers #storage
Vanderbilt University ACCRE468The Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education (ACCRE) is built and operated by and for Vanderbilt faculty. Its mission is to allow Vanderbilt researchers to define, benefit from, and explore the “New World” described above and in so doing, to answer questions of great societal importance they would not have addressed otherwise. ACCRE offers computing resources flexible enough to enable High Performance Computing applications in a wide variety of research projects. To support a rapidly increasing need for data storage, we are developing and deploying means for on and offline data repositories. Additionally, we provide the hardware necessary to enable investigators and students to visualize their high-dimensional data using parallel graphics and stereo projection technologies. Finally, center infrastructure includes the necessary expertise and support staff to facilitate use. This includes educational/outreach staff, whoes principle task is to assist with “lowering the barriers” to use and “expanding the paradigm” to include new and non-traditional areas of investigation.#user #academia #usa #research #visualization
NCCS - Nasa Center for Climate Simulation469The NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) enables scientists to increase their understanding of the Earth, the solar system, and the universe through computational modeling and processing of space-borne observations.#user #government #usa #research
HPC2N470High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N) is a national center for Scientific and Parallel Computing. This collaboration and coordination between universities and research institutes form a competence network for high performance computing (HPC), scientific visualization, and virtual reality (VR) in Northern Sweden. The primary objective of the center is to raise the national level of competence in high performance computing and to transfer HPC knowledge and technology to new users in academia and industry.#user #academia #sweden #europe #research
FileCatalyst471Eliminate slow file transfers with the FileCatalyst platform, enabling files of any size or format to be sent at blazing speeds of up to 10 Gbps across global networks. Being immune to packet loss and latency, FileCatalyst solutions achieve transfer speeds hundreds of times faster than FTP while ensuring the reliable and secure delivery of files with sizes into the terabytes.#vendor #software #canada
EXA Corporation472Exa Corporation offers fluid dynamics simulation software and services that enhance product performance, reduce product development costs and improve the efficiency of design and engineering processes. Exa's simulation solutions help customers gain crucial insights about design performance early in the design cycle, reducing the likelihood of redesigns and late-stage engineering changes. Benefits include significant cost savings and fundamental improvements in engineering development processes. Exa Corporation's products include PowerFLOW®, PowerDELTA®, PowerCLAY®, PowerVIZ®, PowerSPECTRUM®, PowerACOUSTICS®, PowerINSIGHT®, PowerCOOL® and PowerTHERM® along with professional engineering consulting services.#vendor #software #usa
Sentient Technologies473Sentient Technologies mission is to provide Artificial Intelligence software to transform how businesses tackle their most complex, mission critical problems. Sentient has created the largest and most powerful intelligent system in the world. We harness the potential of massive data to solve highly complex problems. Our AI can identify and answer critical questions in new and groundbreaking ways, while empowering people and businesses to make smarter decisions. Our compute infrastructure is designed to allow our AI to scale to millions of cores - a size unmatched by even the largest cloud companies. Each AI engine runs on separate CPUs and GPUs, enabling us to train our AI quickly and run jobs for months at a time. We are deep into deep learning, developing and scaling neural network technologies advancing solutions such as computer vision to intelligently interpret massive, unstructured data sets at unprecedented scale.#vendor #software #usa
Inphi474Inphi delivers innovative solutions to create a unique end-to-end platform for both transport and signal integrity from fiber to memory. Inphi is recognized for its advanced analog circuit design, signal integrity, power management, packaging and process technologies. Inphi solutions bridge the digital-analog divide, and allow continued bandwidth growth. We do this with three interconnect product families: optical, networking and memory.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #interconnect #memory
Qarnot Computing475Qarnot computing has been granted financial support for its EeHPC project (Energy efficient High Performance Computing).#vendor #hardware #france #europe #cooling
InsideBIGDATA476Founded on August 28, 2011, insideBIGDATA is a news outlet that distills news, strategies, products and services in the world of Big Data Analytics for data scientist, IT and business professionals. By Rich Brueckner.#resource #news #usa
Graph 500477Data intensive supercomputer applications are increasingly important for HPC workloads, but are ill-suited for platforms designed for 3D physics simulations. Current benchmarks and performance metrics do not provide useful information on the suitability of supercomputing systems for data intensive applications. A new set of benchmarks is needed in order to guide the design of hardware architectures and software systems intended to support such applications and to help procurements. Graph algorithms are a core part of many analytics workloads. Backed by a steering committee of over 50 international HPC experts from academia, industry, and national laboratories, Graph 500 will establish a set of large-scale benchmarks for these applications.#resource #benchmarks
NCAR CISL478The NCAR Computational and Information Systems Lab (CISL) mission is to support and advance the geosciences with world-class computing, data management and research in mathematics and computational science. The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is a federally funded research and development center principally funded by the NSF and dedicated to the atmosphere and related sciences. NCAR’s data-intensive HPC environment features a 1.5 petaflops IBM system, Yellowstone, and a 16.4 petabyte central filesystem, and NCAR is currently beginning the procurement phase for Yellowstone’s successor which will all be housed in the LEED Certified NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. NCAR’s booth will focus on this procurement as well as big data analytics and climate modeling projects on Yellowstone, and internship and other opportunities.#user #government #academia #usa #research
ICHEC - Irish Center for High-End Computing479The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC), founded in 2005, is Ireland's national high performance computer centre. Its mission is to provide High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources, support, education and training for researchers in third-level institutions and through technology transfer and enablement to support Irish industries large and small to contribute to the development of the Irish economy.#user #academia #ireland #europe #research #training
Nimbus Data480Nimbus Data develops an award-winning portfolio of all-flash memory storage systems purpose-built for virtualization, databases, cloud infrastructure, and technical computing. Combining unified multiprotocol storage, comprehensive data management software, and a patent-pending architecture, Nimbus Data all-flash systems deliver the industry’s best performance, data center efficiency, scalability, and total cost of ownership.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #ssds #virtualization
Qumulo481Qumulo is a stealth-mode data-storage startup committed to ending the data storage and management struggles facing enterprises today. Qumulo’s mission is to be the company the world trusts to store, manage, and curate its data forever.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage
RapidIO482RapidIO.org, a non-profit corporation controlled by its members, directs the future development and drives the adoption of the RapidIO architecture. RapidIO addresses performance critical computing needs for multi-processor clusters in Data Center & HPC, Communications Infrastructure, Industrial Automation and Military & Aerospace markets offering high reliability, increased bandwidth, and a low latency, unified intra-system fabric. RapidIO provides chip-to-chip, board-to-board and shelf to shelf peer to peer connectivity at performance levels scaling to 100s of Gigabits per second and beyond.#resource #collaboration #consortium #usa
INFN-CNAF483The National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) is the Italian research agency dedicated to the study of the fundamental constituents of matter and the laws that govern them, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR). It conducts theoretical and experimental research in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics. CNAF is the INFN main Computing Center specialized in High Throughput Computing, Big Data processing for Scientific applications and software development for distributed computing solutions.#user #government #italy #europe #research #bigdata
Qualstar484For 29 years, Qualstar has been creating reliable, cost effective and easy to use automated tape libraries. Our libraries house multiple tape drives and span capacities from 310 terabytes to more than 73 petabytes. With low cost, high density Ultrium LTO technology, tape libraries are clearly the most efficient and cost effective storage for backup, data protection and archiving. Qualstar tape libraries are designed for years of continuous, unattended operation and allow simultaneous reading and writing to multiple drives. They also offer key features such as built in data encryption key management and scalabilty to keep pace with rapidly expanding data storage demands.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #datamanagement #powersupplies
HPDC485High Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing Symposium (HPDC) is the premier computer science conference for presenting new research relating to high performance parallel and distributed systems used in both science and industry. For twenty years, HPDC has been at the center of new discoveries in systems such as clusters, grids, clouds, and parallel and multicore computers. #resource #conference
Iron Systems486IRON Systems offers - Rack mount Servers, Storage Server, OCP Server for High Performance Computing with OEM Service and embedded platform design.#vendor #hardware #services #usa #servers #storage #systems #datacenters #integrator
PBS Works487PBS Works™ is the market leader in comprehensive, secure workload management for high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud environments. This market-leading workload management suite allows HPC users to simplify their environment while optimizing system utilization, improving application performance, and improving ROI on hardware and software investments. PBS Works is the preferred solution for many of the planet’s largest, most complex clusters and supercomputers – and is the choice for smaller organizations needing HPC solutions that are easy to adopt and use. PBS Works is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to simplify the administration and use of cluster, cloud and supercomputing environments.#vendor #software #cloud #cluster
University of Missouri St. Louis HPC488The University of Missouri - St. Louis (UMSL) has operated a cluster computer on campus since 2001. Since this modest start in High Performance Computing, utilization has grown substantially. We are now in our second generation of cluster computing with 192 processors; we will continue to expand the resource in response to need.#user #academia #usa #research
PSSC Labs489PSSC Labs delivers High Performance Big Data Solutions on high density, eco friendly and energy efficient platforms. CLC bio combines our expertise on high-performance bioinformatics algorithms and user-friendly software, with PSSC Labs’ extensive experience in cluster solutions for the life science industry. Together we provide turnkey solutions for full-genome analysis of data from all significant types of high-throughput sequencing instruments.#vendor #software #hardware #services #usa #servers #clusters #analytics #bigdata #virtualization #networking #storage #datacenters
QCIF - Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation490QCIF (the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation) provides the high-performance services, infrastructure and support required to achieve excellence in computation and data-driven collaborative research and its application in industry. QCIF operates with its members and partners delivering services to research throughout Queensland and increasingly via Commonwealth programs to the nation. Our mission is to accelerate and strengthen innovation throughout Queensland research and business through broad-based and effective application of high performance computing, large-scale data management and regional, national and international collaboration.#user #academia #australia #research
DKRZ - German Climate Computing Centre491DKRZ is a unique national computing center for German climate research. It provides high performance computers, high capacity data management, and superior service for climate science. Today, the complexity of the earth system is one of the great scientific challenges. The earth cannot be experimented with. Therefore, DKRZ’s computer systems are the laboratory for climate research. Climate modelers generate extremely large amounts of data. DKRZ is one of a few computing centers worldwide which both have the technical facilities to store this data volume and the scientific knowledge to manage it. DKRZ possesses one of the largest data archives that stores 25 PetaByte of simulation results.#user #government #academia #germany #research
vArmour492vArmour is the data center security company designed to protect enterprises and service providers from advanced cyber attacks and data breaches. Built for the cloud world where traditional perimeters have disappeared, vArmour provides visibility, control and threat defense across physical, virtual, and cloud applications to help global enterprises protect their most valuable asset-their data-wherever it resides.#vendor #software #usa #security
Aspen Systems493Aspen Systems is an established, privately-held, two time Inc. 500 corporation that designs, manufactures, and services computing products including high-performance compute clusters, systems software, storage/file systems, and visualization. Aspen Systems places its highest priority on first class technical support and the creation of fully customized products that always incorporate the latest technologies. This allows our customers to enjoy the highest performing solutions at very competitive prices. Get a free quote on custom HPC clusters, storage clusters, supercomputing solutions and enterprise servers for research, academic and scientific applications.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #clusters #hadoop #linux #storage #systems #visualization #enterprise
University of Tenessee ORNL JICS494The University of Tennessee (UT) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) established the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (JICS) in 1991 to encourage and facilitate the use of high-performance computing in the state of Tennessee. When UT joined Battelle Memorial Institute in April 2000 to manage ORNL for the Department of Energy (DOE), the vision for JICS expanded to encompass becoming a world-class center for research, education, and training in computational science and engineering. JICS is staffed by joint faculty who hold dual appointments as faculty members in departments at UT and as staff members in ORNL research groups. The institute also employs professional research staff, postdoctoral fellows and students, and administrative staff.#user #academia #government #usa #research
XtremeData495Like many competitors, XtremeData began with an open-source database software package. But unlike others, we then re-engineered the core query execution code with a truly parallel, vectorized SQL engine developed from first principles. The reasons for this are simple. Legacy database software, including all open-source packages, were developed decades ago and are not optimized for the key computing resources of today: many-core CPUs, large amounts of memory and high-speed networks. Unlike “federated” systems, where multiple complete instances of a database run in parallel, XtremeData offers a single instance of a database that within itself contains a truly parallel SQL execution engine. At XtremeData we have benchmarked our engine against federation-based competitors and also against “NoSQL” solutions like Hive, and measured performance gains of 10x. What does this mean? Put simply, the federated systems will need 10x the hardware resources in order to match XtremeData.#vendor #software #usa
Archer496ARCHER is the latest UK National Supercomputing Service. The ARCHER Service started in November 2013 and is expected to run for 5 years. ARCHER provides a capability resource to allow researchers to run simulations and calculations that require large numbers of processing cores working in a tightly-coupled, parallel fashion.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #research
GSIC - Tokyo Institute of Technology497Tokyo Tech's TSUBAME2.5 is an upgrade to TSUBAME2.0, that was ranked 4th on the Top500 in Nov. 2010. By replacing all the 4224 GPUs with the NVIDIA Tesla K20X, TSUBAME2.5 performance is boosted to 5.76 Petaflops peak in double precision FP. We are also aggressively pursuing various R&D towards TSUBAME3.0 to be deployed in 2016. In particular TSUBAME-KFC, our prototype for advanced cooling and low power supercomputing, was ranked No.1 both on Green500 and GreenGraph500 rankings in Nov. 2013.#user #academia #japan #research
Coho Data498Coho Data is enabling businesses of all sizes to build their own high performance Amazon-style storage for their data. Inspired by the highly scalable, commodity-hardware based approaches of public clouds, the company is developing the first flash-tuned scale-out storage architecture designed for the private cloud that delivers unparalleled performance at public cloud capacity pricing.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage
SURFsara499As national HPC and e-Science support center, SURFsara is unique within the Dutch IT sector. SURFsara provides a complete package of services in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC), Networking, Data Services, Visualization, e-Science Support and Cloud Services. We work together with the academic community (including researchers, educational institutions and academic medical centers) and with industry and SMEs. SURFsara is also a partner in national and international projects, such as LOFAR, EGI, WLCG/LHC, EUDAT and PRACE. Within these projects, the most powerful European (super) computers and data storage systems for petabytes of scientific data are being used.#user #academia #netherlands #europe #research
Amplidata500Amplidata offers highly scalable software defined object storage solutions for private and public cloud big data. Big Data offers tremendous value to businesses; however, the volume, velocity and variety of information would soon overwhelm an organization’s ability to manage it. Amplidata redefined storage to solve these challenges with AmpliStor, an object-based software defined storage solution for enterprise, private cloud, and public cloud implementations across a variety of industries. With patented BitSpread and BitDynamics technologies, AmpliStor delivers unbreakable data durability at greater than 15 nines, infinite scalability from petabytes to exabytes, and extreme capacity and operational efficiency to significantly reduce CapEx and OpEx.#vendor #software #usa #storage #cloud #bigdata
University College London Research Computing Platform Services501We offer a range of advanced platforms for computationally intensive research. We currently provide two platforms, Legion and Emerald, and we are developing a third called Grace. Together, these platforms enable our users to perform all but the most demanding analyses and simulations.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
AHA Products Group502The AHA Products Group (AHA) of Comtech EF Data Corporation develops, markets, and licenses data coding technologies such as Reed-Solomon, Turbo Product Codes, Low Density Parity Check Codes, and GZIP lossless data compression for the communications, networking, and data storage markets. Since 1988, AHA has been developing and distributing integrated circuits (ICs) and boards for accelerating complex operations. Through AHA’s forward error correction hardware and IP cores, systems engineers can choose between improved data quality, increased bandwidth or reduced costs.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #networking
BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre503BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) is at the cutting edge of High Performance Computing and use it in areas such as image processing, real time data analysis and simulation whilst using very large data sets to support the design of air, land and sea based platforms. BAE Systems has long been a leading industrial user of HPC, and is planning to further expand its supercomputing capabilities to facilitate ever more accurate and detailed simulations.#user #commercial #unitedkingdom #europe #research
Cambridge Computer504Cambridge Computer is a national integrator specializing in data storage and backup systems. We provide comprehensive solutions drawing on best-of-breed hardware and software from multiple manufacturers. Cambridge Computer specializes in storage networking, data protection, and digital archiving technologies. For over 20 years we have helped our clients identify their needs, devise long-term storage management strategies, and compare technologies from different hardware and software manufacturers. Recommending customized solutions often comes at no cost to our customer. Our professional services include consulting, integration, project management, and knowledge transfer.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #backup #consulting #integration #networking #security
Extreme Engineering Solutions505Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) is a leader in the design, manufacture, and support of embedded computing solutions for compute-intensive military, communications, commercial, and industrial applications. We provide a product portfolio of commercial-grade to fully ruggedized boards and systems. We provide Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products and excel in providing custom products, from modified COTS to full-scale custom designs, getting you the technology you need as soon as possible.#vendor #hardware #usa #communications #storage #fpga #boards #switches #networking
CSPI506CSPI and its subsidiaries develop and market IT integration solutions and high-performance cluster computer systems. CSPI has the experience and expertise to deliver solutions integrating the latest advances in high performance commodity processors and interconnect technologies with the best form factor and packaging. CSPI's open architecture solutions enable software reuse, portability, and interoperability minimizing both risk and cost.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #integrator #networking #systems
Seagate HPC Storage Solutions507Seagate, a world leader in storage solutions, is the largest OEM provider of high performance scale-out storage solutions. Seagate ClusterStor™ is the first and only engineered HPC storage solution for Lustre®. Designed to solve extreme scale challenges through its unique architecture, ClusterStor delivers unmatched availability, ease of use, price-performance and overall TCO leadership. Deployments power data intensive applications in the defense, research, energy and life sciences markets from relatively small to some of the largest supercomputers in the world. Seagate delivers an Intelligent Information Infrastructure system to help organizations manage the massive growth in digital data and deliver on next generation workloads.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #services #security #clusters
Asian Technology Information Program - ATIP508The Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP) provides customized and standard products and services focusing on Asian technology trends, research, policy, and market strategies. Our customers are government, industry, and non-profit organizations worldwide. We utilize our on-the-ground experts to get only the most up-to-date and accurate information. Covering trends and developments in the Asia-Pacific region for nearly two decades, ATIP is the premiere English source of S&T-related information and analyses on that region, helping bridge the gap between Asian and Western research communities. ATIP maintains an extensive network of contacts and on-the-ground analysts in technical communities throughout Asia.#vendor #resource #usa #services #report #trends #research
Software Cradle509Software Cradle is a leading provider of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software including SC/Tetra (general purpose unstructured mesh), scSTREAM (general purpose Cartesian mesh), and HEAT Designer (Cartesian mesh for electronics). Since inception in 1984, Cradle has established itself as a major innovator that is advancing the role of simulation in engineering design. Our software products are well known for ease of use, exceptionally fast and powerful meshing, efficient solvers, sophisticated physical models, and professional post processing. Cradle's worldwide presence consists of offices in Japan and North America and a network of distributors servicing and supporting all parts of the globe.#vendor #software #japan
Legrand - Data Center Solutions510Boost your data center's efficiency and effectiveness. Legrand delivers comprehensive network infrastructure to meet the expanding requirements of today's data centers, with a range of connectivity, physical infrastructure, cable management and cooling solutions. These systems support next generation technologies with flexibility for future growth and energy and installation efficiencies, united by superior design.#vendor #hardware #france #europe #datacenters #cabinets #racks #cooling
AWI Computer and Data Center511The AWI Computer and Data Center operates different types of high performance computers for computer power intensive numerical simulations for AWI staff as well as national and international cooperation partners. In addition, services and infrastructure are provided. #user #academia #germany #europe #research
Tech-X512Tech-X was founded in 1994 to develop products and services for leveraging high performance computing in computational physics. Since then, Tech-X has provided services to a broad range of national and international customers from government, academia and industry. Tech-X Corporation is committed to technical excellence and innovation. Its core competencies include the simulation of processes, devices and physical systems related to plasma physics, fusion and accelerator technologies, performed on computer systems ranging from desktops to leadership computing facilities.#vendor #software #usa
ConRes - Continental Resources513From IT products and services to test equipment and OEM/embedded computer-controlled devices, Continental Resources (ConRes) provides high technology IT solutions and support to business, government and educational organizations. Combining 50 years of high tech know-how and financial stability, ConRes is a low-risk option for organizations seeking to strengthen the ROI on their technology investments.#vendor #services #usa #cloud #consulting #datacenters #servers #storage
EATCS514European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS) is an international organization founded in 1972. Its aim is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and results among theoretical computer scientists as well as to stimulate cooperation between the theoretical and the practical community in computer science.#resource #group #europe
ScaleMP515ScaleMP is the leader in virtualization for high-end computing, providing maximum performance and lower total cost of ownership. The innovative Versatile SMP™ (vSMP) architecture aggregates multiple independent systems into a single virtual system, delivering an industry-standard, high-end symmetric multiprocessing computer. Using software to replace custom hardware and components, ScaleMP offers a new, revolutionary computing paradigm.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #cloud #communication #grid #networking #servers #visualization
Rescale516Rescale offers a software platform and hardware infrastructure for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulations. Rescale's mission is to provide a highly powerful simulation platform that empowers the world's engineers and scientists to develop the most innovative products and perform groundbreaking research and development.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #cloud
NNSA ASC517Established in 1995, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Program supports the U.S. Defense Programs' shift in emphasis from test-based confidence to simulation-based confidence. Under ASC, computer simulation capabilities are developed to analyze and predict the performance, safety, and reliability of nuclear weapons and to certify their functionality. As part of NNSA's mission to extend the lifetime of nuclear weapons in the stockpile, the Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Campaign provides NNSA with leading edge, high-end simulation capabilities. The ASC program helps NNSA to meet nuclear weapons assessment and certification requirements, including: weapon codes, weapon science, computing platforms, and supporting infrastructure.#user #government #usa #research
PathScale518PathScale has developed the industry's highest-performance C, C++ and Fortran 9X compilers for 64-bit Linux-based computer systems. The PathScale Compiler Suite has been optimized for both the AMD64 and EM64T architectures and has the world's most sophisticated optimization infrastructure. Unlike other compilers, the PathScale Compiler Suite provides superior performance across both floating-point and integer-intensive applications. Application developers targeting 64-bit Linux servers will see immediate performance benefits from compiling with the PathScale compilers.#vendor #software #usa #gpu
Mont Blanc519Energy efficiency is already a primary concern for the design of any computer system and it is unanimously recognized that future Exascale systems will be strongly constrained by their power consumption. Since October 2011, the aim of the European project called Mont-Blanc has been to design a new type of computer architecture capable of setting future global HPC standards, built from energy efficient solutions used in embedded and mobile devices.#resource #exascale #europe #research
RSC Group520RSC Group is the leading Russian developer and integrator of innovative energy efficient HPC and Data Center solutions. RSC PetaStream - the revolutionary massively-parallel direct warm water cooled supercomputer which set world records of computing and power density: 1.2PFLOPS and 400kW per 1 m2 cabinet with 1024 Intel Xeon Phi 7120D. RSC PetaStream is focused to reach ExaScale levels of performance protecting SW investments for HPC and Big Data applications. RSC liquid cooled systems are proven in operation since 2009. RSC PetaStream and Tornado cluster solutions, RSC BasIS SW stack are deployed in large number of projects, incl. 1.1PFLOPS in Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University.#vendor #hardware #russia #clusters #solutions
Boston Limited521Boston Limited provides award-winning server, storage, and workstation solutions worldwide. Boston offers a full range of services, from custom design, configuration, assembly, and testing to global support and maintenance.#vendor #hardware #software #unitedkingdom #servers #storage #cloud #workstations #networking #software
IOM522The 'Istituto Officina dei Materiali' (IOM) of the Italian National Research Council ( CNR) is an interdisciplinary research center that combines material synthesis, advanced characterisations and numerical simulations, focusing on the study and development of innovative materials and devices at the micro- and nano-scale.#user #government #italy #europe #research
Harvard University Research Computing523Harvard University Research Computing was established in 2007 as part of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FAS) Division of Science, with the founding principle of facilitating the advancement of complex research by providing leading edge computing services. Computational resources are available for high performance and scientific computing, bioinformatic analysis, visualization, and data storage. Research Computing continually expands its services and technologies, ensuring researchers have access to a world-class computational environment. Through dedicated leadership and enterprising stewardship, Research Computing is committed to developing a large-scale computing infrastructure that helps researchers with the big data challenges of the 21st century.#user #academia #usa #research
Convey Computer Micron Acquisition524Convey Computer is now Micron. The Richardson, Texas-based company is the pioneer of hybrid-core computing—a technology designed to help increase the speed of high-performance computers while significantly reducing energy consumption. Convey Computer’s decades of experience delivering high-performance computing solutions, along with their intellectual assets, will enhance Micron’s ability to further enable our customers’ innovation. The Convey team will join Micron’s Advanced Computing Solutions Group in our Compute and Networking Business Unit. As we work together to integrate our companies, we will continue to support Convey’s existing customers’ needs and challenges. #vendor #hardware #software #usa #systems #tools #servers #fpga #coprocessors
MHPCC DSRC525The Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC) DOD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC), established in 1993, is an Air Force research Laboratory (AFRL) Center managed by the University of Hawaii under contract to the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. The MHPCC DSRC operates as one of the six DoD Supercomputing Resource Centers in the DoD's High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP). The MHPCC DSRC allocates more than 70,000,000 computational hours annually to the HPCMP Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation community. The MHPCC DSRC provides computational resources for the Department of Defense's scientific computational needs through their support of DoD "Challenge Projects" and other government users. The MHPCC DSRC's Terascale High Performance Computing resources showcase a wide range of technologies which include Riptide, a 756 compute node IBM iDataPlex system.#user #government #academia #usa #research
Exxact Corporation526Exxact Corporation is a global, value-added supplier of computing products and solutions. We provide services in IT distribution and system integration for HPC, Big Data, Cloud, and AV applications and markets, while servicing many of world’s top national labs, research universities, online retailers, and Fortune 100 & 1000 companies.#vendor #hardware #services #usa #clusters #workstations #servers #networking #storage #bigdata #storage #gpu
Dharmendra S Modha Cognitive Computing Blog527Dr. Dharmendra S. Modha is an IBM Fellow and IBM Chief Scientist for Brain-inspired Computing. He is a Cognitive Computing pioneer who envisioned and now leads a highly successful effort to develop Brain-inspired Computers. The project has received ~$58 million in research funding from DARPA (under SyNAPSE Program), US Department of Defense, and US Department of Energy. The ground-breaking project is multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, and mult-national and has a world-wide scientific impact. The resulting architecture, technology, and ecosystem breaks path with the prevailing von Neumann architecture (circa 1946) and constitutes a foundation for energy-efficient, scalable neuromorphic systems.#resource #research
Maxeler Technologies528Maxeler provides a range of dataflow computing platforms for different types of application. This new level of performance comes at a fraction of the cost, power and space compared to using conventional computers. Maxeler dataflow computers bring a novel data-centric computing technology to the forefront of high performance computing. Where computation really matters, the Maxeler approach has the potential to make a significant difference.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #systems
CS - Communication ET Systemes529Prime contractor for the design, integration and operation of turnkey systems, offering both innovation and performance, CS is present all along the value chain for its customers. CS expertise in critical applications and systems makes it a partner of choice in the sectors of space, defense & security, aeronautics, transportation and energy, in France and abroad.#vendor #hardware #france #europe #integrator
Chip Estimate530The ChipEstimate.com chip planning portal is an ecosystem comprised of over 200 of the world's largest semiconductor design and verification IP suppliers and foundries. These companies all share in the common vision of helping the worldwide electronics design community achieve greater profitability and success. To date, a diverse global audience of over 27,000 users has joined the ChipEstimate.com community and has collectively performed over 100,000 chip estimations. ChipEstimate.com is a property of Cadence Design Systems, the leader in global electronic-design innovation.#resource #usa
BP531In the search for more oil and gas, BP's innovative seismic acquisition technologies underpin our strong record as a major explorer. But collecting seismic data is only half the story Complex algorithms are needed to process, model and analyse vast streams of data. This requires massive computing power. We are continuing to invest in our supercomputing center in Houston, Texas. It’s one of the biggest commercial research centers in the world and has a processing capacity of more than one petaflop.#user #commercial #usa #research
SC Conference Series532The International Conference for High Performance Computing Networking, Storage, and Analysis. Established in 1988, the annual SC conference continues to grow steadily in size and impact each year. Approximately 5,000 people participate in the technical program, with about 11,000 people overall. SC has built a diverse community of participants including researchers, scientists, application developers, computing center staff and management, computing industry staff, agency program managers, journalists, and congressional staffers. This diversity is one of the conference's main strengths, making it a yearly "must attend" forum for stakeholders throughout the technical computing community. The technical program is the heart of SC. It has addressed virtually every area of scientific and engineering research, as well as technological development, innovation, and education. Its presentations, tutorials, panels, and discussion forums have included breakthroughs in many areas and inspired new and innovative areas of computing.#conference
DOE INCITE533The allocations of computing time were awarded to researchers from academia, government, and industry through the Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment, or INCITE, program, which was created to provide access to the DOE's Leadership Computing Facility with centers at Argonne and Oak Ridge national laboratories. The program aims to accelerate scientific discoveries and technological innovations by awarding, on a competitive basis, time on supercomputers to researchers with large-scale, computationally intensive projects that address “grand challenges” in science and engineering.#user #resource #government #usa #research
Hartree Centre534We provide collaborative research, innovation and development services that accelerate the application of HPC, data science, analytics and cognitive techniques.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
Green Revolution Cooling535Green Revolution Cooling was founded in 2009 with the aim to revolutionize the way data centers are designed, constructed, and operated. With an initial grant from the National Science foundation, the company has rapidly grown out of a garage through multiple office expansions. Their product, the CarnotJet System, found its first installation in a top-tier data center in early 2010 and has since come to be known as the most powerful, efficient, and cost effective cooling system available to data centers. The CarnotJet System powered Tsubame KFC supercomputer has been ranked #1 on the Green500 list of the most efficient supercomputers on the planet. The lower upfront and operating costs of the CarnotJet System have helped it rapidly gain adoption across a number of industries, applications, and geographies. The system now has an installation base across 4 continents supporting some of the largest cloud, enterprise, government, and telecom organizations.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling
HPC Innovation Center LLNL536The High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC) provides companies with access to at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's supercomputers, software and domain expertise, as well as practiced guidance on the application of advanced computing technologies. Through enabling collaborative engagements, HPCIC can help companies increase their understanding of complex technologies and systems, accelerate their innovation processes, and expand the value they derive from their use of computing.#resource #usa
New York University HPC537NYU supports high performance computing (HPC) and networking for researchers and scholars and is home to several high performance clusters equipped with a wide variety of research software packages.#user #academia #usa #research
ActiveEon538ActiveEon delivers Open Source Solutions to accelerate applications and to create Enterprise Grid and Clouds. Run IT and Scientific workload faster and cheeper with advanced workflows & automation technology and optimized cloud and internal resource management. As modern scientific and engineering problems grow in complexity, the computation time and memory requirement increase and parallel computing becomes a necessity. ProActive integrates with de-facto standards in scientific and engineering environments such as Matlab, Scilab, R. Directly from within these familiar environments, it provides users with the capacity to distribute executions and manage data transfers on other Desktop machines, Clusters, Grids and Clouds. A single tool for accelerating all your scientific languages.#vendor #software #france #europe #cloud #grid
Geant Project539GEANT is the high speed European communication network dedicated to research and education. In combination with its NREN partners, GÉANT creates a secure, high-speed research infrastructure that serves 50 million users in over 10,000 institutions. Building on the success of its predecessors, GÉANT has been created around the needs of users, providing flexible, end-to-end services that transform the way that researchers collaborate. GÉANT reaches 65 countries beyond Europe and is at the heart of global research networking through wide ranging connections with other world regions, underpinning vital projects that bridge the digital divide and benefit society as a whole.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research #communication #networking
NICT JGN-X540NICT(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) is a Japan's sole independent administrative institution specializing in the field of information and communications technology. JGN-X is a Testbed Environment for R&D to realize and broaden the New Generation Network Technologies, operated by NICT. From 2011, NICT will be running the new mid-term plans, and will start the new JGN-X(JGN eXtreme) project, replacing JGN2plus. This testbed network will the center of the realization of new generation network and its expansion. NICT will implement and expand to wide area JGN-X testbed the new generation network technologies that NICT have developed, and is planning to develop. By expanding these technologies to JGN-X, the near real world network, we will be able to deepen the relationship between the JGN-X users and NICT research, and as a result, promote the usage of the new network technologies.#user #government #japan #networking #research
X-IO Technologies541X-IO Technologies is a recognized innovator in the storage industry. The X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) systems are based on two decades of invention and investment by veteran storage industry experts, and deliver unmatched price/performance, reliability and scale for enterprise and cloud applications and infrastructure.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage
SPEC - Standard Performance Evalutation Corporation542The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) is a non-profit corporation formed to establish, maintain and endorse a standardized set of relevant benchmarks that can be applied to the newest generation of high-performance computers. SPEC develops benchmark suites and also reviews and publishes submitted results from our member organizations and other benchmark licensees.#resource #benchmarks #usa
OpenACC543OpenACC is a non-profit corporation that created and fosters a cross-platform API which allows any scientist or programmer to easily accelerate applications on modern many-core and multi-core processors. OpenACC directives identify compute-intensive code to a compiler for acceleration or offload, while preserving a single code base and cross-platform portability. OpenACC is complementary to and interoperable with existing programming models including OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, and OpenCL. Organizations actively involved in high-performance heterogeneous computing are encouraged to participate.#resource #consortium #usa #software
iRODS544The Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is open source data management software used by research organizations and government agencies worldwide. iRODS is released as a production-level distribution aimed at deployment in mission critical environments. It virtualizes data storage resources, so users can take control of their data, regardless of where and on what device the data is stored.#resource #software #usa #datamanagement #storage #virtualization
CAST Inc545CAST provides semiconductor IP Cores and IP Platforms for System on Chip (SoC) designs in ASICs and FPGAs.#vendor #hardware #usa #interconnects #asics #socs #fpga
University of New Mexico CARC546The Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC) is the UNM campus supercomputing Center and the largest academic computing center in the State of New Mexico, with over 2200 cores, 15 TFlops aggregate compute power, and nearly half a PB of RAID6 enterprise storage. CARC's resources are available without charge to all faculty, student, and staff researchers at the University, through support from the UNM Office of the Vice President for Research. The Center's newest supercomputer, Xena, designed for high-throughput, memory-intensive MATLAB and hybrid parallel applications, and suppored by an NSF MRI award, will come online this summer. CARC’s mission is to enable excellence in research and scholarship in science, engineering, biomedicine, humanities and the arts, through support for parallel supercomputing, advanced visualization, research data storage and analysis, novel architectures, and by providing leadership to enhance interdisciplinary computing-based research and education at the University.#user #academia #usa #research
ICPP 2016 - International Conference on Parallel Processing547Parallel and distributed computing is a central topic in science, engineering and society. ICPP, the International Conference on Parallel Processing, provides a forum for engineers and scientists in academia, industry and government to present their latest research findings in all aspects of parallel and distributed computing.#resource #conference
Thinklogical548Thinklogical is the worldwide leading designer and manufacturer of secure, high performance signal extension and switching systems, allowing Video-Rich Big Data to be accessed, transported, distributed, displayed and analyzed at the highest quality with no latency. Our comprehensive product portfolio spans a wide range of trusted solutions from KVM (keyboard, video and mouse), audio and USB signal matrix switching and extension systems, to image processing and conversion products, to secure console server management and camera extension products. The key characteristics of Thinklogical solutions are designed around four customer-driven requirements: Performance, Security, Continuous Operation and Ease of Integration.#vendor #hardware #usa
ETASIS Electronics Corp549ETASIS Electronics Corporation is a professional, ultra high efficiency and true PMBUS switching power supply manufacturer based in New Taipei City, Taiwan since 1996. ETASIS specializes in the design and manufacturing of single, redundant, mini-redundant, 1 1 redundant, N 1 redundant, flex ATX, open frame, enclosed, AC/DC (full range AC) and DC/DC (48V & 240V) power solutions for server rack-mount and tower form factors and special IPC cases.#vendor #hardware #taiwan #powersupplies
SCAI - Supercomputing Applications and Innovation550Cineca is since 1969 the largest Italian HPC centre and one of the largest in Europe. SCAI (SuperComputing Applications and Innovation) is the department addressing institutional mission to accelerate scientific discovery by providing HPC resources, data management and storage systems and tools. We offer support, consultancy and advanced training in HPC tools and techniques in many scientific domains as physics, particle physics, material sciences, chemistry.#user #academia #italy #research #consulting
Interface Masters Technologies551Interface Masters Technologies is a leading vendor in the network monitoring and high speed networking markets. Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Interface Masters' expertise lies in Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet network access and network connectivity solutions that integrate with monitoring systems, inline networking appliances, IPS, UTM, Load Balancing, WAN acceleration, and other mission-critical IT and security appliances.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #switches
PLDA552PLDA has been successfully delivering PCI and PCI Express IP for more than 18 years. With over 5,800 licenses, PLDA has established a vast customer base and the world's broadest PCIe ecosystem. PLDA has maintained its leadership over four generations of PCI Express specifications, enabling customers to reduce risk and accelerate time to market for their ASIC and FPGA based designs. PLDA provides a complete PCIe solution with its IP cores, FPGA boards for ASIC prototyping, PCIe BFM/testbench, PCIe drivers and APIs#vendor #software #usa #asics #fpga
LLNL Advanced Simulation and Computing553Established in 1995, the Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Program supports the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Defense Programs' shift in emphasis from test-based confidence to simulation-based confidence.#user #government #usa #research
Diablo Technologies554Diablo is the creator of bleeding-edge, lightning fast storage technology for the Fortune Global 2000. Our Memory Channel Storage platform accelerates virtualization, database, financial services, big data/analytics and other low latency workloads.#vendor #hardware #canada #memory #storage
Exablox555Exablox is the company re-imagining storage. Exablox solves businesses’ runaway storage costs and information management nightmares by providing a scale-out cloud-based management solution that is both affordable and easy to use. OneBlox is an inclusive storage offering that combines an elegant hardware architecture and integrated, enterprise-grade software, including continuous data protection, inline deduplication and disaster recovery.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #security #backup
Nasa HECC556The High-End Computing Capability (HECC) Project provides world-class high-end computing, storage, and associated services to enable scientists and engineers supporting NASA missions to broadly and productively employ large-scale modeling, simulation, and analysis to achieve successful mission outcomes.#user #government #usa #research
John Hopkins University IDIES557IDIES offers unique big data capabilities to affiliates. The nearly complete Maryland Advance Research Computing Center at Bayview and the currently available Bloomberg Room 156 Data Center create flexible, stable environments for a high density of computing equipment that supports research and training.#user #academia #usa #research
Adapteva558Adapteva, Inc. is a privately held semiconductor company that has developed the world’s most energy efficient and scalable multicore processor chip, designed for parallel computing. Adapteva’s groundbreaking Epiphany multicore architecture represents a new class of massively parallel computer architectures that is the future of computing and will disrupt a wide range of end markets from compact low power devices to next generation supercomputers. To enable parallel programming in heterogeneous environments, Adapteva is adopting an open source approach making the architecture, interface and programming information available to all.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #procesors #boards #networking #fpga
NetSpeed Systems559NetSpeed Systems provides scalable, coherent, high performance Network on Chip (NoC) IPs to SoC designers for a wide range of markets from mobile to high-performance computing and networking. NetSpeed's on-chip network platform delivers significant time-to-market advantages through a system-level approach, a high level of user-driven automation and state-of-the-art algorithms. NetSpeed Systems was founded in 2011 and is led by seasoned executives from the semiconductor and networking industries. The company is funded by top-tier investors from Silicon Valley. It is headquartered in San Jose, California and has additional research and development facilities in Asia.#vendor #hardware #usa #socs #networking #interconnect
HPC for Wall Street Conference560The HPC for Wall Street conference is focused on High Put-through, Low Latency, Networks, Data Centers, lowering costs of operation. Our Show is an efficient one-day showcase and networking opportunity.#resource #conference
Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing561Since its inception in 1998 the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing has run a supercomputing facility on behalf of Swinburne University of Technology. Originally a linux beowulf cluster the supercomputer evolved in 2007 into a fully-integrated rack-mounted system with a theoretical peak speed in excess of 10 Tflop/s (10 trillion floating point operations per second). Further evolution throughout 2011/12 sees the installation of a new supercomputer that incorporates graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware to push the performance well beyond 100 Tflop/s. The Swinburne supercomputers have proven to be excellent research tools in areas of astronomy ranging from simulations of structure formation in the Universe to the processing of data collected from radio telescopes. They are also used by CAS staff to render content for 3-D animations and movies. More generally, the supercomputers are available for use by Swinburne University researchers and their collaborators, as well as a national facility for astronomy use.#user #academia #australia #research #visualization
University of Kentucky HPC562The University of Kentucky has been a leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) for scientific research and teaching since 1987, and its supercomputers have ranked as high as #66 on the world-wide Top 500 list supercomputers list. These facilities are available to the faculty at UK and to research institutions throughout the state. Active research areas include physics, astronomy, biochemistry, pharmacy, medicine, mechanical engineering, and many others. The University also participates in networks of research supercomputers and collaborates with researchers across the country and around the world.#user #academia #usa #research
The Green 500563The Green500 list, ranks the top 500 supercomputers in the world by energy efficiency. The focus of performance-at-any-cost computer operations has led to the emergence of supercomputers that consume vast amounts of electrical power and produce so much heat that large cooling facilities must be constructed to ensure proper performance.#resource #benchmarks
Bittware FPGA Platforms564BittWare provides high-end COTS FPGA board-level systems. Altera Stratix II, Stratix IV, Stratix V FPGA support. For 25 years, BittWare has designed and deployed board-level solutions for network packet processing, high performance computing and signal processing applications that significantly reduce technology risk and time-to revenue for our OEM customers. Our products are based on the latest FPGA technology from Altera and industry-standard COTS form factors including PCIe, VPX / OpenVPX, AMC, XMC and FMC (VITA 57). When customer requirements make it difficult to use industry-standard boards, BittWare can provide modified solutions, and/or licensed designs for applications in the financial, instrumentation military/aerospace/government (MAG) and compute & storage markets.#vendor #hardware #usa #fpga #boards
MGHPCC565The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) provides state of the art infrastructure for computationally intensive research that is indispensable in the increasingly sensor and data-rich environments of modern science and engineering. It is operated by five of the most research-intensive universities in Massachusetts: Boston University, Harvard University, MIT, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts. Completed in November 2012, the 90, 000 square foot, 15 megawatt facility is located on an 8.6 acre former industrial site just a few blocks from City Hall in Holyoke, MA. Currently, computers in the MGHPCC run millions of virtual experiments per month, supporting thousands for researchers in Massachusetts and around the world.#user #academia #usa #research
University of Miami CCS566The Center for Computational Science establishes nationally and internationally recognized research programs, focusing on those of an interdisciplinary nature actively engaged in research, to solve the complex technological problems of modern society. We provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities across the University and beyond, and we strive for excellence in research, teaching, and service, covering the fundamental, as well as applied, aspects of computational science. Advanced Computing offers a university wide resource that provides the University of Miami academic community comprehensive high performance computing (HPC) resources ranging from hardware infrastructure to expertise in designing and implementing HPC solutions.#user #academia #usa #research
Stony Brook University IACS567The mission of IACS is to make sustained advances in the fundamental techniques of computation and in high-impact applications, with a vision that by 2017 we will be an internationally recognized center having vibrant multidisciplinary research and education programs, and demonstrated economic benefit to New York State.#user #academia #usa #research
Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation568College of Science (COS) and an Research Center of Excellence at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) dedicated to research at the frontiers of numerical relativity and relativistic astrophysics, gravitational-wave physics, its connection to experiments and observations, and high-performance computation and scientific visualization.#user #academia #usa #research
Acceleware569Acceleware provides Parallel Computing software solutions to the Oil & Gas and Computer-Aided Engineering markets. Acceleware’s software products utilize a variety of parallel computing hardware platforms including compute GPUs and multi-core CPUs. Our software brings unrivalled performance to today's most strenuous and challenging compute and data-intensive demands. With Acceleware solutions installed, seismic data processing and electro-magnetic simulation applications can benefit from speed-ups of 10 to 50 times. In addition to software, our HPC consulting services are utilized by enterprises needing to harness the power of parallel computing. At Acceleware the goal is always the same – Go Faster! We provide our unique expertise to companies and research institutions involved with High Performance Computing. Our consulting services include architecting multi-core processing solutions and code porting to GPU platforms.#vendor #software #canada
ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers570Computing Frontiers represents an engaged, collaborative community of researchers who are excited about transformational technologies in the field of computing. #resource #conference
Annapolis Micro Systems571The Wild40 family of EcoSystems, with plug-n-play COTS boards, have the densest FPGA processing and highest bandwidths available in the industry. This allows Annapolis customers to input, process, move around and output much more data than ever before. These features turn the previously impossible into reality in applications such as Network Processing, RADAR, SIGINT, and ELINT.#vendor #hardware #usa #systems #solutions #fpga #storage
Scalable Informatics572Scalable Informatics has become a leading provider of pragmatic, high performance, software-defined storage and compute solutions to a wide range of markets, from financial and scientific computing to research and big data analytics. Our innovative platform design—which tightly couples storage and computing in the same unit—eliminates bottlenecks and enables our clients to attain the best performance for their data, I/O, and computationally-intensive workloads…all at very aggressive price points.#vendor #hardware #usa #analytics #cloud #grid #networking #storage #solutions #servers #clusters #bigdata
Rice University K2I573The Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I) is dedicated to the advancement of research in the fields of computing and information technology. Our goal is to provide broad support for a strong community of research experimentation that challenges traditional disciplinary limits. We see our most important role as being a catalyst for research collaboration across the conventional boundaries of school, department, center and laboratory. We work to encourage partnerships with industry, government and other universities to help solve real-world problems. K2I's areas of research are: parallel computation, distributed computing, robotics, digital signal processing, telecommunications, optimization, data modeling and analysis, technologies in education, advanced computational research, bioinformatics, computational neuroscience, sensor networks, image and video processing, and computational fluid dynamics.#user #academia #usa #research
Aggregate.org574The Aggregate refers to a collection of researchers, based at the University of Kentucky, and the technologies that they use to make the components of a computing system work better together. Since before our first Linux PC work in the PAPERS project, we have been considering all aspects of Compilers, Hardware Architectures, and Operating Systems (KAOS ) together, optimizing system performance rather than performance of the individual parts. Our innovations include PCCTS/Antlr, the first Linux clusters and video walls driven by them, SWAR and MOG, aggregate function and flat neighborhood network technologies, TDCI computational photography, etc.#user #academia #usa
DOD HPCMP575The DOD High Performance Computing Modernization Program is a technology-led, innovation-focused program committed to extending high performance computing (HPC) to address the Department of Defense's (DoD’s) most significant challenges, because we have seen its impact: in research, where HPC enables DoD to explore new theories and evaluate them well beyond what is practical using experiment alone; in acquisition, through the use of validated applications in design and testing, which significantly reduce the time and cost of developing weapon systems, and improve the quality of their designs; and in operations, where real-time calculations produce just-in-time information for decision makers on the battlefield.#user #government #usa #research
Fortissimo576Fortissimo is a collaborative project that will enable European SMEs to be more competitive globally through the use of simulation services running on a High Performance Computing cloud infrastructure. The project is coordinated by the University of Edinburgh and involves 45 partners including Manufacturing Companies, Application Developers, Domain Experts, IT Solution Providers and HPC Cloud Service Providers from 14 countries. The project is funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme.#resource #collaboration #europe
HPC Core Workshop577The two-day HPC-based CFD for Offshore Renewable Energy (HPC-CORE) workshop brings together academic and industry experts in Engineering, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, and Scientific Computing to: a) highlight the state-of-the-art in high-fidelity computational technologies for offshore renewable energy applications, and b) discuss the challenges and solutions to using CFD for extremely large realistic problems, requiring optimal exploitation of massive HPC resources.#resource #academia #commercial #unitedkingdom #europe #workshop #conference
ATPESC - Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing578The Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing (ATPESC) provides intensive, two-week training on the key skills, approaches, and tools to design, implement, and execute computational science and engineering applications on current high-end computing systems and the leadership-class computing systems of the future. The core of the program will focus on programming methodologies that are effective across a variety of supercomputers and that are expected to be applicable to exascale systems. Additional topics to be covered include computer architectures, mathematical models and numerical algorithms, approaches to building community codes for HPC systems, and methodologies and tools relevant for Big Data applications.#resource #government #training
IEEE HPEC - High Performance Extreme Computing Conference579The conference will give researchers from academia, industry, and government working in this important area an opportunity to discuss techniques, approaches, and ongoing developments with relevance to high performance extreme computing processors, systems, storage, networks, software, and applications.#resource #conference
EPA Scientific Computing580High-end scientific computing, geospatial services and remote sensing/imagery analysis support EPA’s mission by helping the Agency’s program offices and regions meet specialized needs. These services consolidate expensive resources (computers, software and data) and a wide variety of scientific and technical skills to provide the agency with needed access to geographical, remotely sensed and scientific information technology knowledge and tools.#user #government #usa #research
PIONIER online581The mission of the PIONIER Consortium is the construction of one of the most modern in the world - Polish Optical Network PIONIER, and the development of the Information Society using the network and IT infrastructure. POZNAN SUPERCOMPUTING AND NETWORKING CENTER - the operator of PIONIER - is the R&D Center in the NG networks, grids, portals, digital assets and high performance applications for HPC.#resource #poland
HPCA Conference582The International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture provides a high-quality forum for scientists and engineers to present their latest research findings in this rapidly-changing field.#resource #conference
TCHPC - Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing583The Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing (TCHPC) is Ireland's premier High Performance Computing Centre with large scale Supercomputing and Visualisation facilities. TCHPC lies at the heart of Trinity College Dublin's computational science initiative. The Centre currently employs nine experienced researchers and technical staff with expertise the areas of Numerical Modelling, Risk Analysis, Molecular Dynamics, Supercomputing/High Performance Computing, Visualisation, Systems administration and Linux Training.#user #academia #ireland #europe #research
Intelligent Light584Intelligent Light, a leader in CFD post-processing and data management, announces the integration of its flagship FieldView software with a hardened version of the DOE’s ultra-scalable, open-source VisIT code. Together, VisIT and FieldView will give CFD users a tool to utilize massively scalable HPC systems for in-situ post-processing of CFD results. Intelligent Light’s team includes some of the world’s leading experts in CFD, high performance computing, visualization, and specialized domains. Our product development team works to continually enhance FieldView capabilities in data management, workflow productivity, visualization, and more. Our technical staff provides customization and production-related engineering services, while our Applied Research Group conducts pure research that extends the horizon of CFD science and its applications.#vendor #software #services #usa #consulting #research #visualization #datamanagement
Kalray585Kalray's solutions address a surging need in two huge and important markets: Cloud computing Real-time, constrained applications in markets such as telecom, big data, video, and IoT are rapidly moving to the cloud. To support such a major shift, cloud infrastructures need to offload real-time processing to high performance, low power, and real-time dedicated processors. The foundation of Kalray’s supercomputing on a chip™ solutions lie in its breakthrough patented MPPA® manycore processor technology. This revolutionary architecture uniquely addresses extreme computing, low-power and real-time applications with an unparalleled combination of technology benefits.#vendor #hardware #software #france #europe #processors #boards #cloud #networking
FCI Electronics586With a global footprint comprising of Asia, Europe, Middle East & Africa and the Americas, FCI Electronics is well renowned and respected for our technological leadership, as well as innovative connector and cable assembly solutions. Our product offerings include Backplane, Power Solutions, Board/Wire to Board Connectors, Input/Output Connectors, Optical Interconnect, Cable Assemblies, Terminal Blocks and Flex Connectors. We place heavy emphasis on both research and innovation. Every year, FCI invests approximately 5.5% of our annual revenue into R&D, focusing in the advancement of the next generation of high speed interconnects and power distribution.#vendor #hardware #usa #connectors #cabling #interconnects
Hitachi Cable587Hitachi Cable America is a leading supplier of high-performance connectivity solutions - designed to meet the supercomputing industry’s requirements for transport speed, density, power consumption and reliability. We will showcase and demonstrate our 10Gbps/ch and 25Gbps/ch optical and copper interconnect solutions, HCM brand Premise, optical fiber, electronics cables and assemblies, and some of our newest technologies.#vendor #hardware #usa #cabling
Cenaero588Cenaero is an applied research center providing to companies involved in a technology innovation process high fidelity numerical simulation methods and tools to invent and design more competitive products. Cenaero operates since the beginning of 2014 a Tier-1 supercomputer (ranked 300 in the Top500) with 11 500 computing cores. This enables the research center to reinforce its position in high performance computing and numerical simulation. This supercomputer, the most powerful in Belgium, will allow more than 500 researchers of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, to develop their projects in numerical simulation.#user #commercial #belgium #europe #research
SILKAN589SILKAN designs and develops high performance simulation solutions supporting the whole life cycle of complex systems. SILKAN takes on projects where safe operations require a combination of system behavior analysis, complex control design, specific training and operation readiness. This leads to SILKAN’s strong presence in such sectors as aerospace & defense, transportation and energy industries.#vendor #software #solutions #france #europe #systems #research
AHPCRC - Army High Performance Computing Research Center590Welcome to the Army High Performance Computing Research Center. We are a consortium of universities that includes Stanford University as the lead, The University of Texas, El Paso, New Mexico State University, and Morgan State University. We are working in cooperation with the Army Research Laboratory on advancing the field of Computation-Based Engineering Science. The Core of our basic research program focuses on two objectives: producing cutting-edge software tools for the next-generation HPC environments, and developing innovative computational methodologies that harness the power of these new environments for the solution of some of the most challenging problems in engineering and science. These are typically multi-disciplinary and multi-scale. Unraveling their intricacies requires high-fidelity numerical models and simulations. Exploiting their solutions in an engineering setting requires the reduction of the dimensionality of these computational models.#user #government #academia #usa #consortium #research
US DOE Climate and Earth System Modeling591Climate and Earth System Modeling is part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) Climate and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD). Our focus is on the development, evaluation, and use of regional and global climate models, development of Earth system models, and development of integrated assessment models to determine the impacts and possible mitigation of climate change. Optimizing emerging high-performance computing and information technologies, the Earth System Modeling (ESM) Program concentrates on advancing coupled climate and Earth system models for climate change projections at global-to-regional spatial scales and temporal scales spanning decadal to centennial.#user #government #usa #research
EDAC592EDAC is the choice for custom connectors. We can build a ‘Made To Spec’ connector to your specification. We have a fully integrated Engineering team in Toronto, Canada who can build a spec and drawings of your product. We provide fast turnaround of drawings and specifications – from concept to production in as little as 12 weeks with prototypes within 4 weeks. We have some of the lowest Minimum Order Quantities in the industry and can assist with flexible tooling options.#vendor #hardware #canada #connectors
CALIENT Technologies593CALIENT Technologies is the global leader in pure photonic Optical Circuit Switching with systems that enable dynamic optical layer optimization in next generation data centers and software defined networks. CALIENT’s 3D MEMS switches allow data center operators to offload large highly persistent data flows from packet networks to optical circuit switched networks resulting in major cost reduction and the ability to economically deploy 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s services immediately.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #bigdata #switches #security
3M Interconnect Solutions594The destination for component engineers/designers, distributors and system integrators looking for connectors, cables and cable assemblies. 3M offers a broad portfolio of products for data centers that address uptime, speed and sustainability. 3M solutions for fire protection, security and power deliver reliable uptime. Our products drive speed with fiber and copper solutions for direct-attach cables and structured cabling. We enable energy efficiency and sustainability in all we do, including air filtration and immersion cooling. For high-performance computing, 3M’s foldable twin axial cable assemblies allow for improved routing and flexibility of design enabling complex, high-performance architectures. 3M has also pioneered a two-phase immersion cooling technology that can reduce energy costs by 95 percent, allow increased power density per rack and enable continuous overclocking#vendor #hardware #usa #interconnect #connectors #cabling #cooling
CYFRONET AGH595ACK CYFRONET AGH which is organizationally and financially an autonomous unit of the AGH-UST in Krakow, is now one of the largest supercomputing and networking centers in Poland. Since establishment in 1973, the most important task realized by Cyfronet is to provide telecommunication and computing services for the entire scientific community of Krakow and Malopolska province.#user #academia #poland #europe #research
Boston University Research Computing Services596The Research Computing Services (RCS) group within Information Services & Technology at Boston University provides computing, storage, and visualization resources and services to support research that has specialized or highly intensive computation, storage, bandwidth, or graphics requirements. Typical applications include bioinformatics, geographic information systems (GIS), statistics, data analysis, molecular modeling, scientific and engineering simulation, and visualization. The primary computing resource is BU’s Shared Computing Cluster (SCC), a heterogeneous Linux cluster and an array of storage options located at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC). A broad selection of software for scientific research computing is supported.#user #academia #usa #research
CHTC Center for High Throughput Computing597The Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC) offers a variety of large-scale computing resources and services for UW-affiliated researchers and their collaborators, including classically-defined high-throughput computing (HTC) and high-performance computing (HPC) resources. CHTC services and hardware are funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and various grants from the University itself.#user #academia #usa #research
ASA Computer598Since 1989, ASA Computers Inc has been assisting individuals, companies, and organizations with their computing and networking requirements. For the past several years, server design has increasingly trended toward lower product costs, higher energy efficiency, lower service costs, increased density, and better product ROI. 1U Server, 2U Server, 3U Server, 4U Server, 8U Server, Customized Rackmount Servers and High Density Storage Solutions.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #servers #blades #virtualization #cabling #gpu #workstations #racks #networking
vlsci599Victorian researchers using this supercomputer facility have access to a powerful tool to help them solve some of the biggest challenges facing the State’s health system and impacting on our quality of life. Life scientists and computer scientists are forming exciting collaborations to improve diagnostics, find new drug targets, refine treatments and further our understanding of the major diseases affecting our community: cancer, epilepsy, genetic disorders, infectious diseases and eye disease, among others.#user #government #australia #research
Journal of High Speed Networks600The Journal of High Speed Networks is an international archival journal, active since 1992, providing a publication vehicle for covering a large number of topics of interest in the high performance networking and communication area. Its audience includes researchers, managers as well as network designers and operators. The main goal will be to provide timely dissemination of information and scientific knowledge. The journal will publish papers on a number of topics ranging from design to practical experiences with operational high performance/speed networks.#resource #journal
University of Notre Dame CRC601The University of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing (CRC) is an innovative and multidisciplinary research environment that supports collaboration to facilitate discoveries in science and engineering, the arts, humanities and social sciences, through advanced computation, data analytics and other digital research tools. CRC provides support for interdisciplinary research and education, and conducts computational research. The foundation of the CRC is a state of the art High Performance Computing (HPC) facility providing advanced research computing support to the Notre Dame community.#user #academia #usa #research #visualization #analytics #cloud #communication #datamanagement #grid #visualization
Primeur Weekly Magazine602Primeur Magazine is the oldest supercomputer news service in the world: the service exists since 1984. Primeur Magazine brings you all the news on HPC, Supercomputing and technologies like Grid and Cloud computing with a focus on Europe. Primeur Magazine continues to publish news on HPC, spanning over 25 years already. First on fax and paper, now by a portal, e-mail and Twitter, but always bringing you the latest news and in-depth analysis.#resource #news #magazine
Aberdeen603Award winning custom storage servers, NAS server solutions, DAS, SAN, network attached storage server, custom rackmount server solutions, video storage servers. Founded in 1991, Aberdeen LLC is a leading manufacturer of servers and storage. Delivering exceptional performance, unparalleled reliability and outstanding value, Aberdeen’s award winning products are deployed every day by IT departments in many of the world’s largest organizations. Aberdeen can customize storage servers to scale beyond 1 Petabyte delivering exceptional performance, unparalleled reliability and outstanding value. Aberdeen’s award winning products feature an unrivaled 5-Year warranty and are deployed every day by IT departments in many of the world’s largest organizations.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #server
University of Florida Research Computing604UF Research Computing mission is to support research-oriented computing activity as needed by UF faculty and drive the University toward its stated goal of becoming a top-ten public research university. The High-Performance Computing Center is the group within Research Computing that operates and supports the large-scale computing systems and data storage facilities for the benefit of the UF research community. The primary mission and goal of Research Computing is to support research computing activities on campus that include but are not limited to 1) Traditional high-performance computing (HPC), which is computing that may involve parallel programming using MPI (message passing interface), multiple threads, or GPUs (graphical processor units) 2) High-throughput computing (HTC), which consists of running large numbers of independent computing tasks where each task performs a similar computation on a different set of data 3) Analysis and manipulation of multi-terabyte data sets now referred to by some funding agencies as “BIGDATA“.#user #academia #usa #research
Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing605The Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing, PC², is an interdisciplinary institute of the University of Paderborn, Germany. We are specialized in distributed and parallel computing for research, development and practical applications. New emerging fields of applications are investigated together with our partners. Practical work is done in a number of different areas shown on our research and project web pages. Our parallel computers are amongst the most powerful of their type. They enable us to study practical applications in a high-performance computing environment. Among our computing facilities are several large InfiniBand-clusters with up to 10.000 processor cores, and some smaller machines. Within the supporting groups, theoretical work is done to develop methods and principles for the construction and efficient use of distributed and parallel computer systems.#user #academia #germany #research
OpenSFS606Open Scalable File Systems, Inc. (OpenSFS®) is a strong and growing nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of the Lustre® file system. OpenSFS was founded in 2010 to advance Lustre, ensuring it remains vendor-neutral, open, and free. Since its inception, OpenSFS has been responsible for advancing Lustre and delivering new releases on behalf of the open source community. Through working groups, events, and ongoing funding initiatives, OpenSFS harnesses the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation and growth of Lustre worldwide.#resource #consortium #usa
University of North Dakota CRC607The University of North Dakota (UND) Computational Research Center (CRC) is dedicated to helping researchers affiliated with the University of North Dakota solve increasingly challenging problems in science and society. By supporting high performance computing hardware, software, and staff through the Division of Research, the University provides quality computing resources to its researchers and faculty involved in creative activities which require intricate numerical modeling and data-intensive simulations.#user #academia #usa #research
CIARA Technologies608CIARA is a global technology provider that specializes in the design, development, assembly, integration and support of computer products. With its vast array of standard and customized technology products and a current production capacity of up to 1,000,000 systems per year, CIARA is ranked amongst the largest system manufacturers in North America. The company’s products are employed worldwide by organizations from small to large, in the sectors of finance, aerospace, engineering, transport, oil and gas, government, education and defense.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #workstations #servers #clusters
EnginSoft609EnginSoft is a consulting company operating in the field of Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE). From Computational Fluid Dynamics to Structural Engineering and Multi-Objective Design Optimization, we are your partner for increasing product performance and improving manufacturing process reliability.#vendor #software #consulting #services #germany #europe #training #research
Genci610Promoting numerical simulation and HPC is one of the three main missions of GENCI. GENCI was created in 2007 by the Public authorities with the aim of placing France among the leading countries within Europe and on the international stage in terms of high performance computing. GENCI’s role is to help implement the national strategy for high performance computing in support of scientific research within France, in close liaison with the three national computing centres; to be a player in the creation of an integrated European high performance computing ecosystem; to work to promote numerical simulation and high performance computing within the academic and industrial communities, and, in combination with Inria and Bpifrance, as part of a specific initiative for the SME sector.#user #france #europe #research
Stony Brook University Seawulf Cluster611The Seawulf Cluster is devoted to providing computational resources and expertise for basic scientific research to the faculty and students of Stony Brook University. The Seawulf Cluster is a custom-built 470-processor Linux Cluster. The cluster uses 3.4GHz Intel Pentium IV Xeon CPUs interconnected with Gigabit Ethernet. The data are stored on five IDE RAID storage systems, with a total of 20TB of high speed disk space.#user #academia #usa #research
Zippy Technology612Zippy establishes the well-known EMACS brand and manufactures high-quality power supplies for servers, storage and broadcasting. We continuously improve the functionality and the design of the power supplies for more compact and higher output products.#vendor #hardware #taiwan #powersupplies
Simpleware613Simpleware is dedicated to providing innovative software solutions to bridge the gap between 3D imaging and design and simulation technologies. Simpleware software converts 3D images (MRI, micro-CT, FIB-SEM…) into high-quality models suitable for CAD, CAE and 3D printing applications. The software is used across a wide range of industries and research fields, including the Life Sciences, Materials Science, Industrial Reverse Engineering and Non-Destructive Evaluation, and Oil and Gas. Customers range from international blue chip corporations to research institutes and universities around the world.#vendor #software #unitedkingdom #europe
SC Online News614On May 25, 2001, SC Online started covering the supercomputing field. Since then, the publication has come to be known as the most dynamic site about supercomputers. SC Online helps more than two hundred thousand professionals who build and manage the inspiration, innovation and discovery powered by supercomputing.#resource #news
Pacific Wave615Pacific Wave is a state-of-the-art international peering exchange facility designed to serve research and education networks throughout the Pacific Rim and the world. Pacific Wave enhances research and education network capabilities by increasing network efficiency, reducing latency, increasing throughput, and reducing costs. Pacific Wave is a joint project between CENIC, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California, and the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, and is operated in collaboration with the University of Southern California and the University of Washington.#vendor #hardware #academia #usa #networking #research
Green Graph 500616The Green Graph 500 list collects performance-per-watt metrics and acts as a forum for vendors and data center operators to compare the energy consumption of data intensive computing workloads on their architectures.#resource #benchmarks
Cirrascale617Cirrascale Corporation designs, manufactures and sells blade-based compute and storage servers, and high-density infrastructure for cloud, conventional and modular data centers. Cirrascale leverages its patented Vertical Cooling Technology™ to offer the most energy-efficient, high density, open source, standards-based platforms with the lowest total cost of ownership. Cirrascale sells to large scale-out infrastructure operators, hosting, co-location, managed service providers, Cloud Service Providers, and High Performance Computing (HPC) users. Cirrascale also licenses its award winning technology to partners globally, allowing the technology to be manufactured locally in several countries.#vendor #hardware #usa #cloud #storage #solutions #servers #datacenter #clusters #gpu
RCE - An HPC Podcast618Research Computing and Engineering Podcast. Brock Palen is a High Performance Computing Administrator for the Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Jeff Squyres is a software engineer for Cisco Systems, Inc. He has been Cisco's representative to the Open MPI project and the MPI Forum since March of 2007. His main focuses are HPC and MPI; he is a core developer in the Open MPI project (www.open-mpi.org). Jeff works in the server-side software group at Cisco, and therefore also dabbles in other server-side and network-based datacenter technologies.#resource #podcast #usa
Northwest Logic619Northwest Logic provides high quality, silicon proven Intellectual Property Cores which are optimized for high performance and ease of use in both ASICs and FPGAs.#vendor #hardware #usa #asics #fpga #memory
LiquidCool Solutions620LiquidCool Solutions is a technology development firm with patents surrounding cooling electronics by total immersion in a dielectric fluid. LCS technology can be used to cool electronics of any shape and size. For rack-mounted servers the dielectric fluid is pumped from a central station through a manifold mounted on the rack into sealed IT devices, flooding each chassis and slowly flowing over and around the circuit boards and internal components via directed flow. Once the coolant exits the enclosure it is circulated outside the datacenter where the heat is captured for commercial reuse or rejected to the atmosphere by a commercially available fluid cooler.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling
Center of extertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers621The Department of Energy-led CENTER of EXPERTISE demonstrates national leadership in decreasing the energy use of data centers. The Center partners with key influential public and private stakeholders. It also supplies know-how, tools, best practices, analyses, and the introduction of technologies to assist Federal agencies with implementing policies and developing data center energy efficiency projects.#resource #government #collaboration #usa
A*STAR IHPC622Established in April 1998, IHPC is a Research Institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), IHPC promotes and spearheads scientific advances and technological innovations through computational modelling, simulation and visualisation methodologies and tools. At IHPC, we share a common vision in establishing the Institute as the computing powerhouse for Singapore and the region. Through our unique scientific capabilities and world-leading R&D efforts, we capitalize on the power of computational science to solve major scientific, engineering and industrial problems.#user #academia #singapore
Gabriel Consulting Group623Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG) is a boutique IT consulting organization that provides pragmatic consulting services, in-depth industry analysis, and custom research. We focus on Enterprise computing & data centers, Enterprise analytics/Big Data, High Performance Computing, TCO/ROI, virtualization, and other high technology topics. Our Data Center Surveys poll real-world IT experts to track customer satisfaction, technology trends, and purchasing forecasts.#resource #news #services #usa #consulting
bhyve624The bhyve Hypervisor is a new feature of the FreeBSD operating system that provides performant virtualization of the FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and GNU/Linux operating systems. bhyve leverages the hardware CPU virtualization and Extended Page Table (EPT) features found in modern microprocessors plus VirtIO virtualized storage and network devices. bhyve is permissively-licensed and works in conjunction with other advanced features of FreeBSD such as OpenZFS, Jails, Capsicum and Packet Filter to build large-capacity virtualized environments and HPC applications.#vendor #resource #software #virtualization
HPC on Reddit625Reddit is a message board community.#resource #usa
CASC - The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation626Founded in 1989, the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with 81 member institutions representing many of the nation's most forward thinking universities and computing centers. CASC is dedicated to advocating the use of the most advanced computing technology to accelerate scientific discovery for national competitiveness, global security, and economic success, as well as develop a diverse and well-prepared 21st century workforce.#user #consortium #collaboration #academia #usa #research
ScaleOut Software627ScaleOut Software offers distributed in-memory data grids (IMDG) products - enabling high performance, scalable distributed caching and data analysis in Windows, Linux, and Solaris.#vendor #software #usa
University of Chicago RCC628The Research Computing Center (RCC) is dedicated to providing the University of Chicago community a full-service high-performance computing (HPC) center, including visualization resources, access to software, workshops, one-on-one consulting with domain experts, and complete data-management strategies to researchers across all departments and divisions.#user #academia #usa #research
Context Relevant629Context Relevant - State-of-the-art Predictive Data Analytics. We focus machine learning tools on hard, real-world datasets, enabling customers to deploy data-driven answers - and the reasoning behind those answers - in every aspect of their business. Context Relevant eliminates drudgery from analytics by automating predictive model creation.#user #software #usa #bigdata #analytics
Alpha Data630Alpha Data provides a wide range of high performance FPGA computing cards designed to harness the power of the latest generation of Xilinx FPGA devices. Leading edge products are available for industry standard platforms (PCI Express, servers, workstations, VPX, XMC and others) and support multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux and VxWorks). Target application areas include Datacenter Compute acceleration, Cloud Computing, Network Acceleration, High Frequency Trading, DSP, Real-time Image Processing, and Data Security implementations.#vendor #hardware #unitedkingdom #fpga #cloud #datacenter #networking #security
Yamaichi Electronics631YEU was founded and incorporated as a business on November 1, 1983, when it opened its first office in Palo Alto, California. Steady growth of the Yamaichi products line in the United States includes our Test & Burn-In sockets and Production connectors, as well as standard and high density connectors.#vendor #hardware #usa #connectors #cables
Rservoir Labs632Reservoir Labs is a privately held technology and solutions company headquartered in New York City that’s earned the trust and respect of commercial customers, government customers and top-tier researchers around the globe. Our team of experts conducts thought-leading research, develops novel technologies, and creates highly useful advanced computing and communications products that serve the security and communications needs of Reservoir’s commercial and government customers. Our mission is to make the world safer, cleaner, more secure and more efficient through the application of radical high-performance computing technologies. Since 1990, Reservoir has been actively involved in cutting-edge research projects for organizations working on novel high-performance systems. We leverage our expertise in advanced compilers, software verification and network security to create innovative turnkey commercial and government solutions that address critical science and security issues.#vendor #hardware #software #services #usa #consulting #networking #research
BeeGFS633BeeGFS (formerly FhGFS) is the leading parallel cluster file system, developed with a strong focus on performance and designed for very easy installation and management. If I/O intensive workloads are your problem, BeeGFS is the solution.#resource #software
Dynatron Corporation634Dynatron Corporation is the leading manufacturer of CPU Cooler , Case Fan, Blower.We also provide for OEM customers any custom-design thermal solution products. These include active coolers, passive heat sinks, heat pipes, blowers, cross flow blowers and many more.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling #fans
Intel HPC Developer Conference635The Intel® HPC Developer Conference will bring together developers from around the world to discuss code modernization in high performance computing. Learn what’s next in HPC, its technologies, and its impact on tomorrow’s innovations. Find the solutions to your biggest challenges at the Intel® HPC Developer Conference.#resource #conference
Reduxio636In 2012, a group of storage industry veterans founded Reduxio with the vision to build the next-generation storage platform that would redefine data management, and would be able take full advantage of device capabilities available today and into the future. . Three years later, Reduxio is ready to deliver its line of hybrid storage arrays to the market that will deliver industry leading performance and efficiency, and cutting edge data management capabilities. Reduxio's enterprise hybrid storage combines RAM, SSDs and HDDs to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and to-the-second data recovery far exceeding anything on the market today. Reduxio systems deliver all-flash performance at the cost of disk-based systems, providing the first-ever built-in data protection that allows to-the-second recovery without upfront administration.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #security
Fly Elephant637FlyElephant is a platform for scientists, providing a computing infrastructure for calculations, helping to find partners for the collaboration on projects, and managing all data from one place. FlyElephant automates routine tasks and helps to focus on core research issues.#vendor #services #software #ukraine #tools #datamanagement #collaboration #security
IT4Innovations638IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center is an important part of e-Infrastructure of the Czech Republic focused on HPC research and services. The research activities address HPC problems in engineering, nanosciences, big data, disaster and traffic management. The center is currently operating the most powerful Czech HPC infrastructure and is planning its upgrade to petascale system in 2015. Our mission is to deliver scientifically excellent and industry relevant research in the fields of high performance computing and embedded systems.We are providing state-of-the-art technology and expertise in high performance computing and embedded systems and make it available for Czech and international research teams from academia and industry.#user #academia #software #czechrepublic #europe #research #services
CERFACS639CERFACS ( Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation Avancée en Calcul Scientifique) is a research organization that aims to develop advanced methods for the numerical simulation and the algorithmic solution of large scientific and technological problems of interest for research as well as industry, and that requires access to the most powerful computers presently available.#user #government #france #europe #research
Performance Dynamics Company640Performance Dynamics, a California registered company, was founded in 1994 to provide consulting and educational services for the management of large-scale computer systems with an emphasis on performance analysis and enterprise-wide capacity planning. Performance Dynamics Consulting develops tools for performance analysis and capacity planning, designs marketing strategies based on our extensive knowledge of performance industry niches, and evaluates commercial performance management products.#vendor #services #usa #consulting #tools #training
Kit Steinbuch Centre for Computing641The Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) was founded on 1st January 2008 within the framework of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and is the information technology centre of KIT. It has been emanating from the merger of the Computing Centre of Karlsruhe University and the Institute of Scientific Computing of the Research Centre Karlsruhe. The name “Steinbuch Centre for Computing" recalls the Karlsruhe computer scientist Karl Steinbuch who introduced in 1954 the term “informatics” into the German language. With about 200 employees, an excellent IT infrastructure and numerous national and international research projects SCC ranks among the largest scientific computing centres in Europe.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
CUNY HPC Center642The City University of New York (CUNY) High Performance Computing Center is operated by the College of Staten Island and funded, in part, by grants from the City of New York, State of New York, CUNY Research Foundation, and National Science Foundation. The HPCC operates six computer systems: “SALK” is a Cray XE6m with a total of 2816 processor cores, “Penzias” is a cluster with 1,152 Intel Sandy Bridge cores each with 4 Gbytes of memory, “ANDY” is an SGI cluster with 744 processor cores and 96 NVIDIA Fermi processor accelerators, “BOB” is a Dell cluster with 232 processor cores, “KARLE” is a Dell shared memory system with 24 processor cores, and “Zeus” is a Dell cluster with 64 processor cores.#user #academia #usa #research
EM Photonics643EM Photonics develops high performance computing and embedded systems solutions primarily for the image processing, scientific computing, and linear algebra fields. We solve our customers' problems with methodical approaches to effectively integrate a well-balanced system - optimizing for performance, size, weight, power, or a combination of these factors.#vendor #software #usa #gpu #systems
CPU 24/7644Welcome to the CPU 24/7, the experts for high performance computing and providing scalable and fast HPC cluster. CPU 24/7 is specialised in providing High Performance Computing (HPC) systems and computing power “on demand” for industry and universities, for applications in development and research either in form of the permanently available Tailored Configurations or as flexibly usable computing capacities via the CPU 24/7 Resource Area - each with a ready-to-work workplace environment.#vendor #services #germany #europe
Radio HPC - The Rich Report by Rich Brueckner645This podcast features news and information on High Performance Computing. By Rich Brueckner.#resource #news #podcast #usa
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre646The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is encouraging and energising research using supercomputing, large scale data storage and visualisation in Western Australia. We provide facilities and expertise to the research, education and industrial communities. Application areas include nanotechnology, radio astronomy, high energy physics, medical research, mining and petroleum, architecture and construction, multimedia, and urban planning, amongst others.#vendor #services #australia
Dedicated Computing647Dedicated Computing designs, validates and builds high performing technical compute platforms. Dedicated Computing designs and builds connected intelligent edge-node devices for Original Equipment Manufacturers that require application ready, network-enabled platforms for delivering advanced solutions to their customers. Dedicated’s devices are engineered to support applications that are computationally intense, have large complex data sets, massive and fast storage or IO requirements or intensive graphical imaging needs. Our integrated platforms have a versatile and flexible stack of reliable middleware and are monitored and managed over the internet through a standardized, secured gateway. Our complete solutions utilize our virtualized cloud services for critical operational data collection, storage and processing, as well as a platform for running analytics to improve decision making for critical business operations.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #systems #servers #racks #datacenters #storage #networking
Open-Silicon648Open-Silicon transforms ideas into system-optimized ASIC solutions within the time-to-market parameters desired by customers. The company enhances the value of customers’ products by innovating at every stage of design — architecture, logic, physical, system, software, and IP — and then continues to partner to deliver fully tested silicon and platforms. Open-Silicon applies an open business model that enables the company to uniquely choose best-in-industry IP, design methodologies, tools, software, packaging, manufacturing, and test capabilities. The company has partnered with over 150 companies ranging from large semiconductor and systems manufacturers to high-profile start-ups, and has successfully completed 300 designs and shipped over 100 million ASICs to date. Privately-held, Open-Silicon employs over 250 people in Silicon Valley and around the world.#vendor #hardware #services #usa #asics #socs
OCF649At OCF we have been using our integration knowledge, skills and partner eco-system to help organisations with their high performance data processing, data management and data storage challenges for over a decade. Based in Sheffield and Daresbury UK, with a network of expert staff around the country, we provide high performance computing solutions to a growing number of commercial clients from the automotive, aerospace, financial, manufacturing, media, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries. We also provide solutions to over 20% of the UK’s universities, higher education institutions and research councils.#vendor #services #solutions #unitedkingdom #europe #datamanagement #storage
Cycle Computing650At Cycle Computing, we believe Utility HPC, or the ability to access virtually unlimited computing power through public and private clouds, is leading to a new Revolution of Invention and Discovery. Cycle Computing is the leading Cloud Technical Computing software company. We help users solve problems faster by enabling greater access to any computing resource available. Our enterprise-class software is the key enabling technology, connecting users to on-premise and cloud infrastructure through data routing, orchestration, and management. Since 2005, we’ve helped leading companies successfully gain greater access to computing power and storage, driving better answers, for faster business.#vendor #software #usa #cloud #datamanagement #GRID #storage
A*STAR CRC651ASTAR Computational Resource Centre (ACRC) ASTAR Computational Resource Centre provides high performance computational (HPC) resources to the entire ASTAR research community. Currently A*CRC supports HPC needs of over seven hundred strong user community and manages several high-end computers. It is also responsible for very rapidly growing data storage resources.#user #academia #singapore
AirBorn652AirBorn is a full-service global electronic interconnect manufacturer, electronic contract manufacturer and electronic distributor, that is focused on serving customers requiring the highest reliability through innovative solutions. The company's current offerings include industry leading connectors, cable assemblies, flexible circuit assemblies, custom power supplies and a full suite of electronic design, manufacturing and testing services for aerospace, avionics, defense, semiconductor instrumentation, medical, energy, industrial, and automotive industries.#vendor #hardware #usa #interconnect #networking #solutions #cabling
UCLA idre653IDRE’s Research Technology Group (RTG) is comprised of a talented core of scientists, scholars, and post-doctoral researchers with areas of specialization and expertise that align with one of the five IDRE programs. IDRE’s unique computational capability includes High Performance Computing resources and expertise, Grid and Cloud Access Services, Cluster Services, the Grid Portal, and UCLA’s data center system.#user #academia #usa #research
AFRL DSRC654Welcome to the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) DoD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC). We are a high performance computing (HPC) facility committed to providing the resources necessary for Department of Defense (DoD) scientists and engineers to complete their research, development, testing and evaluation projects. Since our inception in 1996 as part of the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP), we have supported the warfighter by combining powerful computational resources, secure interconnects, and application software with renowned services, expertise and experience.#user #government #usa #hardware #software #research
Accumold655Accumold® is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro, small and lead frame injection molded plastic components. Utilizing processes developed from Accumold's Micro-Mold® technology, the company designs, builds and produces unique molds and parts efficiently for markets that include Micro Electronics, Medical, Micro Optics, Automotive, and Military Applications. Molded components range in size from 7cm with micro features down to parts less than 1mm in size. These complex parts often include tight tolerances measuring only a few microns. Processes include: insert molding, clean room molding and 2-shot molding. Materials include: PEEK, Ultem, LCP, and most engineered thermoplastics.#vendor #hardware #usa
Net Direct656Founded in 1995, Net Direct Inc. is committed to providing a comprehensive suite of open source solutions to small, medium and large businesses. We are focused on helping our customers enhance their business performance through best-in-class systems, networking and software technologies.#vendor #hardware #software #canada #networking #storage #virtualization #linux #communication #gpu #systems #consulting
Advanced Clustering Technologies657Advanced Clustering Technologies builds turn-key HPC clusters that are pre-configured, pre-tested and plug and play. With a strong emphasis on building partnerships, ACT has delivered HPC clusters worldwide and has expanded their reach due to the relationships developed with their clients. Their clusters serve diverse applications including life sciences, energy development, climate and weather modeling, finance, and bringing new products to market sooner.#vendor #hardware #usa #clusters
Iceotope658Iceotope is the home of cutting edge liquid cooling technology. Its patented technology offers high density IT, reduces energy consumption and improves computing performance. Iceotope systems have no fans, are virtually silent in operation, and can be positioned in populated or hostile environments in addition to the traditional data centre.#vendor #hardware #unitedkingdom #europe #cooling
Talari Networks659Talari Networks is redefining WAN reliability and application performance quality. By aggregating multiple diverse networks into a virtual WAN and continuously adapting traffic based on the availability and real-time quality of the network paths, Talari ensures applications that rely on a WAN are not affected by underlying network issues. Talari’s patented technology delivers significant cost savings over single provider networks while also increasing reliability and quality.Talari WAN solutions bring Internet economics to corporate WANs by aggregating and transforming broadband and other affordable Internet links to deliver business-class reliability and performance predictability at consumer prices.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking
Fast LTA660FAST LTA certified storage solutions have been expressly and categorically developed for the secure, cost-effective, long-term safeguarding of digital data. The Silent Cubes system is the first storage system to be explicitly and categorically developed for the secure, long-term storage of permanent data.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #storage
cPacket Networks661cPacket delivers solutions that radically simplify network traffic monitoring and data center performance management. cPacket products include the cVu traffic monitoring switches, active and passive cTap probes, and the SPIFEE software dashboard for centralized configuration, reporting, and control of distributed deployments. At the heart of all of cPacket’s products is its proprietary Algorithmic Fabric chip. The company’s innovative hardware-software architecture enables best of breed solutions for network intelligence, visibility, and security. cPacket customers include the world largest data centers, service providers, financial institutions, exchanges, and government organizations.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #switches
CCRT - Computing Center for Research and Technology662The Research and Technology Computing Center (CCRT - Centre de calcul pour la recherche et la technologie) has been set up to provide High Performance Computing resources for large scientific computations and to foster a real synergy between research organizations, universities and industry by promoting exchanges and scientific collaboration between partners.#user #academia #commercial #france #europe #research
Scripps Research Institute HPC663Scripps Florida maintains a high-performance computing (HPC) and storage environment specifically designed for solving high-throughput and data-intensive research computing problems. Scripps Florida primarily utilizes this HPC technology to solve problems and simulate experiments in the areas of molecular dynamics, protein analysis and identification, sequence alignment and annotation, and structure determination via x-ray crystallography and homology modeling. However, we are interested in exploring collaborations on any types of data-intensive scientific problems. Our primary HPC cluster, named “Sepa,” currently consists of more than 456 processors and 456 GB of distributed memory. The system uses a distributed batch queuing system called “Sun Grid Engine.” This software provides researchers a simple ways to submit complex jobs to the compute cluster.#user #academia #usa #research
Opal Kelly664Opal Kelly is a provider of FPGA-based, USB-connected FPGA development boards and related software tools based on the Xilinx Spartan family of FPGA devices.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #fpga
Rich Report Youtube Channel665The Rich Report provides the average Joe with insight on HPC and Cloud Computing. By Rich Brueckner.#resource #news #usa
SC Conference Series Videos666The official YouTube channel for the SC conference series. We seek to promote the message of how HPC is making a profound impact on nearly every facet of our lives.#resource #news #usa
QCMC667The International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC) was established in 1990 to encourage and bring together scientists and engineers working in the interdisciplinary field of quantum information science and technology.#resource #conference
Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech668The Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech broadly integrates disciplines – from molecular science to policy analysis – to address pressing challenges to human health, habitat, and well-being. We use an information biology approach to predict, explain, and visualize the behavior of massively interacting systems. Analyzing and predicting the behavior of massive systems requires a staggering amount of processing power combined with the most powerful national assets available. Our large-scale, high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure currently consists of over 500 servers and multiple clusters, totaling more than 4,000 cores and 22TB of RAM.#user #academia #usa #research
ERDC DSRC669The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) DOD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC) in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is the premier research and development laboratory complex for the Corps of Engineers. ERDC conducts critical research in the Tri-Service Reliance areas of Civil Engineering, The ERDC DSRC operates a variety of large HPC systems to serve the HPC needs of engineers and scientists throughout the DoD. It provides a complete HPC environment, including hardware, software, data storage, archiving, visualization, training, and expertise in the CFD, CSM, and EQM Computational Technology Areas as well as Education Outreach and Training Coordination (EOTC).#user #government #usa #research
KeyInfo670Key Information Systems (KeyInfo) is a leading regional systems integrator, with world-class compute, storage, networking solutions and professional services for the most advanced software-defined data centers. These competencies are tightly complimented by a full suite of data center capabilities including private and hybrid cloud offerings, connectivity services, colocation facilities and managed services.#vendor #services #solutions #software #usa #bigdata #virtualization #networking #storage #servers #security #systems #integrator
Keeneland National Institute for Experimental Computing671The Keeneland Project is a five-year Track 2D cooperative agreement awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2009 for the deployment of an innovative high performance computing system in order to bring emerging architectures to the open science community. The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and its partners - Oak Ridge National Lab, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and the National Institute for Computational Sciences - manage the facility, perform education and outreach activities for advanced architectures, develop and deploy software tools for this class of architecture to ensure productivity, and team with early adopters to map their applications to Keeneland architectures.#user #academia #usa #research
LCI - Linux Cluster Institute672Providing education and advanced technical training for the deployment and use of computing clusters to the high performance computing community worldwide. LCI was founded by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, the Center for High Performance Computing at the University of New Mexico, and the Advanced Computing Technology Center at the IBM Watson Research Center.#resource #usa
ASG - Advanced Systems Group673As a leading national systems integrator, Advanced Systems Group (ASG) provides world-class design, implementation, and consulting services for all of your information technology needs.#vendor #services #usa #integrator #cloud #consulting #storage #datamanagement #virtualization #networking
CUG - Cray User Group674The Cray User Group is an independent, international corporation of member organizations that own Cray Inc. computer systems. Founded in 1978, CUG was established to facilitate collaboration and information exchange in the high-performance computing (HPC) community. We assist our members in achieving their business and research objectives by providing opportunities to share and discover ideas, solutions, and developments in the effective use of computational tools.#user #organization #collaboration #consortium #usa #research
University of Puerto Rico HPCF675Nanobio is the main scientific computation cluster at the HPCf. It provides over 1800 compute cores, and tens of terabytes of high-performance storage (and more planned for the near future) served over a 10G and Infiniband backbone. Jobs are managed by the Sun Grid Engine (SGE), and they may run in distributed or shared-memory parallelism or using hybrid parallelism.#user #academia #puertorico #research
Scilab Enterprises676Scilab software, stemming from Inria, is the worldwide open source reference in numerical computation software. Scilab is used in all major strategic scientific areas of industry and services such as space, aeronautics, automotive, energy, defense, finance and transport. Our team is comprised of engineers and doctors of science from higher education schools or universities, graduated in mathematics, automation, telecommunications, physics or computer science.#vendor #software #france #europe #consulting #training
Montage Technology677Montage Technology is a global leading fabless provider of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions currently addressing the home entertainment and cloud computing markets. We provide highly integrated end-to-end solutions with customized software for set-top boxes, and high performance, low power memory interface solutions for next generation server platforms. In the cloud computing market, Montage offers high performance, low power memory interface solutions that enable memory intensive server applications. Its technology platform approach allows Montage to provide integrated solutions that meet the expanding needs of customers through continuous innovation, efficient design and rapid product development.#vendor #hardware #china #cloud #memory
Ace Computers678Expect a Perfect Fit. Ace Computers offers the highest quality, most strategically designed custom computers and custom technology at prices often better than off-the-shelf. Ace Computers specializes in high-end servers, storage, GPU platforms and clusters.#vendor #hardware #usa #systems #clusters #servers #storage #gpu
Analytics Week679AnalyticsWeek is an 8000 member strong community, 90 closely associated business partners and approximately 120k community reach out across our social platforms.#resource #news #usa #bigdata #analytics
HPCS - High Performance Computing Symposium680The High Performance Computing Symposium (HPCS) is a multi-disciplinary conference that is considered Canada’s premier supercomputing forum. Each year, Canadian and international researchers in all fields of engineering, applied sciences, medicine and life sciences, mathematics and humanities, analysts, and IT professionals from academia and industry gather to exchange the ideas, tools, and new discoveries that are driving today’s innovations in computational research. During this symposium, members of the international scientific community will present the results of research conducted using or about advanced research computing. In the past, presentations have covered subjects such as parallel computing, big data, molecular interactions, biophysics, environmental research, theoretical and computational chemistry, genomics and biomechanics.#conference #canada
Qstar Technologies681Founded in 1987, QStar Technologies is a leading global provider of enterprise-class data management and Active Archive software solutions. QStar's software platform is server and storage hardware independent. QStar is best known for its 3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice, is a founding member of the Active Archive Alliance, and is a leading provider of LTFS solutions for tape.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #storage #datamanagement #security #backup
NICE682Capitalizing on 17 years experience in Industry & Research HPC implementations, NICE delivers comprehensive Grid & Cloud Solutions for companies and institutions, increasing user productivity to access applications and computing resources. Our product portfolio empowers Grid & Cloud infrastructures by increasing usability and user-friendliness, without sacrificing flexibility and control. Delivering industry leading software products aimed at company-wide management and optimization of computing resources through the industry-leading NICE EnginFrame Grid portal. Through NICE EnginFrame solutions we aim to empower user productivity with the Grid Portal and deliver user-friendly, highly customizable access to Grid-enabled applications and infrastructures.#vendor #software #italy #europe #grid #cloud #visualization
BEEcube683BEEcube is a computer hardware and software firm that specializes in configurable technology applied to the most demanding computing applications. BEEcube is at the forefront of technology innovation within the Telecommunications market and is a leading supplier of advanced system-level reconfigurable platforms, with applications in wireline and wireless communications, such as LTE-Advanced, MIMO WiFi, microwave backhaul links, Software Defined Radio (SDR), and Software Defined Networking (SDN) / Openflow.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #servers #networking
TimeLogic684TimeLogic offers hardware-accelerated biocomputing search solutions. For over 15 years, we have specialized in providing high-throughput solutions for the bioinformatics community. Using a combination of custom Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) accelerator cards and highly-parallelized implementations of some of the fundamental bioinformatics algorithms, TimeLogic can offer the equivalent of hundreds of CPU-cores of performance in a single FPGA card. Our solutions also scale well and offer extensive opportunities for customization. TimeLogic products have long been on the forefront of high performance biocomputing.#vendor #hardware #usa #fpga
QuesTek Innovations685QuesTek is a global leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). We design new high performance alloys / materials to meet specific property, performance, and processing goals.#user #commercial #usa
HPCA 2016686The International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture provides a high-quality forum for scientists and engineers to present their latest research findings in this rapidly-changing field.#resource #conference
NortekAir687CES Group is the largest group of custom air conditioning manufacturers in North America. For your commercial, industrial, or institutional indoor environment, choose CES Group air conditioning manufacturers. CES Group provides innovative cooling solutions to the world’s leading data centers to reduce PUE and provide the lowest TCO. Our solutions include IDEC/DEC free cooling units, air handlers and packaged DX equipment, pre-engineered chiller plants, computer room air handlers, rear door heat exchangers and dynamic cooling optimization in a DCIM platform.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling
Siemens PLM Software688What is PLM? PLM, or product lifecycle management, is the integration of data, processes, business systems and, ultimately, the people in an extended enterprise through an information management system. Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a leading global provider of PLM software and services with more than nine million licensed seats and 77,000 customers worldwide. From digital product design to virtual testing to manufacturing simulation and control, Siemens PLM software is used to optimize every phase of a product’s lifecycle, from conceptualization to retirement. The world’s leading companies in automotive, aerospace, consumer products, medical devices, shipbuilding, apparel and machinery, rely on Siemens integrated family of PLM offerings to enhance quality, increase efficiency and reduce product costs.#vendor #software #usa
Dasher Technologies689Dasher Technologies, Inc. ® is a premier IT solution provider that delivers expert technical resources along with trusted account executives to architect and deliver complete IT solutions and services to help our clients deliver on their goals, plans and objectives. Since 1999, we’ve helped public, private and nonprofit organizations implement technology solutions that speed and simplify their operations. As one of the fastest growing IT solution providers in the country, we have gained a reputation for effortless implementations with relentless follow-through and enduring support. Our strong technical expertise and vendor independence allow us to integrate best-of-breed software, hardware and services into a custom solution that directly impacts your business.#vendor #services #usa #cloud #analytics #networking #security #bigdata #datacenters #virtualization #backup #storage #consulting #integrator
German Research School - GRS690The German Research School for Simulation Sciences is a joint graduate school of RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich. Our aim is to train the next generation of computational scientists and engineers. Combining the specific strengths of our founders in the fields of science, engineering, and high-performance computing in an unprecedented, synergistic manner, we provide a unique environment for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and education in the applications and methods of simulation in science and engineering. Equipped with dedicated modern facilities in Aachen and on the Jülich campus, and privileged access to world-class computing and visualization resources, the mission of our school is to offer advanced interdisciplinary graduate training programs.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
MaxVision691MaxVision, Rugged Portable Computers LLC founded in 1993 is a leading producer of high performance rugged portable workstations and server product to meet specific needs of the military C4ISR, portable surveillance, portable data capture, portable video recording and forensic analysis.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers #workstations
ACS - Applied Computer Solutions692Applied Computer Solutions (ACS) designs and installs data storage, network, Internet, and computer security systems largely for clients in the western US. The company focuses on servers, storage, security, networking, and compliance practice areas. ACS won't turn other industries away, but it does have divisions that handle its telecommunications, government, and financial services clients. In addition to its IT services, the company offers project management services and financing programs such as leasing.#vendor #services #usa #consulting #integrator #cloud #virtualization #storage #security #networking #datacenters
Nimbix Supercomputing693Nimbix is a pure high performance computing (HPC) cloud built for volume, speed and simplicity. We give people the tools and the processing power to solve their biggest, toughest problems. We give you the freedom to imagine new possibilities, to test the limits of reality, and to model the future. We keep you one step ahead of the compounding problems of processing speed and infrastructure costs. And best of all, we do it faster, better, and more economically. We give you instant access and simple interfaces. We give you options and control. It’s supercomputing made super human.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #cloud #visualization #bigdata
EE HPC Working Group694The EE HPC WG drives energy efficiency in HPC for computing systems and building infrastructure. It is a forum for sharing of information and collective action. The WG has ~500 members (half from government agencies with strong participation from US DOE and European supercomputer centers, a third from the vendor community & others from academic research). The WG encourages dialogue and collaboration between computer scientists, facility engineers, vendors and researchers. Output includes whitepapers, research papers and guidelines. Team activity includes metrics, workloads, liquid cooling, grid integration and more.#user #resource #government #academia
Connector and Cable Assembly Supplier695Connector + Cable Assembly Supplier provides professionals in the interconnect and associated technology industries a dynamic picture of the news, trends, personalities, and innovations that impact our industry. Ron Bishop launched Connector Supplier 11 years ago as part of his commitment to help connector manufacturers, along with OEMs and contract manufacturers, to build a stronger industry.#resource #news #connectors #cables #interconnects
University of Arkansas HPCC696The Arkansas High Performance Computing Center was established by funding from Governor Mike Beebe through the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority (ASTA) in 2008 to serve as a core resource for the development of competitive research throughout the state of Arkansas and for economic development benefit. The combined power of the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center and ARE-ON will take the state of Arkansas to the next level in the global economy. The sum of all Arkansas High Performance Computing Center (AHPCC) compute nodes have 4,985 cores, 13.4TB of memory, about 73 TFlop/s CPU peak performance, 93TB of long-term storage, 374TB of scratch storage, and 96TB of backup storage.#user #academia #usa #research
Pico Computing697Our modular, highly scalable FPGA-based HPC and embedded systems solve the biggest of the big data computing challenges-from the edge to the data center to the desktop. Whatever solution you need, we make it work, we make it scale, we make it easy.#vendor #hardware #usa #fpga #systems
Novatte698NOVATTE help customers move HPC applications & workflows from legacy computing architectures into the modern administrator-friendly HPC environments.#vendor #hardware #singapore #clusters
Evaluator Group699Evaluator Group is an IT analyst firm dedicated to delivering unbiased in-depth information on Information Management and data storage. We review products and architectures with the perspective of how they impact application delivery such as databases, virtualization, VDI and Data Analytics.#vendor #services #usa #consulting
SURA700The Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) enables the advancement of Big Science, large scale leading-edge research, and industry innovations by facilitating the collaboration of teams from member universities. We achieve this through substantial knowledge and experience managing major research facilities, and access to many of the best academic minds in the country. SURA’s main purpose is to foster collaboration among member universities to enhance their capabilities of undertaking significant, transformative scientific research projects that no single institution or small consortium can handle independently. We are driven to promote and support scientific discovery that pushes the frontiers of knowledge and impacts lives and communities, while supporting a public service model that keeps our nation’s best interests in mind and contributes to the greater good.#resource #academia #consortium #collaboration #usa
Linvision701Linvision HPC BV is a leader in design, build, integration and support of High Performance Computing systems ranging from stand alone servers to complex clusters. Linvision has over 15 years of experience in designing, building and supporting clusters. As from the start in 1999 as a “techno starter” from the Delft University of Technology, lots of researchers in The Netherlands and other European countries have already experienced Linvision as a useful knowledge partner in the field of High Performance Computing. We help our clients choose the right combinations of products and solutions, but that is just part of the solution. The whole HPC system must be configured and integrated in order to boost performance to the highest levels possible.#vendor #netherlands #europe #integrator
University of Oxford Advanced Research Computing702Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is a central resource available to any Oxford University researcher who needs high performance computing (HPC) from any Division or Department. While we have a range of high performance computing (HPC) systems available ARC offers much more than just hardware. ARC users have access to full time support staff specialising in HPC hardware and software. Support is available to users throughout their research project. ARC systems are particularly suitable for running applications which are parallel (or could be made parallel) and/or CPU intensive and/or use large amounts of memory. There are also some serial applications on our systems.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
Kyoto University ACCMS703Kyoto University is a major and the second oldest national university in Japan. The Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (ACCMS) is a research center for a wide range of IT fields including supercomputing.#user #academia #japan #research
University of Bristol Research Group704The Bristol Microelectronics Research Group is a team of world-leading academic experts in computer architecture, design verification, fault tolerance, reconfigurable technologies and high performance computing. We have a strong focus on software as well as hardware, applying research and skills from both Computer Science and Electronics Engineering.#user #academia #england #europe #research
One Stop Systems705One Stop Systems (OSS) produces high-density, GPU-accelerated appliances for a variety of performance-intensive applications in the HPC market. A leader in PCIe expansion, OSS appliances attach large numbers of GPUs to multiple servers. OSS provides flexible platforms for high-density, next generation storage, GPU accelerated computing and professional audio and video applications. OSS also customizes our products to fit our customers' specifications. OSS has a proven record of producing the highest quality products through superior engineering, ISO9001-2008 quality-driven production, and responsive pre- and post-sales support.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #analytics #datamanagement #visualization #gpu #servers #cabling #adapters
Convergent Science706Convergent Science revolutionary CONVERGE CFD software has fully coupled and automated the meshing process at runtime, thus eliminating all user meshing time.#vendor #software #usa
San Diego State University CSRC707The Computational Science Research Center (CSRC), located at San Diego State University, promotes the development and advancement of the interdisciplinary subject of computational science. This is accomplished by fostering research, developing educational programs (PhD/MSc), and promoting industrial interaction, outreach, and partnership activities. The Computational Science Research Center provides an excellent environment for scientific research at SDSU. The center facilitates the interaction between applied mathematics, computer science, and the sciences by providing the necessary infrastructure for productive research efforts.#user #academia #usa #research
SOSCIP708The Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP) is a research and development consortium established in April 2012. The consortium pairs academic and industry researchers with advanced computing tools to fuel innovation leadership in Canada within the areas of agile computing, health, water, energy, cities, mining, advanced manufacturing, digital media and cybersecurity.#user #consortium #canada
Sans Digital709Sans Digital is a provider of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage solutions. These storage units can be used in home offices, small and medium-sized businesses, video editing, data backup, surveillance systems and many other industries. Sans Digital's products provide great solutions for companies and individuals across the world who need effective and reliable data storage systems. Sans Digital offers storage products for RAID and bare-bone systems. With technologically advanced products, Sans Digital ensures that the products will meet the customers' needs. By incorporating the latest technology, Sans Digital sets the standard in the storage industry.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage
3M Data Centers7103M's Data Center focused solutions address Network Connectivity (copper, fiber, DCIM) and Infrastructure (fire protection, cooling, security, power) needs.#vendor #hardware #usa #datacenter #networking
HPC4Mfg711By using high performance computing combined with advanced manufacturing and additive manufacturing, researchers can design and build new devices and materials with unique physical and microstructural properties.#user #government #usa #research
MKI HPC712High performance computing (HPC) is a necessary component at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) KAVli institute for astrophysics AND Space Research. MKI has used 3 HPC clusters over the past decade. Our cluster was significantly upgraded in 2008, replacing the original 32-bit compute nodes with 64-bit nodes. It has been further upgraded to use CentOS Enterprise Linux with the Rocks Cluster Suites, an open source cluster management package. The HPC cluster currently consists of 51 compute nodes and one master node, plus 4 storage servers providing researchers 1,048 CPU processors (cores) with 2,832 GB memory and 174 TB data storage. We also have a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) server providing nVidia's Tesla 2050 and 2075 cards with 896 GPU cores and 60 GB memory. Over the past several years, this cluster has become a major computing resource for many MKI research groups.#user #academia #usa #research
Michigan State University ICER713The Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER) provides a common structure for researchers from across academia and industry to work on how computation can better their research.#user #academia #usa #research
Nor-Tech714Nor-Tech manufactures computer workstations, servers, high-performance clusters, and storage for computation and visualization. Nor-Tech has been involved in the HPC field for the better part of a decade, delivering projects for organizations such as the NSF, the NIH and DARPA. Our experience includes High-availability and Visualization clusters based on CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora, Rocks, Warewulf and Suse.#vendor #hardware #usa #systems #workstations #servers #clusters #storage
The Dini Group715Dini Group, Inc. manufactures FPGA Boards that significantly accelerate computing (Big Data, Streaming Analytics, Low Latency Trading, Cluster Computing and HPC), hardware design & reduces verification costs. The Dini Group is a professional hardware and software engineering firm specializing in high performance digital circuit design and application development including High Performance Computing using Xilinx Kintex-7 based FPGA board optimized for algorithmic acceleration applications requiring FPGAs with high-performance local memory.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #fpga #boards
Big Data News716BigDataNews is a Data Science Central Community Channel devoted entirely to all things Big Data and Data Science News related.#resource #news
UCLA Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology717Office of Naval Research-sponsored researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have designed the first detailed computer simulation model of how an injured human leg bleeds. The CASIT team also designed the simulator to reflect the latest breakthroughs in the science of learning–targeting how the human brain best processes information, adapting to an individual’s learning proficiencies, and accelerating learning time and retention during training.#user #academia #usa #research
Virginia Tech ARC718Advanced Research Computing (ARC) at Virginia Tech is an innovative and interdisciplinary environment advancing computational science, engineering and technology. ARC provides education, consultation, and access to computational resources for faculty researchers and their collaborators. Advanced Research Computing at Virginia Tech is a unit within the Office of the Vice President of Information Technology devoted to maintaining, advancing, and providing support to large-scale research computing systems in the university.#user #academia #usa #research #software #visualization
University of Wisconsin Madison ACI719The University of Wisconsin­-Madison Advanced Computing Initiative delivers a combination of shared computing resources and shared human resources to enable a broad range of researchers to improve their use of computers in their scholarly work. The successful outcome provides expertise, hardware, and software in the right ratio to empower the research mission of UW-­Madison through computation.#user #academia #usa #research
IDQ Random Number Generation720ID Quantique was the first company to develop a quantum random number generator (RNG) in 2001 and it remains the market leader in terms of reliability, certifications and Swiss engineering, with its successive versions of hardware RNGs.#resource
DownUnder GeoSolutions721DownUnder GeoSolutions uses supercomputing clusters to provide exploration and production services to the Oil and Gas Industry.#user #commercial #australia
Texas A&M Supercomputing Facility722The Texas A&M Supercomputing Facility provides technical expertise and high-performance hardware to expedite large-scale scientific computation for research and instruction. Ada is a 17,500-core IBM commodity cluster with nodes based mostly on Intel's 64-bit 10-core IvyBridge processors. 20 of the nodes with GPUs have 256 GB of memory. Included in the 845 nodes are 8 login nodes with 256 GB of memory per node, 3 with 2 GPUs, and 3 with 2 Phi coprocessors. Eos is an IBM "iDataPlex" commodity cluster with nodes based on Intel's 64-bit Nehalem & Westmere processor. The cluster is composed of 6 head nodes, 4 storage nodes, and 362 compute nodes. The storage and compute nodes have 24 GB of DDR3 1333 MHz memory while the head nodes have 48 GB of DDR3 1066 MHz memory. A Voltaire Grid Director 4700 QDR IB switch provides the core switching infrastructure.#user #academia #usa #research
S2C FPGA Prototyping Solutions723S2C provides a comprehensive line of rapid FPGA-based SoC and ASIC prototyping products including Altera and Xilinx FPGA prototyping boards, Prototype Ready TM IP and accessories, prototype design creation and debug software, and C-API and SCE-MI verification environment. S2C has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping solutions since 2003.#vendor #services #hardware #usa #fpga #socs #asics
Cyverse724Our mission is to design, deploy, and expand a national cyberinfrastructure for life sciences research, and to train scientists in its use. CyVerse is funded by the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Biological Sciences. We are a dynamic virtual organization led by the University of Arizona to fulfill a broad mission that spans our partner institutions: Texas Advanced Computing Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.#user #academia #usa #research
Brookhaven National Laboratory725The Brookhaven National Laboratory Computational Science Center (CSC) brings together researchers in biology, chemistry, physics and medicine with applied mathematicians and computer scientists to take advantage of the new opportunities for scientific discovery made possible by modern computers. In support of this, the center has a close alliance with applied mathematicians and computer scientists at Stony Brook University and Columbia University. At the CSC, computer clusters running the Linux operating system – typically containing 100 to 200 processors – are currently available for performing scientific calculations for Brookhaven researchers and their collaborators.#user #government #usa #research
Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop726The Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop aims to provide a forum for creative and productive interaction for researchers and practitioners in the area.#resource #conference
EESI - European Exascale Software Initiative727The objective of this Support Action, co-funded by the European Commission is to build a european vision and roadmap to address the challenges of the new generation of massively parallel systems composed of millions of heterogeneous cores which will provide multi-Petaflop performances in the next few years and Exaflop performances in 2020**.#resource #exascale #europe #research
Pinnacle Micro728The online global computer parts source.#vendor #hardware #usa
WNLO729Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO) at HUST is the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education of China as well as the Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education of China. It is also one of six divisions of WNLO. Its 240-260 members come mainly from the School of Computer Sci. & Tech. It is dedicated to develop tomorrow's storage technologies, including PCRAM technology, SSD, parallel and distribution storage systems, storage security, etc. Its research works were published in major conferences, including FAST, SC, ATC, ICDCS, HPDC, etc. It has achieved the Second grade of National Invention Award of Science and Technology and the Finalist Award of Storage Challenge at IEEE/ACM SC'06.#user #academia #china #research #storage #security #datamanagement #visualization #software
VSC - Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum730The Flemish Supercomputer Centre (VSC) is a virtual centre making supercomputer infrastructure available for both the academic and industrial world. This centre is managed by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) in partnership with the five Flemish university associations.#user #academia #belgium #europe #research
i3 Electronics731i3 Electronics, Inc., with headquarters in Endicott, NY, is a vertically integrated provider of high performance electronic packaging solutions consisting of design and fabrication of printed circuit boards and advanced semiconductor packaging, full turnkey services for printed circuit board and integrated circuits assembly and test, systems integration and advanced laboratory services. i3 product lines meet the needs of markets including defense and aerospace, communications and computing, industrial and medical, where highly reliable products built in robust manufacturing operations are critical for success.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #pcb #boards #integrator
Linux Labs HPC732Linux Labs International is a hybrid engineering firm specializing in technologies that expand the field of high performance supercomputing. Linux Labs designs and builds high-performance supercomputers utilizing their proprietary NimbusOS™, optionally housing them in their own high-performance data center. The Linux Labs team is responsible for developing some of the most innovative Linux based technologies today and they remain on the forefront of secure operating systems, database development and search engine functions.#vendor #software #services #usa #consulting #datacenters
CIO Review HPC733CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. It is the leading source that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solutions providers, upcoming hot enterprises and is a neutral source for technology decision makers. Find out the news and in depth articles on HPC sector, Risk Management Business Strategy, Compliance industry upcoming trends and also figure out the HPC biggest challenges and opportunities.#resource #news #usa
Corus360734Corus360 is an IT Support & Professional Services Firm, specializing in Network Management, Consultation, Outsourcing, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.#vendor #hardware #services #usa #datacenters #cloud #virtualization #servers #storage #security #consulting
Ryft735Ryft's big data analytics solutions deliver the world's fastest performance, smallest footprint and highest efficiency, enabling user to unlock new insights faster and transform datacenter economics.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #analytics #bigdata #solutions
Data Center Frontier736Data Center Frontier charts the future of data centers and cloud computing. We write about what’s next for the Internet, and the innovations that will take us there. The data center is our prism. We tell the story of the digital economy through the facilities that power the cloud and the people who build them. In writing about data centers and thought leaders, we explain the importance of how and where these facilities are built, how they are powered, and their impact on the Internet and the communities around them.#resource #news #datacenters
Raid Inc737What We Do RAID Inc. creates custom solutions that can lower cost, increase efficiency and allow our customers to focus on the research and results rather than the technology and tools. Our concierge approach integrates sales, product development, production, consulting, and support to create a uniquely personalized service from the initial engagement throughout the life cycle of each project. RAID Inc. has been helping our clients optimize total system performance by enhancing computational resources, interconnects, and I/O subsystems since 1994. We approach each and every customer as a partner, taking a consultative approach to better understand each customer's individual needs in order to provide the optimum solution. Our distinct competence is in I/0 subsystem, with expertise wide array of parallel and flat file systems including GPFS, Lustre, StorNext and ZFS.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #servers
IDRIS738The Institute for Development and Resources in Intensive Scientific Computing (IDRIS), founded in 1993, is a centre of excellence in intensive numerical calculations which serves the research branches of extreme computing, as much on the application aspects (large-scale simulations) as on those linked to research inherent to high performance calculations (calculation infrastructures, resolution methods and associated algorithms, processing of large data volumes, etc.). IDRIS is the major centre of high performance computing for the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). Together with the two other national centres, CINES (the computing centre for the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research) and the Very Large Computing Center (TGCC) of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), and coordinated by GENCI, IDRIS participates in the installation of national computer resources for the use of government-funded research which requires extreme computing means. The principal objective of IDRIS is to contribute as effectively as possible to the excellence of scientific research in the modelling and intensive numerical calculation domain.#user #academia #france #europe #research
ATC - Altair Technology Conferences739Over the past 15 years, the ATC has grown to become a premier event forum for learning and sharing experiences in engineering, design and high-performance computing… and in 2015, Altair continues this tradition with an amazing ATC event series.#resource #conference
FSU Research Computing Center740The Research Computing Center at Florida State University enables research and education by maintaining a diverse campus cyberinfrastructure and by providing training opportunities and dedicated consulting. The High Performance Computing Cluster at Florida State University provides resources that are well suited for distributed memory parallel computations. The FSU HPC Cluster is made up of individual servers linked together by high performance networks. The HPC provides 403 compute nodes and 6,464 CPU cores to promote the advancement of scientific research at the Florida State University.#user #academia #usa #research
Jefferson Lab HPC741The Scientific Computing (SciComp) group of Jefferson Lab is conducting research and development in high performance computing, especially in the areas of cluster computing, parallel job scheduling and high performance messaging software to support a national effort in terascale simulations of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). The Scientific Computing group manages several CPU and GPU clusters that serve as production and research platforms for Lattice QCD calculations, scientific simulations and computer science research in high performance computing.#user #government #usa #research
University of Canterbury BlueFern742BlueFern is a high performance e-research computing service facility based at the University of Canterbury. BlueFern facilitates research that depends on access to high performance computational resources. BlueFern operates in a collaborative partnership with New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI), a nation-wide supercomputer network. Our vision is to provide researchers with easy and convenient access to world class supercomputers. BlueFern currently features an IBM Blue Gene/L, and IBM Blue Gene/P and an IBM POWER7 cluster. These supercomputers are made available via the KAREN advanced research network and can be accessed via NeSI's computation grid.#user #academia #newzealand #research
Netlist743Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Irvine, California, Netlist is the leading provider of high-performance modular memory subsystems to the world's premier OEMs. Netlist specializes in bridging the widening gap between the system OEM's requirements and the capabilities of the IC manufacturer. Our patented memory subsystem technologies overcome density, performance, and cost limitations, effectively blending commodity components with their inherent deficiencies into highly reliable, optimized memory solutions.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory
Psibernetix Inc.744Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods have extremely high performance, are incredibly efficient, and possess unique safety capabilities, bringing automation and machine learning solutions to our clients for significantly lower prices than any competition. In a market littered with different types of neural networks, we provide something different, our own methodology of fuzzy logic based AIs.#vendor #commercial #usa
ProtoMol745ProtoMol is an object-oriented, component based, framework for molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The framework supports the CHARMM 19 and 28a2 force fields and is able to process PDB, PSF, XYZ and DCD trajectory files. It is designed for high flexibility, easy extendibility and maintenance, and high performance demands, including parallelization. The technique of multiple time-stepping is used to improve long-term efficiency. The use of fast electrostatic force evaluation algorithms like Ewald, particle Mesh Ewald (PME), and Multigrid (MG) summation further enhances performance.#resource #software #usa #opensource #tools
Cloudy Cluster746Self Service HPC Clusters complete with scheduler, compute and storage based on OrangeFS, EFS and S3. CloudyCluster comes complete, ready to compute with a wide variety of popular Open HPC software.#vendor #services #usa #cloud #clusters #servers
University of Zurich S3IT747The Service and Support for Science IT unit S3IT, at the University of Zirich, is focusing on support for science. It is driven by the scientists for the benefit of scientists. S3IT stands at the forefront of technological innovation and development, providing a necessary prerequisite for excellence in research IT. S3IT serves as a contact point and a center of expertise for scientific computing and application engineering. S3IT currently provides the following computational facilities to researchers in the University of Zurich and the Swiss academic community at large. 1) The Schroedinger HPC computational cluster, for running high-performance parallel computations. 2) The Piz Dora Supercomputer will replace Schrödinger and is already available for early testing. 3) The Hydra SMP multiprocessor machine, for running applications requiring large amounts of shared memory. 4) The Hobbes IaaS cloud computing infrastructure, for the creation of ephemeral private computing infrastructures and experimentation with new computing paradigms. 5) The ScienceCloud will replace Hobbes in 2015.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
Datatrend Technologies748Datatrend specializes in best-in-class technology services including data center consulting, technology infrastructure solutions such as server and data storage solutions, and network infrastructure services, structured cabling installation and network services project management. With a culture that drives extremely high customer and employee satisfaction, Datatrend is able to provide exceptional thought leadership, quality support, and effective solutions. Datatrend takes and intimate approach to meet customer needs with a relentless attention to detail, earning the respect of customers everywhere as a trusted advisor on business and technical issues.#vendor #services #usa #networking #cabling #consulting #virtualization #cloud #integrator
Wolfram HPC Computing Courses749Apply parallel computation and GPU computing with CUDA or OpenCL to your field. Select a course to see the schedule and topic outline or register for a class.#resource #training
HPCVL750The High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory (HPCVL) is a consortia of five universities and three colleges led by Queen's University. We specialize in secure, advanced computing resources and support for academic, medical, and commercial clients. HPCVL is a high performance data centre supporting Canadian research groups, many headed by Canada Research Chairs, internationally recognized researchers and medical research leaders.#user #academia #canada #research
The National DATA SERVICE751The National Data Service is an emerging vision of how scientists and researchers across all disciplines can find, reuse, and publish data. It is an international federation of data providers, data aggregators, community-specific federations, publishers, and cyberinfrastructure providers. It builds on the data archiving and sharing efforts under way within specific communities and links them together with a common set of tools.#resource #consortium
Rigetti Computing752Rigetti Computing is developing a fault-tolerant gate-based solid state quantum processor. Our technology is highly scalable and low cost, capable of reaching the large memory sizes needed to run real-world quantum algorithms.#vendor #hardware #usa
Argonne National Laboratory Extreme Computing753The Extreme Computing area at Argonne National Laboratory is heavily involved in research on operating systems, runtime, storage, programming models, algorithms, and libraries that will enable scientists to fully exploit advanced computer platforms. We are also building codesign teams — bringing together computer scientists, applied mathematicians and computational scientists — to address these challenges.#user #government #usa #research
EnA-HPC - Energy-Aware High Performance Computing754The EnA-HPC workshop is a successor of the EnA-HPC conference that took place from 2010 to 2014 in Hamburg, Germany and in Dresden, Germany. It brings together researchers, developers, vendors, and users to discuss the energy consumption challenge that HPC is facing. Some of the key issues are applications, modeling, simulation, measurement, analysis and optimization, facility issues and business concepts. The EnA-HPC workshop provides a forum to present novel solutions that tackle these issues. #resource #conference
Case Western Reserve University RC755The mission of ITS Research Computing is to facilitate cost-effective access to IT resources for the research community at CWRU, including high performance computing services, system administration services, database design and programming services, and pre-award IT consultation. Our organization is prepared to engage with faculty in technologies as they emerge at CWRU and incorporate them into the suite of centrally supported services. Computationally intensive research is supported through the operation of a continuously growing high performance computing cluster based on Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel processors and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.#user #academia #usa #research
University College Dublin Research IT756UCD Research IT provide a wide range of services to the UCD Research community in relation to the provisioning and use of High Performance Compute Clusters. The HPC environment is ideal for researchers who need access to substantial computing resources, allowing them to greatly reduce the time required to perform large scale calculations.#user #academia #ireland #europe #research
Marquette University HPC757The Père cluster is a 1024-core HPC system built with HP blades. The cluster is named in honor of Père Marquette, the Jesuit explorer and namesake of our university.#user #academia #usa #research
Metacomp Technologies758Metacomp Technologies develops and disseminates simulation software and services in multiple physics areas including fluid dynamics, aero and hydro acoustics, structural mechanics and electrostatic paint deposition. Our technology focus is devoid of hype but offers significantly broad and deep capabilities in many application areas of interest to scientists, engineers, technologists and educators.#vendor #software #usa
University of Alaska Fairbanks - ARSC759The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center is the high-performance computing unit of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. ARSC provides an ensemble of outstanding expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative research projects that: Enable the creation and discovery of knowledge in science and engineering; Enhance educational and research capabilities of the University of Alaska Fairbanks; Advance knowledge of the polar regions; and Contribute to a richer understanding of the world around us.#user #academia #usa #research #services
Sugon760Sugon strives to provide excellent user experience for vast Chinese customers through its overall, professional and value-added services. In 2010, the Nebula high-performance computer developed by Sugon ranked the 2nd in the world in the 35th Supercomputer TOP500. Today, the hardware products, solutions, cloud computing service of Sugon have been widely applied in education, meteorology, health care, energy, Internet, public utilities and many other fields. Sugon has ranked the 1st in China Supercomputer TOP100 List issued by national authority successively for 5 years with more than 30% of shares in domestic high-performance computers market. According to the latest IDC data, Sugon has ranked the 6th in the world and 1st in Asia.#vendor #hardware #china #servers #systems #storage #cloud
Servers Direct761Servers Direct is the premier provider of advanced, custom-configured server and storage solutions. We’re a privately owned company with more than 100 technology experts on staff who are committed to delivering systems designed around your unique needs. Those solutions are produced in our state-of-the-art server build facility with ISO and UL certifications and more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers
University of Leicester HPC762The University provides powerful High Performance Computing (HPC) Services based on Linux for modelling and simulations, data processing and analysis. There are two HPC services; ALICE and SPECTRE. These systems are available both on and off-campus. ALICE is one of the most powerful systems in a UK University. It provides researchers across the University with a vital resource for modelling and simulations, data processing and analysis. SPECTRE provides an interactive Linux environment combined with a smaller HPC cluster.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
HPC Wales763HPC Wales offers access to high performance computing technology, along with high level training and customised support to help people exploit it effectively. We are Wales’ national supercomputing service provider. Host to the UK’s largest distributed supercomputing network, a 17,000 core, 320 Tflop capacity, we provide a scalable, easily accessible network for businesses and researchers to access world-class technology. Our high performance computing services have helped power business innovation and success, assisted high impact academic research, and provided high level skills development.#vendor #services #unitedkingdom #europe #training
University of Memphis HPC764Recent advances in data acquisition, algorithm development, and computer hardware have made High Performance Computing (HPC) fundamentally necessary to remain competitive. The University of Memphis recognizes the importance of local HPC resources for research and education.#user #academia #usa #research
Active Archive Alliance765The Active Archive Alliance is a collaborative industry alliance formed to educate end user organizations on the evolving new technologies that enable reliable, online and efficient access to their archived data. Our goal is to align the education and technologies needed to meet the rapidly evolving requirements for data archive. Alliance members strive to extend solutions beyond the high-end supercomputing and broadcast markets to the greater general IT audience that is in need of online data archive options.#resource #collaboration #storage #datamanagement
Park Electrochemical Corp766Park Electrochemical Corp. is a global advanced materials company which develops and manufactures high-technology digital and RF/microwave printed circuit materials principally for the telecommunications and internet infrastructure and high-end computing markets and advanced composite materials, parts and assemblies for the aerospace markets. Park's core capabilities are in the areas of polymer chemistry formulation and coating technology.#vendor #hardware #usa
HPC User Forum767The HPC User Forum was established in 1999 to promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users. The organization has grown to 150 members. It is directed by a volunteer Steering Committee of users from government, industry and academia, and operated for the users by market analyst firm IDC. We hold two full-membership meetings a year in the United States, and also hold two meetings annually in international locations.#resource #conference #consortium #collaboration #usa
Security First768Security First Corp. develops and licenses software-defined data protection solutions that provide true data security beyond todays existing network security. These solutions uniquely protect data from being stolen and allow for the restoration of damaged or lost data. Instead of transmitting and storing data intact, SFC encrypts and randomly splits (scrambles) the data into secure shares, authenticates those data shares, and then transmits and stores them in unreadable pieces across multiple locations. This renders them invulnerable to brute force attacks and only recoverable by the authorized recipient upon request.#vendor #software #usa #security #networking
NCSI - National Computational Science Institute769The National Computation Science Institute (NCSI) provides workshops covering a wide range of subjects relating to computational science. These workshops are for educators at all levels, giving them ideas and resources to use in their classrooms. NCSI operates in partnership with the Education, Outreach and Training Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (EOT-PACI), The National Center for Supercomputing Applications, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Clemson University, Appalachian State University, the National Computational Science Education Consortium (NCSEC), the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Sigma Xi, the North Carolina Supercomputing Center, and more than two dozen academic institutions, high performance computing centers and vendors.#resource #academia #usa #training
Algo-Logic770By leveraging gateware for networking systems, Algo-Logic builds networking solutions that achieve high throughput with minimal power and sub-microsecond latency. Gateware is similar to software in that it is fully programmable. However, unlike software, gateware compiles to fully parallel logic, allowing it to compute efficiently like hardware. Gateware solutions achieve high performance with flexibility by running in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #networking #storage #switches #fpga
Future Technologies Group - ORNL771The Future Technologies group in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division (CSMD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) performs research in core technologies for future generations of high-end computing architectures, including prototype computer architectures and experimental software systems. We investigate these technologies with the goal of improving the performance, energy efficiency, reliability, and productivity of these architectures for our sponsors. Frequently, we work closely with applications teams to co-design new algorithm implementations and develop performance predictions to exploit these technologies effectively.#user #government #usa #research
Indiana University CREST772The Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST) main objective is to establish Indiana University (IU) as the national leader in the field of high-capability graph computing systems and applications. Our technical strategy focuses on the research and development of advanced technologies for extreme-scale computing and future exascale systems, including the following key elements: Execution Models; Runtime Systems; Graph Processing; Programming Interfaces; Compilers, Libraries, and Languages; Systems Architecture (Architecture, Power/Energy, Fault Tolerance, Networking), and Extreme Scale Applications and Visualization.#user #academia #usa #research
Tezzaron Semiconductor773Based in Naperville, Illinois, Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation is the leader in design and production of true three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D-ICs). Tezzaron 3D-ICs are vertically interconnected with built-in through-silicon vias (TSVs) so that the separate layers function together as a single circuit, vastly increasing density and speed while using less power. Tezzaron also builds patented ultra-high-speed memory products. Tezzaron’s products and technologies have applications in defense, super-computing, consumer electronics, high speed telecommunications, data centers, scientific data acquisition, and anywhere that speed, reliability, and power optimization are needed.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory
VSC - Vienna Scientific Cluster774The Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) consists of several cluster systems that have been designed to satisfy the demand for High Performance Computing (HPC) of a consortium of Austrian universities. The Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) consists of several cluster systems that have been designed to satisfy the demand for High Performance Computing (HPC) of a consortium of Austrian universities. At this time (2014) there are five VSC partner universities: Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), University of Vienna (Universität Wien), University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU Wien), Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) together with the universities within 'Universitäts-Cluster-Süd', and University of Innsbruck (Universität Innsbruck).#user #academia #consortium #austria #europe #research
Top Crunch775The TopCrunch project was initiated to track the aggregate performance trends of high performance computer systems and engineering software. Instead of using a synthetic benchmark, actual engineering software applications are used with real data and are run on high performance computer systems. With time, we expect to track the evolution of delivered performance as a function of enhancements in both software algorithms and hardware.#resource #benchmarks
University of Southern California HPC776The University of Southern California’s Center for High-Performance Computing (HPC) is a global leader in research computing. The Center represents a vibrant, interdisciplinary partnership supported by numerous schools and departments across USC. HPC bridges USC’s unique strengths in scientific computing, computer science, and communications by supporting more than 110 research groups in a variety of disciplines, including epigenetics, geophysics, materials science, engineering, natural language translation, and health sciences. The display technology of the USC Center for Data Visualization and Collaboration complements HPC’s compute environment, empowering researchers through the enhanced perspective of large-scale supercomputing simulations. Among supercomputers in an academic setting, HPC’s supercomputer cluster is the 8th fastest in the United States, and it is the 94th fastest supercomputer in the world. It claimed these distinctions by achieving a benchmark of 531.6 teraflops, or 531.6 trillion floating-point calculations per second, on its 264 GPU, low-latency, 56.6-gigabit backbone cluster.#user #academia #usa #research
Gompute777Gompute delivers comprehensive HPC solutions for your private, public or hybrid cloud. Divided in three areas, systems integration, hpc software development, and HPC as a service we are a complete partner for your HPC needs. With over 10 years’ of experience providing solutions and services to the IT and Engineering communities, we can deliver a collaborative and highly productive work environment for geographically distributed engineering teams. Combined with Gompute On-Demand, we ensure that you have the option to either scale out or completely host your HPC environment, ranging from -1000’s of cores in a Gompute owned Super Computing Centre.#vendor #software #sweden #europe #cloud #visualization #solutions #training
University of Maryland HPC778The Division of Information Technology at the University of Maryland maintains several High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. In particular, the two Deepthought HPC clusters are campus resources which are available for production use by campus researchers requiring compute cycles for parallel codes and applications.#user #academia #usa #research
NESI - New Zealand eScience Infrastructure779NeSI is New Zealand's computing research infrastructure. We provide high performance computers and support systems to enable the country's researchers to tackle the world's largest problems. NeSI's strengths surround high performance computing. We place strong emphasis both on the technical aspects, such as providing excellent hardware and software, and the human aspects, such as support and training.#user #academia #government #newzealand #research
e-Science Talk780e-ScienceTalk brings the success stories of Europe's e-infrastructure to a wider audience. The project coordinates the dissemination outputs of EGI and other European e-Infrastructure projects, ensuring their results and influence are reported in print and online. The advent of the European Grid Infrastructure, combined with the blurring of boundaries between grids, clouds, supercomputing networks and volunteer grids, means that a clear consistent source of information aimed at non?experts is now more important than ever.#resource #news #netherlands #europe #grid
Motivair781Motivair manufacturers the Chilled Door "Active" rear door heat exchanger rack cooling system. The Chilled Door uses EC fans and cool water to remove 100% of the server heat load with a cooling capacity of up to 60 kW per rack. The Chilled Door is attached to the rear of any server rack and can be designed for custom applications as well. Ancillary products include Cooling Distribution Units, Under Floor Header systems and hose assemblies. All product is made in the USA.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling
University at Albany SUNY HPCC782ITS offers researchers the use of a high-performance computational cluster with 120 nodes. Most open-source linux software programs are available to be run on the general-purpose cluster. Specialized software can be accommodated to meet researchers’ specific needs.#user #academia #usa #research
Red Barn HPC783Red Barn Technology Group specializes in Multi-Processor Systems, Heterogeneous Computing, Compute Clusters, Workstations, Servers and Storage Systems, providing solutions for research and academic institutions nationwide. Our open source non-proprietary philosophy allows us to provide outstanding value & consistent quality in our High Performance/Productivity Computing products. Our expertise, flexibility, and enthusiasm allow us to address niche markets & unique requirements with tenacity and professionalism for our growing base of loyal customers.#vendor #hardware #usa #systems #clusters #workstations #servers #storage #analytics #cloud #datamanagement #visualization
University of Nebraska Lincoln HCC784The Holland Computing Center (HCC) boasts the fastest resources in the state of Nebraska at two locations: the Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) at Omaha and the Schorr Center at UNL. Personnel based in each location assist users, engage students and researchers, and maintain systems. Crane checks in at 121 TeraFLOPS and is a Top500 Supercomputer. Red, serving the CMS project, stores over 1 PetaByte (1000 TeraBytes) of data. Tusker provides 256 GB of RAM per node for shared memory computing. HCC provides such services to researchers associated with any campus of the University of Nebraska system. Many are available in a shared manner for free, but dedicated (reserved) arrangements are also available for a modest price.#user #academia #usa #research
Uniquify785Uniquify is a rapidly growing SoC design, integration and manufacturing services supplier, and innovative developer of high-performance semiconductor intellectual property (IP) offering the world’s fastest DDR memory IP. Uniquify’s adaptive DDR subsystem IP offers the highest DDR performance with the lowest power, smallest area and the best system reliability.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory #socs
SciEngines786SciEngines is a young innovation-driven company located in Kiel, Germany. The company was established in 2007 on the vision that we can satisfy the computational needs in science and engineering. To do so, SciEngines offers a number of reconfigurable computing (RC) products for large-scale analysis. Modules with 1 to 8 FPGAs each are combined to form computers and clusters with dozens, hundreds or thousands of FPGAs for high performance computing (HPC) applications. Our architectures provide a maximum in computing ressources, and adjustments can be made to emphasize raw processing power, data-throughput or memory.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #clusters #fpga #systems #consulting #training
HPC University787The HPC University (HPCU) is a virtual organization whose primary goal is to provide a cohesive, persistent, and sustainable on-line environment to share educational and training materials for a continuum of high performance computing environments that span desktop computing capabilities to the highest-end of computing facilities offered by HPC centers. HPC University's resources will guide researchers, educators and students to 1) choose successful paths for HPC learning and workforce development, and 2) contribute high-quality and pedagogically effective materials that allow individuals at all levels and in all fields of study to advance scientific discovery.#resource #organization #academia #usa
Shadow-Soft788Shadow-Soft is a next-generation systems integrator committed to helping enterprise and government customers move beyond yesterday's solutions to standardized, open platforms that are optimized for physical, virtual, and cloud deployments. Unlike the other guys, Shadow-Soft fully embraces all that Open Source systems integration has to offer – total technology freedom, innovation and less cost. Our industry-certified Linux, middleware, and cloud consultants free clients from costly, inflexible proprietary software while also providing the engineering expertise to implement complex hardware systems, including servers, storage and networking technologies. We're experts at migrating applications, modernizing and optimizing infrastructure, and enhancing manageability through orchestration and automation.#vendor #services #usa #integrator #training
University of Maryland Baltimore County HPCF789The University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) is the community-based, interdisciplinary core facility for scientific computing and research on parallel algorithms at UMBC. Started in 2008 by more than 20 researchers from ten academic departments and research centers from all three colleges, it is supported by faculty contributions, federal grants, and the UMBC administration.#user #academia #usa #research
HPM Networks - a Cancom Company790For 20 years, HPM Networks has been integrating technology solutions that solve complex business challenges. With dedicated Expert Practice Teams in Cloud/Virtualization, Networking and Infrastructure, HPM specializes in designing and deploying solutions for both SMB and enterprise size customers.#vendor #services #usa #systems #storage #virtualization #cloud #networking #security
MASSIVE791The Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment (MASSIVE) is Australia’s specialised High Performance Computing facility for Imaging and Visualisation. This facility provides the hardware, software and expertise to drive research in biomedical science, materials research, engineering, and geoscience. It stimulates advanced imaging research that will be exploited across a range of imaging modalities, including synchrotron x-ray and infrared imaging, functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging, x-ray computer tomography (CT), electron microscopy and optical microscopy. The facility provides an extensive program of user support and training on all aspects of high-performance computing. MASSIVE is a unique Australian facility with a focus on fast data processing, including processing data in-experiment, large-scale visualisation, and analysis of large-cohort and longitudinal research studies.#user #hardware #software #australia #visualization #research
Brown University CCV792Our mission is to provide the scientific and technical computing expertise required to advance computational research and support Brown’s academic mission. The high-performance computing resources at CCV equip the Brown research community to undertake complex numerical simulation, modeling, and data analysis. Oscar is our primary research computing cluster with several hundred multi-core nodes sharing a high-performance interconnect and file system. Applications can be run interactively or scheduled as batch jobs.#user #academia #usa #research
Gauss Centre for Supercomputing793The Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) provides the most powerful high-performance computing infrastructure in Europe to serve a broad range of research and industrial activities in various disciplines. GCS is the alliance of the three national supercomputing centres High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS), Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC), and Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, Garching near Munich (LRZ).#user #academia #germany #europe #research #training
Intel Cluster Ready794Intel® Cluster Ready is an architecture and a program that makes it easier to gain the performance advantages of High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. Developed with hardware and software vendors, Intel® Cluster Ready lets you match your HPC applications to today’s leading platforms and components. Pre-configured cluster solutions are delivered ready to run, so you can unleash more parallel performance faster.#vendor #hardware #software #usa
Ebullient795Ebullient provides the safest, most efficient, most effective thermal management solution for electrical devices in the Data Center, Medical Imaging, Vehicle, Defense, and PC Gaming markets. Ebullient takes thermal management to a whole new level with its innovative two-phase cooling system by achieving unmatched cooling efficiency while slashing operating expenses up to 90%. Ebullient directly applies its targeted cooling solutions to the greatest source of heat generation in data centers and distributed computing facilities. Our patent-pending modules mount directly on microprocessors and transport a low-pressure working fluid that, when vaporized, can absorb 6-12 times more heat than single-phase warming of water or mineral oil. Ebullient’s customers enjoy one more unique advantage: the cooling fluid is dielectric, and unlike water, will not damage sensitive electronics on contact.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling
Humanities HPC Resource796Humanities High-Performance Computing (HHPC) refers to the use of high-performance machines for humanities and social science projects. Currently, only a small number of humanities scholars are taking advantage of high-performance computing. But just as the sciences have, over time, begun to tap the enormous potential of HPC, the humanities are beginning to as well.#user #government #usa #research
Rice University Center for Research Computing797The Center for Research Computing (CRC) provides shared facilities and services for computing, visualization, data-storage, and networking designed to support the research mission of Rice University. CRC acts as the default contact for all research related service inquiries and represents researcher interests to the larger Office of Information Technology (OIT).#user #academia #usa #research
Intersect360 Research798Intersect360 Research is a market intelligence, research, and consulting advisory practice focused on suppliers, users, and policy makers across the High Performance Computing industry. Intersect360 Research's deep knowledge of HPC, coupled with strong marketing and consulting expertise, results in actionable intelligence for the HPC industry - insights and advice that allow customers to make decisions that are measurably positive to their business. The company's end-user-focused research is inclusive from both a technology perspective and a usage standpoint, allowing Intersect360 Research to provide its clients with total market models that include both traditional and emerging HPC applications. In addition to its market advisory subscription services, Intersect360 Research offers customers an array of client-specific services, including custom surveys, white papers, custom analysis, and both marketing and general business consulting.#vendor #services #usa #consulting
transtec799transtec has been developing and producing high-quality IT systems for over 30 years now. Customers can combine our IT modules - clients, servers and storage systems - with services to create efficient and reliable IT systems. We develop individual solutions exactly according to customer requirements which range from special systems to complete IT development plans and we support our customers throughout the IT system's life cycle. It's our passion for high-performance, supercomputing systems and sophisticated solutions that connects us to the universities and research & development institutes and departments we work with. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as the public sector in particular respect our intelligent, affordable and uncomplicated solutions used in the virtualisation of servers, clients and storage systems.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #workstations #servers #storage #backup #networking #cabling
ACENET800The Atlantic Computational Excellence Network (ACENET) is a consortium of Atlantic Canadian Universities providing researchers with advanced research computing resources, collaboration and visualization tools, software, training, and support. Our team of experts help researchers use advanced computing as a means of accelerating discovery and innovation, keeping Atlantic Canada at the forefront of scientific research.#user #consortium #academia #canada #research
John Deere Technology Innovation Center801John Deere is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land. The John Deere Technology Innovation Center is focused on delivering customer-centered solutions from the corn production system through Focused Research and Accelerated Incubation.#user #commercial #usa
International Journal of High Performance Systems Architecture802IJHPSA proposes and fosters discussion on all aspects of the design and implementation of high-performance architectures, which are centred around the concept of parallel processing. The journal will cover all types of advanced architectures ranging from pipelined structures, array processors and multiprocessor systems. Dedicated high-performance architectures and systems, as well as hardware and software design methods and tools, will also fall within the scope of IJHPSA.#resource #journal
DARPA - High Productivity Computing Systems803DARPA established its High-Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) program, with a goal of revitalizing supercomputer research and markets, and incubating a new breed of fast, efficient, easier-to-use and affordable machines.#resource #government
StreamComputing804StreamComputing is a software development company in parallel software for many-core processors. We provide training and consulting services to help you increase compute performance in software while lowering hardware-costs.#vendor #services #netherlands #europe #training #consulting
ZIB - The Zuse Institute Berlin805Our Parallel and Distributed Computing Division evaluates, procures and operates supercomputer and large-scale on-line storage resources, enabling advanced simulation and data analysis workflows for science. Konrad“ – a Cray XC40/XC30 massively parallel supercomputer system is the main compute component of the HLRN-III complex operated at ZIB. It is complemented by Peta-scale file systems for on-line storage. For data archive a magnetic tape library with several tape robots in a separate high-security room is provided.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
University of South Carolina RCI806Reporting to the Office of Information Technology, and working in close partnership with the Office of Research, the Research Cyberinfrastructure program (RCI) engages faculty and researchers across multiple colleges and campuses to help define and execute the research mission of the University of South Carolina. RCI maintains several clusters located in various colleges, as well as developing HPC resources in the main University datacenter.#user #academia #usa #research
American University HPC807Zorro, the AU High-Performance Computing (HPC) System, supports the research enterprise at American University. The AU HPC System provides high-speed parallel/distributed data processing and research-dedicated storage with high input-output capabilities. Hardware includes a head node (Dell R710); blade chassis (Dell M1000E: PowerEdge M610 Blade Server); 15 blades each housing 2 Intel hexacore X5650 processors (12 cores each), 24 GB of memory, and a 160 GB SATA hard drive; one node with an Nvidia graphics processing unit (Tesla 2050); Infiniband interconnect; 25 TB 5-node Isilon IQ5400S Network Attached Storage cluster.#user #academia #usa #research
Bay Microsystems808Bay Microsystems was founded in 2000 to deliver secure high performance networking solutions to commercial enterprises, government agencies, and service providers. Bay delivers a portfolio of wide area network acceleration solutions that transform how global data centers are architected by substantially increasing the performance of the applications they support, maximizing the utilization of their computation, storage, and interconnect assets, and increasing their security and reliability.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #cloud #security #bigdata
Neuralytix809Neuralytix is the global leader in contemporary and relevant IT market research and consulting firm. We have a holistic and forward-looking approach to research, which makes it unique and the most relevant research in the IT industry today.#vendor #consulting #usa #datacenter #cloud #bigdata
E4 Computer Engineering S.p.a.810Founded in 2002, E4 Computer Engineering spa specializes in the production of highly customized HPC & Data center solutions dedicated to scientific/research environments and to Enterprise. From the design of high performance computing clusters to the implementation of turn-key data center, E4 solutions are well known to guarantee quality and expertise.E4 is also renowned for ceaselessly researching the most advanced IT technologies as well as for the high standard of its solutions and the ability to foresee and professionally satisfy the customer’s requirements.#vendor #hardware #italy #workstation #servers #gpu #storage #switches #rack
HPC4EAS811The High Performance Computing for Efficient Applications and Simulation Research Group (HPC4EAS) integrates a series of lines of research, interrelated and developed in the context of High Performance Computing (HPC). At this moment, our main investigation objectives will address the research and technology challenges of meeting the requirements of next generation Cloud Computing architectures for the efficient execution of compute and data-intensive High Performance Computing services. We have defined four strategic research objectives that correspond with the four architectural layers of HPC for Efficient Applications & Simulation (hpc4eas): Performance and Efficiency in the use of HPC resources, User Availability of HPC Resources, Design and Optimization of HPC Systems for Specific "Workloads" (application-specific domains) and Social Projection Applications.#user #academia #group #spain #europe #research
WHPC - Women in HPC812The Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) network supports collaboration and networking by bringing together female HPC scientists, researchers, developers, users and technicians from across the UK. We encourage women in HPC to engage in outreach activities and improve the visibility of inspirational role models. Our activities are complemented by research into the influence of UK equality initiatives on the HPC community.#resource #group #unitedkingdom #europe
Avant Technology813Avant Technology is a leading U.S. manufacturer and global provider of DRAM memory modules and Flash sub-assemblies. From the Point of Sale and telecommunications sector, to commercial, networking, server and PC industries; Avant memory solutions are designed to fulfill a variety of business and consumer needs. As a JEDEC Member organization, we are focused on providing leading-edge memory solutions and client services that meet the highest industry standards. From development of advanced DRAM and Flash sub-assemblies to supply and support of the most popular legacy modules, Avant Technology provides solutions essential to our customers’ success.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #ssds #memory
NHPC - Nordic HPC Center814High Performance Computing (HPC) enables advanced scientific calculation, simulation and modelling, which in turn, and to an increasing extent, is a precondition for much of the research and innovation that is so fundamental for any modern-day knowledge driven economy. Hence, the national High Performance Computing (NHPC) research infrastructures of Denmark, Norway and Sweden have decided to place a joint supercomputer in Iceland. The project is a pilot initiative to understand the organizational and technical challenges of joint procurement, administration and operation of computational infrastructure for science.#user #academia #iceland #research
FuturePlus Systems815FuturePlus Systems supplies the DDR Detective® to the DDR memory Industry. Headquartered in Bedford NH, FuturePlus® has been validating memory subsystems for over 20 years. With representatives world wide FuturePlus® is a leader in innovative and /never been done before products/ for DDR Memory subsystem validation and performance measurements.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #memory
OHSU Advanced Computing Center816The mission of the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Advanced Computing Center (ACC) at OHSU is to meet the advanced computing needs of the OHSU research, academic, and administrative community by providing a scalable set of advanced computing services that augment and supplement no-cost core services provided to the OHSU Enterprise by the Information Technology Group. . Core Equipment comprises 1000-processor compute resource with over 3 Terabytes of memory, hundreds of terabytes of storage and over 150 terabytes of backup capacity.#user #academia #usa #research
T-Platforms817T-Platforms® provides comprehensive HPC systems, software and services with customer installations consistently included on the TOP500 worldwide list of most powerful supercomputers. T-Platforms is a one-stop source for companies looking for the competitive advantage of HPC technology, but lacking the resources necessary to fully adopt and embrace a supercomputing environment. The portfolio of solutions offered by T-Platforms starts with early stage analysis and documentation of user requirements, and progresses all the way to turnkey supercomputer center design. The company's A-Class and V-Class computational systems are built specifically for HPC to ensure multi-petaflops scalability. T-Platforms also delivers a unique added value with its ability to provide end-to-end modeling, simulation and analysis services, a level of support not available from most HPC platform suppliers.#vendor #hardware #software #russia #systems #servers #storage #solutions
Analytics Engines818Analytics Engines are building a suite of application accelerators that take advantage of the latest developments in platform hardware known as Hybrid Computing.#vendor #software #ireland #europe #analytics #gpu #fpga
Cubix819Cubix Corporation designs and manufactures computers and PCIe expansion products for the HPC and media/entertainment markets. By connecting Cubix's GPU-Xpander Desktop to your current workstation, you instantly transform your legacy PC or Mac Pro workstation into a personal supercomputer for hosting GPU-accelerated applications ranging from 3D digital content creation, non-linear editing, and digital intermediate solutions to the latest medical imaging or scientific research applications — dramatically enhancing performance by as much as 50X-100X beyond the capabilities of today's multi-core CPU technology.#vendor #hardware #usa #gpu #workstation
Mobiveil820Mobiveil is a fast?growing company that specializes in the development of Silicon Intellectual-Properties, Hardware platforms and Solutions. It leverages its vast experience in delivering high?quality, production?proven, high-speed serial-interconnect Silicon-IP cores and custom and standard hardware boards. Mobiveil is headquartered in the Silicon-Valley with development centers in US and India.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory #storage #socs
Salishan Conference on High Speed Computing821The Salishan Conference on High-Speed Computing was founded in 1981 as a means of getting experts in computer architecture, languages, and algorithms together to: improve communications, develop collaborations, solve problems of mutual interest, and provide effective leadership in the field of high-speed computing. Organized and hosted by Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia National Laboratories, the conference convenes annually at the Salishan Lodge in Gleneden Beach, Oregon. Attendance at the conference is by invitation. Attendees are from national laboratories, academia, government, and private industry.#resource #conference #usa
Impulse822Let us help you accelerate your design by optimizing it for, and moving it to FPGA or other target hardware. Impulse software, design services and integrations leverage HLLs, so projects go quicker and they more easily migrate to next generation hardware. Impulse has helped over 500 teams improve their application by refactoring and recompiling it to run faster, smaller or at lower power. Impulse C is one of the most widely used software to FPGA hardware optimizing compilers. It has been used in over 2,000 designs by clients as diverse as NASA, Sony and Wall Street Banks. The FPGA experts at Impulse Accelerated design in Impulse C/ANSI C, OpenCL, Vivado HLS, VHDL, and Verilog. The skills that Impulse built up over 12 years of helping with hundreds of design starts make us experts at adapting software code to accelerated operation on FPGA regardless of language. Trust us to adapt your code to FPGA, or deliver designs to your specifications. on-time and on-budget.#vendor #software #usa #fpga
NYU HPCF823The NYULMC-HPC is a project under continuing development at the Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics (CHIBI) of NYULMC. The guiding vision is that of enabling step changes in the quality and range of research through the use of advanced computing hardware, algorithms and best-practices-driven integrative services.#user #academia #usa #research
Intilop824Intilop Corporation is a pioneer in developing and providing ‘Customizable Silicon IP’ in the area of Networking, Network Security, data storage-SAN/NAS and embedded applications that allows customers to differentiate their products and make quick enhancements. Intilop and its customers have successfully implemented these in several ASICs, SOCs, FPGAs and full-scale systems.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #security #fpga #asics #socs #storage
EasyBuild825EasyBuild is a software build and installation framework that allows you to manage (scientific) software on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems in an efficient way.#resource #software
Purdue University826Purdue University and High Performance Computing have been intertwined for many years. Purdue has built six TOP500-class clusters since 2008, giving it the best array of HPC systems for use by researchers on a single campus in the United States. Hundreds of Purdue faculty and graduate students in disciplines ranging from agricultural economics and aeronautics to physics and biomedical engineering make use of these clusters daily. Purdue backs its clusters with a state-of-the-art campus research network and storage systems, as well as such services as scientific visualization and virtual environment creation. The Purdue-developed HUBzero technology is a ready-made, open source cyberinfrastructue for research and education. HUBzero now powers more than 60 hubs enabling virtual research communities in such fields as nanotechnology, cancer research, disaster management, biofuels, and the bonds between humans and companion animals.#user #academia #usa #research
Versity827Versity is the first company dedicated exclusively to the development and support of a world-class enterprise hierarchical storage management system. Versity is the leading independent developer of large-scale high performance, high I/O archival storage systems. Its solution consists of a purpose built file system tightly coupled with an advanced archiver deployed on the Linux OS. Large-scale, low-cost data storage and preservation is Versity’s focus. The company believes in continually improving its products and delivering its solutions in the most customer-friendly ways.#vendor #software #usa #virtualization #storage
Caterpillar828Caterpillar Inc. announced it will collaborate with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to conduct high-performance computing (HPC) projects focused on more realistic simulations that can lead to improved product designs. Through the expanded partnership, NCSA will host Caterpillar's simulation research on iForge supercomputer over a three-year period. By conducting these simulations in NCSA's HPC environment, Caterpillar will increase its dedicated computing resources, enhancing its product modeling and enabling rapid exploration of large design areas.#user #commercial #usa
Infortrend829Founded in 1993, Infortrend Corporation is a leading provider of high-performance networked storage solutions focusing on quality, reliability, choice and value. Fully dedicated to storage solutions, Infortrend has a strong technological foundation that includes one of the best R&D teams in the industry. Our expertise covers all aspects of storage systems, including hardware, firmware, software and system integration. To ensure product excellence, Infortrend systems are designed and manufactured in-house. Infortrend storage solutions have been widely deployed on a variety of demanding applications by multiple users across commercial and industrial markets. Our core brands include the ESVA, EonStor DS and EonNAS product families.#vendor #hardware #taiwan #storage
DiRAC830DiRAC (Distributed Research utilising Advanced Computing) is the integrated supercomputing facility for theoretical modelling and HPC-based research in particle physics, astronomy and cosmology, areas in which the UK is world-leading. In December 2009 the new STFC Facility, DiRAC was established to provide distributed High Performance Computing (HPC) services. HPC-based modelling is an essential tool for the exploitation of observational and experimental facilities in astronomy and particle physics, as this technology allows scientists to test their theories and run simulations from the data gathered in experiments. The UK has an extremely strong HPC community and these powerful computing facilities allows the UK science community to pursue cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics, from simulating the entire evolution of the universe, from the big bang to the present, to modelling the fundamental structure of matter. DiRAC is both an academic-led and academic supervised Facility, which allowed the systems to be designed specifically around the different high performance computational needs within this scientific community.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine HPC831The Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services High-Performance Computing (Penn HPC) environment is available to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Pennsylvania and other non-profit organizations for the purpose of providing computational capacity, high-performance storage, and long-term archiving of large data sets. The PMACS HPC system houses the following resources for our clients’ use: 144 IBM iDataPlex Nodes (Red Hat Linux 6.4), 2 Petabytes of IBM SONAS Disk Storage, 1.8 Petabytes of mirrored archive tape storage, and a Platform LSF job scheduling system.#user #academia #usa #research
Cluster Technology832ClusterTech is a leading provider of advanced computing technologies including High Performance Computing, Big Data and FPGA. ClusterTech Image Processor uses a high performance coprocessor utilizing Field Programmable Gate Array technology to deliver dozens of times the performance of CPU, with one-fifth or one-sixth power consumed by CPU server. This solution can be applied in applications where image resizing is a bottleneck. Applications examples include social network sites, mobile instant messaging, cloud storage, CDN provider, other large websites etc. With CIP, a handful of servers can do the work of many racks of systems, reducing the total cost of ownership by up to 80%.#vendor #hardware #software #services #china #fpga #bigdata #processors #consulting
Northwestern University RCS833Northwestern University Research Computing Services is a recognized leader in global networking and research. Northwestern University Information Technology (NUIT) supports the University's development of an infrastructure that meets current research needs, anticipates future growth, and fosters collaborations among researchers both on- and off-campus. The University's HPC system includes large-scale flexible and extensible research data storage, shared software licenses and applications, collaboration resources, visualization tools, and data backup/preservation services - all necessary HPC components that contribute to Northwestern's competitive edge among peer research institutions.#user #academia #usa #research
HPC Systems834HPC Systems, Inc. is an 8(A) certified manufacturer and integrator of high performance computers such as quad & 8-way Opteron servers, supplying a broad range of customized server, storage systems, and cluster solutions to the Government, University, Corporate, and High Performance Computing markets. HPC Systems, Inc. focus on utilizing standard commodity hardware, standard interconnects and networking technology to develop customized solutions. #vendor #hardware #services #usa #storage #systems #servers #workstations #gpus
Cresta835CRESTA: Developing techniques and solutions which address the most difficult challenges that computing at the exascale can provide. CRESTA brought together four of Europe's leading supercomputing centres, with one of the world's major equipment vendors, two of Europe's leading programming tools providers and six application and problem owners to explore how the Exascale challenge can be met. The CRESTA project finshed at the end of 2014. CRESTA focused on the use of six applications with exascale potential to develop an integrated suite of technologies required to support the execution of applications at the exascale. These applications ranged from biomolecular systems to fusion energy.#resource #exascale #europe #research
NSF CHREC836The NSF Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC, pronounced "shreck") is a national research center and consortium under the auspices of the industry/university cooperative research centers program at the National Science Foundation. CHREC is a renowned national center consisting of more than 30 university, industry, and government partners collaborating on research in high-performance and reconfigurable computing. CHREC researchers are active on a broad range of challenges, such as device and system architectures, parallel algorithms and applications from various domains, and design concepts and tools. A diverse set of research facilities is employed with CHREC research, including fixed (CPU, DSP, GPU) and reconfigurable (FPGA) parallel architectures. Among these machines is Novo-G, the most powerful reconfigurable computer in the research world, featuring more than 400 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).#user #government #academia #usa #research
University of Tennessee Knoxville ICL837The Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL) is a large Computer Science research and development group situated in the heart of the University of Tennessee’s Knoxville campus. ICL’s mission is to establish and maintain the University of Tennessee as a world leader in advanced scientific and high performance computing through research, education, and collaboration. ICL has grown into an internationally recognized research laboratory, specializing in Numerical Linear Algebra, Distributed Computing, and Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking. The lab now employs nearly forty researchers, students, and staff, and has earned many accolades, including four R&D100 awards.#user #academia #usa #research
CORAL Advanced Computing and Simulation838CORAL is a first-of-its-kind U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) collaboration between the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA’s) ASC Program and the Office of Science’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research program (ASCR) that will culminate in three ultra-high performance supercomputers at Lawrence Livermore, Oak Ridge, and Argonne national laboratories. The systems, delivered in the 2017 timeframe, will be used for the most demanding scientific and national security simulation and modeling applications, and will enable continued U.S. leadership in computing. The Livermore system resulting from CORAL will be named Sierra.#user #academia #government #usa #research
Moscow University Supercomputing Center839Moscow State University, the oldest and the largest university in Russia, was established in 1755. 40 000+ students, 2500+ full doctors, 6000+ PhDs, 1000+ full professors, 39 faculties. Supercomputing center of MSU is one of the world-leading centers. It is based now on a variety of systems where the major resource is the T-Platforms 1.7 PFlop/s Lomonosov supercomputer. Today more than 600 scientific groups from Moscow State University, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and other educational and scientific organizations of Russia are the users of Moscow University Supercomputing Center. In recent years, the range of supercomputer applications has expanded incredibly and Moscow State University is looking forward to reach exaflops frontiers.#user #academia #russia #research
Data Dynamics840Data Dynamics empowers enterprises to seamlessly manage their critical data assets—across the entire information lifecycle — while maximizing the value of their current and future infrastructure investments. That’s a strong claim, but we can back it up with results. Our award-winning StorageX software — originally developed by NuView, Inc. and quickly deployed across hundreds of loyal enterprise customers — empowers management of unstructured data with a policy-based model that not only drives operational efficiencies, but also mitigates risk and enhances data security. #vendor #software #usa #storage
Massive Storage Systems and Technology Conference841Since the conference was founded by the leading national laboratories, MSST has been a venue for massive-scale storage system designers and implementers, storage architects, researchers, and vendors to share best practices and discuss building and securing the world's largest storage systems for high-performance computing, web-scale systems, and enterprises. #resource #conference
Elliptical Mobile Solutions842Since its inception Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) has reinvented the data center industry using energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and high availability as guiding principles. Today, EMS is the only company in the world to build Micro-Modular Data Centers at the rack level with onboard closed loop cooling, adaptive suspension, security and fire suppression. The product line fully replicates the features of traditional, containerized and cloud data centers while offering dramatic benefits and savings.#vendor #hardware #usa #datacenters #cooling
CIG843The Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) develops and disseminates community-accessible software for the geodynamics research community. CIG software supports a variety of geodynamic research from mantle and core dynamics, to crustal and earthquake dynamics, to magma migration and seismology. CIG is a community-driven organization that is committed to developing and maintaining the geodynamics community through community participation across this research spectrum.#resource #collaboration #consortium #software #usa
Permabit844Permabit Technology Corporation has pioneered the development of high-performance data efficiency software for primary storage. We invent, develop and deliver disruptive software for high impact OEM product differentiation. With 34 patents in the area of data reduction, Permabit leads the industry in performance, scale and resource efficiency via innovation in inline data deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and replication technologies.#vendor #software #usa #storage #security #cloud
Bitfusion845Bitfusion accelerates the hardware infrastructure to boost application software performance by up to 100x—without writing any code. Bitfusion solutions offer data-driven organizations supercomputing-class performance with a platform layer that features custom software, performance-portable libraries and hardware appliances to provide unprecedented acceleration in the existing infrastructure without code recompile, application rewrite or specialized skills. High-performance computing has long been confined to a few organizations with huge resources. At Bitfusion, we’re changing that dynamic. We’re bringing supercomputing to the masses.#vendor #software #usa
NovaSparks846The NovaSparks feed handlers provide trading firms with ultra-fast market data processing, book building and normalization into a single unified format. They are built using a pure FPGA approach, i.e. an approach where all the feed processing is performed in the FPGA to assure the lowest latency and the highest determinism possible. Advanced pipelining and smart parallelization speed up NovaSparks feed-handler up to 10 times faster than software feed handlers on average and up to 100 times faster during market data bursts.#vendor #hardware #usa #fpga
CAHPC - Noblis Center for Applied High Performance Computing847The CAHPC is dedicated to using high performance computing (HPC) to accelerate the development and commercialization of applications requiring graph analytics. The CAHPC is located in Danville, Virginia and is home to one of our nation’s most powerful computers, a next-generation Cray XMT2 supercomputer.#vendor #services #usa
Unique Digital848Unique Digital is a systems integrator specializing in data storage and data protection solutions. Unique Digital sells a wide range of hardware and software, and offers a full suite of professional services, training, and support to complement these products. We can help you design, build, and manage flexible, scalable, and secure information infrastructures. With these infrastructures, you'll be able to intelligently and efficiently store, protect, and manage your information so that it can be made accessible, searchable, and shareable.#vendor #services #hardware #usa #storage #security #systems #integrator #virtualization #training
Flanders ExaScience Lab849The Exascience Lab researches the application of High Performance Computing (or HPC) to problems in the life sciences and industries. It is a collaboration between members from the pharmaceutical industry, the technology industry, and the research sector. The research of the lab spans from applications and algorithms, across software, to the impact of new HPC hardware.#user #collaboration #consortium #belgium #europe #research
GLCPC - Great Lakes Consortium for Petascale Computation850The Great Lakes Consortium for Petascale Computation is a collaboration among colleges, universities, national research laboratories, and other educational institutions. The consortium facilitates the widespread and effective use of petascale computing, through the development of new computing software, applications, and technologies.#resource #consortium #collaboration #usa
Seoul National University851The Center for Manycore Programming is a research center located at Seoul National University. The Multicore Computing Research Laboratory is a research group in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and is the core of the Center for Manycore Programming. The group is dedicated to exploring technologies for high-performance multicore computing systems and embedded systems. In general, our research focuses on compiler, architecture, and operating system techniques at various levels taking a pragmatic approach. The goal of the center is to overcome the multicore/manycore programming wall by means of compilers and programming tools, runtime systems, and architectures.#user #academia #southkorea #research
Racklive852Racklive is the data-center rack-level solutions focused division of ASA Computers, founded in 1989. At Racklive, we have assembled a team of top mechanical, electrical, and system engineers, production and project managers who work cohesively on datacenter projects from pre-deployment data center site surveys through field (post-shipment) deployment services to customizable customer support options. For companies that want to control their own infrastructure and build their own clouds then there is no better Design & Build-to-Order company to take you to that last mile.#vendor #hardware #services #solutions #usa #servers #storage #networking #switches #cabinets
UNC Chapel-Hill Research Computing853Research Computing for UNC-Chapel Hill is developed, supported and maintained by the ITS Research Computing group. ITS Research Computing aims to provide a world-class computing infrastructure as well as other technology tools and capabilities to support the research needs of UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff. ITS Research Computing offers a number of computing resources for researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill. Among these are an 8000 core Linux cluster (KillDevil); and a 1840 core Linux cluster (Kure).#user #academia #usa #research
NCMS Digital Manufacturing Initiative854The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) Digital Manufacturing initiative is a cross-industry collaborative organization dedicated to changing the way America manufactures by bringing the power of high performance modeling, simulation, and analysis to the value chain. In the future, 90 per cent of all products will be developed virtually. High Performance Computing power will be required. We believe that Digital Manufacturing is one of America’s greatest – and most underutilized – competitive assets. The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences fuels innovative solutions for manufacturers. A nonprofit, member-based consortium, the organization’s objective is to drive the global competitiveness of North American Manufacturers through collaboration, innovation, and advanced technologies.#resource #collaboration #consortium #organization #usa
Apposite Technologies855Apposite Technologies is the leader in easy-to-use, professional-quality network simulation products. Apposite’s Linktropy and Netropy WAN emulation appliances simulate link bandwidth, delay, loss, congestion, and other network impairments to test the performance of applications in the lab under a spectrum of real-world conditions. Offering a unique combination of ease-of-use, test lab-level precision, and unmatched prices, Linktropy and Netropy WAN emulators are widely deployed by leading enterprises, application and equipment vendors, telecoms carriers, test labs, and government and military organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking
ArrayFire856ArrayFire is an industry leader in high performance computing software development and coding services. ArrayFire specializes in developing software solutions to help engineers, researchers and scientists leverage the capabilities of GPUs and other accelerators to solve complicated computing problems in a range of industries, including defense and intelligence, life science, oil and gas, finance, manufacturing, media and others. We provide our customers with a robust platform of solutions to help them solve complex computing challenges. These solutions include the ArrayFire open source software library which contains hundreds of functions for accelerating numerous application types, including matrix manipulation, image and signal processing, linear algebra, numerical computation, and many more. Leveraging its deep GPU expertise and vast code base, ArrayFire also serves many clients through consulting and coding services, algorithm development, porting code, and training courses for developers.#vendor #software #usa #gpu #cloud #tools #services #visualization #solutions #consulting #coding #training
PCPC Direct857If your organization needs to convert large amounts of raw data to competitive advantage whether from seismic exploration or financial analysis, PCPC can design and build a high performance cluster in our Houston facility to your specification. Design, Build or Manage -- from hundreds of nodes to thousands of nodes, PCPC is the leading provider of custom HPC solutions in the Texas market. With data center space and cooling at a premium, our custom telco wired racks are built on the world’s leading technology on 1U or blade technologies and leverage leading edge communication standards such as Myrinet and Infiniband. PCPC custom clusters can be found in universities, financial institutions and oil and gas companies all over the world.#vendor #hardware #usa #clusters #systems #datacenters #virtualization #services #storage #backup #networking #security
OpenFPGA858OpenFPGA comprises a consortium of organizations aiming to foster and accelerate the incorporation of reconfigurable computing technology in high-performance and enterprise applications. Organized as a non-profit entity, OpenPFGA is serving the worldwide community through the activities of working groups, technology discussions, mailing lists and collaborative development of best practices and industry standards in reconfigurable computing. An initiative which started in 2004, spearheaded with leadership by an international cross-sector steering group and support of the University of Dayton, the consortium is shaping the world of reconfigurable computing. Presently, through the mailing list, working groups and other avenues, OpenFPGA includes participation from over 200 organizations spanning 40 countries worldwide.#resource #consortium #usa
Gidel859Gidel was founded in 1993 as a high-end system development and integration company. With our project-level approach, we created several powerful and advanced tools for high-performance system development. We felt that our accumulated expertise in system level integration, together with our innovative development methodologies, would be valuable to companies that need to verify ASIC designs and to those companies building system-level boards. In 1997 we began providing our in-house development systems to the industry. Today, Gidel is one of the leading companies providing cost-effective integrated building blocks and production boards to system builders that need fast prototyping in order to cut development time. To ASIC / SoC / IP designers Gidel offers simulation acceleration, real-time emulation, and verification tools.#vendor #hardware #software #isreal #usa #fpga #boards #soc #imaging #tools #analytics #communication #datamanagement #networking #servers #visualization
CGO Conference860The International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) provides a premier venue to bring together researchers and practitioners working at the interface of hardware and software on a wide range of optimization and code generation techniques and related issues. The conference spans the spectrum from purely static to fully dynamic approaches, and from pure software-based methods to specific architectural features and support for code generation and optimization. #resource #conference
ParaTools861ParaTools provides consulting expertise in parallel and distributed computing, performance evaluation, algorithms, and software development. Our consultants can assist you in applying performance tools effectively to your applications and optimizing code performance.#vendor #services #software #usa #consulting
AsRock Rack862ASRock Rack Inc., established in 2013, specialized in the field of Cloud Computing server hardware. While inheriting ASRock’s design concepts, “Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness”, the company is dedicated to bring the Server Industry out of the box thinking with the passion to innovate. Leveraged by ASRock’s growing momentum and distribution channels, this young and vibrant company targets at the booming market of Cloud Computing, and commits to serve the market with user friendly and eco friendly Do It Yourself Server hardware, featuring flexible and reliable products.#vendor #hardware #taiwan #cloud #servers #workstation #motherboards
Extoll863EXTOLL GmbH is dedicated to innovative HPC network technology. The novel network chip TOURMALET provides superior performance as well as unique features like ultra low latency, extremely high hardware message rate, high bandwidth, switchless design, fault tolerance, virtually unlimited scalability, support for multi-core environments and direct communication of accelerators, like GPUs. For performance computing users whose applications are currently limited by latency, scalability or power, EXTOLL provides an innovative communication solution that enables ultra low latencies and avoids costly and power-hungry external switches. Unlike previous solutions, EXTOLL products are an integral part of the HPC system. They provide inherent support for multi-core environments, virtually unlimited scalability, and a tight coupling between computational units.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #networking #interconnect #asics #cooling #cabling
TVS - Test and Verification Solutions864Hardware Verification is recognized as the largest task in silicon development and as such has the biggest impact on the key business drivers of schedule, cost and quality. TVS was formed in the UK by Dr. Mike Bartley in 2008 to provide specialist test and verification services and products to the worldwide semiconductor and embedded systems industries, including: Pre-silicon hardware verification services, DFT, AMS verification, Post-Silicon validation, Requirements Management product and services, Verification IP, Software Testing, Outsourcing Services, Training and Benchmarking.#vendor #hardware #software #unitedkingdom #europe #security #benchmarking #training #verification
NWChem865NWChem aims to provide its users with computational chemistry tools that are scalable both in their ability to treat large scientific computational chemistry problems efficiently, and in their use of available parallel computing resources from high-performance parallel supercomputers to conventional workstation clusters.#resource #software
Kennesaw State University ACS866The KSU Advanced Computing Services (ACS) department supports and develops technologies and services in support of academic research at Kennesaw State University. We support the High Performance Computing system at KSU, as well as, other development projects supporting researchers. As of January 2015, the KSU HPC cluster for campus researchers now includes 30 computing nodes. Two 32-core systems containing 256 GB RAM each (4 x 8 cores at 2.67 GHz) and 28 IBM FLEX nodes, each with 16 cores (2 x 8 Cores at 2.8 GHz) and >128 GB RAM.#user #academia #usa #research
ParTec867ParTec's Cluster Competence Center delivers the software, consultancy and support services necessary to achieve new heights in productivity and availability on todays commodity based supercomputers. ParTec is specialised in the development and support of a comprehensive suite of Cluster management tools and a runtime environment specifically tuned for the largest distributed memory supercomputers in existence today and beyond. ParTec’s unrivalled expertise in developing Cluster software includes a self-developed ParaStation MPI and tools like GridMonitor and HealthChecker. ParTec's unrivaled expertise in delivering professional services, consultancy and support has made it the partner of choice in some of the leading HPC sites across Europe.#vendor #software #germany #europe #consulting
Rock Flow Dynamics868Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) develops software for the petroleum industry. It offers a wide range of advanced innovative tools for reservoir engineering implemented in tNavigator – the dynamic reservoir simulator developed by the company. RFD is expanding quickly to keep up with a fast growing Oil & Gas service industry. Our multidisciplinary team has over 50 highly qualified professionals engaged in the development and support of the next generation of reservoir simulation software. Apart from software, we also provide a wide range of consulting services. As part of the company business strategy, many members of our team are actively engaged in various research projects in the areas of numerical methods, high performance computing and others.#vendor #software #usa
Altron869Altron Inc., is a veteran-owned, full service electronic contract manufacturer(ECM) specializing in electronic assemblies and mechanical box builds in the medical, military, aerospace, computer, telecommunications, GPS, commercial/industrial and health/fitness. Altron’s 65,000 square foot facility is located in the heart of one of the nation's leading high-tech corridors.#vendor #hardware #usa #manufacturing
Drexel University Research Computing870Proteus is Drexel's main high-performance computer cluster. It houses both AMD and Intel CPUs with QDR Infiniband interconnects and runs the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. Proteus' compute nodes are grouped into several "blocks". The University block (approx 1,000 AMD cores) is available for general purpose computing to any Drexel PI or student who is granted an account.#user #academia #usa #research
Obsidian Strategics871Obsidian Strategics Inc. is a private Canadian corporation. Obsidian’s products are enterprise-class, commercial off the shelf (COTS) devices supporting the InfiniBand protocol used in Supercomputer and HPC environments. The Obsidian Longbow™ technology was first developed for use in mission-critical military and intelligence environments that imposed operational requirements new to InfiniBand. The first-generation devices (running at 10Gbit/s) support features never before seen in InfiniBand equipment including subnet routing, in-line encryption and authentication. Next-generation Longbow devices (in development/certification) carry 4X QDR (Quad Data Rate) and 12X QDR InfiniBand links to provide 40 and 100 Gbit/s data flows over long-haul optical connections at very high efficiency. Early-adopters of Longbow technology include the US military and intelligence agencies, NASA and the Department of Energy as well as high-end computer users at research & educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies#vendor #hardware #software #canada #networking #infiniband #routers
Optalysys872Optalysys was formed to bring Big Data supercomputer processing to the world. We are developing optical high performance computing hardware that will revolutionise the market by operating at levels well in excess of what can be achieved with electronics at a fraction of the cost and energy consumption.#vendor #hardware #england #processors
Cloud Broker873CloudBroker's products and services allow you to easily port, offer and use compute-intensive software on heterogenous cloud infrastructures. CloudBroker Platform, AppCenter, consulting and training bring all the benefits of cloud computing to modeling, simulation and analysis applications. Our solutions for both providers and users of scientific and technical software and compute resources have been applied across multiple projects and industries.#vendor #software #switzerland #cloud #consulting #training
GRAU DATA874HSM, Archiving and Secure Filesharing Software GRAU DATA offers cost-efficient solutions for secure, long-term and audit-compliant archiving of data in accordance with legal requirements regardless of the hardware or archive applications as well as a communication platform for secure and worldwide data exchange. The products are scalable from one terabyte up to several petabytes. XS HSM is a high-end storage management software integrated with parallel file systems such as Lustre and BeeGFS. XS PDM is designed to maximize the copy performance between Lustre and backend technologies like Isilon, XS HSM etc.#vendor #software #germany #europe #security #datamanagement
University of Washington HPC875Hyak, UW’s shared supercomputer cluster, delivers high performance computing speed and power to UW researchers efficiently and cost-effectively. It’s fast, nimble, and scalable—and it continues to grow to meet Big Data and other research challenges.#user #academia #usa #research
William and Mary HPC876At William & Mary, HPC is applied to a diverse and ever-changing set of topics including: ocean modeling, quantum and particle physics, health sciences, acoustics, mathematics, operations research, and econometrics. Jones basement holds our own HPC cluster dubbed "SciClone" at William & Mary. The SciClone project was conceived in the late 1990's to fulfill a dual role as a scientific computing resource and as a test bed for heterogeneous cluster computing. Now in its fifth generation of hardware, SciClone has a theoretical peak performance of 15 teraflops, or fifteen trillion floating point operations per second.#user #academia #usa #research
Clustered Systems877Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, Clustered Systems was founded to solve difficult infrastructure problems associated with deploying large high performance compute systems. Clustered’s first thrust was into the cooling space, developing a unique two-phase pumped refrigerant Touch Cooling™ technology. Later funding by the DoE led to the development of Clustered’s first complete HPC blade system, the ExaBlade. This system sports a panoply of synergistic performance and energy saving features: 100kW “warm water” Touch Cooling™, 380VDC distribution, PCIe networking and virtual I/O. More recently, Clustered has developed relationships with leading HPC component suppliers and software providers to provide full turnkey HPC systems, with all the software, hardware and resilience to scale from standalone petaFLOP racks to 100 rack/100 petaFLOP systems.#vendor #hardware #usa #systems #cooling
EXDCI - European Extreme Data and Computing Initiative878EXDCI’s objective is to coordinate the development and implementation of a common strategy for the European HPC Ecosystem. The two most significant HPC bodies in Europe, PRACE and ETP4HPC, join their expertise in this 30-month project with a budget of € 2.5 million, starting from September 2015. EXDCI aims to support the road-mapping, strategy-making and performance-monitoring activities of the ecosystem.#resource #collaboration
Teradactyl879Teradactyl is a multinational software engineering firm that designs patented enterprise network backup solutions. Our customer profile is typically a large scientific and research installation with comparatively LITTLE data commonality and highly scalable data sets. Teradactyl conceives specialized synthetic backup volumes and algorithmic optimizations to better manage today’s challenges of scale, scheduling, and backup storage sub-system efficiency in unique data environments. The True incremental Backup System® supports not only common operating system platforms but also less visible network file systems, global file systems, and mass storage environments.#vendor #software #hardware #usa #backup #storage #servers
AccelStor880AccelStor is a startup company dedicated to the mission of accelerating world's information access with innovations in software technology and solid-state storage. The initial line-up of the products includes high-performance all-flash arrays and associated hybrid storage solutions. Adopting the methodology of software-defined flash, AccelStor harnesses the power of modern processor architecture and flash memory to build cutting-edge storage appliances that deliver high IOPS, benefiting a wide variety of cloud-computing, enterprise, and industry applications. AccelStor completes the spectrum of storage systems for both performance and capacity tiers.#vendor #hardware #software #taiwan #cloud #storage
Source Support Services881Source Support Services is a global provider of customized logistics & onsite service solutions for the HPC industry. For over a decade, our innovative service programs have helped to redefine the outsourcing experience for IT Manufacturers. Through our state-of-the-art training programs, global logistics capabilities and network of locally based field technicians we provide same day and NBD onsite support in North America and over 80 countries. Each of our service programs are customized to your products, processes and requirements. Our focus is to differentiate you from your competition by helping to truly enhance your customer’s overall experience with your solutions.#vendor #services #usa #datamanagement #networking #storage #servers #training
Numascale882Numascale is a leader in interconnect technology development, disrupting the server business by introducing a low cost scalable shared memory adapter for commodity servers. Using AMD’s standardized HyperTransport processor-memory interface, Numascale is the first company to develop and commercialize an interconnect with the ability to build scalable high performance clusters with cache coherent shared memory. The NumaConnect™ SMP adapters enable the whole cluster to be utilized as one single system running one instance of the operating system. Utilizing directory-based caching, systems with NumaConnect™ are scalable from two to thousands of servers connected using 2D or 3D torus topologies.#vendor #hardware #software #norway #servers #interconnect #analytics
Mayo Clinic Illinois Alliance883There are an almost infinite number of collaborative research opportunities within the Mayo-Illinois Alliance. Mayo brings an exceptional portfolio of clinical medicine, biomedical and translational research and healthcare delivery. Illinois provides strengths in engineering, technology and life sciences--especially in high-performance computing, software, imaging, nanotechnology, genomics and tissue engineering.#user #academia #commercial #usa #research
Instrumental884Instrumental, Inc. is the global leader in architecture, design and integration services for high performance computing (HPC) and data storage in mission critical, data-intensive computing environments. Our client list includes companies from both the Fortune 1000 and federal defense and intelligence agencies. Instrumental provides the most experienced and industry-respected information technology experts to assist you in completing your mission. In addition, we eliminate the need to hire personnel to accomplish services in order to insure total customer satisfaction with your technology and solutions. Instrumental also delivers premier high-end, data center consulting and management services to both commercial and governmental customers as well as support for product lifecycle management and engineering activities.. We have a GSA Schedule 70 contracting vehicle and staff with multiple security clearances.#vendor #services #usa #datamanagement #storage #backup #visualization #networking #consulting #datacenters
RackMountPro885Based in southern California, Yang Ming International Corporation (RackMountPro.com) was founded in 1994 with a passion for pursuing high tech computing solutions. Started in a small office and warehouse on Lemon Creek Dr., RackMountPro sold wholesale computer component products with a focus on competitive pricing and quality service. In 2001, RackMountPro began a full scale assembly line for the production of rackmount servers and storage. At the time, RackMountPro was one of the pioneer companies to specialize in rackmount servers, chassis, and accessories. Our customers cover a broad range of government agencies, educational institutions, major corporations, and small businesses.#vendor #hardware #usa #motherboards #accessories #servers #blades #gpu #workstations #chassis #powersupplies #storage #networking
Euroserver Project886EUROSERVER will design and prototype technology, architecture, and systems software for the next generation of "Micro-Servers" to be used in building datacenters.#resource #europe #research
University of Maine ACG887The Advanced Computing Group at the University of Maine has been formed to provide computing infrastructure and support for the research needs of the state of Maine.The compute resources reside in the newly renovated UMS Data Center in Orono. The ACG provides High Performance compute resources, cloud computing services, data storage solution, data management plan assistance, and much more.#user #academia #usa #research
Hirose USA888Since the birth of HIROSE in 1937, the company has developed and introduced thousands of new connectors for numerous applications. The company continues to broaden the scope of its business activities, keeping pace with market advances and satisfying the changing connector needs of companies in Europe, Asia and North America.#vendor #hardware #usa #connectors
University of Iowa HPC889The University of Iowa High Performance Computing group is a collaborative initiative currently led by Information Technology Services - Research Services. Research Services works with various campus groups to support high-performance and high-throughput computing resources on the UI campus. The Helium and Neon clusters are currently the primary central HPC resources. Collectively the two systems are composed of over 600 compute nodes with more than 8000 processor cores. Each system has an internal QDR Infiniband network and the two systems are connected by high speed 10Gb Ethernet links.#user #academia #usa #research
MUG - MVAPICH User Group890The MUG meeting provides an open forum for all attendees (users, system administrators, researchers, engineers, and students) to discuss and share their knowledge on using MVAPICH2, MVAPICH2-X, MVAPICH2-GDR and MVAPICH2-MIC on large-scale systems and for a diverse set of applications. The event includes a set of talks from experts in the field, presentations from the MVAPICH2 team on tuning and optimization strategies for various components, trouble shooting guidelines, contributed presentations, an open mic session, and an interactive/hands-on session with the MVAPICH2 developers in a one-to-one manner to discuss issues and problems.#resource #conference
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute CCI891New "Balanced" Supercomputing System at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Center of Computational Innovations (CCI)-the Most Powerful University-Based Supercomputer in New York State and the Northeast-Positions the University for Continued Leadership and Impact in Massively Parallel Computational and Data Analytics Research, Innovation, and Education. With the ability to perform more than one quadrillion (1015) calculations per second, AMOS is the most powerful university-based supercomputer in New York state and the Northeast, and among the most powerful in the world. In addition to massive computational power, AMOS has high-performance networking capabilities with a bandwidth of more than four terabytes per second—more than the combined bandwidth of 2 million home Internet subscribers.#user #academia #usa #research
NCDS - National Consortium for Data Science892The National Consortium For Data Science (NCDS) is a collaboration of leaders in academia, industry and government formed to address the data challenges of the 21st century. The NCDS was founded as a mechanism to help the U.S. take advantage of the ever increasing flow of digital data in ways that result in new jobs and industries, new advances in healthcare, transformative discoveries in science, and competitive advantages for U.S. industry.#resource #collaboration #usa #bigdata
Thinkmate893For over 25 years, Thinkmate has been a leader in building the highest quality custom servers and workstations for business, research and government. All our systems are proudly built in our state-of-the-art, ISO-Certified facility in Norwood, MA. Here, our systems are tested thoroughly before being shipped to you. We keep detailed reliability records of everything, so you can build your own system knowing that every component has been carefully considered by our engineers before being made available to you. But our commitment to quality goes beyond that - Every system is covered under our unified 3-Year Warranty with advance parts replacement. This commitment to superior quality and customer service has kept us the number one server solutions provider for over twenty years.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #servers #workstations #storage #blades #ssds
International Computer Concepts894We exist to empower the B2B space through technology. We believe every organization – no matter how small or big – can benefit from technology, and it is our mission to help these organizations see their technology as an asset not a burden. Drawing on years of experience building custom HPC solutions for the most advanced supercomputing labs, we are happy to talk to you about upgrading your current cluster or building a new one. We specialize in finding creative solutions for overcoming the I/O and storage bottlenecks hampering many high-end supercomputing clusters.#vendor #hardware #usa #clusters #storage #servers #gpus
Cascadia IT Conference895A gathering of professionals from the diverse IT (computer and network administration) community in the U.S. Pacific Northwest / British Columbia to learn, share ideas, and network. We go by many titles but everyone is invited: System administrators, network administrators, network engineers, Windows, Linux, Unix, DBAs, etc. The conference includes panels, presentations, invited speakers and keynotes, as well as training by top-notch experts.#resource #conference
Oil & Gas HPC Conference896The Oil and Gas High Performances Computing (HPC) Workshop, hosted annually at Rice University, is the premier meeting place for networking and discussion focused on computing and information technology challenges and needs in the oil and gas industry.#conference #usa
Coolcentric897Coolcentric was established in 2007, as a division of Vette Thermal Solutions, to address the issue of increasing power and cooling needs in the Data Center white space. Using IBM technology, based on over four decades of liquid cooling experience, Coolcentric has developed a rack-based thermal solution that has been proven to be the most effective and efficient solution on the market for cooling data centers. Coolcentric's data center cooling solutions vastly reduce data center cooling costs and improve data center consolidation. An extensive product portfolio coupled with a broad range of service options ensures customers that a turnkey solution can be easily deployed and maintained.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling
Agiga Tech898Headquartered in San Diego, California, AgigA Tech is a leading developer of high-speed, high-density, battery-free non-volatile memory solutions. The company's flagship AGIGARAM® product family represents a new class of non-volatile memory created to address the fundamental need for higher-density, higher-performance memory in enterprise-class applications.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory
STFC Scientific Computing Department899STFC's Scientific Computing Department provides large scale HPC facilities, computing and data management services and infrastructure at both Daresbury Laboratory and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, for STFC facilities, and for national and international projects. The department includes world leading experts in a number of scientific fields including computational chemistry and physics, computational engineering, computational biology, atomic and molecular physics, numerical analysis, software engineering and scientific computing technology.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research #services
Runtime Design Automation900Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Runtime Design Automation is the leading developer of distributed processing solutions for data center, cluster and cloud deployments. Runtime’s innovative product suite improves system utilization and enables more work to be completed in less time at lower cost. Runtime solutions complement existing infrastructure so that customers can quickly benefit from productivity gains without the need for application modifications, lengthy deployment cycles or long learning curves.#vendor #software #usa #analytics #datamanagement #visualization
Admin Magazine HPC901HPC News and Articles site.#resource #news
ScicomP902The IBM HPC Systems Scientific Computing User Group, ScicomP, is an international organization of scientific/technical users of IBM systems. ScicomP brings together computational scientists and engineers interested in achieving maximum performance and scalability on all IBM HPC platforms, including Blue Gene, POWER, Cell, Blade, and hybrid architectures.#user #collaboration #consortium #organization #usa #research
UNC Charlotte Research Computing903The University of North Carolina at Charlotte University Research Computing (URC) Group was established in 2003 to promote research and teaching on campus through integrating leading-edge high performance computing (HPC) and visualization for the faculty, staff and students of UNC Charlotte.#user #academia #usa #research
GigaLight904Gigalight, Global Optical Network Devices Innovator, is the market innovator in the field of global optical network devices and pioneer in the application technology. We develop and manufacture innovative optical network technology devices , Fiber optic interconnection products, ROF products, intelligent optical modules and test equipment which widely used in fixed telecommunications network, mobile communications networks, data communication networks, storage area networks, large data centers and cloud computing, video transmission, radar communications, consumer optical communications,etc.#vendor #hardware #china #transceivers #communication #networking #storage #interconnect #datacenters #cloud
University of Wyoming ARCC905The Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) is the primary research computing facility for the University of Wyoming. In addition to providing a centralized scientific computing resource, ARCC is also a gateway to other research institutions within Wyoming and across the nation. ARCC hosts the central condominium style cluster, Mount Moran, as well as several specialized satellite clusters. We offer the services of these clusters to research efforts on campus. One of ARCC's primary mission elements is providing and supporting High Performance Computing to the research interests at the University of Wyoming. As technology enablers, our focus is making computational tools accessible to research. You want to do research, we want to make that happen.#user #academia #usa #research
Rochester Institute of Technology Research Computing906Our mission is to foster research at RIT by partnering with researchers to support advanced research technology resources in computation, collaboration, and community building among RIT research faculty, staff and students. The Research Computing Lab houses the ICELab (Interactive Collaboration Lab) and also does research on high performance computing, including processing, storage, and networks.#user #academia #usa #research
NREL HPC907One of NREL's most powerful energy research tools -the High Performance Computing Data Center- leads to increased efficiency and lower costs for important renewable energy research and technologies. It is also one of the most energy efficient data centers in the world. The High Performance Computing (HPC) center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) provides high-speed, large-scale computer processing to advance research on renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Through computer modeling and simulation, researchers can explore processes and technologies that cannot be directly observed in a laboratory or that are too expensive or too time-consuming to be conducted otherwise. NREL's HPC center is home to the largest HPC system in the world dedicated to advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.#user #government #usa #research
BIOS IT908BIOS IT is a City-based IT consultancy and solution provider, specialising in the latest high-performance, power efficient IT solutions primarily for the Financial industry and Data Centre arena. As a technology and distribution partner of Supermicro, we have a relationship with one of the world’s leading manufacturers and system integrators of enterprise-class server and storage solutions. Working with other hardware and software vendors from across the industry, BIOS IT is able to design and create the most innovative solutions for you with optimal speed and efficiency to provide you with that imperative edge over the competition.#vendor #services #solutions #usa #consulting #storage #networking #virtualization #servers #workstations
BTC Electronic Components909BTC Electronic Components has supplied high reliability connectors and connector accessories to the military, aerospace and commercial industries since 1980. Our military and aerospace connector expertise has enabled us to expand into other markets including: medical, industrial, network communications, process control, transportation, and heavy equipment.#vendor #hardware #usa #connectors
TSA910TSA is an Exclusive HP Partner having earned virtually every certification offered by HP. With our breadth of knowledge and commitment of resources and personnel to support these products and solutions, helping you improve efficiencies and reduce cost. Our goal at TSA is to leverage our experience, product knowledge and strong partnership with Hewlett-Packard to develop long-term relationships with our clients by delivering innovative and reliable IT solutions.#vendor #hardware #software #solutions #usa #servers #workstations #storage #networking #backup #cloud #security #clusters #storage #visualization #grid
GraphStream911Since our founding in 2003, GraphStream has been supplying an international client base with advanced scalable infrastructure that delivers data processing, storage, and networking capacity to application workloads. Our offerings are based on enterprise-grade Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) building blocks for core data infrastructure, including resource-management software; server, storage, and networking hardware; and associated services.#vendor #software #hardware #services #usa #servers #storage #networking #clusters #cooling
Sabalcore912Sabalcore offers professional High Performance Computing (HPC) services over the Internet. Our fully supported HPC Cloud offering makes it simple for companies and research organizations to rapidly scale up their processing power while reducing costs at the same time. If you need more processing power or results sooner, you need more CPUs. Rent computational power when you need it and get the technical support along with it. Access our high performance computing systems through a secure connection 24 hours a day. Run your own application or one of the many applications we already host. We recommend the best configuration to optimize your application’s performance and a free trial ensures it performs as you expect.#vendor #services #usa #cloud
European Exascale Projects913The European Exascale Projects combine under one roof all Exascale research related efforts funded by the European Commission (EC). To resolve the challenges the Exascale future still holds, the various projects address all relevant research areas. Thus they span from innovative approaches to hardware design and programming models as well as to application development.#resource #europe #exascale #research
60East Technologies91460East Technologies was founded in 2010 by a world-class tandem of system programming experts with a proven track record of delivering systems to the most demanding customers. The team's experience and expertise building high performance systems over the past twenty years, has led to the development of a technology, AMPS, that will revolutionize how real-time messaging is used to build modern applications that scale into the future. 60East Technologies is committed to building the fastest real-time streaming database software and helping application developers deliver solutions that outperform their peers.#vendor #software #usa
Northern Arizona University915A high-performance computing cluster named Monsoon is now available to serve the Northern Arizona University research community. Acquired as part of the development of the campus-wide Informatics and Computing Program, the cluster can be utilized to address complex research questions across many disciplines, including biology, climate science, behavioral sciences, humanities, education, genetics, and astronomy.#user #academia #usa #research
Padova Technologies916Padova Technologies, Inc. designs, engineers, integrates and supports HPC, servers, workstations, virtualization and storage products. Our solutions are always customized, cost-effective, cutting-edge, reliable and power efficient. We are committed to helping our clients manage their most valuable asset – information. Privately held and located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, Padova has designed products and solutions for some of the nation’s most influential research institutions, military organizations, global defense and technology corporations and other government entities.#vendor #hardware #software #services #usa #servers #clusters #blades #workstations #datacenters #virtualization #storage
MARCC917The Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center (MARCC) is a shared computing facility located on the Bayview Campus of Johns Hopkins University and funded by a State of Maryland grant to Johns Hopkins University through IDIES. The mission of the Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center is to enable research, creative undertakings, and learning that involve and rely on the use and development of advanced computing. MARCC manages high performance computing, highly reliable data storage, and provides outstanding collaborative scientific support to empower computational research, scholarship, and innovation.#user #academia #usa #research
Vision4ce918Vision4ce produces rugged hardware for high performance computing and image processing. Vision4ce (pronounced “vision force”) specializes in the provision of electro-optical (EO) system management hardware, software and integration services; our customers being predominantly in the defense, security and aerospace sectors. Our engineers have a strong background in the development, integration and deployment of solutions for challenging real-world image processing, video management and EO system control applications. Our GRIP range of waterproof computers are based on a combination of high-spec Intel processors and top-of-the-range NVidia graphics hardware housed in a rugged chassis.#vendor #hardware #software #usa
2crsi9192CRSI Corporation is your destination for storage systems, high-performance computing (HPC), and customized IT appliances. Our servers are designed and manufactured in France and assembled in both France and the US. Helping our customers and users to be most efficient, effective, and successful with their IT is our motivation. Managing giant quantities of data is nothing new for 2CRSI. High Performance Computing (HPC), including cloud computing, high-definition rendering, GPGPU-based computing, computing farms, flight simulators, and myriad other applications, is one of 2CRSI’s areas of specialization. We have extensive experience working with industries where the ability to quickly and efficiently manage enormous amounts of data while maintaining the highest degree of technological security is critical to survival and success.#vendor #hardware #usa #datacenters #storage #servers
Data Center Systems920The only fiber connectivity management company that designs, manufactures and installs systems for the world's largest data center environments. DCS delivers a big picture approach that is holistic, innovative and visionary, bringing everything into concert – network switches, servers, director class switches and storage devices. Form meets function, delivering density without sacrificing manageability, and dB loss that far exceeds industry standards. We design, build and manage systems that increase efficiency right now while preparing you to segue smoothly to next generation technologies.#vendor #services #usa #datacenters #cabling #systems
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute CCNI921Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in partnership with IBM and New York state, has created one of the world’s most powerful university-based supercomputing centers, and a top 50 supercomputing center of any kind in the world. The Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations (CCNI), based on the Rensselaer campus and at its Rensselaer Technology Park in Troy, N.Y., is designed both to help continue the impressive advances in shrinking device dimensions seen by electronics manufacturers, and to extend this model to a wide array of industries that could benefit from nanotechnology. The CCNI focuses on reducing the time and costs associated with designing and manufacturing nanoscale materials, devices, and systems.#user #academia #usa #research
DRC Computer Company922DRC Computer is a provider of FPGA-based programmable coprocessor systems for compute-intensive applications. DRC accelerates essential algorithms and applications in high-performance computing for business and science.#vendor #hardware #usa #fpga
Yeshiva University Albert Einstein College of Medicine HPC923The High Performance Computing Core (HPC) serves the Einstein scientific community by providing access to large scale computational resources, storage arrays and expertise. The physical resources include serial cluster nodes, large memory and parallel systems, scheduling systems and advanced network connections, which allow the flow of bench data to HPC computational resources. The HPC Core also maintains a layered software collection that serves a wide range of scientific needs.#user #academia #usa #research
eXact Lab924eXact lab is a privately held company that provides solutions, training and on-demand access in the High Performance Computing market. We assists clients in the government and private sector in procuring mission-critical HPC systems and maximizing the effectiveness of existing systems based on their specific HPC requirements. The team has more than ten years experience in the field, serving the scientific community with tools, techniques and knowledge to enhance productivity of scientific computing.#vendor #solutions #training #italy #europe #consulting
BDEC - Big Data and Extreme-Scale Computing925The workshop on Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing (BDEC) is premised on the idea that we must begin to systematically map out and account for the ways in which the major issues associated with Big Data intersect with, impinge upon, and potentially change the national (and international) plans that are now being laid for achieving exascale computing.#resource #conference
Calyos926Calyos is a world leader of advanced two-phase cooling solutions for electronics components. Calyos presents CALYTRONICS, its new line of cooling solutions for high performance computing servers. CALYTRONICS is a breakthrough platform cooling solution that enables the design of disruptive computing applications. It finally unites high performance cooling (thanks to the fluid full vaporization) and passivity (thanks to its capillary pump avoiding the use of mechanical pumps). Adaptable to liquid or air cooled racks, CALYTRONICS enables the use of high temperature cooling and significantly reduces HPC operating costs. CALYTRONICS is already able to manage next generations of very high heat flux components.#vendor #hardware #belgium #cooling
Zenotech927Zenotech Ltd is redefining engineering online through the use of HPC Clouds delivering on demand licensing models together with extreme performance benefits by leveraging GPUs. We provide fast turn-around; flexibility, affordability and green energy-efficiency using state-of-the-art high-performance computing.#vendor #software #hardware #england #cloud #gpu
Navy DSRC928The Navy DoD Supercomputing Resource Center (Navy DSRC) is a premier provider of high performance computing services and support to the United States Department of Defense scientists and engineers. It is one of five supercomputing centers established under the auspices of the Department of Defense (DoD) High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP). The Navy DSRC leverages high performance computers and a wealth of knowledge to greatly improve the computational research environment for DoD researchers. The center also provides leadership for HPCMP-wide functions including remote petascale data storage, enterprise systems monitoring, and remote system and database administration.#user #government #usa #research
Reflex CES929For over 15 years, ReFLEX CES has designed and manufactured high-speed boards and rugged systems solutions based on high density FPGAs that significantly reduce its customers’ technology risks. The company provides custom embedded and complex systems, and specializes in Modified-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) solutions for VPX, OpenVPX, CompactPCI, VME rugged systems, embedded systems, industrial systems but also a complete portfolio of COTS of high-speed boards, FPGA boards, PCIe boards, FMC daughter boards, portable and rackable computer and recorder. Its expertise spans from chip-level and software-level designs up to complete system-level designs, manufacturing, and production of small and medium series of turn-key systems targeting customers in the military, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical and industrial sectors.#vendor #hardware #france #europe #boards #systems
NIMS - National Institute for Mathematical Sciences930National Institute for Mathematical Sciences performs research of mathematics and its application to various fields of sciences and engineering.#user #academia #southkorea #research
CLDS - Center for Large-Scale Data Systems Research931The Center for Large-scale Data Systems Research at the San Diego Supercomputer Center develops concepts, frameworks, analytical approaches, case analyses and systems solutions to address technical as well as technology-management challenges facing information-intensive organizations in the era of big data. Center activities cover a range of issues, including big data system architectures and software; analytics; performance; data growth and use of data; and data value over time, with the objective of understanding the full value that can be derived from the enormity of data that is becoming available to organizations. As an industry-university collaboration, CLDS encourages participation by industry and welcomes industry sponsorship of projects. Center research is available via a variety of venues, including working papers, research briefings, multi-company forum workshops and sponsor conferences.#resource #collaboration #usa
Enyx932Enyx is a leading developer and provider of ultra-low latency technologies and solutions for the financial industry. Enyx’s FPGA enabled products deliver the next generation of cutting-edge technology. Enyx provides both off-the-shelf trading and telecom solutions, and assists in their integration and deployment into the customer’s infrastructure. Our clients include financial technology service providers, exchanges, investment banks and funds.#vendor #hardware #france #europe #networking #fpga #consulting
cOMPunity933cOMPunity is the community of OpenMP researchers and developers in academia and industry. It is a forum for the dissemination and exchange of information about OpenMP. cOMPunity is also a forum for discussing our experiences with this programming API and for debating ideas that might improve it. cOMPunity was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization on November 14, 2001#resource #news #collaboration #group #usa
OpenMPCon934The annual, face-to-face gathering of the OpenMP developer community. OpenMPCon is organized by the OpenMP community and is uniquely positioned to provide both novice and experienced developers with new insights into using directive based APIs such as OpenMP. The conference focuses on the practical application of OpenMP and other directive based languages to deliver high-performance computing through parallel processing.#resource #conference
Metamako935Metamako builds cutting-edge devices for building networks with the lowest possible latency. Our first product, MetaConnect, is a layer 1 switch for 1G, 10G and 40G applications which has seen deployment for tapping, monitoring, timestamping, patching and broadcast. Its combination of extreme low-latency (4ns) and packet-aware layer 1 data plane provide for compelling use cases in finance, HPC and the data center. We are building a range of products based on reconfigurable logic and the MetaConnect platform#vendor #hardware #australia #networking #switches
Synective Labs936Synective offers accelerated computing solutions and expert FPGA and GPU consulting services. Synective has deep experience in breaking down complex algorithms, mapping the relevant parts to co-processors and finding optimal data flows to squeeze out hidden computational potential.#vendor #hardware #sweden #europe #fpga #gpu
Midwest Big Data Hub937A diverse and committed network of partners has created a nimble and flexible regional Midwest Big Data Hub (MBDH) to address increasing challenges in collecting, managing, serving, mining, and analyzing rapidly growing and increasingly complex data and information collections to create actionable knowledge and guide decision-making.#resource #collaboration #consortium #usa #bigdata
Worcester Polytechnic Institute HPC938ARC maintains state-of-the-art equipment and facilities including a robust computing infrastructure, fully equipped laboratories and facilities, and up-to-date scientific and engineering software applications (SESA). Our staff members work across campus to provide system administration, data management, and training and consulting for a variety of requests. ARC supports the efforts of our computational researchers by making available a broad spectrum of high-end robust hardware and up-to-date commercial software.#user #academia #usa #research
UCSB Center for Scientific Computing939UCSB Center for Scientific Computing at CNSI was formed to promote the effective use of High Performance Computing in the research environment. The CSC already provides a broad range of resources for campus researchers, and we are expanding the available hardware with a recent NSF/MRI funded system. Beyond simply providing the computing resources themselves, part of our mission is to provide training in the best use of computing resources; whether they are at UCSB, or beyond. The CSC sponsors classes, tutorials, and individual training in general Unix/Linux, compiling, and optimization of codes. The CSC also actively engages IT staff at research units across campus so that researchers can get help from their local IT staff, who often understand best what they need to do their projects.#user #academia #usa #research
CESGA940Fundación Pública Galega Centro Tecnolóxico de Supercomputación de Galicia (CESGA) is the centre of computing, high performance communications systems, and advanced services of the Galician Scientific Community, the University academic system, and the National Scientific Research Council (CSIC). In general the purposes of the Foundation are all those that promote the research in and use of high performance computing, advanced communications and development of information and communications technologies, as an instrument for sustainable socioeconomic development, devoting special attention to the relations of cooperation between research centres, whether public or private, and the productive sector.#user #academia #spain #europe #research
PASC - Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing941Welcome to the Swiss Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) - PASC is a structuring project jointly supported by the Swiss University Conference (SUC) and the Council of Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH Board). The platform’s overarching goal is to position Swiss computational sciences in the emerging exascale-era. PASC aims to promote joint effort to address key scientific issues in different domain sciences through interdisciplinary collaborations between domain scientists, computational scientists, software developers, computing centres and hardware developers. Thus, PASC builds on the principle of co-design, namely that software codes exploiting the potential of the next generation of computing architectures need to be jointly and interactively developed by these actors throughout the whole value chain. The PASC Conference is a leading event for researchers in computational science and high-performance computing.#resource #conference #consortium #switzerland
Accunet942Accunet Solutions was founded in 1997 to deliver superior, best-in-class technology solutions with maximum customer value. Over the past 17+ years of sustained, uninterrupted growth, the company has invested heavily to build deep, synergetic relationships with the finest data center technology providers from across the world. With a deeply-experienced and highly-certified staff, Accunet meets and exceeds the ongoing demands of an extremely impressive list of more than 250 enterprise-level customers. We provide high-quality systems integration and IT consulting services.#vendor #services #usa #consulting #storage #networking #security #virtualization #cloud #projectmanagement #datacenter
University of Colorado at Boulder Research Computing943The mission of the research computing group is to provide leadership in developing, deploying, and operating such an integrated CI to allow CU Boulder to achieve further preeminence as a research university. Research Computing provides services for researchers that include large-scale computing resources, storage of research data, high-speed data transfer capabilities, and support for data sharing. Additionally, the RC group provides consulting in computational science and data management, and will support grant proposals by partnering or providing letters of support.#user #academia #usa #research
X-ISS944X-ISS delivers expert management and analytics solutions for HPC clusters through unparalleled experience, responsiveness and professionalism. We consistently receive high marks from our clients for exceptional integrity, expertise, professionalism, communication and teamwork. X-ISS is comprised of an elite team of High Performance Computing professionals that lead the industry in deployment, provisioning, managing and maintaining the latest in HPC & Big Data systems, as well as in providing unique insight via their DecisionHPC software on these systems.#vendor #services #software #usa #analytics #cloud #visualization
R Systems945At R Systems, we aspire to being more than just another managed services provider for HPC. We have the experience and the technology, but we also feel a sense of purpose; said plainly, we believe in the power of computing. Our central mission is to help researchers, scientists and engineers dramatically accelerate their time to solution, empowering faster and more accurate research and more robust enterprise. We own and operate bare metal clusters and offer a variety of solutions to meet each client’s HPC needs. We have lease-time for bursting as well as for short-term and long-term projects available at industry-leading prices. Our technology is among the best of the best. However, it’s our expert HPC tech team that really sets R Systems apart. Our team will work as a complement to your in-house IT team to deliver the best performing result, in a cohesive working environment. We will gladly answer any question you may have and will support your work in whatever we can. We truly love research.#vendor #services #usa #virtualization #hpcaas
Virginia Commonwealth University CHiPC946The Center for High Performance Computing (CHiPC) was formed in 2006 to provide the VCU Research Community with the high performance computing resources needed to be competitive in the 21st Century. The CHiPC has grown in response to VCU's 2020 Strategic plan and offers a centralized resource for HPC hardware and software support in an interdisciplinary environment. The facility, which occupies approximately 2000 square feet, includes a 1000 Sq. Ft. Data Center capable of containing more than 9600 High performance processors along with offices,meeting space, and a work area to support HPC instruction. The mission of the Center for High Performance Computing is to advance scientific research at VCU in areas that benefit from large-scale computation.#user #academia #usa #research
Echostreams Innovative Solutions947EchoStreams is an OEM/ODM Server and storage solutions provider focused on Cloud storage, Cloud computing, Datacenter, Video Streaming, Telecommunication appliances, and HPC. Echostreams Innovative Solutions LLC is a US based white-box OEM/ODM solution platforms provider, committed to turn creative ideas into problem-solving innovative products. Echostreams partners with technology leaders and solution integrators to offer purpose-built solutions to companies who are supporting the world’s IT Infrastructures. Echostreams’ products, include All Flash Array FlacheStreams, High Density Storage ScaleStreams, High Density Computing GridStreams, High Availability DuraStreams, and Appliances Omnistreams.#vendor #hardware #usa #cloud #servers #storage #datacenter
SciNet948SciNet is Canada’s largest supercomputer centre, providing Canadian researchers with computational resources and expertise necessary to perform their research on scales not previously possible in Canada. SciNet powers work from the biomedical sciences and aerospace engineering to astrophysics and climate science. SciNet is part of Compute Canada, a national infrastructure for supercomputing-powered innovation, and is funded by CFI, NSERC, the Ontario Government, Fed Dev Ontario, and the University of Toronto.#user #academia #government #canada #research
Big Technology949Big Technology (BigTec) is the go-to value-added distributor partner for disruptive vendors at the heart of enterprise datacentre transformation. As enterprises seek to increase the performance and flexibility of their core IT and data assets, while streamlining expenditure into an OPEX model, BigTec helps reseller partners harness opportunities from new cloud architectures and virtualised datacentre functions that are progressively more webscale and software-defined.#vendor #services #england
ExaNeSt950ExaNeSt develops and prototypes solutions for Interconnection Networks, Storage, and Cooling, as these have to evolve in order for the production of exascale-level supercomputers to become feasable. We tune real HPC applications, and we use them to evaluate our solutions.#user #commercial #hardware #software #greece #europe #interconnect #storage #cooling
NYCCS951The New York Center for Computational Sciences (NYCCS) assists industry in the Long Island region, New York City and New York State in the utilization of high performance computing to gain a competitive edge in product development and data management that translates into job creation, cost savings and job retention. The Center's Blue Gene/P has one rack and can run threaded code. The Center also hosts two Blue Gene/Q research supercomputers: a one-rack IBM Blue Gene/Q for general purpose research that boasts 16 cores per compute node, links together 16384 processors, runs threaded code, has total peak performance of 200 teraflop, and placed fifth on the June 2012 Graph 500 benchmark list; and a two-rack IBM Blue Gene/Q for use by the BNL Riken Research Center.#user #academia #usa #research
Mangstor952Mangstor's Non-Volatile Memory solutions enable Web-Scale and large enterprise data centers to build out high-performance, highly available, and cost-effective server infrastructure. Mangstor's NVMe Storage solutions utilize multi-core In-Storage processing, software configurability, and open standards to deliver Flash memory devices optimized for application acceleration, performance and scalability.#vendor #hardware #usa #ssds #storage
Texas Tech University HPCC953Texas Tech University's High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) was established in 1999 to promote research and teaching on campus through integrating leading-edge high performance computing and visualization for the faculty, staff and students of Texas Tech University. The TTU High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) supports research computing. The High Performance Computing Center's (HPCC) hardware is distributed between two primary locations, the Experimental Sciences Building on campus, and Reese Center off campus.#user #academia #usa #research
This Week in HPC954Each week, Intersect360 Research brings you this podcast with the latest news in High Performance Computing featuring Intersect360 Research CEO Addison Snell and analyst Michael Feldman.#resource #news #usa
University of Illinois PCI955The Parallel Computing Institute draws on the collective strength of the University of Illinois’ College of Engineering to build powerful and efficient infrastructure for computation-heavy applications. The Parallel Computing Institute (PCI) is designed to enable Illinois researchers from across campus to come together in new, application-focused research centers and achieve their scientific goals using the latest and most efficient parallel computing technologies. PCI will facilitate their work by providing an incubation and growth mechanism for new interdisciplinary centers and initiatives that will benefit from parallel computing; by expanding access to computing resources and infrastructure; by teaching critical skills; by identifying more opportunities for funding; and by helping to establish key external partnerships. The ultimate goal is to advance Illinois research capabilities by enabling high-impact collaborations and providing access to cutting-edge resources and professional instruction and assistance -- all built around the revolutionary new possibilities offered by parallelization.#user #academia #usa #research
Performance Tuning Corporation956We align with Oracle and Microsoft and help you with the most rapid resolution to issues you face. If it is a problem for you now, we have seen it before. Don't waste your time learning what our team knows. Performance Tuning Corp. provides database and system performance consulting services, including benchmarking, system tuning, troubleshooting, cluster configuration, training and system configuration.#vendor #services #solutions #usa #training #consulting
Deixis Magazine957DEIXIS: Computational Science at the National Labs is the frequently updated online companion to the eponymous annual publication of the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship.#resource #news #magazine #usa
EPiGRAM958EPiGRAM is an EC-funded FP7 project on exascale computing. The aim of the EPiGRAM project is to prepare Message Passing and PGAS programming models for exascale systems by fundamentally addressing their main current limitations. The concepts developed will be tested and guided by two applications in the engineering and space weather domains chosen from the suite of codes in current EC exascale projects.#resource #exascale #europe #research
Rex Computing959REX Computing is developing a new, hyper-efficient processor architecture targeting the requirements for the supercomputers of today, and all the computers of tomorrow. To do this, we are throwing out the feature creep and bloat of processors of the past 30 years, and using improvements in the world of software to greatly simplify the processor itself to only what is necessary. In doing so, we are able to deliver a 10 to 25x increase in energy efficiency for the same performance level compared to existing GPU and CPU systems.#vendor #hardware #usa #processors
Techila Technologies960Techila is a distributed computing solution that brings an on-demand supercomputer to every desk. The secure technology integrates scalable power seamlessly into MATLAB® and other popular tools on the user’s own PC. Techila brings rocket speed to simulation and analysis, without the complexity of traditional high-performance computing.#vendor #software #finland #europe
JSCC RAS - Joint Supercomputer Center of RAS961Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Joint Supercomputer Center of RAS (JSCC RAS) is the most powerful supercomputer center in Russia in science and education and it is one of the 100 most powerful computer centers in the World. JSCC RAS is the core of Russian infrastructure which consolidates federal, regional and specialized centers into one integrated system using GRID technologies.#user #academia #russia #research
ExaCT962The mission of co-design within the Center for Exascale Simulation of Combustion in Turbulence (ExaCT) is to absorb the sweeping changes necessary for exascale computing into software and ensure that the hardware is developed to meet the requirements to perform these real-world combustion computations. ExaCT will perform multi-disciplinary research required to iteratively co-design all aspects of combustion simulation including math algorithms for partial differential equations, programming models, scientific data management and analytics for in situ uncertainty quantification and topological analysis, and architectural simulation to explore hardware tradeoffs with combustion proxy applications representing the workload to the exascale ecosystem. ExaCT is comprised of six DOE laboratories (SNL, ORNL, LLNL, LANL, LBNL, NREL) and five university partners (The University of Texas at Austin, Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, The University of Utah, and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey) involving the multi-disciplinary interaction of combustion scientists, computer scientists, and applied mathematicians.#user #consortium #collaboration #usa #research #exascale
Golden Energy Computing Organization - GECO963Golden Energy Computing Organization The Golden Energy Computing Organization was founded to be a focal point of Energy research using high performance computing (HPC) at Mines. GECO is a recognition that energy research has been the primary cycle consumer of HPC on campus. At the founding of GECO Mines acquired the high performance computing machine, RA.Mines.Edu, to bring a new dimension of capability to research in the energy sciences and to be a hub for computational inquiries aimed at the discovery of new ways to meet the energy needs of our society.#user #academia #usa #research
Oxalya964Ever since its creation, Oxalya has been massively investing in R&D to develop new software technologies in two main fields: multi-tenant HPC datacenters automation, and remote/collaborative scientific visualization software. These innovations are concentrated in 1 main Suite : HPCDrive. A strong expertise and a wide range of professional services in HPC & numerical simulation at your service to help you design, develop and support your project.#vendor #software #hardware #france #europe #cloud #storage #gpu #servers
Hi-EST BSC-CNS965Holistic Integration of Emerging Supercomputing Technologies (Hi-EST) is a 5-year project funded by an ERC Starting Grant (GA 639595) awarded to Dr. David Carrera. HiEST involves research in Adaptive Learning Algorithms, Task Placement and Scheduling Algorithms, Data Placement Strategies and Software Defined Environments, and has the objective to maximize positive synergies between current research activities in the Computer Sciences Department at BSC.#user #academia #research #spain #europe
Boston University CCS966Boston University's Center for Computational Science supports collaborations across many different departments and colleges by connecting computational scientists from different areas, enabling the cross fertilization of new computational ideas and methodologies, and serving as a conduit for collaborations between experimental researchers who are synthesizing, characterizing and collecting real world data and computational researchers with expertise in model building, simulation and analysis.#user #academia #usa #research
CogniMem Technologies967Cognimem Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company providing scalable chip and board level solutions for hardware based machine learning and pattern recognition acceleration. Nonlinear classifiers are natively implemented in Cognimem products. Applications include pattern recognition of sensor information in digital format to searching unstructured data bases with a constant latency for exact and fuzzy pattern matching. Software training tools are also provided. CogniMem stands for Cognitive Memory and is a breakthrough technology for Pattern Recognition, Cognitive Computing and Classification, as well as anomaly and novelty detection.#vendor #hardware #usa #boards #chips #modules #asic
Space X968SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets. Much of SpaceX’s success hinges on its ability to leverage high-performance computing along with computer-aided engineering tools in the drive to reduce the cost of lifting a pound of payload to orbit. Along with sheer computing power, another key tool is computational fluid dynamics used to design next-generation rockets and spacecraft. SpaceX has partnered with vendors like Ansys Inc. in an effort to harness computing power in the design and development process. The server room has certainly grown as the company has begun launching payloads for several international customers. A launch failure can cost billions of dollars, making realistic launch simulations a must.#user #commercial #usa #research
University of Massachusetts Boston RC969At UMass Boston Research Computing, we are dedicated to rigorous, open critical inquiry, providing a gateway to intellectual discovery in all branches of knowledge, and a crucible for artistic expression. There are several high performance compute clusters available to UMass Boston researchers. These include three local clusters ('ravana', 'brainiac', and 'gibbs') as well as a UMass system-wide shared cluster housed at the MGHPCC.#user #academia #usa #research
Appentra970Appentra has released its first commercial product Parallware, a new source-to-source parallelizing compiler that enables scientists and engineers to accelerate the execution of scientific simulation programs on modern multi-core computers. "Focus on your business. You don't need to be an expert in HPC." "Mend the HPC talent gap with Parallware."#vendor #software #spain #europe
Ohio State Biomedical Informatics HPC Lab971This is the High Performance Computing Lab in Department of Biomedical Informatics at OSU. Here, we conduct research on: combinatorial algorithms on peta-scale architectures to solve scientific computing problems, runtime middleware systems for emerging multi-core architectures, and new methods for large scale genomic and biomedical applications. The Ohio State University Department of Biomedical Informatics is to be the worldwide leader in discovering, creating, and applying leading-edge biomedical informatics innovations to improve individuals' lives through personalized healthcare.#user #academia #usa #research
scalability.org HPC Blog972Not so random musings and mutterings about high performance computing, business, entrepreneurship, and the economy from the founder at Scalable Informatics. The blog is about HPC. All of it, technical to business, marketing, to measurements.#resource #news #blog
South Big Data Hub973The South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub (South BD Hub) is led by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Together with interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder partnerships designed to pursue BD projects of interest to the South region and the nation as a whole, it will create an innovation ecosystem, promote collaboration, provide essential workforce training, and serve as a national asset. Initial spoke areas include: 1) Healthcare; 2) Coastal Hazards; 3) Industrial Big Data; 4) Materials and Manufacturing; and 5) Habitat Planning.#resource #collaboration #consortium #usa #bigdata
SUPER SciDAC974The SUPER project is a broadly-based SciDAC institute with expertise in compilers and other system tools, performance engineering, energy management, and resilience. The goal of the project is to ensure that DOE's computational scientists can successfully exploit the emerging generation of high performance computing (HPC) systems. This goal is being met by providing application scientists with strategies and tools to productively maximize performance, conserve energy, and attain resilience.#user #government #usa #research
McGill University HPC975McGill University's centre for High Performance Computing (HPC). world class high performance computing (HPC) infrastructures to its member institutions and industry and to provide Compute Canada national HPC platform that coordinates the seven regional consortia across Canada. It is also a member of the Calcul Quebec regional HPC platform.#user #academia #canada #research
University of Arizona Research Computing976Research Computing includes High Performance Computing (HPC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC) systems, dense high capacity data storage, a 3D immersive visualization facility, and consulting services for HPC/HTC, visualization and statistics through UITS Research Computing services. Combining all of these resources enables breakthrough results that would have been impossible only a decade ago. The University of Arizona’s mature, comprehensive HPC/HTC capability creates a competitive advantage for the University when recruiting esteemed faculty and preferred students. With enhanced HPC/HTC cyberinfrastructure and related consulting services, the UA leverages research competitiveness and leadership in computationally intensive research areas.#user #academia #usa #research
NUMEXAS977The overall aim of NUMEXAS is therefore to develop, implement and demonstrate the next generation of numerical simulation methods to be run under exascale computing architectures. This cannot be done by just scaling currently available codes, but by implementing a new paradigm for the development of advanced numerical methods to really exploit the intrinsic capabilities of the future exascale computing infrastructures. The specific goal of NUMEXAS is the development of numerical methods for multiphysics problems in engineering based on validated models that enable scaling to millions of cores along the complete simulation pipeline.#resource #exascale #europe #research
Allied Control Immersion Cooling978Allied Control specializes in practical and ecological real world 2-phase immersion cooling.#vendor #hardware #hongkong #china #cooling
HPCC USA - National High Performance Computer and Communications Council979The evaluations are in and reports from all quarters agree, the 28th Annual HPCC Conference was another memorable event. As one attendee says, "Excellent speaking program, even better conversations". If you're new to HPCC, we've left the program listed to give you a flavor of what the conference offers.#resource #conference #usa
NUDT980The National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) is a designated State Project 211 and Project 985 key national comprehensive university located in Changsha, a beautiful city with thousands of years of history. Since its establishment in 1953 as the Military Academy of Engineering in Harbin, NUDT has been regarded as a symbol of modern Chinese national defense science and technology.#user #government #academia #china #research
Huawei Enterprise USA981Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the carrier networks, enterprise, consumer, and cloud computing fields. We are committed to creating maximum value for telecom carriers, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive ICT solutions and services. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world's population. Huawei Enterprise is one of Huawei's three Business Groups (BGs). By leveraging Huawei's strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive technical expertise, we openly cooperate with partners in the enterprise business domain.#vendor #hardware #usa #cloud #storage #training #networking #switches #blades
Oklahoma State University High Performance Computing Center982The Oklahoma State University High Performance Computing Center enables computational and data-intensive research and education by providing resources, expertise and education to all faculty, staff and students at OSU and across Oklahoma via the OneOklahoma Cyberinfrastructure Initiative. Our mission is to help our users be successful in computational and data-intensive research, education and outreach.#user #academia #usa #research
Nimbis Services983Nimbis Services was founded in 2008 by high performance computing (HPC) industry veterans Robert Graybill and Brian Schott to act as the first nationwide brokerage clearinghouse for a broad spectrum of integrated cloud-based HPC platforms and applications. We now have a fully integrated online technical computing marketplace comprising several stores hosting HPC and cloud modeling, simulation, and data anaysis applications packaged as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) products. Products are bundled and priced in configurations for entry-level through expert-level users. Products are purchased and deployed through an ecommerce interface with on-demand click-through pay-as-you-go purchasing with pre-pay and post-pay payment options and credit card or purchase order payment methods.#vendor #services #usa
10Gtek98410Gtek’s DAC Twinax Cables and Optical Transceiver modules are a cost-effective and low-power solution for the rapidly growing Data Center and High Performance Computing (HPC) markets. Relying on the rapid growth of Data Center and HPC, 10Gtek has become a Top-10 DAC Twinax cable maker and one of the earliest suppliers for QSFP+ products, including 10G, 40G & 56G QSFP+ copper cable & AOC and optical modules. The products are ideally suited for environments. **Direct-Attached Copper (DAC), also named twinax cable, including SFP+ DAC, QSFP+ DAC, etc, which are widely used in Data centers for in-rack connections between servers and top-of-rack switches.#vendor #hardware #china #cabling #transceivers
Student Cluster Competition985Student Cluster Competition: university students build their own supercomputers – that’s the “cluster” part – for a live face-off to see whose is the fastest. That’s the “competition” part. They’re given real, scientific workloads to run and a power limit they can’t exceed, and the team with the highest-performing system wins.#resource #collaboration
ET International986E.T. International (ETI) specializes in high-performance system software solutions for parallel and distributed computing systems and heterogeneous, many-core devices. ETI develops and commercializes many-core system software solutions for the defense, semiconductor design, finance, aerospace, academic, and medical industries. ETI’s primary focus is on many-core chips, and over the last 10 years, we have developed a suite of products that address the growing needs of massively parallel hardware systems. ETI’s highly skilled and specialized teams of scientists and engineers are experts in all aspects of parallel application and environment design for multi- and many-core systems, including novel heterogeneous architectures and some of the most advanced HPC systems in the world. Our service contracts provide solutions support, consulting, training, benchmarking, and custom engineering at the hardware and software levels.#vendor #software #usa #analytics #bigdata
Memblaze987The mission of Memblaze is to make data processing faster and smarter. Traditional storage devices are struggling to adapt to the demand for high speed data processing. Memblaze is committed to tackling this challenge by offering high-performance solid flash storage products and solutions.#vendor #hardware #china #memory
Leverage Big Data Summit988Leverage Big Data Summit is an invitation-only hosted summit designed to bring leaders in advanced computing together to discuss the infrastructure challenges that organizations face as they navigate the build-out of Big Data systems. This summit provides exclusive opportunity for technology leaders in the process of refining and scaling their infrastructures for big data workflows to share their experiences and learn from peers and solution providers actively engaged in addressing these challenges.#resource #conference
Enterprise HPC Summit989The EnterpriseHPC Summit brings together the IT elite and solution provider thought leaders for a unique 3-day exploration aimed at addressing today’s advanced scale computing challenges for the enterprise. Enterprises of all types are challenged with how to deliver necessary services rapidly, accurately and cost-effectively. This summit is designed to guide these leaders with information, networking, and resources as they navigate the build-out and maintenance of next-generation enterprise software/hardware infrastructures for competitive advantages.#resource #conference
SEP Software Corp990SEP Software Corp. offers a single backup and disaster recovery solution for heterogeneous environments of any size. SEP's flagship solution, SEP sesam, uses its patented Multi-Streaming technology to facilitate unlimited simultaneous data streams to provide some of the highest performance in the backup market. SEP is cross-platform, multi-OS, and supports every popular database and Groupware solution available. Exceptional remote management capabilities allow users to easily and efficiently manage thousands of locations around the globe from one central location. SEP specializes in replacing multiple backup software products with one standardized solution for the entire enterprise.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #backup #servers #storage
NC State University HPC Services991North Carolina State University High-Performance Computing (HPC) is part of the initiative to provide state of the art support for research and academic computing at NC State. HPC group provides NC State students and faculty with entry and medium level high-performance research and education computing facilities, consulting support and scientific workflow support.#user #academia #usa #research
University of Michigan ARC992The University of Michigan Advanced Research Computing (ARC) enables data-intensive and computational research at U-M through support of programmatic initiatives; multidisciplinary collaboration; instruction and consultation; and high performance computing resources and services.#user #academia #usa #research
DEEP-ER993Dynamic Exascale Entry Platform - Extended Reach. The growing gap between I/O bandwidth and compute speed as well as the need to significantly improve system resiliency will be two of the most important challenges at the Exascale. Devoting significant attention towards finding adequate solutions to these two extremely pressing challenges and continuing with an integrated approach to Exascale research were the key drivers to extend the EC-funded project DEEP (Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform).#resource #exascale #europe #research
CEJN994CEJN, manufacturer of quick connect products for all types of media, from compressed air to gas, breathing air, fluids and hydraulic oil. Our standard range also includes, air hose, high pressure hydraulic hose, air & fluid guns, pressure gauges, fluid monitoring systems as well as custom, ultra-high pressure hose assemblies.#vendor #hardware #usa #connectors
SystemFabricWorks995System Fabric Works, Inc. (SFW) assists our clients in designing solutions to solve storage and I/O problems in commercial enterprises and HPC systems. Our clients deploy high performance computers, enterprise data centers, or develop products to serve those markets. Our customers recognize that I/O infrastructure, including networks, storage and file systems are the key to meeting their requirements. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s requirements, whether they are maximizing application performance, reducing power consumption, adding high-performance storage, or increasing availability. We do this by providing system integration, strategic consulting services, and software engineering, all focused on I/O architecture and design. We have established a reputation for listening to our clients’ needs and delivering quality products and services - on-time and within budget. In addition to our custom integration and software engineering services, SFW, working with our partners, offers deployment of commodity servers and storage systems at levels of performance, scale and cost effectiveness that are not available from other suppliers.#vendor #services #usa #integrator
RIST996The High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) is a platform realized by connecting the K computer and other major Japanese supercomputers via high speed networks. RIST (Research Organization for Information Science & Technology) calls for proposals of the projects using the K computer and the other HPCI computers. After screening processes, the computational resources will be awarded for researchers in academia and also in industry.#user #academia #japan #research
Osaka Univeristy Cybermedia Center997The Cybermedia Center is the research institution at Osaka University in Japan. Research projects related to supercomputing include, high-speed networking, and large-scale visualization. As a Joint Usage and Joint Research Center approved by the Ministry of Education,?Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT), the Cybermedia Center offers support?in the areas of large-scale computation, information communication, multimedia?content, and education. We provide a powerful high-performance computing environment for university researchers across Japan.#user #academia #japan #research
Iowa State University HPC998Iowa State University provides faculty, staff and students with high performance computing (HPC) facilities and technology for research purposes. The High Performance Computing (HPC) group in Information Technology Services includes full-time staff, graduate students, postdoctoral students and visiting scholars. The group provides training, assistance, and support for research and high performance computing as well as engaging in funded research projects.#user #academia #usa #research
SMART High Reliability Solutions999SMART High Reliability Solutions is dedicated to developing the industry's most rugged, reliable, and secure SSDs that meet the needs of a wide variety of demanding applications found in the defense, aerospace, industrial automation, transportation, medical, energy, telecommunications and other industries.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #ssds
Memcon1000MemCon, the memory industry’s premier technical and ecosystem event, showcases the thought leaders driving advances in memory technology. Targeting decision makers and innovators in memory, systems integration, IP development, semiconductor design, and SoC development, MemCon offers insights into advanced technologies and standards and opportunities to network with leaders.#resource #conference
Advanced HPC1001Advanced HPC is a leader in the High Performance Computing and Data Storage market. With over 80 years of industry experience, our team of dedicated HPC professionals provides our customers with a consultative approach to choosing the technology that is best for their unique environment. We specialize in turn-key high performance computing and GPU clusters combined with high performance storage systems using GPFS, Lustre and ZFS. Our customers trust Advanced HPC as their provider of choice for Data Storage, GPU, Compute Cluster, High Speed Networking, Virtualization solutions and turn-key solutions.#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #clusters #gpu #networking #virtualization #GRID #servers
scapos AG1002The scapos portfolio of advanced software solutions focuses on technical computing and software from research organisations and their spin-off companies. R&D beyond current HPC-related products includes the HPC-Cloud project Fortissimo.#vendor #software #germany #europe
Fastmath SciDAC1003The FASTMathSciDAC Institute develops and deploys scalable mathematical algorithms and software tools for reliable simulation of complex physical phenomena and collaborates with application scientists to ensure the usefulness and applicability of FASTMath technologies. The FASTMath team brings together preeminent scientists in a broad range of applied mathematics areas. The FASTMath team has a proven track record of developing new mathematical technologies and algorithms, tackling difficult algorithmic and implementation issues as computer architectures undergo a fundamental shift, and engaging multiple application domains to enable new scientific discovery.#user #government #collaboration #consortium #usa #research
RunTime Computing Solutions1004RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC delivers industry-recognized software products for embedded high performance computing based on open standards. RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC offers products that enable customers to achieve performance-portable scalable computing. We specialize in offering standards-based middleware products for High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) and Linux-based scalable High Performance Computing (HPC). The robust and supported software from RunTime Computing is vital for mission-critical applications.#vendor #software #usa
CMRSummit1005CMR Summit Technologies is a Full Service Printed Circuit Design Service. With you from start to finish Computer aided engineering design and manufacturing of specialty circuit boards. We specialize in ATE final test load boards, Probe cards, and all types of Laboratory test boards or other types of printed circuit board designs. Services include PCB design only, fabrication manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards, complete assembly services including procurement of components and final assembly testing.#vendor #hardware #usa #pcbs
Accolade Technology1006Accolade supplies global OEM customers, distributors & system integrators with the most innovative advanced packet processing intelligent network adapters. Accolade Technology is the technology leader in the FPGA based High Performance Computing Packet Capture, Processing and Analytics Embedded market.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #communication #datamanagement #servers #storage #fpga
Advanced Assembly1007Advanced Assembly was founded to help engineers assemble their prototype and low-volume PCB orders. Prior to Advanced Assembly, engineers had a difficult time finding a reliable partner to assemble small quantities of circuit boards. Advanced Assembly is the only printed circuit board assembly company for engineers needing low to mid-volume and prototype boards assembled in 1-5 days. We machine-place all SMT parts - even on one or two boards - and our SMT assembly verification software finds errors before assembly begins, which avoids delays and saves you money.#vendor #hardware #usa #pcbs
Signalogic1008Signalogic delivers low-heat, low-SWaP, High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions to meet your critical compute-intensive challenges. Our patent-pending technology delivers HPC performance in heterogenous CPU environments, with tools to accelerate your applications, including both API and OpenMP programming interfaces. Through our work with key customers, channel partners and government R&D agencies, we bring supercomputing performance to a new generation of compute intensive challenges. With solutions for commodity servers, embedded systems and Advanced TCA (ATCA) implementations, we're ready to accelerate your vision.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #solutions
Ellexus1009Ellexus makes tools to solve the problems that arise when deploying and tuning Linux applications. Our software carries out dependency analysis and IO profiling to help IT managers and engineers ensure their applications are using a high performance computing cluster as it should. Our product suite Breeze is used by organisations engaged in high performance computing around the world, such as the global semiconductor industry and genome-bioinformatics sectors.#vendor #software #unitedkingdom #europe
Lenigh University Research Computing1010The LTS Research Computing group (HPC) at Lehigh University provides system administration for the university's shared computing clusters and other servers, support for open-source and research software development and performance optimization, as well as consulting and research proposal assistance to Lehigh's research community. We offer a variety of high performance computing platforms and software for both research and teaching.#user #academia #usa #research
Cyberdyne1011Our mission is to satisfy your optimization needs with our knowledges and tools. To this aim, we developed KIMEME, a new flexible platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization. Our long experienced scientists are authors of a long list of world leading algorithms included as an open library in our product. The experience of the scientific team is also available to help you in defining and solving your engineering problems.#vendor #software #italy #europe
Big Data and Predictive Analytics for Defense1012This outstanding symposium brings together the key government and industry experts who are shaping the direction of big data and predictive analytics research and development for defense, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement.#resource #conference #usa
JHPCE - Joint HPC Exchange1013The Joint High Performance Computing Exchange (JHPCE) is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility in the Department of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The facility is used primarily by labs and research groups in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (SPH), the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (SOM) and the Lieber Institute for Brain Development (LIBD). We have over 800 user accounts, 400 active users and approximately 100 unique users per quarter. The computing and storage systems are optimized for genomics and biomedical research. The cluster has over 2500 cores, 20TB of DRAM and over 2 PB of networked mass storage.#user #academia #usa #research
HotLava Systems1014HotLava Systems is engaged in the design and manufacturing of innovative, server class multi-port 1G, 10G and 40G Ethernet adapters. Founded in 2003, HotLava's customers include industry-leading innovators of network security, data storage, virtualization, SDN and ISPs throughout the world. HotLava Systems is a provider of innovative board-level solutions for servers and appliances that operate in network-intensive, high capacity or virtualized environments. By incorporating high density board design and packaging, we offer a suite of Ethernet adapters that meet or exceed the bandwidth, space, and power consumption requirements of the most demanding networks. Today's servers and workstations are capable of unprecedented performance which frequently causes a bottleneck in network interfaces. HotLava's network adapters alleviate this congestion and enable maximum server productivity.#vendor #hardware #usa #ethernet #adapters
Oregon State University HPCC1015The Oregon State University College of Engineering HPC Cluster is currently operating with 1,554 processor nodes. The HPC Cluster is used by several of OSU's Engineering schools for various research and graduate projects in parallel computing. The HPC Cluster is a compute server built using the Sun Grid Engine with commodity hardware and freely available software. With more than 1,554 CPU's, the Cluster is ideally suited for Monte Carlo-style computations in which the same program is run many times with different random number seeds.#user #academia #usa #research
Accurate Circuit Engineering1016Accurate Circuit Engineering (ACE) is a High-Technology/Quick Turn Manufacturer of Hi-Speed; RF,Hybrid and High layer count Commercial and Military Certified Printed Circuit Boards. ACE builds Multilayer PCB's in as little as 24 hours. Specializing in High frequency designs, We offer a complete one stop solution to your most difficult problems with Design; Manufacture and Assembly of PCB"s. ACE is AS9100C, Mil-P-55110 and Mil-PRF-31032/ISO and ITAR Certified. As a small business we are flexible and responsive to YOUR needs and requirements.#vendor #hardware #usa #pcbs
ServerMonkey.com1017ServerMonkey delivers new and refurbished servers and networking equipment, stocking brands like HP, Dell, Cisco, Intel, WD, and Micron. Blending low prices, high quality, and exceptional service, ServerMonkey offers a unique opportunity for organizations to economize without compromising.#vendor #hardware #services #software #usa #servers #networking #workstations #storage
Bedrock Technology Partners1018Innovative Solutions for Today's Most Challenging IT Problems. Bedrock Technology Partners is a solutions first company that delivers totally customized, innovative solutions that solve your most challenging problems today; cost, implementation, integration, environment, expectations. We are a team of IT innovators who love to collaborate, and set new IT standards, to help raise our clients' bottom lines to record levels.#vendor #services #usa #datacenters #consulting #cloud #networking #bigdata #storage #virtualization #security
TCS HPC Consulting1019Accelerate product development, improve supply chain efficiency and achieve faster time-to-market with TCS’ High Performance Computing (HPC)solutions and services.#vendor #commercial #services #india #consulting
IWOCL - International Workshop on OpenCL1020The International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL) is an annual meeting of OpenCL users, researchers, developers and suppliers to share OpenCL best practise, and to promote the evolution and advancement of the OpenCL standard. The meeting is open to anyone who is interested in contributing to, and participating in the OpenCL community.#resource #conference
NIWA HPCF1021National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) is the 'scientific tool' that is enabling New Zealand scientists to work at the forefront of some of the largest scientific challenges facing our nation, as well as underpin our contributions to global research efforts across a wide range of disciplines. The HPCF includes a capability class supercomputer (FitzRoy) and test system (Barometer), significant disk and tape storage, and dedicated servers for pre and post-processing tasks. The HPCF is being used to further advance our understanding of the complex physical and biophysical components of our climate, weather, land-surface, freshwater and marine systems. It will enable New Zealanders to better adapt to a warming future climate, maximise the value of the resources provided by our present climate for horticulture and agriculture, efficiently manage our renewable energy resources, ensure that freshwater resources are understood and sustainably managed, reduce our exposure to weather related hazards, and improve ocean resource management.#user #government #newzealand #research
KOI Computer1022Koi Computers is a provider of custom-configured high performance computing solutions. Koi Computers is system integrator and leading-edge technology products and solutions provider. Our team is ready to work with you to develop and budget a solution that will optimize performance as your organization grows and evolves. For customers where standard hardware solutions just doesn't meet their requirements, our system integrations team can provide truly customizable server and storage solutions to address those specific needs.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers #gpu #storage #workstations
University of Exeter HPC1023The facility currently consists of an SGI Altix ICE 8200 with a peak performance of 22 TFlop/s that was last upgraded in August 2011. The supercomputer is a water-cooled distributed-memory compute cluster consisting of 160 nodes (1920 cores) with Infiniband interconnect between nodes. The machine is optimised for compute-intensive HPC rather than I/O intensive calculations. It uses the Linux operating system.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
Station Q1024Station Q represents Microsoft’s global effort to bring together the world’s mathematicians, computer scientists, quantum physicists, and engineers to build a scalable, fault-tolerant, universal quantum computer.#resource #conference
Spin Transfer Technologies1025New York University and Allied Minds have teamed to establish Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) to develop and commercialize advanced spin transfer magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) technologies. MRAM is showing great promise in delivering fast read and write performance with non-volatility in a single technology. OST-MRAM technology has significant implications for the development of spin transfer MRAM devices and products, including ultra-fast switching times, very low switching energy, much improved endurance, and greater scalability to smaller dimensions.#vendor #hardware #usa #memory
Binghamton University HPC1026The Head node consists of a Dell PowerEdge R710 server equipped with dual Xeon (6 core), 3.46GHz processors and 48 GB of memory. The compute nodes are built around four Dell M1000e blade chassis. Two chassis are equipped with sixteen PowerEdge M610 servers each, the first sixteen servers have 96 GB of memory the remaining servers have 48 GB of memory with all 32 configured with dual Xeon (6 core), 3.46GHz processors. The third chassis has sixteen M620 servers, the fourth chassis has thirteen M620 servers, each is configured with 96GB of memory and dual Xeon 8 core 3.3GHz processors. This provides a total of 848 cores and 5TB of memory.#user #academia #usa #research
Wichita State University HiPeCC1027Founded in 1998, Wichita State University's High Performance Computing Center (HiPeCC) enables scientific and engineering discoveries through advances in computational science and high performance computing. HiPeCC is a resource to faculty, staff, and students at WSU in science, industry and academia, providing tools such as high-performance hardware technologies, integrative software technologies and inter-disciplinary expertise.#user #academia #usa #research
HIGHFLEET1028HIGHFLEET, Inc. is a semantic technology firm offering mature software, solutions and capabilities that other firms can embed in their products and solutions. HIGHFLEET’s software includes deductive databases of unparalleled analytic power that exists in the deductive database itself. HIGHFLEET’s core success is its efficient, scalable and robust reasoned, which does enormous amounts of inference on complex logic models (ontologies) and large data stores. HIGHFLEET’s cost-effective Semantic Federation of Legacy Databases provides analysis and knowledge discovery across all semantically federated enterprise resources.#vendor #software #usa
DecisionOne1029DecisionOne Corporation is the largest independent technology support organization in North America. For more than 50 years, we have delivered comprehensive IT solutions to some of the most complex enterprises in the world—including retail, healthcare, transportation, and government. DecisionOne’s portfolio includes onsite and remote Hardware Services, Forward/Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain Management services, and Managed Services that include outsourced solutions and support desk services. As a vendor-agnostic partner, we help companies reduce operating costs, extend technology life, and optimize their technology infrastructure. With our highly-skilled, scalable workforce, we are a single source of world-class IT support to meet the demands of a diverse client base anywhere, anytime.#vendor #services #usa #support #solutions #datacenters #networking #storage #cloud #virtualization #datamanagement
NIAC - Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing1030NIAC serves as a center of excellence and collaboration, where research partners from diverse academic and industry organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest region and the world bring their collective expertise with advanced computing system technologies, data analysis techniques and domain science to bear on some of society's biggest problems. Founded jointly by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington in 2013, the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, or NIAC, is both a physical and “virtual” collaborative center designed to maximize the impact of computing on transformative discoveries that fuel scientific and societal progress.#resource #collaboration #usa #research
Sun Management1031Sun Management specializes in leading edge, next generation solutions for the DMZ, Data Security and Core Network Services. We continually evaluate emerging technologies and partner with the best of breed, innovative manufacturers. We offer a full suite of network design, integration, support and training services for the products we represent. Sun Management has been instrumental in the success of multiple start-up companies acting as an evangelical extension of their own sales teams. Our professionals were involved in the early stages of what are now publicly traded and highly successful companies.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #analytics #communication #grid #solutions #networking #visualization #training #security
TotalCAE1032TotalCAE is the premier HPC consulting agency around Microsoft HPC Server for CAE/CFD. TotalCAE produces tools and technologies for engineers on the Microsoft Platform including the TotalCAE Portal and TotalCAE License Activation Filter for the Microsoft HPC Platform.#vendor #services #usa #consulting
Total1033Total’s upgraded Pangea supercomputer from SGI delivers 6.7 petaflops, up from 2.3 petaflops, with expanded storage of 26 petabytes#user #commercial #france #europe #research
Texas Southern University HPCC1034Texas Southern University's High Performance Computing Center (TSU-HPCC) was established in 2008 to promote research and teaching on campus through integrating leading-edge high performance computing and visualization for the faculty, staff and students of Texas Southern University.#user #academia #usa #research
Veryst Engineering1035Veryst Engineering, LLC provides premium engineering services and consulting at the interface of technology and manufacturing. Located in the Boston area, Veryst provides services in product design, manufacturing processes, and failure analysis to firms worldwide. Service is based on technical fundamentals – employing grounded knowledge of mechanics, physics, and manufacturing to produce practical, useful results. Our consultants' backgrounds encompass teaching, extensive publications, industrial experience, and research. We are grounded fundamentally in mechanical engineering, materials science (metallurgy, ceramics, polymer science, composites), manufacturing technologies, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermal analysis, multiphysics, and advanced characterization and testing.#vendor #services #consulting #usa
Northrop Grumman HPCC1036Northrop Grumman has built a mission focused HPCC research and development program with laboratories containing HPC and Storage Area Network systems and connected via dynamic optical network-communication circuits where customer applications can be optimized and extended with new capabilities. We make significant investments in HPCC architectures to determine the best solutions for our customers’ missions and focus on their scientific, engineering, and research applications that require HPCC.#vendor #commercial #services #usa
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee HPC1037The UWM High Performance Computing (HPC) Service provides powerful computational resources to UWM researchers and their student assistants from the College of Engineering and Applied Science, College of Letters and Science, School of Freshwater Sciences, and the College of Health Sciences. Each of the participating disciplines has its own cyberinfrastructure facilitator who aids researchers in getting started and making effective use of the service. Our large HPC research cluster, known as Avi, has 142 nodes,each with 8 Intel Nehalem cores (1,136 cores in total) and 24 gigabytes of memory per node (3 gigabytes per core). Avi also offers a high-throughput, low-latency Infiniband network for optimal performance in message-passing programs.#user #academia #usa #research
Boise State University HPC1038The Vice President of Research has provided a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster available for use by Boise State researchers. The 16 node GPU cluster is physically located at the computing facilities of INL in the Idaho Falls location.#user #academia #usa #research
Texas State University HPC1039In August of 2007, in an effort to provide educators and researchers who have intensive computational tasks, Information Technology in collaboration with the Office of the Associate VP for Research and Computer Science, developed a high performance computing (HPC) platform. This collection of servers, in conjunction with a high-speed connection, provides individual educators and researchers a safe and secure environment for data and computing resources.#user #academia #usa #research
Data Realty1040Data Realty is the place where data lives. There are plenty of facilities that can simply store your data. But we help bring your data to life by uncovering opportunities. Because we anticipated the need for businesses to better analyze their data, we design our data centers in collaboration with world-renowned data scientists specifically for the analysis of data.#vendor #services #usa #bigdata #datacenters
Eoptolink1041Eoptolink Technology designs, develops, manufactures and markets a diverse portfolio of high-performance, cost-competitive optical transceiver modules for all applications. Eoptolink, as an industry leader empowers customers to deliver superior products for Enterprise, Access, Metro and Core applications for customers all round the world.#vendor #hardware #china #communication #networking #datamanagement #transceivers
Data in Science Technologies1042Data in Science Technologies designs and integrates solutions surrounding HPC data/compute infrastructures, long-term data preservation, next-generation data analytics, and the cloud. Established in 2000, Data Storage Technologies brings significant expertise to the many challenges that surround the performance, management, protection, and analysis of data. Our broad industry experience enables us to take an independent consultative approach to provide our clients the best solution to address their specific business or mission needs.#vendor #software #usa #consulting #virtualization #analytics #cloud #datamanagement #storage #backup #bigdata
University of Massachusetts Lowell ECE1043Primary focus of our research is in Big Data that includes Heterogeneous computing, High Speed networking and Big Data storage.#user #academia #usa #research
Synapse Design1044Synapse Design is an industry leader in design services and is the engineering backbone of most top tier Semiconductor and System companies around the world. Synapse Design target customers are companies with $1 billion in revenue, and we enable them to meet their technical & resource challenges to build the next generation products. ASIC, SOC and semiconductor design services for everything from analog / mixed signal to verification to mobile, wireless and networking to RTL and more.#vendor #hardware #usa #asics #socs
HP-CAST1045The Hewlett-Packard Consortium for Advanced Scientific and Technical (HP-CAST) computing users group works to increase the capabilities of HP solutions for large-scale, scientific and technical computing. HP-CAST provides guidance to HP on the essential development and support issues for such systems. HP-CAST meetings typically include corporate briefings and presentations by HP executives and technical staff (under NDA), and discussions of customer issues related to high-performance technical computing.#resource #conference #consortium #usa
Compass Networks1046Compass Networks’ icPhotonics™ technology, the world’s first optical chip-to-chip interconnect, enables this revolution, resulting in higher-speed networking elements (routers and SDN Forwarding Planes) with a smaller footprint and lower power requirements. What’s more, Compass-EOS networking elements enable a distributed networking architecture made of modular building-blocks that can scale simply and easily, just like servers are added to scale data centers.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #security
HPC Today1047With several editions (Americas, Europe, France…) and a team of world-class experts, HPC Today brings you an actionable coverage of the HPC and Big Data news, technologies, uses and research.#resource #news #usa #bigdata
IEEE Cluster 20161048The IEEE Cluster Conference serves as a major international forum for presenting and sharing recent accomplishments and technological developments in the field of cluster computing as well as the use of cluster systems for scientific and commercial applications.#resource #conference
University of Auckland Center for eResearch1049The Centre for eResearch comprises a team of highly qualified research and technical staff dedicated to the delivery of advanced computational solutions to help power the University’s research mission. It is a cross-faculty research centre, hosted within the Faculty of Science. We develop new ways to apply computer and information sciences to all research and science disciplines, both at the University of Auckland and within nationwide research programmes. We aim to enhance the understanding of research processes and the delivery of research computing services. We provide a sophisticated high-performance cluster computing environment, advanced storage solutions tuned for managing large research data collections and a variety of productivity and community support software tools.#user #academia #newzealand #research
HPCG Benchmark1050The High Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark project is an effort to create a new metric for ranking HPC systems. HPCG is intended as a complement to the High Performance LINPACK (HPL) benchmark, currently used to rank the TOP500 computing systems.#resource #benchmarks
University of Tokyo - CISS1051Center for Research on Innovative Simulation Software (CISS) was founded to conduct R&D on the advanced and practical computational science simulation software for the next hyper-simulation era. We aim at conducting world-leading advanced research on simulation software, putting R&D results in common industrial use, strengthening the educational foundation to educate how to make and use hyper-simulation software for industrial applications. Applications including automobile engineering, environmental engineering, medical engineering and material sciences.#user #academia #software #japan #research
Arizona State University - Advanced Computing Center1052ASU Advanced Computing Center offers a range of services to ASU researchers and industry partners including cycles, storage, networks, software, and intellectual capital. The A2C2 provides transformative advanced computing solutions, in a cost-effective manner, to support the University’s mission and goals as they apply to research, education, and public service.#user #academia #usa #research
EOFS1053The purpose of the European Open File System (EOFS) is to promote the establishment and adoption of open source parallel file systems, sustain and enhance its quality, capabilities and functionality and ensure that requirements of European organizations, institutions and companies are upheld.#resource #organization #consortium #germany #europe
Washington and Lee University1054In August 2010, W&L welcomed the arrival of hbar, a state-of-the art high performance parallel computing cluster. Named after the fundamental physical constant that refers to the size of quanta in quantum mechanics, hbar consists of 9 dual 6 core Intel x5670 processors (codenamed Westmere) and 2 Tesla C2050 graphical processing units (GPU). With multithreading enabled and the low latency afforded through the quad data rate Infiniband interconnect, this corresponds to 224 processors working in concert on a computation!#user #academia #usa #research
Georgia Tech1055Georgia Tech leverages its research expertise to develop new methods that transform data into value. Analyzing large and complex data sets, also known as "big data," can provide solutions to many challenges. Applying data analytics to social networks may help industries understand trends in consumer behaviors. Georgia Tech is one of the nation's premier public research universities, consistently ranked in the Top 10 by U.S. News & World Report. Led by experts throughout its No. 9-ranked College of Computing, particularly in the School of Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Tech is continually developing new knowledge and exploring innovative applications in such HPC-related areas as Big Data, machine learning, and visualization and analytics.#user #academia #usa #research #bigdata #visualization #analytics
NSCC-TJ National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin1056National Supercomputing Center, Tianjin (NSCC-TJ) is the National Science and Technology in May 2009 formally approved the construction by the State Science and Technology, Tianjin. Primary business computer in NSCC-TJ is one of the fastest speed in the current world of "TH-1A" supercomputer, is a major project by the Ministry of science and technology 863 plan "quadrillion times high performance computer system" support from National University of Defense technology developed jointly with the Binhai New area in September 2010.#user #government #japan #research
University of Tennessee Knoxville Newton HPC1057The Newton program is a joint effort between the Office of Research, the Office of Information Technology, and the departments of the University of Tennessee to establish a campus research computing environment. We operate a general purpose cluster computing system designed for use by researchers at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The cluster performs functions such as general research computing and also code testing and fine tuning, prior to use on larger computing facilities such as those of the UT/ORNL Joint Institute for Computational Science.#user #academia #usa #research
Will Jaya1058Will Jaya is a system integrator that offers a broad line of server products including Rackmount Servers, Blades Servers, Data Center Solutions, Storage Server, Embedded Servers, Cloud Server, GPU systems and Workstation. Will Jaya continuously strives to build an Excellent Team by demonstrating our effectiveness as a performance oriented system integrator and helping customers find the best ways to meet their most crucial server needs. Will Jaya’s Team are passionate to provide server solutions and high level of service to our customers. We focus on being responsive to our customer’s needs by providing nimble, flexible, customized solutions. At Will Jaya, you can be confident that you're getting the best server solutions at a fast turnaround time. Our Team believes that satisfied customers are vital to Will Jaya's success. We aim to attain total customer satisfaction at all times by delivering a wide range of quality and reliable Rackmount Servers, Storage Systems and Services. Will Jaya continuously strives to build an Excellent Team by demonstrating our effectiveness.#vendor #services #usa #integrator #servers #storage #datacenters #cloud #gpu #workstations #blades
Heidelberg University EMCL1059The Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL), directed by Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline, is a research group at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR), dedicated to creating a stimulating and supportive environment for innovative research. The EMCL is located at Heidelberg University, Germany. EMCL is particularly noted for its openness to multidisciplinary research in the field of engineering and scientific computing. At EMCL, interdisciplinarity characterizes both daily activities and the long-range direction of research. Our challenge is to enable world-class scientific research by employing leading-edge supercomputing technologies.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
Adsantec1060ADSANTEC Corporation is a fabless high-speed mixed signal IC design house that has successfully been in business for over 10 years. The company specializes in providing cutting-edge custom built ASICs for the test and measurement, telecommunication, and computing markets.#vendor #hardware #usa #asics
West Big Data Hub1061The West BDHub serves the western 13 states and is led by UC Berkeley, University of Washington and San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego.#resource #collaboration #consortium #usa #bigdata
hpc-ch1062The goal of hpc-ch (Swiss HPC Service Provider Community) is to support and foster the knowledge exchange between providers of HPC systems at Swiss universities.#resource #consortium #switzerland
University of Bergen1063Language design for the future. BLDL does research on programming language concepts, including tool and application development, with specific focus on the high performance domain. Among our achievements are: Programming models for controlled usage of resources, e.g., placement of computational steps in space (which core) and time (which time-step) on GPU, multi-core and FPGA; Technologies for development and validation of APIs to increase precision in API descriptions thus avoiding misunderstandings and ill-conceived library interfaces; Coordinate-free numerics for flexibility in exa-scale software.#user #software #academia #norway #api #research #programming
North Dakota State University CCAST1064The Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (CCAST) is a research unit funded by the U.S. Department of Energy within the Office of the Vice President for Research, Creative Activities and Technology Transfer at North Dakota State University. CCAST provides access to secure, advanced scientific computation resources for the university's researchers and their private and public sector partners.#user #academia #usa #research
HPC4Energy1065The HPC4E project aims to apply the new exascale HPC techniques to energy industry simulations, customizing them, and going beyond the state-of-the-art in the required HPC exascale simulations for different energy sources: wind energy production and design, efficient combustion systems for biomass-derived fuels (biogas), and exploration geophysics for hydrocarbon reservoirs. HPC4E brings together European and Brazilian partners that include both companies within the energy sector, such as REPSOL, TOTAL, Iberdrola and Petrobras, as well as the following research centres: BSC, CIEMAT, Inria, University of Lancaster (ULANC), COPPE, LNNC, ITA, Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sur and Universidad Federal de Pernambuco.#resource #collaboration #consortium #brazil #europe #research
Ardent Concepts1066Ardent's focus is on helping bring next generation computing to market through novel connector designs for test & measurement, OEM applications, and specialized military applications. Ardent’s patented contact technologies are well suited for advanced multi-GHz applications such as board stack connectors, coaxial connectors, fPGA sockets, flex circuit connectors, probe interfaces, and mezzanine card connectors. We have a complete line of high performance test socket solutions for the most advanced chipsets such as RF devices, ASICS, switches, processors and MEMS devices. We support chip to chip, chip to board, board to board and flex to board applications.#vendor #hardware #usa #interconnect #connectors
Epoka IT Distributor1067Epoka A/S is an end-of-life (EOL) distributor of data center & networking hardware. We give our customers independence from defined IT product lifecycles, allowing an organization’s business and technical needs to drive their hardware upgrades. By coupling traditional distribution services with our end-of-life expertise, we offer customers a simple and cost-effective method for extending, maintaining, and optimizing their enterprise IT.#vendor #hardware #denmark #europe
Opticool Technologies1068OptiCool Technologies is a leading provider of energy efficient data center cooling solutions. The company's flagship OptiCoolTM cooling solution is the most effective and efficient on the planet. OptiCool supports low- to high-density at 30 kW per rack total with 20 kW N+1 “rack level” redundancy. OptiCool supports the data center design of the future by eliminating the need for a raised floor, reducing the space allocated to cooling and reducing energy use by up to 95% versus conventional cooling.#vendor #hardware #usa #cooling #datacenters
ParaView for HPC1069Using the aggregate disk space, processing power and especially memory of a cluster or supercomputer, ParaView scales to allow visualization and analysis of even the largest scientific results. The pvbatch and pvserver family of executables are MPI enabled programs that run in parallel on distributed memory parallel computers, in which each node in the machine processes only a small portion of the entire data. The many results are finally combined together and rendered, either in parallel when the resulting geometry is large or in serial when the geometry is small, and displayed.#resource #software
Western Kentucky University HPCC1070The Hive is a High Performance Computing Cluster at Western Kentucky University. 3 clusters of 128 nodes with 8 cores per node and 32Gb Ram. 1 cluster of 17 nodes with over 7000 GPU cores and 96Gb memory per node. 200 Tb storage with robotic tape backup. So far the HPCC has assisted research in climatology, gene sequencing, genome assembly, theoretical math, and quantum chemistry, but we also have the software machinery and assistance to do far more.#user #academia #usa #research
Southern Methodist University CSC1071The mission of the Center for Scientific Computation at Southern Methodist University is to stimulate interdisciplinary education and research in simulation-based engineering and science. The Center for Scientific Computation provides the main resource for scientific computing collaboration at Southern Methodist University. The SMUHPC cluster was an instrumental resource in SMU's contribution to the discovery of the Higgs Boson, as featured in this news story on CBS.#user #academia #usa #research
University of Hull HPC1072Within the university sector it is one of the leading High Performance Computing centres and the highest rated in the north of the UK. This is a significant research investment that provides a vital requirement to meet the ever growing demands of the University's research community. Viper is the University of Hull's High Performance Computer (HPC). Our mission is to become a leader in HE high performance computing.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
Big Data Top 1001073The BigData Top100 List initiative is an open community-based effort for benchmarking big data systems. The objective is to develop an end-to-end application-layer benchmark for big data applications to enable ranking of big data systems according to a well-defined, verifiable/audited performance metric, with an accompanying efficiency metric. With “big data” becoming a major force of innovation across enterprises of all sizes, new platforms for managing big data sets are being announced with some regularity, with increasingly more features. The BigData Top100 initiative is interested in developing metrics to enable comparability among such platforms.#resource #benchmarks #usa
Berkeley Communications1074Berkeley CommunicationsTM is a leading provider of innovative data storage and networking solutions. We are committed to delivering targeted solutions to meet the technology and business challenges of today's data-intensive enterprises. Founded by data storage experts, Berkeley Communications focuses on designing and implementing highly available, scalable, and secure storage and networking infrastructures to ensure business continuity.#vendor #services #usa #integrator #consulting #storage #networking
SPEEDUP Society1075The SPEEDUP workshop series has a long history in presenting and discussing the state-of-the-art in high-performance and parallel scientific computing. This includes algorithms, applications, and software aspects related to high-performance parallel computing. The focus of the 44th SPEEDUP workshop is on Fluid-Structure Interaction. The main activity of the SPEEDUP Society is the organization of an annual Workshop on high performance computing and related issues. The SPEEDUP workshops alternate in addressing a variety of sciences or research fields; molecular dynamics, environmental impacts, bioinformatics, and industrial applications are just some examples of the main topics. Although emphasis is put on applications requiring high-end resources, other types of compute- and data-intensive applications are certainly not excluded.#resource #conference #switzerland
Lightfleet1076Lightfleet was founded in 2003 by a team of individuals seeking to deliver simplified solutions in the increasingly complex world of computing. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in optics, signal processing, neural computing, massively parallel processing, and semiconductor design, Lightfleet is uniquely positioned to design faster, cooler, and more compact platforms than have previously existed to date. Lightfleet has produced a switch-free fabric for large-scale systems that avoids the bandwidth penalties of top-down software control. Utilizing the company’s continuous-flow interconnect technology, a network of Lightfleet top-of-rack data rotors can connect from thousands to millions of endpoints – without switching.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #switches #interconnect
Radio Free HPC1077The Radio Free HPC is a joint production by three industry pundits focused on High Performance Computing: Dan Olds from Gabriel Consulting, Henry Newman from Instrumental, and Rich Brueckner from insideHPC. While there are other HPC podcasts out there, we wanted to create something that was both informative and fun to listen to. And while we don’t always agree, our pledge to you is that we will never let that get in the way.#resource #news #podcast #usa
GRNET1078GRNET is strongly involved in pan–European High-Performance Computing (HPC) initiatives: it is a core (non–hosting) member of PRACE project series and has coordinated the HP–SEE project (High–Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe’s Research Communities), which established the HPC infrastructure in South East Europe. GRNET is currently deploying a national HPC Tier–1 centre in the order of 180 TFlops and large associated storage. In parallel, is putting in place an HPC expert team that will provide application and user support services to the Greek research and academic community.#user #academia #greece #europe #research
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign CRHC1079The Center for Reliable and High-Performance Computing (CRHC) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is at the forefront of developing high-performance systems and networks that support desired levels of security and reliability in the emerging information and communications environment. Formed in 1988, CRHC today has focal points in architecture, networking, testing, system evaluation, security, and optimization.#user #academia #usa #research
KEK1080KEK, the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, is one of the world's leading accelerator science research laboratories, using high-energy particle beams and synchrotron light sources to probe the fundamental properties of matter. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, KEK is advancing our understanding of the universe that surrounds us, its mechanisms and their control. KEK Computer Research Center provides various operations and services for computing and network in KEK.#user #academia #government #japan #research
SCHAFER IT-Systems1081IT-Systems develop, design and produce both standardised and custumised data centre and water-cooled server cabinet solutions, based on our company's extensive and future-orientated expertise. In addition, SCHÄFER also supplies an extensive range of rack solutions for network applications. A comprehensive, practice-based range of components and accessories rounds off our product portfolio.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #servers #cooling #datacenters #networking
Wesleyan University HPC1082Wesleyan maintains a high performance computing (HPC) facility that provides students and faculty with a powerful computational resource.#user #academia #usa #research
Florida Atlantic University HPC1083High Performance Computing (HPC) at Florida Atlantic University provides students, faculty, and researchers computing resources.#user #academia #usa #research
Fiberblaze1084Fiberblaze has a complete line of high performance capture solutions, operating from 1Gbps to 100Gpbs with zero packet loss. Advances in FPGA technology enable a new paradigm for application acceleration with ultra low latency.#vendor #hardware #denmark #europe #communiction #networking #fpga
Michigan Tech HPC1085Innovative engineering research and groundbreaking scientific studies grow and thrive at the faculty, graduate, and undergraduate levels of Michigan Tech. Michigan Technological University has several computing and visualization clusters and one-off work-stations, for research and teaching.#user #academia #usa #research
OpenMD1086OpenMD is an open source molecular dynamics engine which is capable of efficiently simulating liquids, proteins, nanoparticles, interfaces, and other complex systems using atom types with orientational degrees of freedom (e.g. “sticky” atoms, point dipoles, and coarse-grained assemblies). Proteins, zeolites, lipids, transition metals (bulk, flat interfaces, and nanoparticles) have all been simulated using force fields included with the code. OpenMD works on parallel computers using the Message Passing Interface (MPI), and comes with a number of analysis and utility programs that are easy to use and modify. An OpenMD simulation is specified using a very simple meta-data language that is easy to learn.#resource #software #usa #opensource #tools
Avnet1087Avnet, Inc. is one of the largest distributors of electronic components, IT solutions and embedded technology. Avnet offers a breadth and depth of services capabilities, such as supply-chain and design-chain services, logistics solutions, product assembly, device programming, computer system configuration and integration, financing, marketing services and technical seminars—all in addition to its core distribution services.#vendor #hardware #services #usa #storage #backup #security #virtualization #networking #servers
University of Virginia UVACSE1088The University of Virginia Advanced Computing Services and Engagement (UVACSE) office is committed to transforming computational research at U.Va. through consultation, education, and management of the University’s shared computing resources. We provide high-performance computing (HPC) expertise and service to U.Va. researchers from across disciplines.#user #academia #usa #research #visualization #software
DataSite1089DataSite is an owner/operator of mission critical, data center real estate. We deliver customizable, high density colocation space for the HPC market. With three data centers - Atlanta, Boise and Orlando - we offer chilled water for water-cooled equipment, custom data centers with dedicated infrastructure if required, carrier neutrality along with power savings by offer metered power billing and utilizing low cost or free cooling in our Boise colocation facility. DataSite colocation facilities are designed, constructed and purpose-built specifically to house the world’s most critical IT systems. DataSite data centers are expertly managed by some of the industries most talented personnel delivering the most secure and reliable data centers available.#vendor #hardware #usa #datacenter
Total Sim USA1090As your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design team, we take innovative design ideas from initial concept to high-performance reality. We stand for innovation with more than 100 years of combined design experience. We are industry-impacting with design teams in Dublin, Ohio, and Brackley, England who serve organizations of all sizes, budgets, and timetables. We deliver innovative consulting, development, training, installation and support using leading-edge OPEN and commercial tools. In addition to software, TotalSim also provides custom high-performance computing (HPC) systems. Systems can be configured for any size or capacity.#vendor #services #software #hardware #usa #consulting #training #systems
DALCO AG1091We design, build and support high performance clusters.#vendor #hardware #switzerland #systems #servers #workstations #storage #gpu #cooling
Old Dominion University HPC1092Old Dominon University's Information Technology Services supports high performance research computing by providing both symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) shared memory computers, and High Performance Computing clusters for parallel programming applications. The Turing cluster contains 140 multi-core compute nodes each containing 20 cores and 128 Gb of RAM. The cluster also provides 4 high memory nodes containing 768 Gb of RAM, 17 Appro GPU nodes each with 4 Nvidia GPU's and 10 Intel Xeon Phi nodes each with 2 Xeon Phi MIC cards. An FDR inifiniband network provides fast cluster communication.#user #academia #usa #research
SGI User Group1093The SGI User Group (SGIUG) is an independent, worldwide community focused on sharing information and improving the technical productivity of SGI® high-performance computing, data storage, and visualization systems.#resource #conference #group #usa
SSERCA1094Florida’s public and private Universities are home to talented scientists, high-end computing facilities, massive data storage systems, highly specialized research instruments, and high-speed networks. The Sunshine State Education & Research Computing Alliance (SSERCA) brings together these geographically distributed organizations and resources in such a way that their collective impact is far greater than the sum of their individual parts. The mission of SSERCA is to further the development of a state-wide computational science infrastructure of advanced scientific computing, communication and education resources by promoting cooperation between Florida's universities.#user #academia #usa #collaboration #consortium #research #services #networking #storage #visualization
Stellar Group1095The STE||AR Group is an international team of researchers who understand that a new approach to parallel computation is needed. Our work is crafted around the idea that we need to invent new ways to more efficiently use the resources that we have and use the knowledge that we gain to help guide the creation of the machines of tomorrow. This organization aims to support, coordinate, and distribute research done in this area by creating a marketplace of ideas where concepts are debated and solutions are transparently developed.#resource #collaboration #
Northeast Big Data Hub1096The Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub will enable networking on a broad, comprehensive scale by bringing together individuals from a variety of disciplines, work environments, and perspectives. Collaboration will be enabled through workshops, visiting research positions, student ambassadors,virtual meetings, research projects and an online web presence. The Hub will facilitate sharing of data, tools, infrastructure, techniques, and knowledge to address challenges using big data. Initial areas of focus, or spokes, will be Health, Energy, Finance, Cities/Regions,Discovery Science, and Data Science in Education with Data Sharing, Privacy & Security, Ethics & Policy, and Education as cross-cutting connectors.#resource #collaboration #consortium #usa #bigdata
Stanford University HPCC1097Stanford Researchers Break Million-core Supercomputer Barrier Researchers at the Center for Turbulence Research set a new record in supercomputing, harnessing a million computing cores to model supersonic jet noise. Work was performed on the newly installed Sequoia IBM Bluegene/Q system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. Stanford University is one of the world's leading teaching and research universities. Since its opening in 1891, Stanford has been dedicated to finding solutions to big challenges and to preparing students for leadership in a complex world.#user #academia #usa #research
PGAS1098PGAS - Partitioned Global Address Space languages. The move to multicore and plans for exascale are driving the need for new parallel programming models. The Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) represents a group of researchers and developers working on these programming models, including languages such as UPC, Co-Array Fortran, Titanium, X10, Chapel, Habanero and XcalableMP; and libraries such as OpenSHMEM and GPI. PGAS programming models provide locality control and scalability with the convenience of a global address space.#resource #usa #collaboration
AEON Computing1099Customized, application tuned clusters, compute and storage solutions manufacturer. Aeon Computing specializes in highly optimized compute and storage systems for HPC applications. Our engineers assess customer applications and workflows to design systems that avoid bottlenecks and deliver the best performance and stability. Use of COTS, open-source and other non-proprietary resources allows us to deliver turn-key systems that provide both performance and affordability.#vendor #hardware #usa #clusters #storage #systems #lustre #server #visualization
PNNL - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory1100At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, our mission is to transform the world through courageous discovery and innovation. Our vision: PNNL science and technology inspires and enables the world to live prosperously, safely, and securely. Our values of integrity, creativity, collaboration, impact and courage provide the foundation for all we do. With multidisciplinary expertise spanning technical pillars of high-performance computing, data science, and computational mathematics, we work toward building computational capabilities that position PNNL as a computing powerhouse. We also focus on enhancing the Science of Computing to achieve high-performance, power-efficient, and reliable computing at extreme scales for a spectrum of scientific endeavors that address significant problems of national interest, especially among PNNL’s core pursuits—energy, the environment, national security, and fundamental science. PNNL is successful in high performance computing by merging multiple areas of science and technology.#user #government #usa #research
HGPU1101High Performance Computing on Graphic Processing Units (HPGU) tracks technical submitted papers on OpenCL as well as providing a rich set of resources on the applications, hardware, programming and tools for High performance computing on graphics processing units (GPU): AMD/ATI, nVidia, Intel Xeon Phi, etc.#resource #news #usa #gpu
Data Vortex Technologies1102Data Vortex® designs and produces revolutionary, congestion-free switch technologies and software to enable large scale, fine grained, advanced parallel computers to solve the hardest problems in science and industry. The congestion-free Data Vortex network utilizes a large number of revolutionary switching devices governed by a new system of network controlling modules. Data Vortex enabled systems are built from off-the-shelf commodity parts resembling any other standard cluster but include integrated Data Vortex Interface Controllers (VICs) and Data Vortex Switch Boxes. As a result, commodity processors become fully utilized due to the patent-protected revolutionary interconnect that enables efficient communication between multiple processors. Data Vortex Systems are commercially available now.#vendor #hardware #software #usa #systems #networking #interconnect #switches #clusters #datavortex #servers
AltaSim Technologies1103Since its inception in 2002, AltaSim Technologies has enabled our customers to explore, develop and apply alternative solutions without the delays and expense associated with traditional testing and evaluation by harnessing our engineering technology and advanced computational and multiphysics analysis capabilities. AltaSim’s experience performing complex multiphysics modeling allows us to analyze the complex combinations of technology required in today’s new products and processes. We provide diverse experience and specialize in computational analysis of phenomena involving heat transfer, structural mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, thermal engineering of electronic circuits and fluid structure interactions.#vendor #services #usa #consulting #training
science + computing1104science + computing ag (s+C) offers IT services and software for an efficient utilization of computer systems in design and R&D. s+C is specialized in optimizing layouts of open and distributed computer systems and holds many years of experience in managing complex Unix, Linux, and Windows environments. s+C provides perfectly suited Linux and/or Windows-based HPC solutions.#vendor #hardware #software #services #germany #europe #clusters #consulting #security #virtualization #datamanagement #visualization
The EXA2CT European Project1105The EXA2CT project brings together experts at the cutting edge of the development of solvers, related algorithmic techniques, and HPC software architects for programming models and communication. We will produce modular open source proto-applications that demonstrate the algorithms and programming techniques developed in the project, to help boot-strap the creation of genuine exascale codes.#resource #exascale #europe #research
CoCoLink - Collaborative Computation1106Collaborative Computation offers the Klimax-210 computing system using a new configuation that is not only economical, but also offers great performance. It has the capacity to handle 30 teraflops with a single node. The cost for configuration and operation is five to ten percent of existing CPU systems. Unlike conventional systems, the PCI Express Bus fabric performs the central function of the system, so up to 21 PCI Express Bus devices can be installed, regardless of the type and number of CPU's. If you need supercomputing, the Klimax-210 is guaranteed to meet all your needs.#vendor #hardware #southkorea #systems
NASDAQ1107The NASDAQ Stock Exchange uses HPC to process over two billion transactions daily at rates of more than 200,000 transactions per second. Technology costs were reduced by 70% in the last three years using commodity HPC hardware.#user #commercial #usa
Walmart1108Wal-Mart uses HPC modelling to optimise its supply chain, including performing daily stock analysis across its entire worldwide shop network.#user #commercial #usa
Fedex1109Fed-Ex uses HPC systems to simulate and plan the delivery of millions of items around the world each day through its fleet of 600+ aircraft and 75,000 vehicles.#user #commercial #usa
University of Rochester CIRC1110The University of Rochester established the Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) to provide researchers across the University with hardware, software, training, and support necessary to utilize computational science and computing technology in research activities in all areas of academic scholarship. As a University-wide program, the Center for Integrated Research Computing fosters and supports a variety of academic disciplines, as well as innovative interdisciplinary and cross-division collaborations. CIRC offers University researchers state of the art computing technology and software, and currently maintains about 420 teraFLOPS of high performance computing systems, including the University of Rochester's flagship IBM Blue Gene/Q system. CIRC has over 2 petabytes of storage for data-intensive applications.#user #academia #usa #research
University of North Texas HPC1111UNT's High Performance Computing serves to enhance, support, and grow the research computing community at the University of North Texas. The initiative is managed by the Academic Computing and Users Services (ACUS) division of University Information Technology (UIT). The HPC facility includes several high performance computing clusters supported by high speed networks, high performance storage, advanced software, and is staffed with the HPC Services Team.#user #academia #usa #research
Villanova University HPC1112The Department of Astrophysics & Planetary Science maintains a high-performance computing cluster, aka “CLUSTY”, for the use of its faculty, staff, and students. The cluster features 212 computing cores, 280GB of RAM, and 15TB of disk space. CLUSTY was originally purchased in 2006, upgraded in 2011, and again upgraded in 2014. Further upgrades and expansions are planned, as dictated by the demand on the cluster’s resources.#user #academia #usa #research
Washington State University HPC1113Our primary compute cluster is an IBM I-Dataplex solution with 164 computational nodes and 3 special purpose nodes which support jobs with larger memory requirements. The IBM dx360 compute nodes contain two Intel processors with six cores operating at 2.67GHz and a total of 24GB of RAM each. With a total of 1968 cores and 3.9TB of RAM these systems have supported thousands of jobs which would have taken thousands years to complete on a standard system.#user academia #usa #research
Megware1114MEGWARE Computer is a leading manufacturer of high-performance computers and IT technology in Germany and Europe. The company’s focus is on customer-oriented, tailor-made and innovative system solutions and services, and it is engaged in research and development, production, consultation and distribution.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #systems #clusters #gpu
University of Deleware Research Computing1115IT builds and manages research computing platforms to leverage high-performance filesystems, high-speed networks, and a wide variety of research software packages. It is a technical and financial collaboration between UD’s Information Technologies and UD’s faculty and researchers (stakeholders) who require a high-performance computing facility. #user #academia #usa #research
OrionX1116More than 50 technology leaders in virtually every technology segment have trusted OrionX to help set new break-away strategies, ignite brands, and engage customers for increased market share.#vendor #services #usa #consulting
Cognilytics1117Cognilytics is a global provider of big data, decision sciences, business intelligence and data visualization services. We deliver insights that convert data into a monetizable asset. Learn More Cognilytics provides a suite of analytics and business intelligence products focused on advanced predictive analytics, content rich visualization and big data applications.#vendor #software #usa #bigdata #analytics #visualization
Macy's1118Macy's Inc. is one of the nation's largest and most well-known retailers, with a loyal base of customers who shop at its stores and online. The company's e-commerce division, Macys.com, is relying on big data and high-performance analytics software from SAS to better understand its customers and help increase overall profitability.#user #commercial #usa
StartupHPC1119StartupHPC is a grass roots community for STEM- and HPC-inspired entrepreneurs, corporations, venture capital firms, academia, government agencies, and support organizations. We want to identify and share the best experiences and the know-how that helps you to go create it. From recognizing that an idea has merit in the marketplace to the mechanics of forming a company and allocating stock, to building a team, deciding where to locate, building a product, launching a company, finding customers…#resource #group
Qluster1120Qlustar is a new contender among public HPC cluster operating systems (OS), the first professional Debian/Ubuntu based solution in this segment. Even though Qlustar has been released as an openly published distribution only recently, it's been the software engine (known as Q-Leap BeoBox) for a large number of Linux HPC clusters running in industry and academia since more than ten years.#vendor #softare #germany #europe #clusters
Iron Networks1121Iron Networks is an OEM provider of software-defined converged network, compute & storage virtualization infrastructure platforms for cloud-optimized modern data centers. The IronPOD solutions are OpenStack, VMWare and Microsoft Fast-Track validated turnkey cloud and storage building blocks, built on industry standard commodity hardware, quick to deploy at large-scale and easy to distribute as a single low-cost rack level SKU.#vendor #hardware #usa #networking #storage #virtualization #cloud #security #bigdata
University of Houston1122The Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems (CACDS) provides high performance computing resources and related services to enhance research and education at the University of Houston. Many research activities at UH rely on high performance computing (HPC) for large-scale data processing or visualization, including climate and air quality modeling, virtual reality, cybersecurity, quantum chemistry, particle and space physics, biophysics, and nanomaterials. Beyond the traditional STEM disciplines, UH researchers actively apply HPC methods in the digital humanities, political analysis, and econometrics. To support these wide-ranging efforts, somewhat more than 60 TFLOPS are currently available to the UH research community, with the three largest systems performing at 24, 13, and 7 TFLOPS. UH also has a strong track record of producing widely used software and contributing to standards in HPC.#user #academia #usa #research
ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge1123ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge aims at promoting exchanges and cultivation of young supercomputing talents among countries and regions, improving the application and R&D in supercomputing and promoting technological and industrial innovation through supercomputing.#resource #academia
Attain HPC Services1124At Attain, we have deep expertise in developing and maintaining HPC capabilities. We often begin by estimating the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a new HPC operation, or in reviewing the costs of an existing operation. We then perform an assessment of costing options and provide different sustainable funding models that are both financially viable and in compliance with Federal cost principles. We can also assist with the implementation of the selected funding model – an especially important step for colleges and universities operating in an environment of increasingly scarce Federal funding. #vendor #services #usa #training #consulting
HLRN - North German Supercomputing Alliance1125The North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN) operates a massively parallel supercomputing system which is one of the most powerful computers in Germany and worldwide as well. Complemented by our scientific consulting, this system constitutes an important service for science and research in the northern German area. Controlled by the review process of the the HLRN Scientific Board, computational resources are allocated to successful research projects.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
TechEnablement1126Combining concise high-level analysis for senior scientists and management plus developer outreach tutorials containing complete, buildable, and working examples, TechEnablement is a one-stop portal to learn about and incorporate the latest in technology from low-power embedded systems to massively-parallel exascale computing. Use TechEnablement as your technology advocate to teach you and your team how to best exploit –and avoid the pitfalls – as development platforms like OpenACC, OpenMP, CUDA, and OpenCL plus Web Development platforms like WebCL, WebGL, and cloud computing evolve and mature. Invest and procure with the latest information as TechEnablement tracks how hardware platforms like the Tegra K1, FPGAs, GPUs, and Intel Xeon Phi evolve to compete for your dollars in the marketplace. We believe the best way to know technology is to use it - so TechEnablement also offers consulting and on-site educational services.#resource #usa
SCCAS - Chinese Academy of Science Supercomputing Center1127Supercomputing Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SCCAS) is a subsidiary branch of Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNIC, CAS) for providing support and services. SCCAS is the general center in the supercomputing environment of CAS, the Research and Development (R&D) service base of Beijing Municipal Capital Science and Technology Platform, and also nominated as the Operation and Management Center of China National Grid (CNGrid) and the north main node of CNGrid by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. The center focuses on operating and maintaining super-computers, exploiting and supporting massively parallel computing, developing visualization software and other related services. Our mission is to drive the scientific innovations and industrial multiplications by applying leading-edge supercomputing technologies.#user #academia #china #research
ARCA Stream1128ArcaStream delivers software defined scale-out storage and data management solutions designed to meet the specific needs of research and simulation users worldwide.#vendor #software #england #unitedkingdom #storage #datamanagement
ACME Micro Systems1129Established in 1991 as one of the market leaders in providing high-end server solutions and services, Acme Micro Systems Inc. immerses itself in the fast-changing IT industry and plays an important role in helping customers derive the best value from their IT solutions. We are dedicated to delivering the latest IT technology and helping customers find the best ways to meet their most crucial server demands and create the keys for their future successes.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers #workstations #gpu #systems #memory #networking
Netcope Technologies1130Netcope Technologies is a leading manufacturer and provider of high-performance network solutions. We excel in packet capture and packet processing technologies and low-latency trading solutions. Our focus is on delivering state-of-the-art solutions for high-speed and low-latency networks. Our products are deployed world-wide. The Netcope Technologies portfolio covers the whole field of products for the hardware acceleration of network traffic processing using FPGA technology.#vendor #hardware #software #czechrepublic #europe #networking
University of Zaragoza HPCC1131The HERMES supercomputing centre is the scientific infrastructure most heavily used by I3A researchers. Up to 19 research groups use it on a regular basis. HERMES is necessary due to the increased complexity of simulations performed in cutting edge I3A research projects. HERMES has more tan 1500 parallel computing cores, 4Tb of RAM and 150Tb of Lustre storage, all connected by a 10Gb trunk network. HERMES is able to perform one-year processing in just 3 hours, speeding up greatly researchers' work. I3A technical staff maintains the cluster and offer support, advice and training in supercomputing parallel and high throughput based coding.#user #academia #spain #europe #research
Georgetown University HPC1132High Performance Compute Cluster: Medusa is a High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster for researchers at Georgetown University. All faculty, staff, and collaborators are eligible for access to Medusa as Principal Investigators of research projects. Medusa infrastructure is continually upgraded based on research needs.#user #academia #usa #research
SICORP1133SICORP, Inc. is an HPC integrator and reseller providing and supporting innovative solutions for high-performance technical computing and scientific computing. Through collaboration with our technology partners, SICORP offers a significant portfolio of HPC cluster products and consulting services. We specialize in providing high-performance clusters, storage, software integration, and complete installation services, significantly reducing your time to computational results. SICORP has highly developed expertise in high-performance parallel file systems, scalable network storage, storage area networks, and network-attached storage in support of your HPC computing needs.#vendor #services #usa #integrator
Paratera1134PARATERA, the leading HPC service provider in China, was founded in 2007. With the creative application running characteristics collection and analysis products – Paramon, Paratune and ParaPortal, Paratera provides the unique 7*24 online IT services, which focus on the application operation and can remotely manage lots HPC Datacenters with very high quality service. Paratera also provides computation service, which base on China’s also the world’s top supercomputing centers, and value added services, such as fine-tuned common HPC applications and application monitoring services with great user experience.#vendor #software #china #visualization #datacenters
Columbia University HPC1135Columbia's centrally-managed High Performance Computing (HPC) resources on the Morningside campus are housed in the Shared Research Computing Facility (SRCF), which consists of a dedicated portion of the university data center. In addition, ongoing green data center initiatives involving energy-use measurement and monitoring, server consolidation and the purchase of high-density computing equipment focus on maximizing computing capacity (i.e number of computer operations and amount of data storage) per watt, thereby increasing energy efficiency.#user #academia #usa #research
GACRC - Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center1136The Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center is a Collaborative Partnership between the Vice President for Research and the Vice President for Information Technology. The Center provides to the UGA research and education community an advanced computing environment comprised of a high-performance computing and networking infrastructure located at the Boyd Data Center, a comprehensive collection of scientific, engineering and business applications, as well as consulting and training services.#user #academia #usa #research
Georgia State University HPC1137Georgia State offers one enterprise based high performance computing resources for researchers' (Principle Investigators) use.#user #academia #usa #research
University of Arkansas at Little Rock CRC1138The UALR Computational Research Center (CRC) is dedicated to the promotion of efficiency, productivity, and accuracy in research through the use of significant and diverse computing resources.#user #academia #usa #research
University of Huddersfield HPCRG1139The High Performance Computing Research Group (HPCRG) at the University of Huddersfield aims to promote the links between high performance computer users, developers and researchers across the University, throughout the UK and internationally. It brings together academic and support staff with specialisms across a number of areas in the University, including computing, engineering, chemical and biological sciences.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
Forschungszentrum Julich1140We conduct research to provide comprehensive solutions to the grand challenges facing society in the three fields of energy and environment, information and brain research. Jülich offers its employees a working environment that is unique in Germany. An excellent infrastructure with state-of-the-art laboratory and information technology ensures that the standard of science at Jülich is on par with the leading research institutions in Europe and throughout the world. State-of-the-art facilities, such as supercomputers, unique instruments in neutron research, imaging techniques in medicine and nanotechnology, are available to the scientists and characterize Jülich as a centre of key technologies. Jülich’s approach is to provide a system of complementary computers with a suitable platform for all applications.#user #academia #germany #europe #research
McMahon Consulting Inc1141McMahon Consulting is a full-service marketing firm entrenched in the HPC and Enterprise Technical Computing space with over 15 years of experience in Linux/Open Source, Compute, Storage, Cloud, Big Data, and Services. We work with you to develop and implement your go-to-market strategy, and can take the most technical messaging and turn it into business value messaging. We are known for our extensive industry contacts and our ability to connect our clients to potential marketing and technical partners. Our principals bring a combination of corporate and startup experience, thus blending the full spectrum of understanding: Where you are, where you want to go, and most importantly, how to get there!#vendor #services #usa #consulting
University of California Irvine HPC Cluster1142OIT has been providing cooperative cluster computing services to UCI researchers for many years. Comprising at various times MPC (“Medium Performance Computing”), BDUC (“Broadcom Distributed and Unified Cluster”), and even Green Planet (a cluster hosted for the School of Physical Sciences), the service continues to evolve as technology changes.#user #academia #usa #research
Yale Center for Research Computing HPC1143The Center for Research Computing provides support for High Performance Computing at Yale University.The clusters are a shared Linux environment with most of the popular applications, compilers and programs installed. We work with faculty and research groups across disciplines to design and maintain cost-effective computing facilities.#user #academia #usa #research
Overset Grid Symposium1144This international symposium provides an open forum for communication among mathematicians, scientists, and engineers from academia, industry, and government. The technical organization is informal, and only oral presentations are required.#resource #conference
UTEP Research Cloud1145The Research Cloud’s High Performance Cluster at the University of Texas at El Paso provides researchers with access to computational resources. Access to these resources is provided through Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) and High Performance Cluster (HPC).#user #academia #usa #research
Fraunhofer ITWM1146Development and use of numerical simulation processes are the heart of the research at the Fraunhofer ITWM and the basis for all technically complex developments in industry. The Fraunhofer Competence Center for HPC focuses on the development of highly parallel applications, the corresponding frameworks and tools to enable high scalability. The basis for scalable systems are scalable programming models and scalable I/O. With GPI (Global Address Space Programming Interface) and the Fraunhofer Parallel Filesystem FhGFS we present scalable HPC tools for this market.#user #software #academia #germany #europe #research
NDEMC1147The NDEMC’s main purpose is to pilot programs that promote adoption and advancement of modeling and simulation (MS&A) and high performance computing (HPC) among small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs) in the United States. The network of OEMs, manufacturers, solution providers, and collaborators that make up the NDEMC will result in accelerated innovation through a powerful collaborative ecosystem of like-minded organizations.#resource #consortium #collaboration #usa
Fusion Labs1148Fusion Labs provides Business Technology Consulting and Development Solutions for private and public enterprise. We provide consulting and development for Healthcare, Nonprofit, Advanced Technology and Enterprise. Fusion Labs also provides: Software Development Services, Technical Consulting, System Management and Hosting, Proprietary Nonprofit Software and Advanced Technology Implementation.#vendor #services #usa #consulting
HPC5001149The HPC500 is comprised of the foremost people who bring high performance computing technology to bear on challenging problems in science, engineering, and business. HPC500 members are leading organizations at the vanguard of their areas of specialization, spanning geographies, budget sizes, and application areas. Together, the HPC500 members are the bellwethers of the HPC industry.#resource #usa
EASC 2016 - Exascale Applications and Software Conference1150The aim of this conference is to bring together developers from different application fields to present the problems they face on the road to exascale, their approach to solve these challenges and to share their experience gained during the petascale period.#resource #conference
Exablaze1151Exablaze designs low latency network cards and switches, perfect solution for high frequency trading & data centers that require ultra-low latency.#vendor #hardware #australia #networking #switches #interconnect
NEC1152NEC is the leading solutions provider for high performance computing. NEC builds highly efficient and powerful HPC systems with its advanced technology. The full range of HPC solutions includes SX series vector supercomputers, SMP scalar servers, cluster systems, high performance network and storage solutions. Teaming with partners and customers, NEC delivers world class large scale IT solutions. NEC has a proven track record not only as the world-leader in high-end vector computing, NEC SX vector supercomputer, but also as a company that can provide the right tool for every HPC-requirement from NEC LX-Series, which is based on industry-standard components, to the high-end vector SX-series.#vendor #hardware #japan #servers #gpu #networking #clusters #storage
GIS Federal1153We provide services in Big Data Analytics and Visualization Tools for Federal Government and private sector clients. With our commitment to excellence and drive for success, we have consistently exceeded our clients' expectations.#vendor #software #services #usa #bigdata #visualization #consulting
Minnesota State University Mankato HPC1154The High-Performance Computer at MSU is funded by the National Science Foundation to be used for research projects.  It is available for use by faculty in the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology.#user #academia #usa #research
Strategic Hardware1155Strategic Hardware - a team of expert advisors - works with clients across the country helping them design and deploy integrated solutions ranging from advanced data storage to virtualization to DR and security consulting. Whether the need is high-performance storage and computing, managing massive data sets, or long-term archival requirements our team will help you find solutions to these difficult concerns. We also offer professional services with national-calibre engineers certified at the highest levels to help insure your project will meet and exceed your goals.#vendor #services #hardware #usa #cloud #datamanagement #networking #servers #storage
Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations1156Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations gives an introduction to the area of innovative supercomputing technologies, prospective architectures, scalable and highly parallel algorithms, languages, data analytics, issues related to computational co-design, and cross-cutting HPC issues as well as papers on supercomputing education and massively parallel computing applications in science and industry.#resource #journal
PC Cluster Consortium1157PC Cluster Consortium was established to contribute to the PC cluster market through the development, maintenance, and promotion of cluster system software based on SCore cluster system software and Omni OpenMP compiler, developed by the Real World Computing Partnership. PC Cluster Consortium is a Japanese non-profit organization promoting science and engineering computing. The consortium was founded in 2001, since then SCore cluster system software package has been being developed and distributed as an open source software.#vendor #software #japan #consortium
A3CUBE1158A3CUBE is a new interconnect fabric which extends the capabilities of PCIe architecture, is now introducing it within an ultra-high performance hyper-converged system, Fortissimo Foundation. Fortissimo Foundation is an ultra low latency scale-out storage and Hyper-converged platform that solves businesses most common storage pain points: complicated installation, cumbersome storage management, limited capacity, forklift upgrades and last but not least, it is designed to eliminate performance bottlenecks and optimize your infrastructure...#vendor #hardware #usa #storage #interconnect
Wayne State University HPC1159Wayne State University has developed a high performance Grid enabled computing system that houses and manages research related projects. The Grid handles projects requiring high speed computation, parallel and distributed computing, data management, and computationally intensive applications. This enables users to utilize numerous processors in different systems simultaneously. These systems are joined by high speed networks allowing them to function effectively as a single unit. The Grid currently has the combined processing power of 6,520 cores: 1,512 Intel cores, 4,928 AMD cores, with over 17.5TB of RAM and 1.2PB of disk space. The system is open to any researcher at WSU.#user #academia #usa #research
nanoPrecision Products1160nanoPrecision Products (nPP) was founded in 2002 with the vision to transform traditional material forming and progressive stamping into a deterministic and accurate process for manufacturing complex, nano-scale components. Today, we are the pioneer and world leader in complex material forming with nanometer accuracies and tolerances. Our products enable high-tech solutions through the innovative use of material science, computational mechanics, precision engineering and manufacturing technologies. nPP’s distinguished team of scientists and engineers develops products based on the game-changing nanoBench technology, which has led to the improved speed, ease and cost of manufacturing and assembly as well as the low- and high-volume domestic manufacturing of products for a range of market applications.#vendor #hardware #usa #design #manufacturing
BGM Ltd1161BGM Ltd., established in 1991, is one of the leading manufacturers of Intel® based Servers in Baltic States. We design, manufacture and service high-performance technical computing products such as Industry standard & Enterprise Elitas® Servers, Blade Servers and High Performance Computing clusters. Since 2000 BGM specializes in a wide range of custom Linux and Windows computing solutions for the most demanding applications, with a focus on leading-edge supercomputing technology.#vendor #hardware #lithuania #europe #servers #blades #clusters
George Washington University HPC1162The George Washington University High Performance Computing Lab includes research conducted in both the Institute for Massively Parallel Applications and Computing Technologies (IMPACT) and Colonial One high-performance computing initiatives.#user #academia #usa #research
Emory University HPC1163Emory's Library & Information Technology Services (LITS) supports High Performance Computing (HPC) on campus by maintaining some of Emory's largest HPC resources. The cluster, named TARDIS, is a 768 CPU-core high performance supercomputing cluster, owned by Emory and housed at Georgia Tech's primary data center, PACE. TARDIS was designed as a general use cluster, and has been tuned to perform optimally on jobs varying across a number of disciplines with both large and small data sets. It is managed by the High Performance Computing Group within LITS in collaboration with scientific centers, investigators, and service cores.#user #academia #usa #research
vCompute1164vCompute provides custom data-center designs and deployments at a fraction of the price of a caged space in a collocation facility.#vendor #hardware #usa #datacenters
Faster Technology1165Faster Technology produces high-performance FPGA boards based on Xilinx FPGAs and utilizing standard interfaces including PCI, SFP and SATA. Faster Technology products are fully-deployable solutions, not simply a development platform. Faster Technology develops high-performance FPGA solutions that maximize processing throughput while minimizing latency.#vendor #hardware #usa #fpga #boards
ATOP Corporation1166ATOP Corporation has specialized in innovative and cost effective optical module design and manufacturing since 2006. Headquartered in Shenzhen China with offices in the U.S. and Europe ATOP has cultivated a reputation for high reliability, low cost, customer focused solutions worldwide.#vendor #hardware #china #transceivers #manufacturing #osa #splitter #connectors #adapters
HPC Solutions1167HPC Solutions is an Information Technology company that has a long history of innovation and superior customer service in the Rocky Mountain region. Originally founded as High Plains Computing, the company developed and implemented value added technologies in visual communications, computing, staff augmentation, professional services and project management for commercial businesses. The company offers a broad portfolio of services and solutions in information technology, professional and technical services, engineering and communications. Working with leading manufacturers of IT Software, Cloud Computing, Audio Visual, Videoconferencing and Collaboration, Storage and Integration, customers have long relied on HPC Solutions as a trusted advisor and partner.#vendor #hardware #software #services #usa
Abokia1168Abokia delivers massively accelerated computing solutions to the fingertips of end users by leveraging its internationally recognized expertise at the intersection of broad-based applications and high-performance computing (HPC), particularly with respect to emerging computing trends in desktop & embedded supercomputing, cluster computing, MOON computing, cloud computing, and accelerator-based computing (e.g., GPU). In addition, Abokia offers consulting services to assist customers in the design and optimization of HPC workflows.#vendor #software #usa #solutions
HPCNow1169HPCNow offers its expertise and knowledge with the aim of helping customers to get the most out of HPC technologies by providing effective and efficient supercomputer administration. HPCNow! also offers professional training and consultancy services for HPC scientists and engineers, so that they can obtain the highest level of performance and maximum security for their research.#vendor #services #spain #europe #consulting #training
UCX - Unified Communication X1170Unified Communication X (UCX) is a set of network APIs and their implementations for high performance computing. UCX comes from the combined efforts of national laboratories, industry, and academia to co-design and implement a high-performing and highly scalable communication APIs for next generation applications and systems.#resource #software
P1 Technologies1171The storage and management of a company's big data has become unwieldy and complex. A complete solution considering automation, scale-out potential, intelligent management capabilities and analytics is P1's answer to big data initiatives. P1 Technologies can provide a deeper understanding and educate our clients on the differences between varying cloud services.#vendor #services #usa #storage #bigdata #cloud #virtualization #datacenters
Indiana University of Pennsylvania HPC1172Faculty and students who'd like to perform complex computational research have access to HPC and HTC machines as well as visualization, data storage, and gateway systems using XSEDE—the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment. The Portable Electronic Parallel Processing Educational Resource is available to any interested faculty member for instructional demonstrations of HPC and classroom use. PEPPER is a six-node mini supercomputer that supports shared memory, distributed memory, and GPGPU parallelism. It was built by several mathematics faculty following the LittleFe design. The Penrose Cluster was designed by chemistry faculty to make it easy for students to get started with computational sciences and effortlessly submit and perform computationally intensive calculations. Penrose is loaded with packages designed for computational chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and material science.#user #academia #usa #research
Missouri S&T HPC1173Missouri University of Science and Technology cluster is made up of several virutalized clusters that have been optimized for different research needs. The cluster consists of Contributed cores that have been purchased by individual research groups on campus, and Base cores purchased by the University Research Support Services Team to augment the Contributed cores. One benefit of contributing cores to the shared cluster is that a research group is guaranteed use of the number of cores contributed with the ability to use surplus from the entire NIC cluster.#user #academia #usa #research
Eurotech Computers1174Eurotech Computers is a leading provider of Information Management solutions and services to organizations across the globe. We have over 200 man years experience of providing our clients with competitive advantage by implementing solutions and services which increase revenue and reduce costs. Our core skills are in High Performance Computing, High-Throughput Storage, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, NAS optimisation, Cloud Storage, Virtualisation and, of course, all the networking, hardware, software and security components needed to bind all of these technologies together into an IT solution.#vendor #hardware #software #services #england #storage #visualization #networking #security
University of Oregon HPC1175Information Services operates a high-performance parallel computing cluster for scientific computing. The research cluster allows access to a variety of proprietary and open source software packages, interactive and batch processing.#user #academia #usa #research
DSITP - Data Science and Information Technology Program1176The Data Science and Information Technology Program (DSITP) was formed in April 2015 as part of the Operations and Technical Support Contract renewal and re-organization of the reporting lines and relationships within the Technology and Research Group (TRG) within Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.#user #government #usa #research
Colorado School of Mines - [email protected]1177Colorado School of Mines is a public research university devoted to engineering and applied science. CSM has an extensive educational program in HPC with, workshops, ITunes-U and graduate programs including students active in research with a concentration in Earth, Energy and Environment. The Golden Energy Computing Organization is the recognized research institution at CSM which manages the school's HPC resource. [email protected] features three main families of architectures. The first most commonly used platform is the x86 platform, this is much akin to the processors in your ordinary desktop in that the newest nodes are essentially Intel i7s, these types of nodes make up most of Mio(1,284+ cores) and all of AuN(2,304 cores). The second most prevalent architecture is the IBM built PowerPC platform found in the Blue GeneQ Mc2(8,192 cores). The third family of architectures are the Hardware Accelerators. We have two types, the Intel Mic/Phi cards(1,920 cores) and the Nvidia GPU based cards(2,304 cores), both of these live in Mio.#user #academia #usa #research
Nanostreams1178NanoStreams brings together European expertise in embedded systems design and HPC software to address the major challenge of real-time analytics on fast data streams. The NanoStreams Consortium builds a co-designed micro-server architecture and software stack to sustain unprecedented performance per Watt in hybrid streaming-analytical workloads.#user #consortium #collaboration #group #ireland #europe #analytics
Indiana University1179The High Performance Systems (HPS) group implements, operates, and supports some of the fastest supercomputers in the world - IU's Big Red II, the Quarry cluster, and the large memory Mason system - in order to advance Indiana University's mission in research, training, and engagement in the state.#user #academia #usa #research
UNLV NCACM1180Nevada Center for Advanced Computational Methods (NCACM) a multi-discipline organization consisting of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students involved in the development and use of state-of-the-art mathematical and numerical algorithms for solution of theoretical and applied problems, with special emphasis on environment issues. NCACM started operation in May of 1996.#user #academia #usa #research
InfoSizing1181InfoSizing is a consulting firm specializing in accurate sizing of information systems through the design, management and analysis of performance benchmarks.#vendor #services #usa #consulting
BHSAI1182The Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute (BHSAI) develops computational solutions to accelerate research in the broader Department of Defense (DoD) biotechnology and medical community. Our broad scientific expertise and biological problem-solving skills, coupled with the computational power of the DoD supercomputing assets, provide a unique environment for cutting-edge, computational-experimental interdisciplinary research.#user #academia #usa #research
Colorado State University ISTec HPC1183Colorado State University's Information Science & Technology Center is a university-wide organization for promoting, facilitating, and enhancing CSU's research, education, and outreach activities pertaining to the design and innovative application of computer, communication, and information systems. This site is aimed at highlighting the HPC resources available and current endeavors at CSU.#user #academia #usa #research
Temple University1184Temple offers two high performance computing Linux environments to provide university researchers sufficient computing power to do their intensive data analysis.#user #academia #usa #research
High Performance Technologies1185High Performance Technologies was founded in 2002 by Mark Cullum and Victor Smith - two entrepreneurs with more than four decades of management experience delivering high-performance data center solutions. HPT offers a full portfolio of professional services including integration, enterprise storage and virtualization. Our maintenance and support services will help you with your IT support contracts and will provide you with multi-vendor support for your data center equipment.#vendor #services #usa #virtualization #datacenters #integrator #storage
SPXXL1186SPXXL is a user group for sites which have large installations of IBM or Lenovo equipment. The focus of the SPXXL group is on large-scale scientific/technical computing using IBM or Lenovo hardware. Some of the areas we cover are: Applications, Code Development Tools, Communications, Networking, Parallel I/O, Resource Management, System Administration, and Training. We address topics across a wide range of issues that are important to sustained petascale scientific/technical computing on scaleable parallel machines.#resource #group #collaboration #usa
Duke University SCSC1187The Scalable Computing Support Center is a service and support center that connects Duke University researchers to hardware, software, educational and personnel resources, both local and global, to enable novel computational science. We will leverage the parallel computing facilities already in place at Duke, help build out the computational infrastructure to handle future work-loads, foster the development of scalable applications and assist in the training of parallel-aware researchers. The SCSC works with OIT to manage and maintain the Duke Shared Cluster Resource -- a high-performance Linux cluster with nearly 680 machines and 2700 CPU-cores.#user #academia #usa #research
New Jersey Institute of Technology HPC1188High performance research computing at NJIT is implemented on compute clusters - racks containing many computers - integrated with other computing infrastructure.#user #academia #usa #research
Storm Insights1189STORM Insights, Inc is an emerging technology market intelligence firm, providing services for tech buyers, sellers, investors and analysts. Annual service include: STORMWatch: The Commercial Cognitive Computing Emerging Market Report - a series of reports on major cognitive computing topics provides a guide to the emerging commercial cognitive computing market. Find profiles on the vendors and investors who are commercializing continuous learning systems and supporting technologies, including: Machine/deep learning, Natural language processing, Gesture, emotion and image recognition, Presentation technologies like data-driven narrative generation, and Enabling infrastructure technologies, including Analytics, Visualization, Data management and alternative hardware architectures, and Professional services.#vendor #services #usa
University of Illinois at Chicago Extreme Computing1190Over the past decade, the amount of data produced by scientists and advanced instrumentation has grown at rapid pace causing a ‘data tsunami’ that creates challenges for processing and also storage of this data. Current estimates suggest a doubling of research data generated Extreme roughly every year, with some disciplines such as genomics exceeding this level. UIC is obligated to invest in campus research infrastructure now to be at the forefront of this new paradigm. is a heterogeneous cluster with multiple generations of Intel processors that provides users with fast processing capabilities. Each node consists of 2 Intel Xeon E5 processors. The system includes high-memory nodes having 1TB of RAM. Two login nodes are provided for user logins, managing jobs and file system access.#user #academia #usa #research
fathom 41191Fathom 4 has a simple mission: Engineering Freedom - for our country, our clients, and our employees. Fathom 4 assists the Navy with analyzing current and future HPC systems requirements and translating those requirements into operational systems to support fleet operations. We also work with FNMOC’s counterparts at the Naval Research Lab (NRL) who are conducting research and development of new numerical models. We assist NRL and FNMOC in predicting future HPC needs to ensure computing capacity stays ahead of model requirements.#vendor #consulting #usa
Australian National University HPC1192One of the main objectives of our research is to support large-scale scientific simulations, including highly accurate weather forecasting, flood modelling and nuclear fusion simulation. We write codes so that processors run efficiently both in terms of speed and energy consumption. We develop algorithms and run-time systems so these simulations are reliable even under system failures. We are also investigating innovative design processors for supercomputers.#user #academia #australia #research
KCASC - Kansas Center for Advanced Scientific Computing1193The Department of Chemistry at the University of Kansas has a strong program in theoretical and computational chemistry. Commensurate with this is a sizeable capacity for high performance computing that provides research groups the capability to attack computationally challenging problems in areas including atomic and optical physics, biological chemistry, electronic structure, materials science, and condensed phase reaction dynamics. The computational resources at KU include the Kansas Center for Advanced Scientific Computing (KCASC), the Molecular Graphics and Modeling (MGM) Lab, and individual group computers.#user #academia #usa #research
University of Manchester Research Computing1194High Performance and High Throughput Computing resources at the University of Manchester are provided for performing computationally intensive calculations, simulations and problem analyses. The Computational Shared Facility (CSF) is a general purpose High Performance Computing (HPC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC) cluster. The primary role of this system is to run batch (i.e. non-interactive) jobs in the traditional way.#user #academia #unitedkingdom #europe #research
SBAC-PAD1195The International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (SBAC-PAD) is an annual international conference series, the first of which was held in 1987. Each conference has traditionally presented new developments in high performance applications, as well as the latest trends in computer architecture and parallel and distributed technologies.#resource #conference
Quantum for Quants1196Quantum computers have the potential to provide an entirely different approach to solving very hard finance problems. Quantumforquants.org has been created to foster education, discussion, and collaboration to advance our identification and understanding of solutions to open industry problems.#resource
Auburn University HPCC1197The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering vSMP HPCC consists of 512 cores @ 2.80 GHz X5560, 1.536TB shared memory, and 20.48TB raw internal storage. HPCC Theoretical Performance calculated @ 5.735 teraflops with memory bandwidth up to 90 GB/s.#user #academia #usa #research
Sandia National Laboratories1198Sandia is a multiprogram engineering and science laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the US Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. Sandia's enduring mission is to provide engineering and science support for America's nuclear weapons stockpile. Computing Research at Sandia creates technology and solutions for many of our nation's most demanding national security challenges. The Computing Research portfolio spans the spectrum from fundamental research to state-of-the-art applications. Our work includes computer system architecture (both hardware and software); enabling technology for modeling physical and engineering systems; and support research in discrete mathematics, data analytics, cognitive modeling, and decision support. The Computing Research enterprise is closely tied to the laboratories' broader set of missions and strategies. Application areas include nuclear weapons, cyber security, and energy and CO2 challenges such as climate modeling, alternative energy technologies, and improvements to the power grid. We also serve as stewards of important capabilities for the nation in high-strain-rate physics, scientific visualization, mesh generation, and computational materials.#user #government #usa #research
RES-Q Services1199We specialize in providing resiliency, recovery and testing solutions as well as deliver the full-range of business continuity consulting services. Through innovative solutions, we help organizations create, implement, and maintain resiliency and recoverability of their infrastructure. Our experts help organizations reduce recovery time, improve data, and increase system availability to minimize the impact to your business while driving down costs.#vendor #services #usa
Dell XL1200Dell XL is a self-sustained consortium of computing centers that employ large-scale Dell systems. With the participation of Dell and Dell partners, the consortium members meet twice a year to exchange technology information and cooperate on projects to enhance the scalability of cluster computing.#resource #consortium #collaboration #usa #research
Teratec1201TERATEC brings together over eighty technological and industrial companies, laboratories and research centers, universities and engineering schools, who want to combine their resources in the strategic area of Simulation and High Performance Computing. Teratec participates actively in initiatives to improve industrial mastery in the numerical simulation and HPC sector, which is crucial to keeping Europe competitive and innovating. Teratec helps set up and promote French and European research projects by industrial companies, technology suppliers, and major research centers via R&D programs in France and Europe. Teratec helps companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, gain access to the high-performance computing technologies they need to develop new products and services.#user #resource #academia #france #europe #research
IDS - Integrated Data Storage1202Integrated Data Storage (IDS) provides data center technology integration solutions to businesses worldwide. It offers managed support service, infrastructure as a service, deduplication, disaster recovery (DR), information storage, information backup, virtualization, security, and networking solutions. The company also provides IT security solutions to help identify and overcome the challenges of detecting and responding to security threats. In addition, Integrated Data Storage, LLC offers CLOUDVISION, a Cloud-as-a-Service solution to help architect and deploy public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions; and Backupaas, a Backup-as-a-Service solution to provide backup of servers in data center, replicate data domain directly to the Cloud, and backup solution for applications hosted in the company's Cloud.#vendor #services #usa #integrator #cloud #datacenters
Syracuse University Research Computing1203The Maxwell School is proud to partner with the central computing group (ITS) and other academic schools on campus to bring high quality research computing solutions to Syracuse University.#user #academia #usa #research
Rausch Netzwerktechnik1204For more than 15 years Rausch Netzwerktechnik has been working as a distributor of individual and standard server and storage systems for data center and can relate on more than 250.000 systems in data centers across the globe. With a wide range of high-quality products for server, storage and cloud computing, Rausch offers the perfect solutions for your business. Beginning with the development and manufacture followed by delivery, installation and maintenance – Rausch Netzwerktechnik is at your service.#vendor #hardware #germany #europe #servers #storage #blades
Siena College HPCC1205The Siena College HPCC is a unique resource that is utilized both within the classroom and in research activities. Students gain practical experience with computational resources that have applicability in engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, physics and chemistry. Approximately 350 students annually use this resource during their course work and several more through their research experiences. The HPCC is comprised of 21 nodes with 20 terabytes of global storage. Each node has at least 500 gigabytes of local storage, 32 gigabytes of RAM and 2 E5-2600 Intel Xeon processors operating at 2.3 GHz. There are a total of 240 processing cores available for high-level calculations. Numerous scientific software packages are also available.#user #academia #usa #research
UC San Diego HPC1206The Triton Shared Computing Cluster (TSCC) provides central colocation and systems administration for your cluster nodes (“condo cluster”), as well as providing a hotel service for those with temporary or bursty high-performance computing (HPC) needs. TSCC provides three kinds of compute nodes in the cluster: General Computing Nodes, GPU Nodes, and Petascale Data Analysis Facility (PDAF) Nodes.#user #academia #usa #research
Florida International University HPC1207The Panther Cluster at Florida International University has 1500 Intel based cores, 7500 GB physical RAM, and 250 TB high-performance parallel storage.#user #academia #usa #research
Tufts University HPC1208Tufts High Performance Computing (HPC) is comprised of the Tufts Linux Research Cluster, the Bioinformatics server, and the host of advanced mathematical and scientific research applications installed on them.#user #academia #usa #research
UberCloud Marketplace1209The UberCloud Marketplace is an online platform for engineers and scientists and their service providers to discover, try, and buy computing on demand, in any cloud. Cloud, software, and expertise service providers can open their own store and include any product which is related to an HPC service, be it access to computing power, to Software as a Service, or to cloud expertise. UberCloud software containers enable end user to access their favorite solution instantly, at their fingertips.#vendor #services #usa #cloud #
Southern Illinois University HPC1210The "SIU HPC" (Name to be Determind) is an HPC system acquired in 2015. SIU HPC is based on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) solution and includes 40 C-Series nodes and a Nexus 9000 series switch.#user #academia #usa #research
Shanghai Jiao Tong University HPC1211Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the most prestigious universities in China. A multidisciplinary high educational institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a home of 31 schools and departments that are focused on research in diverse areas. One of the recent excitements for the university is probably the new deployment in its High Performance Computing center. Pi, the GPU cluster of SJTU, is currently the fastest Supercomputer in China MOE Universities and ranks NO. 158 in the world.#user #academia #china #research
RedCentric1212FedCentric’s market focus are those Big Data applications that exceed the capacity of traditional approaches. Our designs provide a “very different value proposition". Our competitors define Big Data as Volume, Velocity and Variety. We define Big Data as applications that exceed the capacity of traditional approaches. International Data Corporation (IDC) has coined a term for our market, High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA). We provide enabling technology, and expertise, including; High Density Computing, Memory Centric Processing and GPU processing, to solve the most demanding problem sets. Requirements that can be satisfied with traditional approaches, in-house teams and current relationships, are simply not our focus. We also have established relationships with academia reinforcing our applied math expertise and affording insight into the latest trends and advances in predictive analytics and high performance computing.#vendor #software #hardware #usa #bigdata #analytics #memory #gpus
Society of HPC Professionals1213The Society of HPC Professionals (SHPCP) is a Texas non-profit corporation established in 2009 to provide HPC professionals with an organization that will organize and conduct open forum meetings that address the use, availability and evaluation of existing technology and introduce emerging technology to the HPC community.#resource #usa #group
Slashdot Supercomputing1214Slashdot (sometimes abbreviated as /.) is a news website that originally billed itself as "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters". It features news stories on science and technology that are submitted and evaluated by its users. Each story has a comments section attached to it.#resource #news
Newisys1215Newisys, a division of Sanmina Corporation, designs, manufactures and sells servers and data storage enclosures supporting solid-state flash and hard disk drives. The products offer industry leadership in density, IOPS and latency. Newisys products support enterprise and cloud datacenter architectures including NAS, SAN, object storage, and erasure coding. These platforms are delivered to end-user customers and OEMs as individual chassis or as completely integrated rack-based solutions, fully installed, cabled, with custom software and testing. Newisys solutions reduce development and operating costs while improving time-to-market.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers #storage #datacenter #ssds
HPC ASIA1216HPC ASIA is one of the first and largest content platform on Big Data, High Performance Computing and Cloud Computing in Asia.#resource #news #india
High End Compute1217High End Compute can help you develop robust high performance codes (perhaps for free), appropriate to the target architectures and energy budget you have in mind. We can also advise on suitable high end compute facilities and help you with access, running, debugging and further optimisation. We focus on passing on skills so that your company not only receives a quicker time to solution but also gains the skills to apply in the future.#vendor #services #unitedkingdom #europe #consulting
University of Tokyo Oakleaf Kashiwa Alliance1218Oakleaf/Kashiwa Alliance, the University of Tokyo consists of two research institutes of the University of Tokyo, Information Technology Center (ITC), and The Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP). ITC is one of the oldest and biggest academic supercomputer centers in Japan. ISSP is the top research institute of theoretical, experimental and computational condensed matter physics in Japan, and also operates its own supercomputer systems. We are working positively to improve computer science and computational science, and to achieve Exa-scale supercomputer.#user #academia #software #japan #research
HPC4Health1219The HPC4Health's mission is to make high-performance computing accessible to health-care providers. Together we are building the engine that will help make personalized medicine and diagnostics a reality. From genomics to medical imaging, almost every discipline in health-care is dealing with a "Data Deluge" of information. Translating this into something that will ultimately benefit patients requires massive amounts of computation and storage in an environment that is fast, secure, and run with efficiency. HPC4Health is a consortium of health providers who are working together to build the next-generation of compute engine for clinical research.#resource #consortium #canada
Termo Fluids1220TERMO FLUIDS is focused on innovation, support and services in two main areas: 1) CFD and multi-physics analysis and optimization, based on numerical simulations with advanced numerical methods and in-house HPC software tools. 2) Development of high-efficiency thermal systems and equipments, aiming on innovation, technology, and business. Our team is composed of highly-qualified multidisciplinary scientists, with the motivation of building bridges between the cutting-edge scientific research and the feasible, timely and cost-effective solution of industrial problems.#vendor #collaboration #consortium #europe #consulting
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey HPC1221Rutgers University Parallel Computer is Beowulf cluster operated by Center for Materials Theory at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Beowulf cluster consists from more than 2938 CPUs/cores and 3584 GPU/cores. Its computational power exceeds 30 Teraflops which ranks it among the most powerful Rutgers University computing recourses.#user #academia #usa #research
PGRR - Pittsburgh Genome Resource Repository1222The Pittsburgh Genome Resource Repository provides data management and computing infrastructure to support biomedical investigation using Big Data. Named the “Best Use of High Performance Data Analytics” by HPCwire. PGRR is funded by the Institute for Personalized Medicine (IPM) and University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) and includes collaboration of faculty and staff from IPM, UPCI, the Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI), the University of Pittsburgh Center for Simulation and Modeling (SaM), the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).#user #academia #usa #research
RMACC1223The Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium is a collaboration among academic and research institutions located throughout the intermountain states. Our mission is to facilitate widespread effective use of high performance computing throughout the Rocky Mountain region.#resource #consortium #collaboration #usa
New York State HPC Consortium1224The New York State High Performance Computing Consortium (HPC2) is a partnership between NYSERNet and the following three supercomputing centers: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations, Stony Brook University/Brookhaven National Laboratory's New York Center for Computational Sciences, and the University at Buffalo's Center for Computational Research. The goal of HPC2 is to increase New York State’s competitiveness in research and development, provide education, outreach and training in simulation based engineering science, and help support job growth in New York State. HPC2 is funded by the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) now under Empire State Development.#user #academia #consortium #usa #research
USC FPGA/Parallel Computing Lab1225The FPGA/Parallel Computing Lab is focused on solving data, compute and memory intensive problems in the intersection of high speed network processing, data-intensive computing, and high performance computing. We are exploring novel algorithmic optimizations and algorithm-architecture mappings to optimize performance of parallel and heterogeneous architectures including Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), general purpose multi-core (CPU) and graphics (GPU) processors. #user #academia #usa #research
Primcast HPC and GPU Servers1226High performance computing and GPU servers. High performance computing powered by GPU's provide the power you need for computing, desktop virtualization or rendering. Our high performance computing servers are built on enterprise based platforms with HP or Dell hardware. Only enterprise parts are used with our configurations, providing the highest reliability for resource intensive projects. All GPU configurations are tested before they are made available to ensure full hardware compatibility and best performance.#vendor #hardware #usa #servers #gpu
Motorola1227Motorola uses HPC to produce models and simulations of wireless devices and radio links needed to develop global telecommunications services. The effects of buildings and geographical features on wireless signals can be accurately predicted using HPC enabling potential problems to be designed out.#user #commercial #usa
Alcoa1228Alcoa, the world’s leading producer of aluminum products, was one of the first companies to make major use of high performance computing when it became the NSF-funded Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s first industrial affiliate in 1987. When aluminum faced growing competition from plastic and other composite materials, the company used the PSC supercomputer to handle the complex modeling and simulations needed to get the jump on their competitors by successfully redesigning cans for the beverage industry and a variety of components for the automotive, aerospace, building and construction industries.#user #commercial #usa #research
Ford1229From Safety Performance to EcoBoost Technology: HPC Enables Innovation and Productivity at Ford Motor Company#user #commercial #usa #research
Ping Golf1230PING, a manufacturer of high-end golf equipment, is in a fiercely competitive marketplace where the phrase “innovate or die” is a literal truth. In 2005, the company replaced the workstation that had been used to simulate the design of new clubs with a powerful supercomputer running advanced simulation software.#user #commercial #usa #research
KISTI Supercomputing Center - KSC1231The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) is a national research institute providing researchers with cutting-edge R&D infrastructure in order to promote national competitiveness in science and technology. The Supercomputing Center of KISTI (KSC) builds the world's highest quality supercomputing infrastructure to allow scientists and researchers to draw more outstanding research results faster than ever. KSC provides scientists and researchers with collaborative research environment by connecting KREONET(Korea Research Environment Open NETwork) and GLORIAD(Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development).#user #academia #southkorea #research
Kansai University RISS1232The Research Institute for Socionetwork Strategies (RISS) at Kansai University was established to promote joint research among universities. We will aim for policy studies that integrate social science, mathematics, statistics, and computer science.#user #academia #japan #research